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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1953, Page 2

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 19, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday october Kingsport times farm news Kingsport office of Extension service in chamber of Commerce building no Ellen Jenks Winner Bull from the farm Community of Elsie in the rival Dairy state of Michigan As he is prepared Lor showing at the International Dairy show in Chicago. Community improvement judging for Sullivan co. To begin tuesday eight Sullivan county communities Are spruced up and looking their Best this week in preparation for the annual visit of judges in the Community improvement contest. The judges Community club leaders from Carter county and Carter county agent Claude Norris will Start their rounds tues Day and spend an hour and a half in each of the competing communities within a three Day period. The schedule approved by the county Council of Community clubs at a recent meeting at weavers school has been announced by county agent j. W. Mcclain As follows tuesday new Boone . To 10 ., and new Bethel . To . Wednesday Holston Valley . To . Emmett Sunrise . To ., and Cross . To . Thursday Rock Springs to 10 . Woodrow to and Cedar Grove to 3 . A ninth Community Holston Institute will not be judged the county contest this year but will compete with other past winners in the area sweepstakes Competition Mcclain said. The Community improvement contest is sponsored in Sullivan county by the kiwanis clubs of Kingsport and Bristol. The county Winner is eligible to compete in a regional contest for upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Top calves bring in Greene most of nation Tow covered by searing drought by the associated press the dry Blanket of drought now covers most of the nation. It seared Many Large cattle and Rop areas earlier in the year. A Ong spell of warm sunny weath r has caused it to spread to Ither sections like wind borne dust. An associated press Survey saturday showed that Lack of Normal rainfall has affected most of the states from new York to California. Wells have dried up and new ones Are being sunk in Hope and Laste. Parched pastures and shrivelled vegetables crops have resulted in Osses calculated in millions of dollars. There have been scores of for est and grass so far of disastrous scope. Many Farmers Are hauling water and some towns have restricted its use to stretch out dwindling supplies. The widespread dryness varies in degree. Missouri is experiencing the worst drought in its history. It is one of the worst Ever suffered by West Virginia. The District around new York City is in the midst of its most severe fall drought since 1949. The water Supply at Al Dorado kan., is so Low that a dozen Busi Ness houses Are drilling their own not All of them Are finding water. Damage to vegetables Pas Tures shrubbery and lawns in downstate new York is reported running into the millions. Forest fires have seared More than acres in Rockland county above new York City on the Hudson. Ranger Fred Jillson said Deer Are dying because of Lack of food and water and some Are invading farms to nibble withered crops. The Rock River below Rock is land 111., has eased Down to a comparative trickle. Fishermen in boots can Wade across it. Decatur 111., residents have been ups and Downs of farm commodity prices above news Chart shows average commodity prices Farmers received Lor their crops and livestock during mid september compared with August prices department of agriculture officials predict prices will remain fairly stable the rest of the year they concede however that if there is any change it will be in the direction of lower prices the current parity is 82 per cent lowest since june 1941. When prices Are at 100 per cent of parity the Farmer is said to be receiving prices which when balanced against hit costs give him the same purchasing Power he had in the Normal period of 1910-14. Continued drought cuts Prospect of yield on crops in Tennessee Nashville verely damaged Sweet potatoes come families National food stamp plan for surplus seen Washington up department of agriculture officials saturday agreed with Iowa nov. William s. Beardsley that revival of a National food stamp plan might help solve current farm surplus problems. But in the words of one of Secretary Ezra t. Benson s aides they feel it should have a "broad-1 or base than merely disposing of surpluses. A time of National income they feel May not make the plan As feasible As it was in pre world War ii Days when there were 10 million persons on Relief. Beardsley proposed the plan be undertaken to help reduce surpluses and improve the diet of Low income families. He also requested before the touring House agriculture committee Friday that supports on Basic crops continue to reflect 90 per cent of parity and that food be used As a weapon to crack the Iron one department spokesman said if a stamp program is geared Only to dumping surpluses then the joint of improving diets of those benefiting under the program might be overlooked. For example he said one month you might be pushing Grapefruit and the next month prunes or whatever crop is giving surplus trouble to farm ers no matter How it would boost nutritive intake of Low in drought in september caused a further decline in yield prospects for Tennessee crops s. T. Marsh of the