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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeMonday october 20, 1952 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper merry go Rounce letter to editor c. P. Or. Pub intr w. J editor j. W Weil. Ellis editor 320-31 e pc Tarot Strett. King port. Rennol the Ancl led Prii. Twi Pipit pull Hitri association us audit Bureau of circulation a Independent democratic newspaper published each alter Moo except saturday Tod sunday Tua associated press i exclusively entitled to use for publication of All news dispatches credited to 1 or not otherwise credited to this paper and Alii the local published herein entered at Post office in Ken sport tort. As second class mail matter october 37 1844. Under the act of March 6. A Lonal advertising representatives Shannon it associates. Inc. With offices id new York. Cal cafe. St. Loula. Kansas City. Los Angeles and san Francisco subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought and he would not for a while but afterwards he said within himself though i fear not god nor regard the times daily tonic he who Ruleth the raging of the sea knows also How to Check the designs of the ungodly. I submit myself with reverence to his holy will. O Abner i fear my god and i fear none but overdoing it it must be confessed that urging peo ple to pay More attention to the political Campaign is getting More and More embarrassing. As one Man said i regard myself As a Good citizen. I Felt it was my duty to listen to both sides and try to judge Between them on the merits of their arguments. But brother i m get Ting speeches to death. There is just so much of this a Normal Man can stand and personally i can t take any More of there is something to what the Man said. And it is even More exasperating when the speeches begin to rehash what has been said. With All the major speeches being broadcast and televised either direct or by canned transcription the nationwide audience hears and sees As much and probably More than those on the ground. As far As argument goes and the value of making a speech each candidate might just As Well have stayed in one place and broadcast from that one place. Of course the handshaking would be missing and missed and it s altogether possible that a touch of the hand is Worth More than a two hour speech. What we Are thinking about is that if there could be agreement on limitations of debate on the hustings it might work out very Well. If the Campaign could be shortened if the number of speeches could be reduced if the travel could be Cut Down the Cost of campaigning would be reduced materially and no one would be worse off. It does not take so much time so much Effort so much talking to get the people to make up their minds. It is altogether Likely that the last two or three weeks of campaigning Are wasted except for a very Small number of people. Like the convention the american political Campaign is running away with us. Actually we carry them on exactly As folks did in the Gay and not so Gay nineties things that were necessary be cause of the limitation on the Means of communication we continue to do after radio and television have made them foolish. We want the people to take an Intelli gent interest in Public affairs including elections. But they must not be punished with needless lessons. Political campaigning needs some streamlining. Pc the organization of the Kingsport fire prevention Council will add one More organized unit to the picture of life in Kingsport. We know there is a Good Deal of kidding about the Way americans join things. Somebody is always starting a new organization and there never seems to be any difficulty about getting Mem Bers. But there is a difference Between organizations for social and fraternal Pur poses and organizations for welfare Pur poses. It is the number of the latter that is the keynote to the kind of a City you have. We believe Kingsport has a Gen Erous number of such groups. And the Kingsport fire prevention Council should make a Good addition to their ranks. If we get the Point the objective of the fac will e fire safety education just As the safety Council carries on a pro Gram to reduce the general Accident Haz Ards. We have our fire prevention week but it is a Little Short of the Mark to de vote one week to thinking about fire prevention and forget about it the rest of the time. We Don t want to be like the lady whose Small son was playing with matches and when her neighbor called her attention to it said but this in t fire prevention fire prevention is a constant Chal Lenge. Reduction of fire hazards must be a Day to Day program. We do not know what the program of the fire prevention Council will be but we do feel Safe in recommending it and hoping that we will All cooperate with it. Think of it this Way if an organized by Drew Pearson Headquarters has been trying hard to bring senator Russell of Georgia into