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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 15, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wednesday oct. 15, 1952 act. To King sport times merry go round the Bible an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edw wis or. Publ thir w. J. Maul me. Editor j. W West. General Vanlier culs Elk Ley executive editor 320-33 e strut Kings porn tinn. It of allocated Pmj. Outturn in noon except and sunday exclusively entitled to the use Tor associated he entered at National advertising representatives. Shannon a at inc. With Ollices to new York Calcaro. Detroit Louis. Kauai City Loi san Atlanta. St. Francisco subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought and he settled his countenance steadfastly until he was ashamed and the Man of god Kings the times daily tonic tears Idle tears i know not what they mean from the depth of some divine despair Rise in the heart and gather in the eyes in looking on the Happy autumn Fields and thinking of the Days that Are no More. Ike can be trusted by Drew Pearson cow pasture gov. Dan Thornton the sex Cowboy now running for re election As governor of Colorado is considered a Good bet to be Secretary of the Interior if Eisenhower is elected. However Dan May a hard time getting re elected himself me thing the Taft people Are Cool like the veterans because of his draft defer ment on the ground he was in the cattle Busi Ness. Finally Dan has been out of the state so much that he s being called the Absentee governor and has held Back on filing the num ber of Days he was absent since May. He s sup posed to file this in order to let the lieutenant the Bible Why a new version by Edwin White perhaps the most urgent Rea son for a new version of the Bible today is in order that we word in our own language just As other Peoples of the world do. The Pas Sage of time has rendered much of the language of the King James version archaic hard go ing for modern readers. Who to Day would write to to one of the irritating things that devel Ops from the welter of speeches and discussions which we know As the american political Campaign is the tendency of people at various Levels to try and Over simplify in what they Call an attempt to clarify. One such example occurred recently in a discussion Between Arthur summer Field the Republican Campaign manager and certain reporters. One reporter said or. Summerfield the republicans claim that general Eisenhower will bring an end to the korean War. Would you Tell us just what the general plans to do to end the and or. Summerfield re plied general Eisenhower will announce his plans at the proper As we see it or. Summerfield gave a foolish answer to a foolish question. It is ridiculous to think that general Eisen Hower has a Nice plan to end the War All neatly Blu printed and tied up with Pink ribbon. It was nonsense for any reporter to ask for a specific answer to such a question and it was nonsense for or. Summerfield to imply that there was any ready made answer. F As a matter of fact we do not think general Eisenhower or anyone else on Earth knows exactly to do to end the War. But to admit As much is not an admission of weakness. There Are too Many unknown factors involved the future is unknown. Definite promises made in Advance would be reckless. The Large question is one of trustworthy leadership. When general Eisenhower was Given command of the Allied armies preparing for the crusade in Europe nobody suggested that before he was Given authority he should first Tell us exactly what he proposed to do. In regard to this popular game of de manding categorical answers to specific questions we have Many examples of what happens when an Effort is made to satisfy people who want an oversimplified answer. Woodrow Wilson May have owed his election at least he received a Large number of the supposed prom ise that he would keep us out of War. Andy Mellon who when reminded that she was first lady of joked yes first lady of a cow the governor has raised some of the top prize bulls of the West and Southwest. Mormon influential Church not merely in Utah but in Idaho Nevada and Southern California is the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day known As the mormon Church. It was probably pure Accident that on the Day before president Truman arrived kindly elder statesman David o. Mckay president of the Church announced that it would take no stand in politics he urged people to vote but vote their own con science this was interpreted to mean that the Strong republicanism of 80-year-old elder statesman Reuben Clark who served As ambassador to Mexico in the Hoover administration should not influence Church members this year. President Mckay a former schoolteacher who used to ride 14 Miles a Day on horseback to his Job As head of Weber col Lage is a Strong defender of education and Liberal policies contrast to the conservative republicanism of gop gov Bracken Lee president Truman seemed to enjoy his visit with president Mckay at Brig Ham Young University and vice versa significantly the president took this occasion to announce the appointment of another mor Mon Eugene h. Merrill As commissioner to Book in the world is hindered by dozens of such quaint expressions that Are no part of the Lan Guage we speak. The second per son singular pronouns thou thee thy themselves Are enough to make the Bible sound strange and Distant to most people instead