Federal state cooperative crop reporting service says. Pastures were the poorest Ever recorded for october 1, even worse than on october 1, 1930, Marsh said. The drought already was Seri the indicated yield of 80 bushels is the lowest for Tennessee since 1936. Indicated production of bushels compares with last year. The 1942-51 average was bushels. On october 1 Tennessee farm ers held rather Small stocks of old crop Corn but larger than usual stocks of other important Ous at the beginning of septem grains. Stocks of Oats Are Esti Ber and became More serious and mated at bushels larg widespread during the month. Or than in any other of the 20 meet the Kays jr., of Huntington Beich. Calif., shows great affection Lor Little a 1050-Pound Hereford steer which he purchased and raised As a 4-h club project. The steer was the Champion of los Angeles county fair livestock show. Tennessee Farmers news Comer by the associated press a group of Shelby county Dairy Farmers inspected the widespread during me month. F of Mav besides damaging growing crops years of comparable May. The Lack of moisture caused be farm holdings of wheat were vere deterioration in pastures placed at bushels larg nevertheless the plan is one of those being studied by the administration in searching for ways to meet farm problems. Sen. George d. Aikin a it chairman of the Senate Agri culture committee has for the past several years introduced a Bill which would set up a food stamp plan. He has not pushed it however because he did not feel the need was great. Under the program in effect and slowed fall seeding almost to asked not to use water for Spring a standstill. Kling lawns or washing cars Hurley unchanged Lake Decatur Community water Corn production now is fore source is at a record Low. Cast at 49 bushels one flames have burned through fourth Faro or than the 1952 crop acres of Woodland in West but about 22 per cent less than Virginia this month and 1942-51 average of Hunting season has been closed. A thels the indicated yield is at Athens w. Va., All three at Athens w. Va., All three 28 bushels per acre compared 4 s club Are Rte hard Carrol i program Wells went dry. A new we 1 was with 20 bushels last year and a club Are Richard j. W. Mcclain Sullivan agent j. W. Mcclain receives Honor Sullivan county agent j. W. Mcclain received National recognition recently for his service to farm families. He was one of four Tennessee sunk but it is not adequate for 2g 3 average the needs of the 903 residents. Students at Concord College were sent Home twice be cause of the water shortage. In Texas one of the Early drought states the Cotton har agricultural agents presented the sul Good distinguished service award of sold As Greeneville livestock Market last week the Federal state Market news service reported. About 600 calves and 150 head of cattle were received october 13 Good and Choice calves i l j f Toof l3c-j t weighing 200 ibs. So.d1 for agricultural Extension 27.50 common and medium 51 the National association of county agricultural agents at the association s annual meeting in Philadelphia. The awards Are made on the basis of service rendered to farm families the county agriculture program developed length of and advanced training in est for any october since 1937. Richard Carroll Heads 4-h club new officers the or Bank 1943, the government added food to the tables of More than 4 million families on Public welfare and Relief Rolls. It Cost 277 million dollars. The government issued Blue and Orange Stamps Worth Money at the grocery store to Relief families so they could buy More food than their Small incomes would permit. Every state hut West Virginia cooperated in the Vest is going on apace but fall planting is hampered. Recently planted wheat in North Texas is deteriorating rapidly. Minnesota Farmers find difficulty in making plow Points area through caked ground. The Tough crust is preventing the planting of Winter wheat in president Jerry Willis _._.? cow Colleen Lawson High producer than the tons. Early Maryland. Fire danger Many towns in Nebraska Are enforcing bans against burning leaves and trash outdoors. Camp fires have been prohibited in some parts of Colora do and the big game Hunting season has been postponed oct. 24. Boulder and Rocky colo., have a water shortage. Good to excellent yields before drought reduced the out turn of Les Pedreza and other late Hay. Estimated production of Burley tobacco was unchanged As of october 1 from the september 10 forecast of pounds. This estimate is about per cent less than the All tune rec Ord 1952 crop. The Irish potato crop is Esti mated at bushels Small est Lor the state since 1374 and less than half the 1942-51 aver age of bushels. The prolonged drought has be crop old in of the club members plan j Hay made to participate in annual 4-h j pared to the previous 0-14-14 to a mix. Highest commercial mix commonly sold today is 0-20-20. Higher concentrates reduce total weight thus sating ship ment costs. I hybrid Corn is making soms Progress in Tennessee but it s a slow process. Tennessee s july Corn report gives the state s percentage of hybrid Corn As 55. To the North Kentucky has entered the 90 per cent column. Northern states Are almost completely in the hybrid column. What you feed your cows and j Only three Southern states Are operations of mid Western Dairy farms recently seeking the answer to this question How can they produce More