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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 19, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee6 monday october Kings fort times Tenn. Topics Knoxville up the City school Board Here today was considering giving the final Okay to a joint committee to study the possible merger of Knox county and Knoxville City school systems. Texas senator has Tough Job herding demos Washington Man with the toughest political horse omit 0, Congress May Well be sen. Lyn Congress May Well of sen. Representatives of both sys Don b Johnson of Texas the is met yesterday and agreed Senate democratic floor Leader. To appoint a 32-member com Mittee. It was the first definite step toward consolidation but final approval must be Given by the City school Board. Four consultants from the University of Tennessee s department of education would assist the committee. Nashville William d Stinson former chief of staff at Baptist memorial Hospital in Memphis died Here yesterday at 59. He was a member of the House of delegates of the Tennessee medical association for More than 20 years. Or. Stinson was Here on business for the ten Nessee medical association. Death was attributed to a heart attack. By the associated press Only two traffic deaths in Tennessee Over the week end put the state s weekly total at nine one of the lowest Marks of the fall. George automobile rammed an embankment and flipped Over on its Side near Knoxville. And in Middle Tennessee j. P. Vandergrift 75, was killed in a two car collision near Columbia. Two traffic deaths were re ported in Memphis last week. Other deaths were in Dyer cof fee Mcminn and Shelby coun ties. Or to Nashville Vinson county a court was expected to approve a two million Dollar school Bond Issue today despite efforts of the county Pat to get it increased. The Pat leaders want supt. J. E Moss s original expansion request approved but court members said the smaller figure is All we can handle mrs. J. Miler Jones president of the Pat group said she expected some 400 members of her organization to be present for the Appeal today. Senate democratic floor Leader. The tall lean texan will be herding 48 party members stamped with almost every conceivable Brand of political belief a few who Are openly Happy that a Republican not a Democrat is in the White House. Johnson will have to Deal with party colleagues who hold a one vote margin Over the opposition and yet remain in that minority technically. He will have to quell Balky steers on his right and left flanks if his party is to write any sort or consistent record of opposition to Republican administration policies. It must take this record into next year s election Campaign for control of con Gress. He will need something just a Little Short of magic to keep the democrats from falling out among themselves on some Low boiling Point questions such As civil rights. And All the time in will face the Ever present necessity of writing his own record so he can win re election himself be reporter claims 5 identified Man As deposed Beria san Diego Calif. Jury Man demands apology in a. Polities charge Bristol a. B. Stanley democratic nominee for governor declined comment sunday on a grand jury Man s demand that Stanley make a Public apology or else prove his charge that political motives were behind the indictment of Sidney s. Kellam. The apology demand was made by Peter Bance Richmond Busi Nessman who was a member o the Federal grand jury that in Revenboer says standards of Moonshiner slipping uie leae Rai a Isuzu pm no in the old Days for example dieted Kellam and four others Moonshiner held rigidly to the use of pure Grain pure water Huntington w. A. Moonshiner May not be graduate chemists but William r. Har vey concedes they know a few tricks when it comes to stirring up a concoction. Harvey chief investigator for the Huntington Federal alcohol tax unit has a healthy respect for the gained through Long experience. But he feels some of them have slipped be Low standards heretofore scrupulously observed in the Moun Lor income tax evasion. The indictment led to Kellam s Resig nation As state democratic Campaign manager for Stanley and other democratic candidates. I have absolutely no state ment to Stanley said Here As he neared the end of several Days of campaigning in the 9th congressional District. I am standing by the one statement i made and i Don t care to make any Banco had expressed amaze ment at Stanley s earlier state ment that the timing alone in preferably from a Good Limestone Spring and pure sugar. They carefully gauged their Fermen tation and tended their fires. A Good heavy Oak staved barrel for a Little aging of the product and there you had it. The Pace was More leisurely in those Days or perhaps the Rev Enue men weren t so Active. Dis tillers insisted on aging and the product they