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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeI Mary Haworth says wife fearing limelight is hindered by perfectionism tii i r a 1 Len us j Ulutu dear Mary Haworth my band is a Well to do Farmer and one of the leaders in county affairs. We Are happily married and our children Are lovable and do Well in school. I like people and belong to several women s House and Garden club at 2 groups but i cannot be at ease pm with mrs. Paul Wimmer with them. Yadkin Street. Mrs. T. M. I i have been asked to be pres Vine wu1 be co hostess. Each ident of one organization is asked to bring a Ca Leader of another Large group to ciral arrangement. My first impulse was to say Junior h re Pat executive no what i really at pm at school was. Let me think it at1 Garden club with Home i am capable Hhope but mrs w r Jennings 1413 Lin in Public my actions Are St at 2 pm Ous. Do you suppose i am just Garden study club at 2 . Rattle brained and Don t know Nome of mrs. R. H. Williams undoubtedly the difficulty Sullivan Cross. Gardens Back to my childhood. My Moth-1 f5563 i or and i Are great pals now and have Good times together but a s when we children were Small i was the one she seemed to Dis like. Whatever i did was wrong Lin her eyes1, and every Day she was saying what an Phil with mrs s l person i was. Asking me Why i Showker. 1102 Watauga. Will be mrs. Williams mrs. S e. Bonsack mrs. R. W. Pannell Starnes. X Delta chapter of Beta sir women voters could t be Nice like my Sisters. Of women who were so much More pleas Jackson 8 p at and so on Home of Julian Chau death a Harroh Tow sri _ by Zuj Wateree. Mrs. C. Death Mother changed toward Byerley assistant hostess. Tuesday me. My grandmother was a so Cial Leader and quite prominent in the Good size City where Wei grew up. She was impatient with _ Fth w it i n Loo Mother for being so backward David Wallace 1863 shy and retiring in Public yet with miss Vir grandmother was greatly loved Lnla Harns Art at in the Community and i too Vas guest speaker. Loved her dearly if Only i could Linyone May attend be a positive dynamic personal i this f a11 Are re Ity. It would be wonderful. Of to you help me circles of Bethel presbyterian Kingsport times monday october trick or masked youngsters appear a t your door halloween Why not have real treats for them these fancy decorated doughnuts Are not Only a appealing in appearance but real appetite teasers. Women s work n u ii in n Goblin lollipops will Pattonville he club u studies bedspreads approval of halloween youngsters by Gay Pauley up staff correspondent by Church at p. M. As follows n t it u. Mrs. Robert Richmond Hoo dear c. A. No doubt its Truevana courts four. Mrs. Clarence that maternal dissatisfaction Dearry. 1546 Pineola ave knocked some of the props from Washington Lee Pat at 7-30 under your Seif Confidence years . For open House meeting ago. But even so it in t so much Rwjr eroded he Ftp curio this aspect of ancient history meeting at 7 of new York up i women members answered Roll Call it is the unthinking habits Long Island chapter of Dar Inow have something new to Dis Elvins a first Aid hint. Which you live today that 1-30 with mrs j w har cuss Over the Back Fence devotionals were led by mrs. You on the sidelines ring Fields we be had dress designers. G. E. Livingston while mrs. Ford Lille by. Esses will be Hall furniture designers and hat de Steele president conducted As a by product of a Hen Peck jew. R. Jennings. Mrs. M. R. Perry now w de childhood you be developed a mrs. R. S Sutherland and mrs perfectionist Bias towards m. Prince. Morristown Dar t s new Terry disc bes at Leas when dealing with worn chapter will present the pro. And party consultants in. On the one hand you expect Gram. I give food a festive taste too much of yourself if per Lynn Garden elementary it appearance Anci the demonstration change on Public View. And on at 3 preceded by executive1 e out standing food on Home the other hand you shrink from Board meeting. Designers of the nation is Kata social tasks you might creditably harbours Pat at . A widow who Ihas built a highly successful Jan when the n e i go b o r h o o in the foil and doughnut youngsters appear at your the Candy stick. Push wrap Pattonville Home