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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 20, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday october 20, 1952 Kingsport times of i p requires air livestock prices continue decline but economist sees trend Normal Blacksburg a. 7p Al centers totalled about head Vii agricultural economist pre compared with the predicts the Price of Grain fed week and the same tie of Choice grades will last year. Less than prices for grass fed fewer cattle cattle during the rest of this1 _ month and november Ana cal1 receipts also month and november decreased at most Southern mar the economist j. L. Maxton kiets but showed increases at of the Extension predicted the May strengthen slightly then take its usual decline advancing again in May and june 1953. He also predicted the Price of Lamb would be in line with and Ision service plants in the Georgia Price of no. 1 area combing. Unloads at the same six mar Ket centers totalled about head compared with a week ago. Most commercial Grade grass Lamo worm oem Nice Wiki ainu steers sold in the Florida area Alec to and in North and cattle. Wool prices will reflect the International situation he said. Maxton added the average Price of beef cattle can be expected to decline to the parity level of s21.10 in 1953. However he recommended efficient feed ers with the beef cow herds should continue in the business. Hog prices he said can be sex or in 1953 with declines Georgia at to while Utility and commercial Grade steers and heifers brought to at Montgomery and to at Nashville. At Memphis commercial and Good grades brought to and Utility to Good and Choice Slaughter j calves sold at North Georgia in periods of heavy marketing of Spring and fall pig crops. Maxton believes Lamb prices in 1953 May average near parity of with perhaps some slight strengthening in the Price of Wool. The Vii economist feels the demand for meat is at a Peak and some decline in Overall de Mand can be expected by the summer of 1953. Atlanta spa despite smaller receipts at most South Ern markets Butcher hog prices dropped last week the production and marketing administration reported. Cattle prices continued to de Cline Early in the week but showed stronger trends toward the close at Nashville Louisville and to and the to it 25 to 25 Good Slaughter calves sold in the Florida area at to with Good and Choice but mostly Good calves judging for Sullivan Community improvement slated next week Blacksburg a. In storage needs air. Vii farm specialists say if i eight Sullivan county communities entered in the annual Corn stored Corn is to dry it must Munty improvement contest will be judged the first two Days of have air. And if storage facile next week. County agent j. W. Mcclain announces ties Are constructed so Corn can get air it is possible to Harvest the crop Early. If you can dry the Corn you can Harvest it even when it has a moisture Content of 30 per cent or higher the specialists said. The Corn is mature at this stage and if harvested the dam age from insects rodents and weather will be less. There Are two major ways of making certain the Corn enough air. One is the use of forced natural air made possible by a fan driven by a motor. The equip ment also can be used to dry Hay and other crops. Using this method Corn with 30 per cent moisture can be dried sufficiently in eight to 10 Days during september october and november. The three factors which de Termine the length of drying Are weather the Content when Corn s stored moisture and the moisture Content when the dry ing process is completed. For tight bins of Corn the and dealers bringing to s22 moisture Content should be Down at Montgomery. At Nashville Auto 14 or 15 per cent few prime Grade 190 Pound dealers topped with Good and Choice dealers bringing to broilers higher broiler prices turned generally higher in the week North geor Gia markets gaining a half cent to 1 cent a Pound Central North to 215- the specialists said the Cost of at drying Corn by this method is from one to two cents per Bushel. The second method the quicker of the two is the use of forced heated air. Here the air is heated before Carolina 1 cent North Mississipp driven the crib by i a half cent to a cent and Central Mississippi 1 to 2 cents a Pound. On the other hand prices lost a half cent to a cent a Pound in the Shenandoah Valley area. The fan. In addition to the fan and motor an air heating unit is required. With this system a crib of ear Corn or a bin of shelled Corn can and remained unchanged to lube dried in 4? four Days. Memphis and at auction cent lower in the Del mar a if the drying is done during Cool or Damp weather the drying in North Georgia. However Clos a Friday s