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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday oct. 20, 1953 Kingsport times merry go Rounce letter to editor an Independent democratic newspaper c p Edwards. Or. Publisher and general manager w. J. A Caruffe. Editor Ellis Bliley. Execute Ltd editor 320-23 e. Market Street. Ken sport Tenn. Member Uin associated press. Southern newspaper publishers association and the audit Bureau circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each alter except saturday and sunday. The associated press is entitled to the use for publication Al new snatches credited to it not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at office in Kingsport. Tenn. As second class mall matter. October 27, under the act March i int. Valoni advertising representatives. Shannon k As Ariates Lac offices in new York. Churn so. Detroit. St Louis Kansas City los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription Rale by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought who is he that condemn eth it Christ died Yea rather that is risen again who is Ever at the right hand god who also intercession for the times daily tonic it fortifies my soul to know that Tho 1 perish. Truth u so that Hows i stray and Raner. What i do. Thou Dost not Chaner. I steadier step when i recall that it i slip. Thou Dost not fall. Dough. Smoke and dust remember a few years ago How people were complaining about the smoke and dust in Kingsport and How motorists were always raising Cain about How quickly the finish their cars faded Well we still have some smoke and dust. We cannot expect to abolish it All in a few years when it has been Many years in the making. But the situation is better. We can think no better time to comment this subject than this week which is National cleaner air week. The Kingsport Industrial plants have cooperated 100 per cent in making this a clean City and Are still working at it. Of course some have not yet reached the de sired results but it is not because they Are not trying. The Perm Dixie Cement corporation has done a wonderful Job in removing Cement dust from our air. And the Mead corporation has done share in taking a great Deal smoke away. Smaller plants and business houses have spent considerable Money putting in smokeless equipment and the average Home owner has Learned a lot about smokeless Furnace firing. Of course at first the ordinance was lambasted right and left mostly from those who did not understand it fully were misinformed. In order to show that it was willing to cooperate and not put a Burden anyone the City eased up the Type Coal to be burned. Since that time a number persons have found that Type Coal was not As bad As they thought but better still they have Learned to Burn the kind Coal they were used to without making a lot smoke. As we said before we still have some dust and smoke but we Are gradually getting rid it. Of course there Are times when a thoughtless person might be stoking a Furnace improperly and Billows heavy Black smoke will pour from the stack. That still happens but is not As often As it used to be. It would not be improper for any Citi zen to Call this to the attention the head the business when they see it happening. The would appreciate it. Because More than Likely he does not know it is happening and he can talk with the person firing the Furnace boiler and Correct it. We have found that the average per son would rather be told when something is wrong than have people talking about i errors to his Back and hurting his the firm s reputation. Some our dust is coming from unpaved parking lots and other vacant property that is Bare vegetation. Some also comes from parkways where the grass has worn off. In time to come most the vacant property will be built up the parking lots paved and Many the parkways taken out to Widen streets. Kingsport is Lucky in that we do have room to grow and while we Are waiting for Progress to overtake us we can put up with a Little dust. The next time you get upset because your desk furniture at Home is Dusty think How it was a few years ago and look into the sky and see How much less smoke and dust you see. We Are making Progress in cleaning up the air we breath in Kingsport and the plants and smaller firms Are the ones responsible. Instead criticizing suppose we As sume an air cooperation. I have Only the warmest personal feelings Friendship for the president. Resigned Secretary labor Durkin. I Don t blame any those boys for admit Ting anything. The reds can make anyone admit anything if they have time enough to work Donald l. Pape Boise ida., u. S. Pos who confessed to germ War fare against reds. What makes Good people turn i am not in a position to give an expert William Menninger world War u psychiatrist says he can t Tell Why 23 