the Campaign. Stevenson personally tried to phone Russell in Venezuela last month. But Russell was on Board ship and the Call never got through. Later Stevenson s Campaign manager Wil son Wyatt talked to Russell by trans oceanic phone but got nowhere. Finally Stevenson s new political trouble shooter senator Ful Bright of Arkansas reached Russell in Washington. But the Georgia senator tried to drive a bargain. He wanted Stevenson to change his mind on filibusters and in effect Okay the Southern Senate filibuster before he would agree to deliver a speech. Blueprint for Victory in the Wake of general Eisenhower s whistle stopping his political Crew has left behind a blueprint for winning the Independent and democratic vote. Local gop leaders when herded on and off the Campaign train were handed a confidential 33-Page manual for organizing Eisen Hower Nixon clubs. As a Sample the manual urges the local re publicans to choose a Man of civic prominence As club chairman. Since the purpose of the clubs is to swing Independent and democratic voters into voters for the Booklet explains try to get a chairman who is somewhat outside poli tics and who is not stamped As dyed in the Wool the manual also recommends that a Spe Cial Bank account be opened by the treasurer for the local organization. All funds should be received by the treasurer and All Bills paid by him when duly pointing out a loophole in the Federal Law the Booklet notes there is no Federal Law limiting the amount of an individual contribution to your club if your club is purely a state or local organization and is not con trolled by a National the Booklet warns however that All clubs must conform to state Laws. You should ask some attorney who is a member of your club if he would Volunteer his Legal advice particularly in regard to the Laws of your it is suggested. Telephone canvass meant for Republican eyes Only the manual goes on to give some helpful Campaign tips. For example one suggestion is to conduct a Telephone secure a Block Book Telephone directory which contains the names addresses and Tele phone numbers under Street the manual advises. In most cases these books Are for rent but not for Sale. A directory could be rented or borrowed from the Tele phone company. Prepare a Telephone sales talk containing the message to be Given. Be sure to paste this message on a cardboard Back As paper May Wear out with the Booklet continues. A detailed plan is also spelled out for a House to House each canvasser should make an itemized report of All Calls with an indication favor Able unfavourable or the Booklet suggests. Adlai s hostess the lady who would be hostess to Bachelor Adlai Stevenson if elected his sister mrs. Elizabeth Ives got off some cogent comments on politics recently before the North Carolina democratic club of Washington d. C. The family did t realize that Adlai was a Good Story Teller until he left she quipped. Be never got a Chance to talk at telling How her brother rejected a Campaign proposal to make a special radio broadcast to women voters she continued Adlai reasoned that it would be equally silly to slant a broadcast to Barbers store keepers bus Drivers or other vocational groups. No speeches should be written especially for women. They Are interested equally with men in better working conditions prices schools Public welfare Public health Public housing Rural electrification Homes peace and other campaigning with she said was easy. They Tell you where to go what to do what to eat and whom to speak to but they Don t Tell you what to mrs. Stanley Wohl the presiding officer later asked mrs. Ives if she would become hostess to her brother if he were elected the reply will i become the White House hostess just let Adlai ask diplomatic Pouch two bridegrooms foreign minister an Thony Eden promised marshal Tito during his recent visit to Belgrade that the entire British Fleet in the Mediterranean would Rush to Yugoslavia s Aid in Case Russia attacks. Tito in turn told Eden that Yugoslavia now has 26 first class army divisions and will fight to the death to resist Russia. Tito and Eden got along so Well during their conferences that they ran out of problems to discuss and began talking about their new brides. Atomic artillery the army s new 85-ton atomic Cannon can travel Over highways at 40 Miles per hour shoot More than 20 Miles and is so Large that the Crews in the front and rear talk to each other by radio. The army finally Cut five feet off the barrel and was delighted to find that the gun fired More accurately. Capital news capsules flying a Semi scientific group in los Angeles called civilian saucers invest has concluded that flying saucers might be space ships from another planet. This group has reported to the air Force that Sev eral sightings during the last sixty Days re veal characteristics that could be expected from space ships. At the outbreak of the flying Saucer epidemic civilian saucers