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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 18, 1955, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kongi part Timm october h. 1955 Kingsport times c r. Jr., a Mutt or Cucit w j Al Luerul Ell i w f. Flor Tel. For Chi it Kiwi advertising and inc. Entered Post at Klners Jarl. Trim. At or could Clasi mall matter by ctr err Dally wit Hail sibs re tips Kates first i Ostal Only. 3 a. To. T Dally 1 1. So i to Dill Svendar i-01 Mir in v. B. 3. 30 in. 50 merry go round Hollywood associated Roll Tinl to the Pic or publication of All dispatches err Diard to it or not Nohrr wine credited in this j user and the local Loewi published be rein today s Bible thought for Adam was first formed then i Tim Othy the times daily tonic divination seems heightened and raised to its highest Power in woman. Alcott. Reds hate Nixon the communist daily worker is go ing to do what it can to help Richard Nixon get nominated and then elected As president of the United slates. Of course it is not going to do this intentionally because it would like to do exactly the opposite since it hates the vice president like Poison. But it is by trying to Hurt Nixon that the commies Are going to help him. The daily worker has started a vigor Ous anti Nixon Campaign with a blast by that Well known red William z. Fos Ter who is Only outside prison Walls be cause he is supposed to be sick. Foster tells the people who read the daily worker exactly what he thinks of Nixon in language that is guaranteed to make any Friend of Russia very Happy. If the commies had any horse sense at All they would know that the Best thing that can happen to a political candidate in this country is to have it known that the reds hate him and to have it known that they Are making a big fight against him. As a mutter of fact it can happen and has happened that Many americans who arc Good citizens but dislike a particular Public Man turn to his support when they find out that the reds Are fighting him just because they do not want to be on the same Side As the reds. Of course one of the big things in the life of Nixon has been his activities against the communists. If he becomes an Active candidate his friends can be counted on to bring that out and play it up. But it will be much belter to have the reds themselves bring it up. Kor the reds to scream that Nixon is responsible for Hiss being in prison is just Dandy for Nixon. So it is quite logical that the friends of the vice president should Start at once to give the widest circulation to the statements in the daily worker. Ordinarily the average american would not see this red Sheet or know what was in it. But Foster can count on being widely quoted. That May please his Van Ity. Bill it won t help defeat Nixon. It May help elect him. In fact the ones who Are going to be embarrassed Are those political opponents of the vice president who can be counted on to raise the cry of mccarthyism against him. Of course they do not object to the vice president be cause he played a. Leading role in the Case of Hiss and they do not. Agree with the ideas of Foster and the daily worker. But they do share inc opinion of these reds on the subject of Nixon and that fact is not going to help them. Poor Margaret poor Margaret Rose Princess or no Princess or rather because she is a Princess she gets about As much privacy As a Gold fish. She must be hounded by the representatives of the fourth estate in order to lend the insatiable vulgar and almost ii unit curio my of the hoi Pollok. Then was something plaintive about Margarrt s plea thai her privacy be resp Ivord. Xiv just Mir Kew it would not be. She was really asking too much. The dear people love their Princess so much that they will stand for hours in the rain just to get a glimpse of her. And when this get. It they will cheer themselves hoarse. But respect her Pri Vacy that is too much to expect of them. But it docs seem that a new Low was reached when the Princess must have the reporters snooping around the coun try Home in which Margaret and Peter Are guests and in their desperation to get a Story stooping Low enough to pump a Small girl to find out what the Princess was doing. It must have been quite a spectacle to see the gentlemen of the press with their noses against a picket Fence eagerly questioning the child on the other Side of the Fence. A pretty picture which should have been recorded by the camera. Of May imn Pinr in gave Little Gill a Jill pop and probably prom ised her Moie Loisy Jops if she would by a mkt i Kasson Washington republicans Aren t talking about it. But in View of Ike s illness they Are Al ready preparing for the hottest political year in u. S. History. As the first step they have lined up a learn of efficiency h Library of canned speeches and a 24-hour photographic service. The efficiency experts Are already touring so culled marginal districts where republicans either won or lost in 1954 by less than 5 per cent of the Vole. At a salary of . They hold strategy meetings to teach local leaders How to improve their precinct and streamline the vote gelling machinery. Meanwhile the Republican National commit tee has mass produced canned speeches films and to radio scripts for local Candida los. Three Phulo Raphers arc on Call ready to develop Pic Tures within 24 hours and a weekly fund has been set up in the mouse Senate radio facility to help crop legislators pay for recording political broadcasts. The efficiency experts now out streamlining the local precinct machinery Are. Olla Rodli Mountain and Pacific states John r. Brown jr., cast coast and James 1. Mckill lips. Southern