u. S. Pos refused repatriation. By Drew Pearson in route through the Middle West was a special reason Why president Eisenhower stopped at the Defiance College in Defiance Ohio in route to the mexican Border. That reason had to do 200 Spe Cial cigars in Glass containers prepared by the american tobacco company and labelled de Fiance welcomes the Eisenhower septem Ber 1953." actually Ike got there in october so the cigars weren t quite up to Date. Nevertheless he got there. And the Story behind All this is that Kevin Mccann president the Defiance . Mccann insists upon the obtained a Promise from the president last sum Mer that he would Stop off at Defiance o., in route Home from Denver. Or. Mccann is Ike s original biographer and wrote the Book syndicated in Many newspapers last year which helped to prepare for his nomination. Ami having obtained the Promise that Ike would Stop Over Mccann proceeded to get ready for him. He spent a new Cornerstone raised a lot Money to extend the runways the Defiance Airport so Ike s big plane could land and had the special cigars made for 20d guests. Furthermore the City Defiance turned out with gala suddenly Mccann got a wire from the president Reading sorry we won t be Able to Stop at. Defiance Way Home Kevin. We have to Stop in Chi Cago to pick up the Ike referred to the fact that he had to pick up his grandchildren who were visiting in Laws at fort Sheridan 111. Mccann got a bad razing from the folks at Defiance and for a time he did to feel much like living there. However he went to Washington made a personal Appeal to the presi Dent and Ike finally decided to Stop at de Fiance in october not september. Boiling at Benson if Secretary agriculture Benson had realized the political storm that was brewing in Wisconsin last week he might not have announced his reorganization the agriculture department the Date he did. As it was Benson popped his plan to lop off a lot soil conservation districts and abolish the production and marketing administration just As Wisconsin Farmers were showing what they thought Benson s policies. Next Day however some farm groups else where in the nation were even More irate than those in the National association soil conservation districts. In making reorganization announcement the agriculture department stated that the soil conservation association had been consulted in Advance. But that did t seem to quiet soil conservation leaders. That s said Waters Davis league City. Texas president the association. We were not consulted. I got a Telegram in Providence. R. I., instructing me to bring my Board directors to Washington for a meeting at 2 p.m., october he explained. This meant spending for travelling expenses for 25 directors. Instead i brought in four leading directors All whom voted for Eisenhower. But we were Given no Chance to discuss the reorganization plan. The plan was All Cut and dried. We were merely shown a copy belligerent conference the soil conservation leaders who came to Washington included Nolan Fuqua Duncan okla George r. Heidrich. Of Charleston w. A r. Edward Baur Van meter Iowa and Francis Lindsay Loomis Calif. They conferred with Earl Coke Davis. Calif., assist ant Secretary agriculture. All these men not Only voted for Eisenhower but campaigned for him. At the meeting Davis president the association asked under your reorganization plan for soil conservation what technical stations will the states we have not Given that any replied assistant Secretary Coke. Gasped Davis in astonishment. You repeat that we have not Given that any Coke replied. Davis and his associates remarked that this meant that highly trained technical experts soil conservation would be fired seven big regional offices would be disbanded and yet no provision would be made for tech Nical experts in the 48 states to replace them. How can you say this plan will provide bet Ter help when you Haven t gone into any de asked Fuqua Oklahoma. Coke declined to answer. Will the Volunteer soil conservationists All Over the country have a Chance to argue about this asked Davis. We have no further plan for discussing the replied the assistant Secretary agriculture. Milton Eisenhower reverses the soil conservation leaders had plenty to say after the meeting. Remarked Davis will Force every one with the slightest bit soil conservation in his soul to vote democratic. It s the damnedest thing any party Ever pulled. Iff. Strictly a payoff to Allan Kline the farm Bureau for supporting Waters Davis also told How he had gone to see . Milton Eisenhower brother the president in the Brown Palace hotel in Den ver during last year s election Campaign at. Which time Milton had. Taken Back the pre Vious speech he made in Houston Texas pro posing that soil conservation be spread out among the land Grant colleges and the 48 states. Milton