investigators worked closely with the air Force but now have severed All connections. Merry go round Leslie Bible Senate Secretary who posed As a Chicken Farmer before the 1948 elections has put on his checked suit again and is surveying the country. From new England he predicts that Massachusetts and Rhode Island will go to Stevenson Connecticut to Eisen Hower. Internal Revenue is casting an Eye on two radio newscasters to see whether they Are actually political propagandists in which Case their sponsors could t deduct the Cost of their programs. Paul Daniels american ambassador to Ecuador was knocked Down by an irate ecuadorean on the dance floor of a Guayaquil night club England s new guided missile will Fly More than Miles an hour can climb to feet and automatically locates and destroys an enemy bomber going 700 Miles per hour. Editor times news Kingsport Tenn. Dear sir come let us reason together. I feel As everyone else should that this is a time when every one who is eligible to vote should take advantage of the one privilege we yet and go to the polls and vote but i would suggest that we All be honest with ourselves our neigh Bors and the welfare of our nation As a whole and not vote for the Sake of politics or tradition you know there is a slogan or an expression being frequently used which goes like this we never had it so Good let us pause and consider just How Good we Are having we Grant that there is a sem Blance of Prosperity among cer Tain classes of our people but at the same time indications Are plainly evident that the very foundations of the Prosperity of our nation or even our continuance As a free and Independent nation Are tottering. We should ask ourselves these questions the answers to which Are obvious can anyone conscientiously say we never had it so Good be fore when the select of our Young men Are dying on foreign soil and thousands of others be ing maimed is the picture of a National debt of some two Hundred and sixty billion dollars hanging Over our Heads and rapidly increasing evidence of Good times or Prosperity was there Ever before a time in the history of our nation when there was a crime wave and plagues of strikes and such to equal that which we Are fac ing today was there Ever before a time when we had so Many organizations of Charity which Means so Many people who cannot or will not support themselves in t it a fact that a condition of unrest and dissatisfaction is evident among our people today despite their outward appear Ance to the casual observer have we no reason to believe that it is possible to remedy this situation yet have we any grounds to believe that there Ever will or could Ever be any outlet or escape from these conditions under our present leadership or those who might succeed them and who would evidently follow the same tactics or the same platform which they advocate if we fail to recognize this situation for just what it is and ask for and demand a different Type of leadership we Are in grave danger of losing even the semblance of Prosperity or free Dom. Are we satisfied with a Type of Leader whose motto is give pm meaning not our enemies but their neighbors and fellow Henry c. Mcclure editor times dear sir the korean War is Truman s War in which thousands of american boys have been killed uselessly As it will not Stop the spread of socialism or communism just like world wars i and ii that would put an end to War socialism or communism they claimed. Truman went beyond his constitutional rights and started the korean War illegally just As he illegally took Over the steel plants. If Korea was to sink to the Bottom of the Ocean the world would go on just the same except that our boys would not have to be drafted to fight in the god forsaken land in order to have a bogey Man or an Emer gency to use to get Large appropriations of Money to waste on our bureaucratic govern ment and pay for the wasteful Ness and destruction of the fair dealers. If the people Are tired of tax tax spend spend and kill kill then do not vote for Stevenson who is running on the new Deal and fair Deal record and if elected will do his Best to continue their policies but elect Eisenhower who says that he will clean up the immoral mess in Washington and Stop the illegal korean War and thereby reduce the taxes billions of dollars and frying to melt him Washington Catling of us who write about politics keep Check As a presidential Campaign progresses on certain barometers scattered about the country. These Are often the chief Politi Cal reporters of leading news papers. Or they Are shrewd vet Erans of the political wars will ing to give their private and realistic appraisal which is often save millions of human lives. But says the fair dealers Eisenhower cannot bring peace but Truman put him in Mac Arthur s place after he had re moved Macarthur from com Mand because he said that he could have boys Home for Christ Mas in 1950 if he could get