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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee4-c Timm of Lobar ims save or Green stamp or wholesale premiums Green Stamps for free premiums Hurt any of Clown for free super Dollar Days Sale now going on at your Friendly Cut rate super markets in Kingsport free balloons for the kiddies All Day Friday and saturday Stock up and save on Kings ports lowest food prices plus valuable or Green Stamps with every Purchase King expects Royal King to everyone i movie land Clark Gable 54. Is going to be a papa for he first time come May. This announcement was made by his Firth wife Nav Williams Spreckles 37. She says she has never seen her husband so excited As he i Over the expected event. The couple re shown Here alter their marriage last july 12. Louella Parsons Hollywood oct. 19 i Svery Bic news about the motion picture based on the Joe Lewis Book. The joker is and Charles Vidor. Who is plenty hoi How As a director me or leave ill cry and now the has joined tilth Frank Sinatra. Joe e., mid Art. Cohen the writer in an in dependent Eom Pitny to film this factory about the beloved entertain a the studios bidding for the privilege of Helmsing the Lewis Pic. But Paramount s Deal was the most tempting. Vidor will do this As soon As he completes the 6 Frank Sinatra who is a very close Friend of Joe a. Can Jet pointers from him on the Way or should be played. There s plenty of xcitement in Joe a s Story Dahnir hum the gangsters rut n s Throat be cause he would not appear in their night up to loony a Hen he is still going Strong. Sonja Henic writes that she has been invited by the of culture to visit Moscow Jor a few weeks after the close of her Lour. And hint by the time her letter reaches me she will be in Moscow. Til Tell you All about my trip upon my says Sopija. Ill come Baclic to Pyris for a Lew Days for some costume i Luik a Ihen Back to the United slates. The reason i happened to no to Moscow was Durinik my a Cement in i Oslo. Russian saw the ice revue and invited it will be in Len Mink to hear Whit happens 10 Sonja behind the Iron curtain. Wonder if Shell take All her diamonds Ith her snaps the escort taking Marl Lyn Monroe around ice i in new York is Jean Pierre an-1 Ignont. Or. Lew Moi Rill leaves Friday j to join Rhonda firming in inn Don and hell to with her to Fuca while she is working. Reron filiation certainly for sure. Mario Lanza Back it the War Jer studio from Mexico is new a cite Taine for doing Ithem Verv Well. Eddie and Debbie Stop Jed by to say i Revoir before a they left via Twa for new York i where they la mud until Decem Ber. Obstinate stray Raccoon stood up for its tights in Washington d.c., despite Day Long of Vor Krnc police and Penis Easby. The Vuon was found holed up in the Onanow 15-font-deep in rat that Prency for Concrete pour ing for a to in form or vault it the year of the cup ital. It to in dial Odd and Mayoh until night and departed under cmdr of it had come. Money for your Church or Pator Charity Kraft Mayonnaise labels Worth Cash to local groups if inn in a or nip nor calf a stun Roll Ctm Krofl. Lalieu Kraft will Pav Ini very or for for b-o7. Label. Any nonprofit nonpolitical Arnup is Eli Pulc six h troups Foj Mil troops orator nil orders and charities. Dpt lib of this offer Aro printed on Tho hark of the Kratt Mayon Naimy . Ii to a in ind group saving for your a Contr organi. H a. Good Grade u. S. Govt. Inspected baby beef Chuck roast or la. 25c . Good Grade u. S. Govt. Inspected baby beef Tbone Steak thick and Greasy fat Back ibs. E of lit country style fresh pork sausage dressed ready for the frying pan Winter Trout Wilson s Thrifty Brand sliced breakfast Bacon . A canned luncheon meat swifts Prem 12-oz. Tins or tin 34c Bush s Best pork and Beans Kab. Tins or 3 tins 25c bargains bargains by the Carload in or self rising free All purpose biscuit Pon 25-lb. 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In Thi and Good from 2 p.m., thursday oct. 20, thru nextthurs., 2 p.m., oct. 27. You can shop for the whole family s Christ-1 Mas presents the wonderful 2-Way free or wholesale or Green stamp plan Way loads of Christmas gifts for mom dad Sis Ter brother and the whole family. Use our Lay away plan for your Christmas gifts All premiums in your or Green stamp Premium catalogue Are carried in Stock at the Premium counter located right in your Friendly Cut rate super markets. Remember it takes 300 less Stamps to fill your or Green stamp books than it does some other Premium plans. For free or wholesale premiums save or Green Stamps free 3 bih2-lb. Boxes 00 ask about shoppers service Courtesy credit cards 102 and still Ivan vat Ilicich Zhizhin 102-year-old retired russian Miner wields a Gorodkin Bat in Park in Kiili Gorodkin is popular russian sport in which a big stick u hurled at a group of Small Sticks arranged in Geometric pattern. Object of the game is to break the pattern. Zhizhin. According to information supplied by an official soviet source worked 70 Yean in the Coal Piu of Kizilb and if still Active. Atomic weapon families increasing like rabbits Washington ins i the Amer Tenn atomic Arsenal once called it family of weapons is better described today As a group of families descended from the original Hiroshima