told said Davis that had never Given that speech. That was before the election. Alter the continued Davis a went up to Penn state to see him and he at the words his Houston speech. This course was after the election. And despite my talk with him in Denver he said that he had never Given up his idea dividing the soil conservation service up among the land Grant colleges in the 48 Eisenhower has been presi Dent two land Grant state College at Manhattan and Penn state College. He has Long favored dividing Many the functions department agriculture up among the land Grant colleges. Merry go round secret service agents Are scouring the nation for a counterfeiter now passing out near perfect Bills. It appears to be a one Man operation and the Crool apparently in t aim ing to make a Fortune. He s passing out just enough phony Bills to live modestly. His Only major business expense apparently is for travel. Records show he never stays in one City for More than a week. The Northern lights May prove to be one Russia s secret weapons. They throw so much interference into the Northern skies that they frequently cripple the entire North american radar net work. Supreme court Justice Bill Dougla. Bagged an 800-Pound Polar Bear this summer near the Arctic Circle. Editor Kingsport times dear sir it is to be hoped that the peo Palfe our Model City will realize the danger tampering with our water Supply by putting fluorine in it. Congressman Mil Ler Nebraska who has made a study this form treatment said that his special committee chemicals in foods Felt it was too Early to evaluate All the effects the sick child the adult with a chronic ailment. The department agriculture has recommended that no fluoride be fed to Brood sows. Experiments rats and mice indicate reduced mental activity after having fluorides. Effects flu Orides the unborn child have not been established. Years ago the Public health services recommended the use iodine in water. Later it was found that iodine affected people who had Gaiter and it was stopped. Let us not Rush into something we know enough about. Yours truly. Ralph Murray editor Kingsport times dear sir an open letter to the Sullivan county Highway dept., the Highway dept. Of the state Tennessee whichever May be held accountable for the recent resurfacing a ten mile stretch the Bloomingdale Road via the editor Kingsport times news. Sirs occasionally one May hear irregularities in political Machin Ery usually concerning the use the taxpayers Money but Seldom is one treated to an apparent open demonstration the Gross misuse the latter Par ties moola and what appears to be a grand nest feathering Job somebody s part. A glaring example such an irregularity might Well be the recent Resur facing the Bloomingdale Road from Arcadia to Blountville. What s wrong with it Well it s a pretty Good gravel Road but until two weeks ago we enjoyed a hard surfaced one. What was once a fairly Safe driving route has now become a hazardous stretch Road longitudinally rutted and covered with a Gen Erous Supply Loose gravel. The safety department would be justified in posting travel at your own risk signs along the right Way though they might be obstructed by the dust. And it Only took a week to Complete the transformation. As an observer if i never learn How to properly resurface a Highway. I believe i at least will always remember an excellent formula for de surfacing one. It s very simple. Spray a coating hot tar Over a hard surfaced High Way follow with a three four Inch layer coarse gravel and the result s a mess. I Don t know what this Job Cost the county and state but i do believe that if it Cost As Little As one Dollar and thirty seven cents the county and state were took but Good. The talk going around that a local paving company contracted the Job. But did t have the necessary equipment to Ful fill the agreement. They in turn sublet the contract to an out state company who won t hang around for any Back slapping. The political end it Don t we have any Job specifications can anyone get a contract even if they Don t have the necessary equipment by the Way. What did thus Job Cost maybe it s just that i Don t have the necessary musical instinct to appreciate the metallic ring gravel against the under Side a the sense smell to appreciate the Peculiar accompanying odor. De Calhoun Blountville Tenn. I am not a damned bit afraid communist air Gen. Samuel Anderson fifth air Force commander. Mrs. Warren is More Busy than i am. She is trying to move out our being there ii years with six kids. Chief Justice Warren. Ivan you Don t make Washington. Calling Washington the Eisen Hower administration finds it self caught in a three Way squeeze As cruel As anything that has Beer seen Here in a Long time. The Way out is at the moment simply not visible. The three sides the trap Are