of the most contemporary Book with which we have to Deal. Then there Are the difficult verb see meth compasses ought est and so on. Why should we have to say suffer the Little children to come unto when what we mean is let the Little children come unto just because suffer was used to mean Al Low in 1611? on one his sea voyages the King James version has Paul saying we fetched the what could that mean there was no Mariner s Compass in 1611. All that Paul meant was we made a or in Plain terms we went some of the old usages con fuse the meaning badly for to Day s readers. In King James England they said ghost when the Fer toral to maj Saiu Glosl when Ine communications commission. This we would say they used makes two mormons out of seven members of communicate to mean share this important body which regulates radio communion for thin Wawn he comes first to f. To telephones and telegraphs. The other is Rosel Hyde of Idaho a Republican. Dewey and Story of Tom Dewey s private session with the general before the alter s endorsement of Mccarthy is gradually leaking out. Dewey has kept completely in the background but in this Case had a three hour session with Ike in new York begged him to shun Mccarthy. His reasons were that Ike would lose the Independent vote alienate far More people than he would win. Dewey told How he had gone to Illinois in 1948 against corrupt Good it says Nis better judgment to endorse gov. Dwight superfluity of naughtiness Green and sex sen. Curley Brooks two Chi Cago Tribune isolationists. And conversation to mean the Kings James ver Sion says comprehend where we would say wealth where we would say and especially take no thought when what it Means is do not be it says evil communications corrupt Good when what it Means is evil companionship Washington calling one thing both presidential candidates must at the midpoint of this increasingly bitter Campaign completely and heartily agree. That is that the Campaign goes on much too Long in its mount ing demands puts an almost in try that one on a teen Ager when it Means overflowing what does it mean to any Reader today when it says my reins instruct me in the night in the King James version a psalmist says i will prevent the Many late sleepers might like to try that. What the psalmist was really saying was i will arise before the lat in student can see that pre vent originally meant go be some words have even come to mean the opposite of what they meant when the King James version was made. Paul writes to the christians in Rome that he had often intended to visit them but was let in 1611 let meant now it Means not through the years there were occasional attempts to put out More accurate English translations in the language of the peo ple. Finally a great authorized Effort by English arid american scholars resulted in the English judge Homer Bone of the u. S. Court of a revised version of 1881-85 and ru7ns with friends in san fran the slightly different american Cisco. The question of the Nixon expense fund came up. There s been a lot of sickness in my fam i remarked the judge and i be had a hard emf "vi5 i should pie get on at each Stop and All want the ear of the great Man even if for Only a few minutes at one of general Eisenhower s evening receptions before a big ladies to shake hands with him each handshake by Marquis Childs surely some Basic changes should be undertaken before an o by. With the be greatly fore to foil Nurt him materially. Eisenhower listened attentively finally agreed to cold shoulder Mccarthy it is now known that Arthur Summerfield plus senators Ferguson of Michigan and Hickenlooper of Iowa with Tom Coleman Mccar thy s Campaign manager conferred at the hotel Washington next Day then flew to Ike s train in the Midwest got him to reverse his to tel1 that Mccarthy had not persuaded him to omit two paragraphs from his speech praising Gen George Marshall. But what actually happened was that chairman Summerfield knowing that the Praise of general Marshall was in the Milwaukee speech and figuring it would be considered a slap at Mccarthy sneaked Mccarthy up a service elevator to the Pere mar at Peoria to Ike s suite. There Mccarthy begged that Ike not Praise mar Milwaukee. The general finally con the Milwaukee speech was All Over my groused privately that the general had t been cordial to him. Bone dry wit c asap tolerable Burden on the two separately red by a hot Rin Cial y principals and the men immediately around them. Rather. Local committees Are cover Good material for chief tans certain american Indian tribes set up a course which contestants were required to run while the elders stood by with club and Stone to make the go ing tougher. The presidential Campaign is the modern equivalent of this primitive running of the Gauntlet. It subjects the candidates one of whom must soon take up the impossible Burden of the presi Dency to serious physical Strain. The current Campaign has gone on longer than most and the de mands in this Era of television Are much greater. Con be held in the first and second weeks of sep tember. The campaigning could Start of the Nixon episode Eisenhower is reported to have said if i never see another human being again it will be too there is some reason to be Lieve that the voting Public too is getting fed up As the Talka Thon goes on week after week. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe nobody knows in just what position Venus de Milo was holding her arms before she was disarmed but there is a Strong suspicion that the lady was try ing to Ward off some god Wolf. Girls to defend their Honor need not be so Active if nature has made them quite unattractive. This does not mean the homely Girts need not be Alert for the Wolf men find attractive anything that wears a skirt. The first effect of television was to bring the family together again in the living room a delightful family scene. The second step sees an auxiliary television set in the Kitchen so Mother can enjoy the shows while washing the dishes. The third step in television Advance will be when every member of the family wiil Hare a separate set and enjoy or her own program in the privacy of his or her room. When a. Motorist and a pedestrian meet in an Accident says a reporter most of the time it is the pedestrian s fault. May be so but How come there Are so Many motorists having acc dents with other motorists but you never heard of a pedestrian having a serious Accident with another pedestrian there is a Story of a tort which advertised that a Sale of stockings would be put on and a Bunch of men showed up when the and was made to read a Sale of stockings being put it s mysterious. Why does wind always blow leaves to the place that you want to sweep them from president Truman is telling stories with a Southern dialect my my what a vaudeville is be ing lost while Adlai and Harry dabble in politics. Can either one of them do a tap or soft shoe shuffle come to think of it what a politics. M the heat of Battle is that either Dwight Eisenhower or Acilia Stevenson will in a few weeks face some fearful decisions. Theoretically there Wil Small turnouts were in Janu Ary 20. But unless the successful candidate and next president re tires to some Remote Mountain Eisenhower in Salt Lake City and for governor Stevenson in new Orleans. One of the latest surveys made for the Eisenhower strategists is said to have shown thought to be willing to accept presents if nobody knows about the presence of the presents. When a Man runs for Public office in this country he is do ing the same thing As the fellow who Sticks his head in the Hole in the Sheet for people to throw baseballs at. Standard version of 1901-05. These translations were based on the Best authenticated texts in the original languages far More accurate than the King take a thousand dollars from the Santa be James translators had used. They Railroad another from the american presi Douay line thousand from the i suppose in View of the Nixon precedent _ _ any difference would they d run you off the snorted stanch Republican Louis Lurie. Letter to editor editor Kingsport times dear editor h there Are still people who say Wilson continued judge Bone keeping straight face promised to keep us out of War and then make any difference. Annm got us into of course Woodrow Wil son could not possibly have made a hard commitment to keep us out of War. And who does not remember the prom ise of Franklin Roosevelt to balance the budget and reduce Federal expenditures of course that he did not do so was not his fault. At the time it was a Promise that he could not have kept even if he wanted to. The Issue before the american people As far As the asian situation is concerned is simply one of whether they Are Satis fied with the sort of leadership we have had at the policy making level or not. If they Are satisfied with the past and the present then they should by All Means vote the democratic party Back into Power. But if they Are not satisfied they must ask themselves whether Dwight Eisen Hower looks like a better Leader a bigger Man whose judgment they Are willing to Bank on. We have plenty of mediocre voices telling us exactly what should be done. There is no self Confidence like the self Confidence of ignorance. We do not know exactly what general Eisenhower should do. We do not know just what he would do. What we do know is that on the great jobs he has been Given in the past general Eisenhower has shown extraordinary capacity for getting things done he has shown the qualities of leadership that indicate a truly great Man the qualities that indicate a Fine mind and a Strong character. In our judgment general Eisenhower deserves to be trusted with the big Job. We Are not buying a pig in a poke. Made use of the greatly increased knowledge of greek and he brew that scholars had accumulated. They got rid of most of the actual mistakes and Many of the archaic usages that had hindered understanding. One motorcade or on the train with frequent stops and a half dozen talks the candidate must in the evening face the television audience. He is aware that from to is being spent for the network. Far More important he knows that in millions of Homes across the country his manner his air of Confidence or the Lack of it his physical Demeanour Are being closely scrutinized. You hear the judgments the next seemed tired he did t seem to have his heart in it. Small wonder. There must be steam in the sufficient degree of physical Energy put Over a speech whether in a crowded Hall or in the quiet of a to studio. Records indicate that there Are no More marriages committed during leap year than in any other year. This proves Fry. The theory is that the pro longed Campaign is helping Ste the other Venson a comparative unknown e has ended put himself and his ideas his Arm for a thousand and one purposes. For the Victor a new ordeal will begin almost before to new