slates. Jack Mills was covering the Midwest but is temporarily on leave to the Taft memorial fund. Rodli has already hit the marginal districts in Nevada Utah Idaho and Montana lie s head ing next for Washington or Oregon Brown has visited Connecticut and Maine next plans to visit new Hampshire. Mckill lips is just getting started and Mills before joining the tall fund had Cov ered key districts in Minnesota. Wisconsin Illinois Michigan and Indiana. Chief purpose of this elaborate Advance preparation is to Clcil a Republican Congress in other High powered experts will concentrate on the presidential Campaign later. Molotov cracks Back one reason the French arc irked at he . Over inc uni cd nations Vole against them on Algeria was illustrated during a dinner Given by French in Delegate Herve Al hand in new York right after the vote was taken. All the top foreign ministers were Molotov of Russia play of France Mcmillan of Britain. The dinner went along smoothly despite the 28-27 vote against France a few hours before. Diplomats Are the height of Courtesy and no one mentioned the defeat which was in Send the French delegation hiking Back to Paris next Day. After dinner however foreign minister play pulled Molotov into a Corner and priced cd to bawl him out for voting against France. Play and Premier Faure were scheduled to make a Good will trip to Moscow yet on the eve of their visit a supposedly Friendly Russia had done this to them at the in. It s against the spirit of exploded the French foreign minister. Molotov listened hourly saying nothing. He did t have a Chance. Finally As play concluded the russian got in this sly crack your american friends did t do so Well by what Molotov meant was. Hal though Ambas Sador Henry Cabot Lodge had voted with France he had not done As he usually does on an in Porlant Vole Hustle up a lot of latin american Lolcus Lor his Side. To could have tipped the bal Ance for France and he French knew it. That was Why Molotov s crack Sank Home. Blind guide missiles the most remarkable Job of hiring inc physically handicapped in the Nellre . Probably has Lieen done by Howard Hughes in his Hughes air Craft plants at Culver cily calif., and Tucson Ariz. About 17 per cent of i Hose he employs Are physically handicapped. Including 161 amputees lit Culver City 100 wheel chair cases 38 deaf mules four totally Blind and 25 suffering from Industrial blindness. In addition to other workers suffering from hidden disabilities such As la Beles cardiac troubles arrested to epilepsy and muscular dystrophy. Hughes has gone out of his Way. For ins Lanee. To employ paraplegic or wheel chair cases in every Job classifies i Ion that does not require standing or walking. The Blind have developed such a touch that they can handle intricate assemblies involving m different Paris 118 separate operations and eight hand urls. This policy not Only has brought Hughes Many awards irom veterans groups and the president s committee on the physically handicapped but it has paid dividends on performance. Whereas other companies making guided missiles have run into All sorts of production troubles his guided missiles have turned Oul to i the most Rutt Cuenl. Flip physically handicapped being limited in Belr movements have developed greater skill in Ihler own spec latties. Working junket to Alaska just Back irom an alaskan journey. Albany s Hep o Brien is Over his morbid fear of junkets. I would t even take a trolley ride inc dry Fratic told this column. Allim 30 years As a Newspaperman Lor ins j had a furtive feeling admit ibis alaskan rip reason As a member of the working press. O Ulen saw Loo Many cases where members of Congress went abroad chiefly to Elbow Bend and in Mcload. Also. O Brien was a Raul people in Albany would t understand what 1 was doing in now. However having heard -01 witnesses spew Forth words of testimony before Bis House subcommittee on territories. O or Len eels he earned whatever his trip Cost Uncle Sam. As rep. John tuber of new York told me the other said o Brien if a Guy s a Loafer in Washington hell probably Loul when he gets to pans to. Hut if he s a hell Woik even 11 he s in Walsh the Princess and come Back to Morrow and toll them what she saw. Farfetched not at All. Reporters have to get a Story one Way or another if the Public demands a Story. If some Lucky photographer should happen to discover Margaret and Peter kissing m the Gar Den would he respect their privacy or would he take that picture .1 but Don t blame the reporters. The great British Public and the great american Public Lou May not say they approve the methods of the reporters but. They eagerly gobble up every scrap of information that is fed them and beg for More. They expect this diet of inti mate information and the More private the better. The press must give it to them. The reporters probably find their work disagreeable but what can they Rio .1 if the dear Public was told there were some things that were none of their business the dear public1 would be insulted. If somebody had turned a Hose on the reporters through the Fence mar Garet would have been called a Crank. The people would say we Only want to know All about Margaret because we love poor Margaret to be loved so much by the people that they want to pry into la i Pii Vale life every minute. How she love the people in return for such arid How guile Ful she must by to the press for serving the people so Well by or Kink Johnson Hollywood on to Jackie Glea son s new show this season. The according to Trade paper advertisements. Is live on television sure hates to admit there is such a thing As film and this is the wildest