closing prices wl11 be longer. However ing prices still were off from 25 i North Georgia 27 to 29 cents a weather conditions do not affect cents to As much As for i Pound Central North Carolina heated air drying As much As Slaughter cattle and stockers atj29 cents North Mississippi 27v2 Nashville and Memphis and Florida markets showed declines of mainly to Louisville prices wound up to 29 cents and Central missis Sippi 28 to 30 cents a Pound. Shenandoah Valley prices closed at 27 cents while Del mar a about steady. Amounts vary Butcher hog prices mainly 50 cents a mainly Strong to 50 cents higher j prices closed on thursday at 27 North Georgia prices averaged to cents a Pound. I Southeastern fruits and vege i tables moved to Market in about declined i moderate volume though Flori uic.u.4j w a. Hundred j a loading of oranges and grape pounds at Atlanta were still Light. Heavy Al and Nashville and 85 cents of greens after the recent Memphis with Louisville prices Rains sent prices Down to the dropping or More. Prices i lowest Levels in Many weeks on about 25 cents at the Atlanta wholesale Market. Fewer Sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes moved in heavier volume though below Normal and prices were mostly unchanged for Good Quality Stock. The Apple Harvest was Active in All sections and near or past the Peak in some sections. A heavier volume of flue cured tobacco moved through old Belt markets in Virginia and North Carolina and prices advanced a Little there and on Border Belt markets. Prices showed Little change in the Middle Belt of North Carolina and held rela packing plants in the Georgia Florida Alabama area and 50 to 75 cents at Montgomery. Closing prices Friday for the Best weight butchers at leading Southern markets were Atlanta s19.25 Nashville and Richmond i Montgomery to 18.25, and Georgia Florida Alabama Peanut Belt plants to with closely sorted lots bringing at Columbus Moultrie and Tifton. At Richmond the top hog Price was s19, and at hog buying stations in the Carolinas tops ranged from s19 to s19.50. Natural forced air drying. Including electricity and fuel the Cost of drying Corn by the heated air process runs about five to eight cents per Bushel. Other costs such As labor and equipment May increase the Over All Cost to eight or 10 cents per Bushel the specialists said. They added however that Market premiums usually More than pay the increased drying costs. Corn that is dried naturally or with forced natural air should be fumigated to protect against insect damage. This treatment also May destroy Many of the immature stored Grain insects which Are present when the Corn is brought to storage. However you cannot fumigate Corn in an open slatted crib. Receipts at the first six Market Lively steady in the Eastern Belt. Community reports and scrap books must be turned in to the county agent s office either in Bristol or Kingsport before the end of this week he added. The schedule for judging will be Rock Springs . Mon Day Woodrow . Mon Day new Boone . Mon Day Edgefield new Bethel 3 . Monday Cross . Weavers . Second District tuesday tuesday . Tuesday and Holston Val Ley 3 . Tuesday. Does t help yield other recent regional winners. The Rudees will be Raymond and mss Helen Baker Hawkins increased by fertilizing the Rye county Home demonstration agent. They will spend approx potatoes in rotational farming. Mately one and one half hours to answer the question re in each Community. The Sullivan county contest near Norfolk sponsored by the kiwanis clubs conducted the tests. Of Bristol Blountville and Kings although the potato yields port and by the Sullivan not significantly higher the news a weekly newspaper grass which received pounds of 5-0-0 fertilizer per acre at seeding time showed an increase in yield. Or. E. M Dunton jr., soil technologist at the station said the formers share less Hanhold of food prices Blacksburg a. Cultural economists at Vii re port the marketing charges for Selling farm products have in creased this year Over last year s charges. The economists said in 1951 Farmers averaged receiving 50 cents of the consumer s Dollar spent for farm products. This year the amount received by the Farmer is Down to 48 cents. Hourly earnings for employees in food markets were five per cent higher in july of this year than in the corresponding month of 1951. Over the past year the retail Cost of the farm foods in the Market Basket increased while their farm value increased Only the specialists reported. Vegetable prices May drop a. Magazine warns Norfolk a. Virginia vegetable growers who for the last 12 to 15 years have been re c e i v i n g fairly satisfactory prices have no reason to believe this condition will continue. An article in the