sold was reasonably potable and packed a very solid Wallop. Now says Harvey if the Shine Money besides doing an honest Day s work. They re the agent says. They expect to do time Harvey doubts that Moonshine ing can Ever be stamped out completely. We just sort of keep them off balance break up their stills destroy their Mash keep them worrying and keep them from getting out of Jersey California elections give demos a Chance Washington cup two special elections next month will give democrats a Chance to Cut Republican control of the House Down to a razor thin margin of one vote. The elections will be held nov. 3 in new Jersey and nov. 10 in California to replace Republican members who have resigned present lineup in the House is Hoover Opportunity for youth greatest new York up former president Herbert c. Hoover told the youth of the nation sunday that they must prepared to make unselfish de fend the greatest heritage that can come to Freedom and personal we hear much criticism of Lur or. Hoover and a lot of it is Justi Ifield. No government is perfect because human beings Are not perfect. But let me he added that despite Many dishearten ing things by and Large the ideals of our country Are still Strong. And under our unique american system we have Given expects cold wave Detroit tempera Ture was a sweltering 80 yester Day but a thief took 84 Wool blankets after breaking into a hotel Linen closet. Menu Laid a Miv new present lineup in the is dictated that the indictment re has a fast taste of Lye or car 218 republicans 214 democrats suited from political j Bon there s a Good reason. Much i one Independent and the two m an n an a i p eco t am ot11. Ctr t i. .4-.4v Immon Larrt of i _ Bance made his statement after i of stuff has some Lye or car c. Leonard Fisher of Virginia Beach made a Public statement saying he had forced the if As or. Stanley said there were political motives involved what were they and what proof is there to sub Stan Bance other Bance went on if the Stanley state ment does not Bear up under the recent revelation of or. Fisher Tiatco the asked. On the then i believe the people of Vir Ginia arc entitled to ask or. Iut Stanley for an apology for . Ing a Public accusation for which no basis existed " this develops from a fairly recent trend induced by the automobile age. Good stave barrels Are expensive while steel Oil Drums have to be cleaned and Lye cleans them better than any thing else the Moonshiner has tried. Carbide s special use is in the cleaning of the coils. Afterwards however Black bubbles show up in the condensation unit and the Carbide taste re Mains for a Long time. There Are even worse prac safety Chicago of the nation s traffic experts were in Chicago today for the opening of the 41st National safety con Gress and special iu11 film in by 19 . Beady 4 butt a Speed graphic rental Canna now too can bb1 of East terms Kingsport camera shop is Ounim St us vacancies. The democrats would t win control even if they won both the new Jersey and California elections. But they could reduce the gop mar Gin to the lowest possible Point. Gop control of the Senate has already been reduced to a Rock Bottom margin. In fact there Are More democrats 48 in the Senate than there Are republicans the republicans re Tain control of Senate chairmanships and other organizational machinery Only with the support of Independent Wayne More opportunities to every boy and girl than any other govern desires schooling Washington up the Young North korean Pilot who hew a russian Mig Jet fighter into United nations territory last month will use part of his Reward to attend an american College it was Learned today. An air Force official said the Pilot 22-year-old Noh Keun Suk has expressed a desire to study engineering in the United states. The school he will attend has not yet been selected. No id Shyu Ittig 1. Favorite Kingsport theatres strand phom pm Moulin color by technicolor shows at Center Man whom at least five witnesses have identified As Lavrenti p. Beria purged head of the rus Sian secret police Southern Spain the san Diego Union said today in a copy righted Story. Gene Fuson a reporter for the newspaper wrote from Madrid that for More than a month he has been working undercover with Spanish secret police and an intermediary for the Man who claims to be Beria. He said the Man s presence in u. S. Sen. Harry f. Byrd has also charged that the Kellam indictment was a political move inspired by the republicans. Kellam himself reiterated sat urday his accusation that poli tics inspired the indictment. When asked if he meant re publican politics or Princess county politics he both Are tied in Atlanta said today a Blowout apparently caused an automobile Accident yesterday in which Joseph Thomas Gilstrap 29-year-old electrician of Chattanooga was killed near Rock Springs a. The machine ran up a Road Side embankment