deception yet. The advert Sei Zionts Reler to a new electronic camera and it s quite n really. It films the show for delayed and repeat slow inks. It s n big improvement Over the to Kin scope system which photographs the make from the to tube. The electronic a Tundra records picture and sound directly from he stage us does n movie camera. But Oracle Allen must have writ ten those . If us on film it in t live anymore than i love Lucy Robert cumin nuts Danny Thomas and other top filmed shows Arr live. A new Era in to the ads rend. 7t sure is if 265-Pound Jackie Ole anon can remain live on thin As paper film Only 35 my. Wide. Rather uncomfortable too i d . To be rolled up on a spool. Especially As u honeymooner. Mike Shadow to s private no Loniker seems to be a problem on live shows. But Cam eras still roam around catching other cameras surprised stage hands i m always hoping one will wave and the derriere of actors disappear into the wings. Maybe there should be an emmy award for the to cameraman who Lias never seen a stage hand in his Lens. Mark Down november As another to Milestone month. Abc s scheduled to show a full Sci kith movie. The constant starring Rex Harrison before it plays Heaters. The fact that it s a new British movie also makes it quite an event. Dan China Smith Duryca is looking Lor a new series with a More rugged Central theme. He d like to go Bact to being a Tough Guy George Burns sees no Competition for his comedy making now open his door other editors Mac s window by w. J. Cat Luffe it is reliably reported that arc several thousand traffic experts suffering with chronic head aches worrying Over the parking problem in these United states. Finding a solution for this is even Vorse than finding a cure Lor a major disease which is baffling science. In fact this is a major disease. The Genius who can come up with a real answer would be hailed its a National hero and probably re Duce the consumption of pills by fifty per cent. Of course a great Deal could accomplished by requiring that All buildings begin at the second floor and leave the ground surface for cars. Now you think up one. It doctor White who has been at tending president Eisenhower has so we hear been greatly interested in the heart action of the elephant. This is not the reason Why the republicans called him in How Ever. Nevertheless now that he is on hand it might not be a bad idea to have him Check the heart of the gop elephant which has had a bad shuck As a result of the pres ident s illness. The democrats would not be at All unhappy if he prescribed Tho same treatment for the elephant that he is recommending for is a Long rest with out worry about the cares of of fice. A Hollywood columnist says of the legion s action of his parabolic Span he was sell Utah s governor j. Bracken Lee s a certain actress that she blushed the american legion convention ing his newspapers magazines and threat that he will not pay All of Jet something. What an actress Macfadden May have left some kind that is being produced Here. There was a time when a Judy Garland s slated i other spectacular at c13s in nov adopted a Resolution Denn unc imprint on America. But we sus his talk of wanting to awaken tresses looking for publicity could or in tar the activities of the United a pet a great Many More people the people is superfluous no people without too much in the tons Edu Nuonno scientific and would be inclined to go along with though most of the population has trouble. Alter a while it became in one of Alfred Hitchcock s sus Enesco will hold its fifth National Pense dramas. Conference november 3, 4 and 5 in Cincinnati. It is not expected news Sentinel Apt to forget it As quickly As the Sullivan criminals name of that Texas mrs. In the new deputies selected something or other who also and of course that is going to Ley Marla inc bowed off the show Alicc Wilh inc acts of the 79th con dually beginning their duties the have and never will to feel self right cups. Because of a movie role. There s no hotter business than Nilca Erss among organizations 16 men chosen to lift Law enforce according to every sign. Is inc u s chamber of Commerce Mont above the fee level could be tennessean he association of american Law expected to perform their work Down fido and practically everyone would much rather be shocked than to be bored. Secretary Benson says it is a schools the american political admirably a noted expert on Hen 111 says to color shows which demand science association the National the majority of them Are trained Man would be better off if lie ran three times the Light needed for con Russ of parents and teachers in Law enforcement either through around on All fours Ordinary television. The Micro Naii Siml Catholic welfare con civilian or military experience. In fact. Guys this specialist Many cold fact Hial Farmers Are not Pel. Phone Boom operators at Abc s the National Council of the beginning with John Harlow Bris of the troubles of the human race Ling a fair return for their work color studio in bin Bank protect churches of Christ in the United Tol tenn., police officer who will started Back in prehistoric times and oddly enough. In the nest elec their noggins from the hot Hunts sini0. America the american be chief investigator and moving when Man first assumed the tip lion that cold fact is going to by Wilh african style Sun helmets. Chem Icil society the american flown through the entire list we right position. Hot Issue. Move in for a closeup Hamar Acadia Niv of arts and sciences the Rio of believe any group of men when that happened Man he an municipal association could have been More wisely knocked his circulatory