a helping hand but instead he got removed from command for say ing that he could bring the War to a close a thing evidently the fair dealers did not want done. More proof of this is the state ment of major general o. A. Anderson who said that he could break Russia s five a bomb Sites in a week if Given the order to do it was dismissed which shows that they did not want the War to end. Again it is Plain that Acheson wanted us to lose the korean War As he armed koreans and disarmed the South koreans and gave the North koreans 539 dollars to each Dol Lar he gave the South koreans. The korean War proves that United nations cannot prevent War As is claimed by the fair dealers. If the voters want to continue the fair Deal s policies which have put us in War with Russia and China suspended our constitutional government and put us under dictatorship at the present and will become Perma nent if continued then vote for Stevenson whom you had never heard of until he was nominated. But if you Are opposed to the fair Deal policies which has put our country in deadly Dan Ger then vote for Eisenhower who says that he will change the things that Roosevelt said would ruin our country if not changed. Let us Lay aside our political prejudice and vote to save the lives of our boys our Constitution and our Christian religion. Amen Nimrod Taylor at variance with their Public claims. Four years ago at this time these barometers were with few exceptions registering a Republican Victory. They were proved wrong by president Truman s re election. This reporter combining direct soundings in a dozen states with a series of Long distance Calls into every Corner of the country has tried to read these barometers As of the present moment. Why this is difficult May be because of their wrongness in 48, or perhaps this is one of the most difficult of All contests to assess confused by obscure and unfathomable undercurrents. But the fact is that the experts offer their guesses with great timidity. They Are certain of nothing except that Maine will go Republican and Georgia democratic. One conclusion on which Many agree is that the popular vote will be close. Despite this close Ness the experts suggest that general Eisenhower could win by a Large electoral majority. They believe that a win by governor Stevenson would be by a smaller margin of electoral votes. The imponderable most frequently discussed with respect to Eisenhower s chances is the women s vote. There is agree ment that the character of the sincere Earnest Plain Man who promises to right so Many of the wrongs in the coun try and the made a deep impression on women Vot ers. That May be the father image that the Stevenson strategists worry about while officials of the democratic National committee speak bitterly of the Way in which most of the Media of mass communication in America have gone All out to build up this image. An imponderable frequently raised in estimating Stevenson s chances is the underground or hidden vote. Some believe this could be substantial. It consists of those who because of social or economic pressures in their lives cannot or at any rate do not disclose their preference for the democratic candidate. They May even Wear Ike buttons. But when they step into the privacy of the polling Booth they will put their a Down opposite Steven son s name. The real imponderable How Ever mentioned by virtually every expert around the coun try is the great new additional registration. An increase of Over the total vote of 48 has been estimated with As Many As voters going to the polls on november 4. The estimate conies from Clyde m. Vandeburg director of the american heritage foundation which has supplied Money and advertising skill to spark the drive for this mass in the number of citizens eligible to vote. Both republicans and democrats Are claiming that the new registration will help them. The real question is where it is concentrated. If it is mostly in the Small towns and Middle income suburbs then the gop stands to gain. This could be the Factor contributing to a big electoral majority for Ike. But if the greater part of the increase is in the cities then the democrats May be Able to off set a Strong Republican trend on the farms and in the towns. Registration in new York City is at a near record High and the same is True in Philadelphia. In most other cities the increase is phenomenally heavy. Here one comes to what Are As near certainties As anything in a strangely Uncertain Campaign. The minorities in the cities with the possible exception of the polish americans Are As they have been in recent elections namely strongly democratic. That is True with special emphasis on the negro vote both North and South. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe governor Stevenson has been Reading Alice in wonderland. So that s where he Learned to talk Jabberwocky twas Brill la and the Smithy Toves did gyre and Gimble on the wore All Mimsy were the Bor goves and the Home roths does t that make you think of Adlai especially that All Adlai is so beautifully Mimsy. And what president of the United states could humpty dumpty be thinking of when he said when i use a word it Means just what i choose it to More nor and imagine Adlai meeting the Hatter and listening to his advice. Of course you realize that a Hatter is in the Haberdashery business Don t you and when it comes to Mathe Matics who explains the National debt better in terms of ambition distraction us Lafica Tion and derision maybe Adlai should read an other piece of literature called a Louse in Sunderland. Harry says he does t feel it is incumbent upon him to urge the people to vote for any candidate. There have been times when Harry thought it was very incumbent upon him. Particularly when he was the incumbent and somebody was try ing to make him an sex incumbent. As a president or. Truman in campaigning for Stevenson is helping to make an sex of him self. That s x not s. Al Smith at supporting for did balk and instead decided to take a walk. Now Byrd Between Steve and Ike decides he d better take a hike. Maybe it s a Fine sign of pub Lic interest but one wonders if the people who crowd to hear their favorite and yell give pm it on and Roar applause at every Are really and truly the finest Type of american citizenship in politics there is such a close connection Between applause and Apple sauce. The american people pay More for amusement than for any thing else. And what they Are amused by once upon a time there was a College professor who was walk ing on a Slippery Street with a bundle skidded staggered and fell while his bundle went this away and that away. And the spectators roared with laughter. So the College professor resigned and went into vaudeville doing the same Slippery sidewalk skid stagger and fall wearing pads three times a Day and draws Down seven times the salary he used to get. There was the terrible tragic Story of the Bell that lost its Tongue. It can t be told. To be pensive while crossing the Street can be expensive. A Wise Man remembers his wife s birthday but forgets her birth Date. How much to take off How much to Wear How much to cover How much to Bare at what Point to dare not How far to dare this the Only problem about which Many girls care. Doctor says Edwin p Jordan . Side glances program of fire prevention resulted in two less fires How worthwhile the whole Effort would be. My Little girl was mighty Good company at that Hope yours does t grow up to marry a millionaire an attack of herpes zoster As it is known medically is merely an unpleasant experience which fades into a memory for most victims of this Peculiar disorder. For some however particularly elderly people shingles is a severe Long lasting affair Caus ing a great Deal of suffering taxing the patience of the individual and presenting a real problem of medical care. Judging by the constant Stream of letters received by this column on the subject of shingles the latter situation is by no Means uncommon. Herpes is an acute inflammation accompanied by characteristic blisters on the skin involving Only that part of the skin which is reached by certain nerves. It occurs on one Side of the body Only and is especially common around the Chest just Over and parallel to the ribs on the forehead face lower Back and Abdomen. The blisters which appear several Days after the pain starts begin to open and dry up in a few Days and finally disappear altogether. In Young and Middle aged people this is about All there is to it but in older people severe neuralgia pains often last for months. Herpes May develop with or immediately after acute infections like pneumonia or Menin gitis it can come in epidemics or without any cause which can be identified. It is probably caused by a tiny living Organ ism called a virus. An interesting Point about shingles is its relation to chickenpox. Which is also a disease caused by a virus. Small Epi demies of herpes have developed at the same time As epidemics of chickenpox and there seems Good reason to believe that an occasional person can develop chickenpox from Contact with a patient with shingles and the other Way around. A Ray is one treatment Many kinds of treatment have been used for shingles with greater or lesser degrees of Suc Cess. Among the More recent methods is the use of a rays. When herpes develops on the forehead it can move Down into the Eye and this can be a most serious and painful condition. It seems possible that sooner or later one of the Antibiotic relatives of penicillin May turn out to be of real value in treat if Given Early in the course of the disease. In Long lasting nerve pain Fol lowing shingles nerve surgery May offer the Only Means of bringing Relief. Out our Way to this no huddle Backfield men is a set Down till l women 3its the worry wart .1

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