Demontra around halloween looking like Peri Candy stick into place. Tie a t on club studied out of a Nightmare ribbon Bow at Chin level duo studied tufting bed but Chat Chirigo very practical around each doughnut Goblin lol spreads at a recent meeting at sacks or shopping bags give Lipop if you wish the Home of mrs. G. C. Arwood. Them a treat suitable for the of. Casion. And one that will remain wholesome until it is eaten. J 1 know what happens when the witches and goblins get _ v4ii_ Home you do if you have have food de business session. A report one in family. Off comes from mrs. mask and on to the table goes the contents of the shopping new arrivals Wanona Linn Fuller daughter of or. And mrs. Ellis Newlyn Fuller 2104 Berry St., at hol Lonj Valley Community Hospital oct. 17, weighing 7 pounds 14 ounces. Terrence Ashby King son of or. And mrs. K. W. King Hilltop Street at Hych oct. 17, weigh ing 7 pounds 10 ounces. Debra Jane Roberts daughter of or. And mrs. Hagan j. Rob erts 3932 Bristol Highway at Hych oct 10. Weighing 8 pounds ounces. Kathryn Ruth Ford daughter of or. And mrs. R. W. Ford jr., 1722 roller Road at Hych oct. 15, weighing 5 pounds 9 ounces. Donna Lynn Falin daughter of or. And mrs. Clyde Falin Kings port route 2, at Hych oct. 16, weighing.8 pounds 12 ounces. Get East and Comfort with Mother s Mother s Friend has been successfully j used Tor oter 70 Beira j by ape Cunt mothers to i get ease and comfort1 i Durons the lit Tat Mother s fb1esd keeps the Ido my and other parts of tit Bedy soft and pliable should help Sou min your natural skin Bea Vlaj after baby tomes Only at sour drat or store it Huiwai Sabli pm order Bradfield co., Atlanta a. For a mothers other s Frient times news want ads. Get results Fly capital mfr lbs to mfg Atlanta connections to All of Florida other doily service to Knoxville Char Leston w. Pittsburgh Detroit and new York Call us10, or your travel agent Tixel office Airport terminal it to Goux official watch Copilot air itching of dry a poultry. Why scratch and suffer hopelessly find Happy Relief As so Many others do use sooth ing medicated Resinol the popular ointment of Many uses Esca e sopping its who next meeting will be at the a when the watch tells where and a Home of mrs. Maurice Clendenim he went Anci no save him what. Snap of the go Down the j infill Iii Uluis r ii f do. Simply because you dread regular monthly meeting. Anticipate it _ Ivanette club at by. Designing novel whenever you evoke any notice with mrs. E. C. Smith 1022 of serving especially a i of at All. Tauga St party eats. Odour your tendency to be opt mrs. Club at mrs Eva Phipps 5i hence her customers have included and manner in Public As if to. Say. Don t mind me excuse me for taking up space i m nobody it seems to me that you dist Church . Circle 1 Are. Blindly your own worst with mrs. Macoe Shelton sul of options Consu Hatch immediately. Some Are saved for tomorrow and the Best goes to school to be Ari i mired far and wide. J doughnuts wrapped As we Are suggesting will win the approval of everyone. Doughnuts them selves Are Good for children to West View Pat . Circles of Glen eat. And in their Clever wrap a Nanfel. To the Duke and Sene Iai co to occasion Ess of Windsor. New York s of who facial greeter Grover whaler. Cau e Ulp blot Len has called on her to plan re Tian co her to plan a Iii. Ill Iii Liu Icell sent no officials to Greet him on get a windowed Box or two of grocer late once critic in company. Believe me. If Livan gardens Circle 2, mrs. Lyle i you were As fumbling As you Morelock. Ridge Road Circle 3. 90 persons. Tji Hoo pro irl More than 150 think you would t be in de mrs. Bruce oilman Ridge Road More Manri no crr Niin Nata. Lee. Came. Spokesman Welcome is Here saturday was cake department that such a to less fresh doughnuts Are made today that such a not Normal Mand As group Leader club pres ident and so on. Very probably your social Dif Lynn Garden presbyterian Tidence is just about average for circles at Church at 1s. Gentlewoman in private life who mrs. A. B. Dockery will be have had Little occasion or on hostess. Wednesday i nearly went Cra from a Cook Book recipe and each of the eight doughnuts in the Consul. Ken Nom you. Sol in Tokyo Var Cru if Pri aluminium foil gum Slick Candy which