vegetable growers news said that unquestionably we vegetable grow ers will see considerable adjust ment take place within the next four or five the vegetable growers a pamphlet is published each the yields of the Cobbler and i month by the Vii agricultural fungo potatoes which service in cooperation with the Virginia truck Experiment station at Norfolk. A Rye. The 9uestion has been whether potato yields Are the searchers at the Virginia truck listed in Blount Vule. Further decline on farm products prices forecast Washington Agri culture department fertilizer. A Check plot was some further decline in prices of maintained which received no farm products in 1953, Early for meat animals and vege tables. But the department said Domestic demand for farm products than Oes raised on the is expected to continue High Dur plots run to ing the next year with product. However rhe me Rye Wincn researchers applied pounds of 5-10-5 fertilizer at three stages of the Rye s blowing in february in the mid dle of december and at seeding time. Simultaneously but on Sepa rate plots the researchers a pounds per acre of Tion maintained around the rec Ord Ord if ii tons favourable. Vegetable producers should do to for the economic read Condi 1.000 pounds of 5-0-0 Fer Justement predicted by the at seeding time produced Phlete the most Rye grass. 1 1. Get out of debt. If it is Nec the Outlook is for an increase the researchers concluded that Essary to borrow Money borrow in livestock marketing farriers wanted to Graze the marketing of vegetable crops Rye during the Winter months cosh the department said. An application of fertilizer would the department predicted increase the amount available to somewhat smaller net livestock income for Farmers next year. This is based on indications that Cash receipts from Market Ings will not exceed the by lion dollars estimated for this year and that it will Cost some what More to produce most commodities. Fall is Good time to Plant Flowers Blacksburg a. This is a Good time of year to Plant the Walls and floor must be some of the More Hardy annuals made tight for at least eight such As Cosmos Calendula Corn hours. This can be accomplished i Flowers petunias snapdragons by the use of Canvas or heavy marigolds larkspurs and Shirley building paper. Poppies. Instructions for fumigating Extension specialists at Vii Corn can be obtained from the soil should be mulched county agent or from the Moss that Little or tension entomologist at Vii in no heaving of the soil will result. Blacksburg. Some timely tips for fall gardening louver denies by Henry free written for Nea service transplant your evergreens now so that they will become Well established before cold weather. I grapes do not Ripen after be ing picked so be careful store in a dry place where the temperature is Low and con Stant. Lily of the Valley not All Wisteria vines produce of me replant below sur but do not blame me if of the soil blooms appear next year. Root about two or three taches pruning has been known to work. Apart and i merely pass it on to the a what it is Worth. Use m Only the strongest crowns he Mart anal opt two or Thrpo my Ludins Black spot a ii Igus inches apart each a a has been troublesome this buried continue spraying 1 Gladiolus with a 5 per cent Dot of the soil. It a is Squash and pumpkin should be thoroughly Ripe before being harvested. The Riper they Are dust to combat thrips. It it it the specialist recommends fertilizing Hardy Chrysanthe j. It t 1 the better they will keep. Them in a fairly warm place. Do not forget to dig your potatoes when the vines begin to die Down. This is proof that your tubers have matured. 5 about two to three Tablespoons of fertilizer into the top Inch of soil. It it it Don t fertilize hybrid Tea roses if cabbage Heads begin cautions. Fertilizer applied now will cause continued growth which does t give the Wood a Chance to mature. Immature Wood is More susceptible to win Ter injury and often results in setting plants Back. The old Gardener also recommends removing seed pods after crack Bend them Over to break the Root on one Side. This checks the growth. Fresh pyrethrum powder applied to cabbage cauliflower and kale will destroy Worms eating into these vege tables. It it it the vegetable Garden soil can be improved if Rosen Rye is sown As soon As crops Are picked and slowed under next Spring. It it it continue dusting and Spray ing roses against insects and polio insurance families Moore it Walker inc. 131 Broad St. Phone 2441 All perennials have us ii nil aft 111 seed formation works against ill j a Huilui i i the Plant and it sometimes causes poorer blooms next year. Quizzing the Gardener watering of Trees shrubs and Flowers be stopped at this time not