milk cheaper on their tour they Learned that despite climatic advantages West Tennessee dairymen Gener ally Are unable to produce Grade a milk As economically As mid West dairymen. Dave Bone a nutrition expert for one of the companies that sponsored the study told them How you feed them determine the production you get the health of your Herd and your to return highest profits Bone said the Dairy Herd must consume the maximum amount of Home grown pasture Hay and silage. These feeds Are the in the 90 per cent bracket and the average for 16 Southern states is 60 per cent. Neals paymaster is the South s most popular open pollinated variety. Control of cattle lice is especially important this year w f Tojic Jinni j at i u Tizio j t Cluj. Cheapest source of Energy of the eed shortage. Dairy cattle. But Bone emphasized that a Dairy ration consisting of rough age alone does t contain enough nutrients or the proper balance of nutrients needed for High economical milk production. You can to get enough rough club achievement Day novem Ber 14. Meat inspections j. F. Kagey City meat in Spector reported he inspected 532 cattle 11 calves 454 hogs and 16 sheep in Kingsport in september. Almost 60 per cent of All the Coal consumed in Canada is imported from the United states. Parker and Blountville produced Blountville Fri z to. Ixe wion 01 you roughage in the cow s ration with commercial Dairy feed her production goes the formula for profitable milk production Bone said is to feed All the Home grown pounds of milk and 563 pounds of butterfat in a recent official Herd improvement registry test the american Guernsey cattle club reported. A Junior two year old was milked 610 times while on test under University of ten Nessee supervision. She is the of Riege Dale conquer or s Laird a registered Guernsey sire with three daughters in the Guernsey club s performance 19 culls s9. Work Tennessee foresters warn that service the Woods Are of almost expo a Siye Kentucky has shaded areas need special planting by Henry free the Gardener whose House _ other recipients of the out picnicking and Camp faces the North or whose Yard Good and Choice steers and from Tennessee were Robert in state Parks and suspended is so situated that it is in Shade guided by the advice of a nurseryman heifers sold at com-1smith, Jackson county Emerson Mon and medium can Burnett Marshall county and ners and cutters Good beef cows common and medium canners and cutters Good bulls common and medium canners and cutters baby Beeves the hog Market was Active. Good and Choice Barrows and gilts weighing 175-240 ibs. Sold at 250-300 ibs., sows Over 300 ibs., on the Greeneville poultry Market october 10, heavy hens brought 17 cents a Pound Light hens 14 cents roosters 12 cents. A Large eggs were 55 cents a dozen a medium 50 cents and cur rent receipts 45 cents. Blountville 4-h elects officers Blountville spa the Blountville senior 4-h club meeting in the High school auditorium Here last week elected officers received record books to be filled out during the 1953 54 school year and set the fourth tuesday of each month As the regular club meeting Date. Grace Barnes was elected president Marianne Akard vice president Nancy Cross treasurer Secretary Grace Forbes re Porter Shirley Koone and Fred Bridwell song leaders. Flans were discussed for Observance of 4-h club achieve ment Day november 14. W. B. Wilson Henderson county. Shelby county agent Leonard Kerr immediate past president of the National association headed the Tennessee delegation of 37 agents who attended the meeting. All Hunting. Needs plants of some sort which Montana has declared a Gen will tolerate Shade. There Are no eral emergency exists because of the unusual fire Louisville ky., has had 28 Days in a Row without rain. Arizona has had no rain in october in the Wake of the driest september in at least 58 years. Lice not just nuisance they Cut Farmer s profit lice can make life miserable or livestock. And not Only that Ley cause economic loss for the restock s owner Claude Prince assistant Sullivan county agent ays. These external parasites Are ire Senf the year around Prince Aid. Every farm animal May become infested with some kind f lice. They lower production f meat milk and other live Tock products and May even kill the animal they infest. All lice have a similar life his Jory. The adult female lays its Gas on the animal gluing them ,0 the hair. They May be present in unbelievable numbers in heavily infested Prince said. The eggs Hatch in a few Days to two weeks de pending somewhat on tempera ure. The Young lice mature in dem paint Roberts it Johnson lumber company builders supplies 451 w. Sullivan Street see famous Washington Oil Heaters Call Krliu Kumf it arc l Anderson co. About two weeks. Control May be had by Spray ing or dusting. For mixing a Spray Prince advises one Tea spoonful of 25 per cent Lin Dane Wettable powder per Gal Lon of water. For dusting one per cent lindane 10 per cent Methoxychlor or one per cent rotenone. Dusts require two treatments two weeks apart. Apply with a Shaker Jar and Brush into the hair. Apply chiefly in the Region of the neck Tail and Between front and Back legs. Sprays Are preferable in octo Ber or Early november before the lice become a problem Prince said. However animals should not be sprayed on cold Damp Days. Dust May be applied anytime. Shade Loving plants despite Many claims to the contrary. In order