a German Cook she and her Hus Tion of chinese and Indian drops and Normal misgivings about your Grant Green. I a platform qualifications is to get a pcs of Broad Street Metho i make in in practice on the Iob. You know dist Church will observe Day of cookies. Miss Lee in the old saying. Practice makes wet and Retreat from 10 when we need to sup everyone has to make to 2 . Nursery for Small Neconie i a beginning in order to a com Dren will be provided. All women Al g to . Plish anything. Few indeed Are of the Church Are invited. Wanted something unusual the persons who score sensation ladies Aid society of holy pal esl. People Al Success overnight at what Trinity lutheran Church at 2 Ever they undertake. . In social rooms with mrs. Ten Fritz and mrs num foil Lare doughnut. Press around dough salad into the shape of a nut Cut Allrn eyes nose and out of the Mouth the Cut surface of the i e re in sum drops will stick to the foil is into place. Make a Small Saad e Call the a. We re in Chance in the matter of conduct a vacs of first m e t h o d i s t ing a meeting. The Able perform Church at 1 . For special Ober knows what he intends to say ser vation of week of prayer and and the order in which it is to self denial preceded by regular. Hotow i is to i Mph scr at 11 be said and comes prepared with meeting at 11 . Notes carefully rehearsed Afore members Are asked to Bree time maybe aloud before a sandwiches and cookies for. Mirror then no amount of in luncheon at noon. Iii ii. Men no amount of in want to be Able to unt flac pc a Minoh in 1936. She moved her opera pick up food at a party not. Us Nail go Olup Jcu tons from suburban White worry with plates and a or strikingly relieved now her White meat useful i in cases in doctor Testi one of miss Lee s favorite if j of re miserable from the hot a Lor 20. In Brit. and accompanying irritable to the prominent society family p maae com restless feelings of change of life entertaining 500 tests at a cooked Turkey or Chicken using you May be suffering unnecessarily re put inn chunks rut from the for. In tests by doctors. Lydia wcuuui., Lellep lieu. Bijj meat portion to Hosp she Pinkham s compound and tablets entertaining is becoming More Section these she brought Relief from such and More informal miss Lee p in dressing and caused suffering a 63" and mended Points for revision Roy Howard will be assisting things looked like a Porcu Morfi Lark lilt pc state constitutional Pine of the time i was through i Liviu i that Penis i Indian halloween car he said but i made a hit at a i meal . At school. I the Washington de women of Bethel presbyterian sense department today , p. M. At Central fied 94 casualties of the War in Chapel. Korea. The new Lis no. 674. In Bell Ridge hoc p. M eluded 15 killed in action 77 with mrs. Joseph Dickey wounded one injured Accident i Circle i of Glen Alpine metro la nets through a in Man Al Imp Almetir nervous system a or Lierck distress of in fill heal look for it in the new wrapper something new in softness now the makers of that old favorite Northern tissue bring you an even softer product the new Northern tissue. The new Northern actually goes through Tuo extra re fining Steps. The result is a marvelous new softness. No you Don t pay a Premium Price to get this extra softness. The new Northern tissue Sells for the usual Thrifty Northern Price. Tally. One missing in action. Dist Church rummage Sale at the tonight Kingsport theater Guild presents to my husband 3-act comedy Dobyns Bennett auditorium time . studier Assoc hurry get your storm windows ordered now before the season s Rush Eagle Picher also storm windows also fibreglass Home insulation no Down to 36 months to pay for free is Ismaie phone 3565 Home improvement co. 145 Commerce St. Reserves Elcin at w. B. Greene s give the Only watch with the Dur Power mainspring the heart that never Breaks a year to pay Sale the whole town is talking Allen s jewellers is going out of business Stock of Fine diamonds watches silverware and appliances must be sold regardless of Cost or loss two sales . And . 35 free 35 valuable gifts to the first 35 people attending each Sale daily credit jewellers 4 free free Beautiful Diamond ring Given away at each Sale daily

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