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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 18, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeFederal judge gop candidates plan for desegregation of schools speak to ministers Louisville. By. I Ken Memphis a Federal judge Alexander Looby of Nashville Lucky. Democratic and re pull a struck Down to n n i is e c Siom of six Nearo lawyers on Hie can for governor Are school Laws and a Cense. Culled the Tennessee plan scheduled to Spiik to minis proved the slate s plan Lor Trad ters of several denominations in rally opening colleges to negroes. Looby argued hint Oiler Louisville area. The ruling was handed Down ves Sioris on int Wintion since the us i Ter Day debt Sci judge u. S. Preme court mandate have j Boyd after briskly conducted that negroes were entitled to Miv p ral k 1 applies to Memphis gallon Laws was a Victory. They state. Au5tin Peay at Clarksville. Considered approval of the gradual Middle Tennessee state at " pounce to Ime Gration plan a partial defeat., free Sboro Tennessee polytechnic negro lawyers asked for imme i Institute at Cookeville and East see i .0 hear and a Pas _ Edwin r. Denncy. At a rally Louisville last night. Told Diate integration. They feared the Tennessee slate at Johnson cily. Tennessee plan could set a Precco the University of Tennessee at Dent for the Touchy problem in the Knoxville does not come under the riots that i want negroes rep South the of education s in my he slates where the is not quite. However it was expected to this is not because you re so fiery. A similar plan. Negroes but because you have the under the plan. Negro Itra Dume the ruling did not open college1 ability Begaii a you re comic arc now eligible Lor and to any of the live ncrroes1 Lem and have the a stance to any of the colleges1 who filed the suit. All of them Are a. B. Chandler. The democratic controlled by the stale Board of undergraduates or potential fresh candidate. . Integration will step men. Down one class a year. Fishman classes will be open to negroes in five years. Although n ski o lawyers said an Appeal will be filed. Judge Boyd ruled the plan is now in effect. At Nashville Quill e. Cope. State education commissioner said negro students will be admitted to Ibe graduate level of All stale col Leges . The suit was filed by five Meni a Phis negroes who asked that Seih Tori Tkv a caution Laws be declared Union owling Green. Kyj. Etim tonal. And that Memphis stale collet1 be enjoined from reject ing their applications solely be cause of race. Thompson i named president in us proposed j the of whether Soreca ton Laws Wurr i sickly disposed of by judge president Ken Luck state Kelly Thompson director and administrator school for.7 Vears. Gathering composed largely of be puke at Richmond Home of Eastern Kentucky state College and promised if elected everything will be done to help he state s Eastern and other state colleges will Progress More in he is elected. Chandler said than in any com parable period in Kentucky s his tory. John Wayne expecting i to be papa next april easy credit plan for doctor Bills outlined to group proof receive tonight tuesday. October 18. 1955 Timm j 76-year-Oldman finishes Gallons of Beer Singer Ken Errair by William k. Washington Riel about doctor inns Woi Bills graduation exercise for the vocation. La v. J. O. Harr or. Practical nurse Inion link program May Lair Metlio Dosu Church and we d hoi i Venn ii in will be held at 8 o clock on Rhi in dress. Mis.-, Vesta Karu. In. Hollywood i actress the Dobyns Bennell Alrh school director of nurses. Memorial Al Kwas. Knit Lionil to s announced that auditorium. Pill. cily mrs. Ellie Hill. La. Was a rescaled Wilh a Sll and sinner Ken Errar will the pro Urain is operated under Mack in. President. Him Hrict 5. Vim Tankard monday Ninlin Tor married sunday on a yacht in tie cily Board of education As Tennessee state nurses Assoc. Dri Kiim Gallons no Beer. Newport Harbor twin la Kiin his the former child Star s of education As Tennessee state nurses now. You la be Able to pay them part of lie Urilt flu gallon pro i Ion will pc tilt an award to the n the easy credit plan. Kram. And assisted by i advisory 1 act la nurse making Hie this solution was advanced to committee. ?.m Scholastic average Day in a Public demonstration of the committee esl Scholastic arc Chester mrs. Ih.15. I boasts he Luis t a at the Crown inn from Texas oilman William Thi counterpunch. The slate he by a its Stair step integration of hip Byrd of directors yes tier div. There was Only one other i candidate named in the balloting Endel p. Buler. State superin Dent of Public instr non. I Thompson 4li. Has been acting Al president the deals of former court has very Dpi president Pau l nil racial Visci win a Fai Arv schools is j9 000 a Vear for a four year we Are All bound to Auree thai Shurei Hollywood actor John Wayne has disclosed he and his wife the former Pilar palette. Peruvian Beauty arc expecting a baby next april. Wayne. 48. And miss palette. 