solid Walls that loom very High. For one Side the Trian Gle the Republican strategists who directed the Campaign a year ago must answer. Promises were made that should never have been made in the face continuing threat communist imperialism. These promises particularly As blown up and oversimplified by the men who did a lot the masterminding have not been forgotten. In spot announce ments radio and television paid for out lavish gop Treasury candidate Eisenhower repeatedly promised to Cut taxes. Those promises were taken seriously not Only by the voters but by Veteran Republican con Gressmen such As Daniel Reed upstate new York whose to Hollywood by ersk1ne Johnson Gary Cooper too old to make red hot love to Young things the screen the argument s still going since the debut return to Paradise and now it s Coop himself getting into he act. The lean sex cowpoke who once engaged to Clara Bow and Lupe Velez told London reporters when it comes to screen love i m a. 52-year-old who s Kinda just beginning. Guess i won t give up those Romance roles till i m sure ready to crawl into a Hole and die. And i Ain t ready he passed out Here there s a sign one the 10-cent Slot machines in the lobby a Las vegas hotel that needs no explanation. It reads Jack Benny fainted for Billy Gray s paraphrases the orig hit i Are a howl. Sample line i believe that for every drop rain that Falls some Guy gets Side glances Lotical philosophy is grounded in government Economy and lower taxes. Looking at the other two sides the Triangle anyone who does not deliberately Blind himself by Wishful thinking can see the facts life. On the one Side the soviet . There no reason to believe that the Basic design communism for world Conquest has been altered by the death Stah n. On the contrary the growing belief is that while Georgi Malenkos is out Wardly be s Belicose he May actually be for that reason a More dangerous enemy the West. This brings us course to the third Side the the necessity for continuing Large expenditures to sustain an adequate system defense. Admiral Arthur w. Radford the new chairman the joint i chiefs staff has said plainly in the a anal Security Council and elsewhere in discussion with civilian policy makers that deep cuts in the defense budget four five six necessitate u Complete revision America s role and responsibilities. Yet cuts that order Are essential if the budget is to be anywhere near in balance. So the trap closes in with an in creasing chorus proclaiming that it is visionary to expect a balanced budget. Against the background this squeeze Secretary state John Foster Dulles is trying to conduct the difficult diplomacy a divided world. Consistently Dulles has maintained that the states was will ing to negotiate specific issues with Russia while he has insisted that no Good could come a vague and general Confer ence. The main Effort has been to get the soviets to a foreign ministers session to discuss the future Germany and Austria. The notes have been flying Back and Forth this for Many weeks. As the present writ ing it Loois pretty Remote. Dulles close advisers Are confident Tiit Moscow cannot afford to go into such a Confer ence. The men in the Kremlin do not want to have to say no to a proposal that foreign troops be removed from both East and West Germany. After the june riots in the soviet zone Ger Many they do not dare to agree to remove the Force that holds communism in Power. There fore As it is added up at the top level in the state depart ment no conference. But the passionate desire in Europe to get statesmen sitting Down around a table in the old traditional Way must not seem to be frustrated by the United states. So As Dulles flew to Europe for his Quick round conferences in London the Way out seemed to be a meeting the French British and american foreign ministers in mid no vember in Switzerland. Such a conference would be an Opportunity to unravel some the snarls troubling the relationship Between the three partners an uneasy Alliance. There is course no guar Antee that Malenkos Molotov co. Will react As expected. Some observers Are beginning to won Der what would happen if the Malenkos Molotov Combine should decide to take the risk a conference. Playing a warier strategy than Stalin in his last years they might even agree tentatively to a plan to remove the armies both sides from Germany. In. Other words they would outwardly be agreeing to a peaceful settlement a problem fundamental for Europe. This would seem to open a door in one the Walls the enclosing Tri door to peace. It takes Little imagination to see How eager at least some the cornered policymakers and con Gressmen would be to Rush through that door. The problem then Here at Home is basically what it has been since maintain a sufficient defense system in peacetime to be wary and cautious in