testament scholar no one can successfully deny that the English revised version and the american Standard ver Sion provided the most faithful and accurate translation of the new testament which been plane although tossup. Travelling by the candidate and his party must get up at an unearthly hour to make a schedule that Calls for arrival in a Distant City at a strategic time when the crowds can be turned out. But at least on a across. He needs so the reason ing goes All the time he can get. But it is a dubious theory since the Span of political attention in this country is Short. Both men seem to have sur Vived fairly Well. His personal doctor and a masseur watch Over Eisenhower s health on the Campaign train. At the Start it was feared that his voice might not stand up under such a pro longed and unaccustomed Strain. As in the instance of Wendell Willkie Eisenhower has a Nat ural outgoing friendliness and he cannot be restrained from talking even when Only two or three Are gathered together. The egyptian Soldier ranks among the Best in the world. All we need is armaments and these Are on the pre Mier Gen. Mohammed Naguib. Some folks say mules Are on their Way out but i wintered 2500 of them and i m still buy Missouri mule trader Fred we have to launch a second Era of Trust busting and we need a bigger stick than even Teddy Roosevelt could defense Mobilizer Charles e. Wilson speaking right to propose. A a a a it More Likely Means that every year is leap year to a. Girl who sees what she wants. A scientist says that some Day it will be possible to make machines that can think. But if science can teach machines to think Why not try the method out on people if great trials Are a necessary preparation for great duties both Eisenhower and Stevenson should be Well prepared for the presidency by the time this Campaign is Over. Well you Are registered or you Are not. If you Are it is now a question of making a re against big solve that you la carry through and vote on november 4. At Al l wac. Jolil b la cad la Oil b la onh Wate on Neap. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . At Complete any place in from Weyland _ i a Bizat us How Many have they employed at any time Ine slogan employ the physical v Han us people Don t want to we Are not prepared to go in against their we they sen Tom Connally d what we need in the White House is a Man who owes nothing to either the Bosses of big labor or big business and who recognizes Only one such Sovereign american peo Richard Nixon the Trade Union movement belongs to no one but the workers of America. It is their movement run by them and motivated by the dictates of their Hopes and Al president William Green. One of the most troublesome diseases is inflammation of the lining of the veins or phlebitis. Mrs. B., for example writes that she has had phlebitis for five months As a result of an opera Tion and is quite discouraged. A unfortunately Many others have shared the same experience. Near the surface. Also thorough search for sources of infection in the Teeth tonsils and else where is usually desirable. Treatments with operation almost any slight in jury May bring on phlebitis. It seems Likely that neither in jury nor an operation Are the Small doses of one of the sulfa drugs May be helpful. Thrombophlebitis or phlebitis Are often painful especially at first so that other drugs May be needed to relieve the discomfort. Better methods coming better methods for the Preven Tion of these conditions and in tons May be prevented by insist ing on Early rising or mild exer Cise soon after an operation so that the blood in the veins does a rays or not have a Chance to stagnate. Sole causes of the phlebitis but proved treatments Are being con i Tell my dad we do arithmetic if he could Sec How we re wasting his Money he d blow his they do weaken the veins so that they become More susceptible to infection from germs which Are passing through them anyway. Phlebitis itself is serious and unpleasant enough but the inflammation also increases the chances of blood clots forming inside the veins. When the lat Ter complication occurs it is known As thrombophlebitis or Hlebo thrombosis both of which Are hard to pronounce but mean approximately the same thing. The treatment of phlebitis or thrombophlebitis when it is acute includes Complete rest in bed raising of the leg if it is the leg which is involved and application of heat which May be either moist heat or Radiant heat from a lamp. When the acute inflammation subsides the most important problem of treatment is to pre vent swelling or edema. Elastic bandages Are particularly help Ful under these circumstances. Proper application of the band Ages is important. Phlebitis or thrombophlebitis Are hard to cure entirely and tend to come Back. The inflamed vein or veins May have to be re moved by surgery if they Are developed. Some Condi common. There Are also some drugs which help to prevent blood clotting and these Are often use Ful. Both phlebitis and thrombophlebitis Are so difficult to cure once they have started that any thing which will prevent them is particularly Worth while. An these measures Are further improved phlebitis will become less out our Way it s a shame to let him git away with your rope on him his pals wont come near him till he shepo1 heir own a fault Antelope Are so fast everybody wants to rope am when happens 3u cart Ketch pm to

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