bomb. Several new series of weapons blown out of an Assumption that atomic explosive is sufficiently plentiful for use in everything Iron medium artillery to the cores of Hydrogen super bombs age list targets ranging from a command Post to the largest of cities. The latest Brunch family is the Enli aide tuft group Kiu launched ship launched and plane launched missiles that Likely to become numerous with different sizes and types of warheads and rocket carriers. With these a country sufficiently Rich in atoms and in airborne radar and fighter plan pcs could eventually erect a super defense capable of stopping uie fastest and most determined bomber fleets. There in Hope even thai inter Continental missiles travelling far Hove the atmosphere at speeds of Miles an hour May be brought Down with the Aid of atomic explosive. Another urge group is the Tell cry series. Thai includes shells for five Inch eight Inch and eleven Inch guns and warheads for Rock Els such As he army s honest John and the rockets which Are already with the army in Europe and have an accuracy comparable to that of nuns have extended the Range of artillery from a maximum of Twenty to maximum of about eighty Miles. Bombs warheads for submarine fired torpedoes atomic depth charges and missiles that can Rise from the Small decks of submarines to travel Inland 600 or 700 Miles Are among the items in the Arsenal. Because of us possible use in sabotage the government has de scribed the suitcase bomb and has revealed that it could be a Small us two and one half feet Long and five inches in diameter with the explosive contained in a two Inch bore. Such a gun barrel Type bomb could spread total destruction Over Circle a Milf mile in Kiln Mirr. On n Battlefield handled by Crew u might have uses Sim Ilar to those for which lain mines or time bombs have been employed in the past. Sen. Clinton p. Anderson n. M., chairman of the joint con Gressional atomic committee has suggested that the Nrma Mem of should include missiles that could be fired beneath the surface but would Rise out of Lac water to travel Long distances through the air. If and when these arc built they will require still another carefully designed warhead. Some of the most careful calculations involve bombs or warheads to be carried by 5.000-Imie inter Continental . Since inaccuracy in a missile up is ii percentage of the distance travelled n Pound of a Ciucht More or less in the loud could throw a missile Ulf its in the Case of rocket types a Pound of additional weight in the warhead might require anywhere from 100 to 200 pounds of addition Al fuel. For the same reasons testing of the nuclear sections for such mis Siles precedes their construction. The u. S. Is building three of missiles but Only has reached the testing stage. By far the largest family of weapons is still bombs including those for the smallest fighters As Well As the largest bombers and those scaled for different targets and different plane launched meant of delivery. One of the Means of delivery 11 robot called the feel in diameter and Twenty feet Long which can be dropped from the belly of a Large plane to carry the bomb the last 50 or 100 Miles id the target. This robot presumably would used for Hydrogen bombs where the explosion is so Large that the delivering plane could not nor Mally Hope to escape the danger area before the blast occurred. Despite the variety of and the nuclear abundance that is believed to extend to the other Side of the Iron curtain the idea that the world would fall to survive atomic War is being pushed farther into the background. Army leaders speak freely of having developed combat forces that could survive in an atomic environment or a Hydrogen in military planning is such that us u. A May soon be incapable of fighting a major War without drawing upon the Tomle Arsenal. Joint nuclear development in South proposed Point Clear Aid. By Southern states for nil Elf air development was proposed by nov. Leroy Collins of Florida today. Collins told the Southern Gover nors conference in a prepared speech nuclear Energy for Industry could by Luff the economic emancipation of the South if this lion toot advantage of in opportunities. If Are to bring the atom to inn soil la it will take mme data joint planning find action among Southern states on a regional basis and on n bold and progressive scale beyond anything yet attempt hi1 said. The Florida governor urged As a starter that a committee of South Ern governors be appointed to arrange r Southern regional Confer ence on Industrial development through nuclear Energy. At this conference he said tech Nical experts in the South could sit Down with representatives of the atomic Energy commission i the Southern governors a and recommend a specific course of action to the Southern conference. I think our objective should be the designation of some sort of regional facility or Agency with Broad Powers to develop the Industrial Economy of the Southern states not Only through atomic Energy but by other said. Courageous two year old Carol Frances Woodward both lir arms an pita Ltd solemnly plays with her toy dog in a Ticon n a. Carol s Weie to Silt a Tho Jirl spends hours paying will her constant companion the

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