and overturned authorities said. I a Knoxville up George Edward Johnson 21-year-old Sailor was killed sunday when his car careened off the Road and crashed into an embankment. A passenger in the car Joseph h Pressley escaped injury. Johnson was Home on leave vis iting his parents. He was t kidding Redondo Beach Calif. Up municipal judge John Shidler rushed his 18-month-old daughter to a physician and declared she had butterflies in her Spain has been established beyond a reasonable High Spanish police officials. Harvey says know that Chicken excrement thrown into the Mash will Speed fermentation and some use this method. Speed things up and let those who buy the stuff do the worry seems to be the byword Harvey says. L Morse Ore and Tlle Moonshiner of vice tial tie breaking vote of vice president Richard m. Nixon Fox today Bro Dericut Crawford John Derek in last posse Harvey takes a philosophical i if attitude about his Job just As county politics he said the Moonshiner do about theirs. The tax agent thinks they re and shining is the promptly relieves pain of arthritis Wayne on your radio life can be Beautiful the of chichi and papa David monday Friday wept dial 1400 phone zoo Fred Macmurray fair wind to Java in color Rialto phone 334 William Holden stalag 17" Woodpecker cartoon Gem phone 28 George Houston Al fuzzy St. John Frontier fury cartoon comedy serial steel can be rolled so thin that 20 sheets of it Are needed to equal the thickness of human hair. How to hold false Teeth a documented report on the Case More who Fuson said permitted him to disclose the Story Are preparing bling when Tou eat Maui Tummy he was t kidding. The child got into her ther s collection of mounted butterflies and ate most of the gaily coloured specimens. For sen. Joseph Mccarthy r wis and i have been asked to deliver it to the correspondent wrote. Cattlemen meet with Morse Reed Denver Colo. Making members of the Ameri can National cattlemen s association meet in closed session with Federal officials today to discuss problems of the coun by s ailing livestock Industry. Association president Sam c. Hyatt of Hyattville wyo., said about 100 association members from 23 states would meet with undersecretary of agriculture True d. Morse and Harry Reed livestock director of the production and marketing Nistra a Tion for discussions on Federal drouth and marketing Relief activities. Do your false Teeth Anno and Larrass by flipping drop uni or or talk just Sprinkle a Pas Teeth on Jour plates. This alkaline non acid powder holds false Teeth More firmly Ana Man comfortably. No Gummy gooey puny taste or feeling. Does not Check odor out Pas Teeth today at any Druc Only Way they know to make Gate City tonight american Empire Richard Dix Preston Foster news cartoon radio programs conquer fear wept wept pm 140tko.-m.slfe. Win Wodder my woman Ibur Bee 1 tin Shatow Jom pays to be married the talking Bible now for the first time hear the Complete authorized King James version of the new i testament read aloud by one i of finest proves i signal enss Cord in i Complete with adapter the Ideal gift Joseph s jewellers 115 Brail is. Tenn. Kingsport Greene Vihti Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to Dale Carnegie leadership according to a Survey by or. James f. Bender published in sales management business Lead ers attribute their Success to effective speaking and their ability to handle people. For 40 years the Dale Carnegie course in effective speaking and human relations has been offering this training to men and women from coast to coast. To Date More than a Quarter of a Mil lion enthusiastic graduates acclaim this training As the Best Ever de Vised. Free demonstration meeting plumed for tuesday october 2mb, club room Kingsport inn . Call 2300 for your reservation now. This training will enable you to speak with poise and Confidence in private and before groups prepare you Lor increased earning Power and leadership through your ability to people. Cartoon 2 shews Femly starts dusk look the. Weather interlude Newt Nyht Braad t.30-ntw5 of the world mar i family of Railroad boor hour in 10-m-Flbber Mckee i Molly Io-15-Caa you top this 10-30-Jason the Golden fleece 12-.00-news . Of Toom Cli ajar gloom Chaser Barril Bundic Newi gloom Cham Newa pastor s study Chaser 7-05-gloom Chaser 7 2i scoreboard Chaur Roundup Abc eel la the Coria Newt Calendar t-30-Perry Como a la carte Gueits and 4j-Eterycjaj Abc in-00 travellers edition of the Newi 10-45-Brealc the Bank it Fucks pram that Fayi Difuilo put Lails a Tsuin Melody Traxl Iteli music if Ile 2-45-interlude 2 55-Ken Banghart news l1i. 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Today features at color cartoon the new Neil Tor world news and sports tonight Man on a tight rope Fredric March Terry Moore tonight tuesday laugh it Happy

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