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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 13, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeI Nipert thursday. October 13. 195s cooking South of the Border style Chili powder spices these Beans which Are served wrapped in mock tortillas. Rolled mock tortillas and retried Beans interesting dish perfect for foil forties Beatrice Fairfax says maybe this wide needs to build up husband s ego dear Beatrice Fairfax my husband some which 1 just can t explain. Quirk after we have been somewhere and have had a Rood time and 1 have been joining in singing and feel full of fun when we come Lime my something menu to make me angry or sings sad songs. 1 try to pay no attention and to Overlook it but he will keep it up until it really aggravates me. Is there something in his co Lonal make up that makes him like that mrs. R. K. Dear mrs. R. A i am wondering just what sort of temperament your husband normally has. Is he the quiet Type who is More Apt to listen than talk does he. Us i Rule take life More seriously than you do when you go out together Are you the one who likes to join in the fun. While sits and watches every if that s the Case then it s not .00 hard to understand. Perhaps Why lie May take such a contrary attitude after you get Home my Are alone together. For he May feel out of things in company Anil in just body it really in. So what would he do he d be inclined to poke fun at you for being Able to throw yourself Unsel consciously into the Good times in order perhaps to make you on your Side feel a Little uncomfortable and to make himself feel that you really Haven t anything on him socially even though he secretly believes you have. In other words he May be actually envious of you. And lakes this Way of trying to cover it up. Most of us human beings unfortunately Are so made that when we arc afraid someone else ii smarter or Gayer or More successful at anything than we Are. We go at things backwards. That is. We try to build ourselves up by running Down those we feel Are Superior to us in any Way. And of course if we were thinking straight. Instead of backwards we d try to build ourselves up. Not by running other people Down but by looking for the particular qualities in them that make them so successful and then doing our Best to develop those qualities in ourselves. Or by developing our special 11 parties because he s not Able lol Confidence. Qualities so that we acquire self e As Jolly and full of fun As you and those around him. Perhaps in s a Little on the shy and self conscious Side and wishes with All is heart that he could he really one of the but it just does t come natural to him. And if he tries it makes him More in so Why Don t you undertake a Little Experiment that if Success Ful might go far toward ridding your husband of that quirk which makes him act As he does after parly since he s going at building him self up the wrong Way your Job once upon a time so lir Sunry goes a band of English settlers la Texas Crew homesick for Chr Curry they had Learned to love Back in England. Wll Ben in met Rel flour Teaspoon unit Rrt Elrd bean and of Hunt Chih Tomolo Nuri Combine milk and ours. Add the the Many herbs Nanri Sims Lhatt next 3 ingredients and mix Well. Go into Curry powder were Noli Brush a 5-Inch Skillet with Oil or available in their new Home. But shortening. Heat. Add about 1the settlers were resourceful. Like their countrymen who developed Curry powder in India they took it Leaf out of the seasoning habits of their adopted land. Chill Pep pers and oregano had Long been combined in mexican cookery and so the englishmen merely ground and mixed them and came up with chill american cur Curry chill powder is a blend of Spiers and herbs. The main ingredient. Is. Of course ground Chili peppers. The cell los used in most Chili powders today Are of a moderately pungent Strain of ulc Capsicum or red family. Ore Rono. Cumin seed Salt and sometimes garlic powder and cloves Are also added. The re sult is h spicy Langy flavor whose popularity hns spread All Over the United Stales. Many of us Are inclined to think Only of Chili con Carne when we Kilnk of chill powder. We forget