water generously if Rains Are absent. The Trees and shrubs will Welcome it As will the annuals and Peren Nials. Chrysanthemums and roses will give finer autumn blooms if the ground is kept moist. V v v should lilacs be transplanted can be transplanted at any time of the year. Be sure to take a Good Ball of Earth with the roots to protect them from injury and drying out. Plant immediately and water thoroughly. -9 v v let me know if there is an effective Spray to rid. My Garden of destructive rabbits. Is no Spray or dust with lasting qualities to discourage rabbits. The real answer is a 24-Inch-High wire Fence fastened tightly to the ground. Should one move a grape Vine that has been in one place for about 25 years Vine is much too old to move. However any Young canes which May have Bent Down and rooted May be Cut off and set out As a new Vine. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions personal Loans up to one visit service Community finance Thrift corp. Of Kingsport 218 East Market Street Telephone 3760 Community investment certificates pay 3% per annul conservation plan for Scott county Farmers outlined Gate City a. County Farmers have until no vember 30 to sign requests for assistance under the 1953 Agri cultural conservation program Dewey m. Salyer county production and marketing administration committee chairman says. The plan for conducting the program on a farm by farm basis which was tried out in ame Lia county this year will be in effect in All Virginia counties. Its purpose is to Center Conser vation efforts on the practices most needed on each to a trickle and the twelve million gallon Reservoir holds a it Only for productive improve ments to the farm. 2. Get farm machinery in Good condition. If Cash is available re place worn out or partially worn out machinery. 3. Repair and paint the farm buildings if they freed it. 4. Make an. Analysis of the vegetable business and arrange a program that will use labor and equipment the year around profitably. Kentucky news Stanford by. In Stan Ford s residents were warned today to Cut water consumption drastically or face an immediate rationing of supplies. Unless the reduction is noted today the Kentucky water serv ice company said water will be turned on Only twice daily for 30-minute periods beginning to Morrow. Drought starved Springs that feed the town s Reservoir Are Tennessee Farmers news Corner farm. To achieve this goal 1953 pm Community committeemen Are conducting a Field Survey. In a personal on the farm discussion with the farm operator they develop the most effective plan for that farm. The amount of Aid will vary with the need the size and Type of farming operation and in accordance with the amount of Money which Scott county is Al Salyer said. The plan Ning May Lead Many Farmers to Adlai lukewarm Evanston. 111. Up sen. Estes Kefauver a Tenn denied his support of gov. Adlai e. Ste Venson democratic presidential nominee had been an unsuccessful candidate for the democratic nomination conservation ing the National convention covered by at july Kefauver last night said he own expense he added had heard reports that his Cam conservation plans already de paining for Stevenson had not be oped by any of the other Agri a pin too enthusiastic. Cultural agencies will be consid store of just one million Gallons of water. Drilling was scheduled to Start today on a new Well near the main supplying Pool. M. E. Graybeal vice president of the company said we have Only 50 Gallons a minute coming in which will provide Only enough for drinking and toilet i. It it Madisonville by. Of three automobile deaths were recorded in the second state police area Over the week end. Eugene Waters 26, a negro was killed in a crash six Miles South of Hopkinsville yesterday. Wilbert d. Jagoe 29, also a negro was killed yesterday when his by the associated press King Solomon once said eat thou Honey because it is Good Sweet to the taste and health to the today s homemaker can add that almost everyone likes Honey or goods cooked with Honey is a Good october and no vember buy. University of Tennessee food specialists say Honey is also very quickly and easily digested. It is composed of simple sugars which can be absorbed directly into the blood Stream and made available at once for Energy. Honey is also alkaline which Means it does not leave an acid reaction As other sugars do. For this reason it is a desirable sweetening for the food of infants invalids and aged persons. It it it sell one keep Farmers with Cotton Bales ready for Market were Given that advice recently by the Beltide Cotton producers committee. The committee said the orderly marketing movement it was urging would Check the present drop in the Cotton Market until demand