exploring co existence Over a period years and yet to be Strong. At his Back As he confers Dulles must always feel the pressure to escape. Mac s window Durinik the next two while w. J. Mcaulife ii vacation. Cullu Bic Ley will be fail i from this la Down one Way for Young married couples to Start out without trouble is to live in a Small House. Not much room Lor argument there course this Day and time they will be doing Well to even have a House Small Large. If they do have a House by the time they get through pay ing All the Bills taxes etc., they will not be arguing about where to spend their extra Money be cause there just won t be any. Speaking taxes one banker says nothing is a greater men Ace to Good government than tax dodgers. Of course we think tax spenders Are a menace. At least a government can get in an awful Hole if those spend ing the taxpayers Money Don t watch what they Are doing. The old saying go sit a is not funny anymore. Anywhere you go be it standing sitting you will be sure to be a tax. Cochran Nea writer says Moe Money is Spet for gum by americans than for religion. That May be because gum is used every Day. A Motorist can fail to use his religion Many times during the Day and lots More even forget they have religion. If it seems a lot people driving automobiles have a new re Ligion and that is to Heck with the other and they live by it. That Young married couple we were writing about wiil find out soon enough that a family budget is something that s straight ened out every payday so it can be borrowed from until next payday. A junk dealer s runaway horse in another state stopped for a red Light. Don t Tell us Man is Superior to. Animal. Tar we know a lot automobile Drivers whom we wish had a Little that kind horse sense. Red lights just seem to bring out the Bull in some. So they go charging ahead just As if the red had made them mad. And we meant to use mad rather than angry. A person who runs a red Light is bound to be mad else they would t do such a crazy thing. Happiness comes easier and quicker when you re too Busy raising a flock youngsters to look for it. A woman has made a Fortune out a patented false. As the old prospector said thar s Gold in them thar Hills. V Gordon Clapp s Story How Rich the country is becoming through Money from Tva sounds like the faster we get rid private utilities the better. Yet somehow the Clapp explanation reminds one governor Clement s plan to make Money for the state by giving the peo ple free school books. A Tva has Many a Good a lot things can be said for it but it seems that . Clapp like lady Macbeth doth protest too much. One would not say his speech was clap trap but neither does one want to Swallow whole everything that came from Clapp trap in this speech. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan. . I never it that we waiting blow your top women largely because men have said so repeatedly for so Long have been labelled the weaker sex. From the medical standpoint however this Label is completely wrong. For every 100 girls born into this world there Are about 103 boys. From the time birth however boys die off at a More rapid rate than their Sisters. By the time the later years life Are 75 there Are More than twice As Many women living As there Are men. The change in the proportion Between the sexes is brought about gradually because More men than women die at almost every age. Women Are More resistant to the fatal effects most diseases. Girls and women appear to be much More robust than boys and men. Most them accept illness More philosophically and this helps them to recover. It is to understand that men Are More exposed to Acci least this used to be the Case before the Days when so Many women worked in Indus try. Men Are much More susceptible to certain types heart Dis ease and other disorders involving the blood vessels. Women stand cold better than men. The reason for this at least in part is because they have a thin layer fat Unfer the skin which helps to insulate them. Almost every doctor will agree that the average women stand pain better than men do. This May not have any relation to their adaptability to the role childbearing. Whatever the cause except in muscular strength and in endurance involving the use muscular strength it would be far More accurate to consider men rather than women the weaker sex. With an aging population and periodic wars taking off even More men the time has already arrived when women outnumber men in the country As a whole. This difference will doubtless in crease with the passage time. Ouf our Way boy. To let pm make a play mow an them .Thev aw1 go Home that s. A crazy 3ame- the Rummer. A for some trim to set 3v. I saw vol Hook your. Foot in Cherub s sweater Collae an fall Down. The a orgy wart

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