Tablespoons of Pic Batter. Tilt until it completely covers the pan. Cook on one Side Only. Turn out onto Cooky so cats cooked a Lac up. When ill pancakes birr cooked put a heaping Tablespoon of the he Fulcd bean and meat filling on each. Roll up. Fasten ends with n Inola pack. By Ike on the Ronky Shin is a preheated moderate oven. 20 a Milos or until a Olcorn 3 drunk of red 1 bran liquid Chili Tomato rack 2 in to 2 ten Sponn fun Rev run nerd onion 1 of Iufoon Trimbl d whole offs no 1 drum Hyril who 1 chill pow ref r Clarh lot Lyonil Coronado Spanish Leader brought Cut Lar a Cross the Rio Crande into what is now the in led 15-10. Comfortable than Ever. He s probably hiding his be Kings of course he would t want you j Good qualities and give him conf to know that All this is True of him Deuce in himself. See what you be to do the building up for him. By using every Opportunity that presents itself to stress Maness Collins nuptials Are told or. Arthur Collins of Church Hill Nie today announcing the marriage of their daughter Margaret Helen and Donald Jack Maness son of or. And Mir. La clan Maness route 1, Gate City. The vows were exchanged on september 17 at. The first Baptist Church Kingsport or. E. Gibson Davis officiating. Mrs. Maness is employed at the Tennessee Eastman co. Or. A Ness recently completed a tour of duty with the u. S. Navy. After a wedding trip to Ohio the newlyweds will make their Home in Church Hill. Ladies Day Golf and Bridge Institute of chemical engineers service league dance reservations people whose Brand parcels were nil born in one area Are More Apt o by nearsighted or Han those whose grandparents were born in communities far Dis ant from each other says the but or vision Institute. There May be As Many As bees in one hive. Can think of to do along this Lino. And if you get stuck for ideas write lie telling me More about 5us Adyce results mrs. Donald Jack Maness on Ohio wedding trip Charles Brown Fry until Brown Over medium Hent yield 8 Servings or 24 . Ami meat Hlll inn Lewis Sayi gambling controlling affairs Lexington by. K. That this blend of spices enhances Rovo nor a Many other Dishos. It adds spar Jinn izod ram Lewis for said yes larday that fir Kle to cheese dishes. It pimps zest to Thrifty dishes made with leftover meat and pre cooked Rice. It gives the flavor to in interesting pseudo mexican dish that is perfect for of full parties. In their test Kitchen the Amer ican spice Trade Asso Cintins has some new with dates in both Porti _ chill to help you Irnen to Uso Ihl Sund in non that must be added to the Lenl of dominant forces controlling Ken Tucky s Rover Mont. He listed the Thoi s is we 1 sky. Brer Coal and pro Vair ii Allty m to rests. Lewis said liquor interests hit Hie largest contributors to in Iii acting versatile All american seasoning morn with Bank 1 cup milk he said Public Utility con i and ram Luik Mien is a have Hern heavy contributors. Neuralgia when it Cornel to relieving hid Piini Roi Oor Cujar or function in periodic therr Fin t better or faster thin do Heidi Cne till re or men i medic Tatj proved pain Rel Mcvinn . Thoroughly reliable. Run Urkiel effective. Final week your Tost Chotke to save a i in Tom terrific birthday event. Hundreds of unadvertised buys a Brand new 1956 convenient terms arranged Johnson furniture company 119 w. Market Street phone cd 5-6041 is Winter jackets what a Price crate. Nylon and Rayon Gabar Dine water vellent Rayon main quilt lined All Wool inter lined. Some Are never trek. Sensational Reg. 3.99 each dresses dusters 1 133 save 132 you la be amazed at this value of Purchase saves Over half of Tiff up now at this wonderful Price famous Roxy 55c Wens socks save 30c each lit Quality argues novelties 4 pairs tit bigot bargain in your Nylon reinforced Gotha bus Pun Cotton. 6 Partcini to Shoote. Sizes 10 to 12. Mens 69c stretch socks 1.98-2.98 hats of Lvi berets cud me Caps Pony tails other All novel it lest Wool knit it Wal Trimi. Of terrific moving to. Outstanding beauties save 1.66 each Cotton Dre Tiet in Titei Uttmi women i. Novey Checki plaid Floral Tweedy pattern 1 Ilmet 11-m, 38-44 in Woi Hable no ironing sucker. 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