picks up. Last year a similar marketing movement lifted the Price of cot ton from 34 to 39 cents a Pound committee members said. It it it a total of 28 cattle sales Are scheduled throughout Tennessee for the fall and Winter months. At least one of these sales is within easy travelling distance of every livestock Farmer in the state it livestock specialists say. There will be 17 Herford sales most of them in october and no vember. Six Angus sales will be held this month. Four feeder calf sales were held earlier in octo ber and one is on tap for Decem ber. Further information on these sales May be obtained from your county agent. It it it Here s a tip for gardeners cloth or Glass covered Beds for lettuce and greens planted in october May be Worth while if you want these vegetables to survive unexpected frosts. The covered bed is merely a Board Frame set up around crops already growing or planted Early j in october. Cloth roofing paper i or Glass Sash May be used to cover the Frame. J it Garden specialists warn i covering these crops too Early j will make them tender so that too much extra cover will be needed for those still growing in Early december. It it it Don t let Short feed supplies Short change pastures livestock growers Are advised by it agronomists. Farmers can reduce yields Dur ing the fall and Winter and cause permanent injury to the stand by turning livestock on fall seeded pastures too Early. Early seeded pastures can be grazed this fall but the plants should be allowed to attain at least five inches growth before grazing is started. This will allow the Root system to become More fully developed and enable the plants to with i stand the Shock of grazing with out permanent damage. It it it and now some farm and Home Griefs for lunch Box use try Ginger bread with raisins mixed in i baked in muffin tins farm lers have already repaid Morel than half the 81 million dollars borrowed from government Dis Aster funds in the past three years Sweet Corn or Field Corn will keep for several weeks if Cut before Frost and left stand ing in moist Sand or dirt in a Cool shed or cellar pears Ripen Best off the tree but growers Are warned against picking too Early or too late for satisfactory ripening. Harkleroad s Kingsport s oldest largest and most Complete feed store. Nut Rena staf of life feeds Lawn and farm seeds Grain and fertilizers free delivery Corner Market and Commerce streets phone 2400 save 15% to 20% on insurance in All forms Dougherty roller offices 101 Broad Strewl phone 1600 special Coal furnaces Coal fired heavy duty steel furnaces for use in 5 or 6 room tomes. Priced to completely la pulled. No Money 36 month to pay see us before you by Southern Sheet Metal works 334 East Sullivan St. At five Points phone 135 Gardner equipment company 627 w. Sullivan St. Phone 2697 offers free estimates on venetian blinds and a Leolenn and Coal furnaces Asphalt and rubber tile aluminium steel awnings Rock Wool no Down payment up to 36 months to Pat in Kingsport your new Purina dealer Holston feed and farm Supply West Revere Street next to Holston Coal free delivery phone 2618 moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. Taxi Couff Toos Scimmi Phona 970 Gilliam cabs h. G. Gilliam owner Day and night service Safe and courteous service phone 970 Sullivan Back of Union bus terminal Jered in setting up a farm s 1953 automobile crashed into a Bridge he said. Abutment in Muhlenberg county. Kefauver said a Republican he concluded that is father to their democratic candidate at a rally but in Case there remains any doubt in anyone s mind As to my position in this Campaign let me state As fully and forcefully As i can that i am per cent Back of gov. Ste Stevenson honestly and intelligently faced up to the real is sues of this Kefauver get ready to put in anti freeze we give Quick service radiators repaired built scored new and used radiators for All makes cars trucks wanted to buy 100 used radiators Peoples Radiator service 9w Bristol Highway phone Creech floor Polshek rms week Only they ast phone 3503-j in King port vacuum cleaner Supply House 400 main St. Knoxville Tenn. Gentlemen without obligation i would like a free Home demonstration of this cleaner. phone if in Rural route give directions Hecht s donuts with milk perfect Energy food brim Fuh of vhf Zta Ful. Solis lying to Clor in what Yon Tutt that is so hut in t 1 int Tut fullest Load relm to your Kory. How those youngsters go for their donuts and milk it s their favorite snack time combination and they love it during meals too. A package of our donuts everybody s at your favorite food store today. The whole family will enjoy pm with milk tonight. Hecht s bakery

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