system out when you Sec How people Are in and Iii inv others of that character chosen. Of Kelter. You see he does t have forested in the affairs of the great the i c Einn s principal charge under the general supervision a pump to ship used blood Back much to the inconvenience of the now be tvs to be that Enesco of sheriff a. Ham Hurd who must into the heart. He needs one now. Creat. One is tempted to say we rid citizenship and a consider himself the most for but he did t Back in the clays when blessed is he whose business is Cilous world in Lunate sheriff in the state the new Haj topped about on All fours. There s a howl for the kiddies in a forthcoming chapter of the adventures of Rin tin the dog Siar joins an Indian tribal Council in puffing a peace pipe. But there was an on Tlle Sel howl from an Spca representative who wondered out loud if dog lovers might not complain. He finally nobody else s lie Type Law in practical problems which preclude a fellow says that the world is hip United nations for Cement which the people of the a full return to the four footed divided into two kinds of people or Hollive however that the la county have Long demanded. State. But perhaps Man can devise those who want to pet their Pic l Chough we congratulate the members of some stratagems to meet the Situa lures in the paper and those who much As Enesco is a part of Force of deputies should bring to obviously there Are social and the us cd nations it certainly Falor the u. S. Richard Boone s Chattanooga times Turim out in be the George jes by habr Macfaddin is l of the operating room. The born Arr Macfadden parlayed his medic Star receives an average health laddish and showmanship of live requests a month for speech into a Fortune and 87 making at medical society Chanty years of hectic life. Can consider their chances of Suc Cess in future crime practically nil. Herald courier hard 1 it for publicity health i the office Gambler Sucre Sis that of course there is really a third crap games May ram social a group Marie up of pretty girls who Cep Tance. However we tear he is look in bathing suits or cos not convinced altogether Wilh the Ines of similar scant Ness. They tax Mutiny is too Broad a advancement of science. Are always willing and always Wel Bui he died broke afflicted with term for use in connection Wilh City press chronicle come. They both want and get. Vivian Elaine the Guys and dolls Macfadden in the Long and spec Star on a trial separation from tabular course of his publishing Hubby Manny Frank is dating a career. Cultivated innumerable Rich Chicago chemical Mam fac aversions. Among these which he liner Eva Gabor is groaning regarded As giant evils to Man Aller Reading inc Cri Cal Valen kind were alcohol Medicine Cor tines or George Axel Oci s new sets White bread overeating to comely. Will Success spoil Roik Bacco. Muscular inactivity and she was invited to play prudish Ness. He was also against the Monroe ish movie Queen in the ice water play she explains bin her agent doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Nixed the offer for her. Is questionable but at the height one cannot help but be impressed that the effectiveness of such trial friends to comment every morning with the number of youngsters meals is constantly improving. On the state of a youngster s skin who Are afflicted with what is com one Good thing May be said since this can Only increase the known As adolescent pimples about the physical treatment there . Boy or girl with Side glances How Many disciples he acquired or although acne can occur have been some Good reports on at other Ages it is certainly most two methods of treating the skin tins condition should Lake a firm common and most troublesome which has been scarred by acne grip on himself or herself get during the teens both in girls and one being by use of sandpaper and the Best treatment and advice pos . The other by a wire surgical Brush. Sible Puiul make a real Effon to it is definitely a physical Dis such to Chiments Are not often Lead a Normal social Hie without Why can t i use make up. Mom you be got a prettier face than i have and been it for Appe the same time that most Young sters begin to be interested in the opposite sex and in their personal appearance so that it not infrequently results in unfortunate effect on the personality. Many Wilh acne become exceedingly self conscious and even re Frain from the Normal social contacts of their age. Thus becoming ingrown and excessively shy. In deed this May be hard to even in later life. What causes acne in the first place no one is quite certain. Infection plays a part but so does diet and it has been noted frequently that the condition is he Rev to become worse when the adolescent victim of acne lakes too Many , or miscellaneous foods or drinks outside of regular meals. Kurth Ramore. In Many the con Dilion becomes better in the sum Mer Wilh Sun and exercise and worse at Oiler limes of the year. Treatment of the physical Condi Tion is of great importance. This should be taken under the direction of a skilled and sympathetic physician. He not Only can pre scribe the local treatments which com Best suited to help the Arne bul also give advice on diet and other general health measures which Affert the condition it May be said in pacing that the medical literature suggests out our Way with the fat Park Hutu cat i i Youv worx with now you Pom t need a a d etl Tiam. I 6it in cat put away three Blue jays eat More per break ast of f tn1 Wust end than you eat off the beat emd cowboys uster eat two or three Steaki cuz. They worked the vwjishim6 me Mem

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