to give some sem Blance of planting on the Shady Side of the House he is limited to a few varieties which if Given much encouragement and Ideal soil will Reward us for our efforts. The Only Needle leaved Ever greens which tolerate Shade Are Canadian Hemlock and Canadian Yew and even these two appreciate some sunlight if they Are to thrive. Both must be planted away from the House so that there is plenty of air circulating about them and where the overhang of the roof does not prevent Rains from reaching their tops. The following Broad leaved evergreens Are recommended for trial Carolina Rhododendron hybrid Rhododendron Mountain Tion. Tho Gardener should visit a nurseryman now and be guided by his advice. Quizzing the Gardener there a Low Cost edging Plant which closely approximates and the time of the year is approaching when the lice will be Gin to increase in numbers. Keep in mind that cattle infested with lice require More feed than cattle free of lice and ticks. Farmers should examine cattle closely looking in the hair on the Dew Lap around the eyes Over the Withers and around the Nailhead. The Herd should be treated when any lice Are found specialists say. With to Laphene and chlordane Only one application is required to give Good control roughage your cows will eat and in Deel came. Supplement it with a limited Dot also gives Good control. It inf to Tifrit of of amount of commercial to Many Farmers Are sowing fall grains later than usual because of the dry weather. Because of that it s More important than Ever to use chemically treated seed. When Grain is sown late it finds the soil temperatures lower. And these Low temperatures tend to make seedling diseases worse making it harder to obtain a Good stand. But two applications Are needed with 11 to 14 Days Between applications. These materials should be used for beef cattle alone. Cotton shrinks Nashville spa a ten Nessee Cotton crop of Bales was indicated october 1, s. T. Marsh of the Federal state cooperative crop reporting service says. That would be four per cent below september 1 to cations and Oreadus in cold wet soils More readily the appearance of Dwarf Box than untreated seed because the related types Are protected from seedling diseases. Before you Start planting Trees in the Shade be sure to get expert advice. Pach Sandra Myrtle Vinca English Ivy and Ever Green bittersweet eponymous Fortune in variety Are recommended for an Evergreen ground cover. Few deciduous shrubs and Trees will satisfy the Gardener As most of them grow too Large for the average House and so we must be careful where we Plant. The flowering Dogwood to is used for height and accent while the Laurel Leuc Othoe drooping an spice Bush Clethra 1" a Pieris Japonica and1 Floribunda Ink Berry ilex Gla japanese Holly ilex Cre Nata and its varieties. All these plants need a Well drained soil Rich in humus and on the acid Side of the scale. Hey must be spaced sufficiently a apart so that one May easily walk about them plants need for development crowding also excludes air. Which has that monthly look eyes show cramps misery you too not be to hide that tired nervous jittery look month matter How much make up you use. Keep your secret during those be the one girl in to ree who shows the Strain from Tell Tala nerves and cramps has that monthly a Cardui a special Medicina trusted by thousands of women fir against cramp Cardui each Day helps build strength so resistance May be greater each month nervousness and suffering less and less. Look More natural feel and sleep better. Ask your dealer for Cardui. Say Tim Titi Titian the that at during 1 it no every t incan Tram my my c a r d u Bush yes. German Der listed botanically As the curium Shamsie Drys an Evergreen perennial with Small Oval leaves. It can be kept Down to a height and breadth of six to eight inches. To untrimmed it grows to a height of a foot bears Rosy purple Flowers. For what Are the Best Straw berries for a Small Back Yard Garden Premier Howard 17 has Long been successful Catskill is also grown for an Early crop and red Star for a late crop. There Are other Good varieties. Of the Ever bearers Rich and super lec Tion have been satisfactory. What Are some of the annuals which May be lifted from the Garden for Bloom indoors _ mock Orange Ava i select Small Thrifty plants Lanche Dwarf Cranberry Bush j of petunias Dwarf Viburnum oculus and Mountain currant Ribes Alpin us Are recommended because they will keep within Bounds. It is smarter to Start with Young plants unless one moves the larger shrubs from an exist ing Shady planting has been Given excellent care and All material is in a healthy Condi marigolds Verbena Calendula snapdragons and other Small growing give them the sunniest window. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions the southwestern Virginia co operative inc., says Tva s new double concentrate fertilizer mix is Sarij banners up to a Hundred pounds. The new mix is 0-30-30 Corn lgg2 crop 1q per above the 1942-51 average. Farmers highest Market foe your hens City poultry co. Phone 2769 471 e. Sullivan St. Brings you from Holland land of the Dike. Shoot making Gram Joat Celdran genuine imported dutch wooden shoes. Broh in temp of mum Hiu Luu Casos. Nady to a houseplant in a shoe a s Milti 1 i Jurann. Orr Box for Only or. A Dut Ovat Gui Llew to Harkleroad feed co. Murlat k phone 24m

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