27. Were married last nov. 2. She is his third wife. He had four children by his Marri Piip to Josephine Saenz none by his second wife Chat at Bauer. Id rep How it will both save Lime for physicians and inn fit patients. Mallory who comes lion hous ton tex., and Washington n. C said each Factor will be owned controlled and administer cd by los local doctor members. Any physician or surgeon in Wood land stir with the american med ical association is eligible. Tie Factor system employs the latest electronics account line Ham and recording equipment to solve i Rector a Wolston Valley Community i and. Bookkeeping and collection prob Hospital and mrs. W. E. A Lar or. Hollon Valley Community hos relic sements will be served Alt or. A w. Erwin. Sullivan county the following will receive Diplo health officer Richard f. Bailey Mas mrs Faye Adria Miklon. Miss past comi Nander of Hammond Post Jean Bloomer. Mrs. Nina Brick 3. American legion or. T. Bea Ricc Byrd. Mrs. Eliza. Yancey. Medical stall a Wolston Val Belli cd Piiper. Mrs. Siil Lle curler. Mrs. Josephine can Sun mrs. One Combs. Mr.-. Catherine Edwards. Kenneth y. Umber i mrs. Anna Holle Oarl Anri. Mrs. Ley Community Hospital mrs. Phipps. In. Kili sport Par Ger chamber of liar land. Mrs. Nellie Hindy. A Phillips. Executive Orace f lems Lor the medical Mallory said. The program is As pan music. Harold the great postwar advances in the electronics Field have aided j of patients served business firms in the handling of a printed Sheet will be the Doc payrolls Billings and Cost records. I Tor s monthly statement. It will now. For tire first time the same i show the current balance owed ins Ami miss Mary Willouis. The Public is invited. Houvk. Miss Elvn miss Susan Hicks. Miss Winina Hudone mrs. Ninn Jos sir follows or miss Reyhn joins mrs. Eden n. Line in i mourn mrs. Hassid Muso. Miss ------------------1 Hetty Noe mis. Launi Osborne j miss Ruth i Erst. Mrs. Evn lec s Frances Sarber mrs. R. Bobbie Shelton Sli Cllon. Mrs. Colleen punched card equipment the i a punch interpreter owed by each patient 30. Days previously. J Willia sorter Tabulator and. And 90 ranted the Sci Nipton Rand uni a Mallory said his system will Bill vac will serve Hie medical pro pin ints and where necessary1 will i or Nice Linan Cihir or j. F. Burke of Hie remind Tun schedules to Rase the financial Rand Washington Oiler Demon Biden flip system will Sond out St rated How uie a Becks to the doctors so that they it possible to keep Complete and can receive their Money up to the a minute records or any worry Over the monthly any number of doctors any size com ment now will probably Send you Unity regardless of the number to the doctor. Moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Special notice since there were several churches in Kum Sporl of the Pente costal Faith who stated they were not connected or had any Purl with the pentecostal Day announcement for Tho civic auditorium ocl. 15-16, i desire also to stale that the announce ment was very misleading. We of the associated brotherhood of christians arc pentecostal. We do not associate real i Ente costal doctrine with lie doctrine which is taught by ministers who participated in above mentioned services. We were there part of the sunday service. We heard and saw and Felt the spirit and the doctrines mint were preached. Tills Type of announcement is Only a cover up so preachers of that Faith and doctrine can take the advantage of listeners and abuse and criticize Hose who might not agree with them. And won t even act Christian toward anyone who might disagree with their idea. Real pentecostal doctrine has a different flavor. Rev. H. C Quillin pastor Gate City a. Alley Valley no Western As a French ton in the Public he said and that Alt state or local Laws Reou Irma or pen Nionna racial in Moln in ifl28 Andi actor graduation the Public schools must yield to became Public relations director. This i he continued in thai office until the Issue thereafter Ivas the 1944. When he left for Navy serv state s Stair step plan. J ice. The plan Here when he re turned. by open the doors of Strite assistant Lodr. Garrett and institutions of higher learning i Jln 1947 received his. A. Degree academically qualified negro Stu a the appointment halted n con r year at a time from the Iro Versy which arose dui Iii the graduate if. Al Down us certainly i democratic primary camping a r reasonable Pood Faith s not Low tins year. The parly s Kuberna and full compliance and Torino Nomme. A. 8. Chandler. Run h Ion of of Eov Ernine con Curseri Civ. Wetherby Hunu Tunal principles announced of in Yin tie heavy hand of poll by the supreme judge lies on the school by info Lenng in Fri said. With the Board i its in the said the supreme pick a successor to or. Garrett. Court has told us what must be done Hui no How it must be done. If Iid Recoe Nixine the perplexities in the situation has vested the Destrini judges with discretion in dealing with the prob Lem the Tennessee plan he said is a feasible adequate and sound solution of this whole problem. The court cannot agree at All that the plan. Is an method to circumvent the decisions of the supreme Courlas counsel has Jilin Fri Mil in the state Case is summed up by Nelv Tipton of the Ailor Nev Gen i office was that irn mediate on All Levels would 1. Result in considerable Fric Tion 1 Between the 2 place the colleges in an impossible financial position because the stale legislature already has appropriated for their needs until j9fi7. To remain accredited Collette. Rust budget n certain amount of Money Lor each student and min Taflin certain ratio of teachers. Thus attic state argued a sudden flood of new students would be mint Thui tic c o 1 i e t k could 1 handle and still maintain academic you can pay More but Why Goodu s headache powders give me a bleach i can Trust in the 56 Ford everything says Fine car except the Price new thunderbird styling t no How Fine it car you Are accustomed to you la feel right at Iii in in any one of the 18 now inspired 56 Ford models. 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