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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 13, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 325 109 be of other fellow. Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 205 Kingsport Tenn., thursday october 13, 1955 28 Fly. United fund goal to Date to go Ike offers to meet Russia Halfway in disarmament by Robert e. Clark Denver ins Eisenhower s return to control Over vital foreign policy decisions dramatized today by his offer to meet Russia hallway on a formula to ease the world s War jitters. The Early morning Hospital bulletin on the president s condition reported that he awoke refreshed and in mood after an excellent night s sleep. In a letter drafted from his Hospital bed the president appealed again to soviet pre Mier Bulgarin to accept his military Blue print and Aerial inspection for Safe guarding world peace. He offered in turn to let the soviet Union station inspection teams it seaports Railroad junctions and airports in this country the so called War alarm system which the Krem Lin least pretends to favor. The president s proposals were contained in a Brief preliminary reply to the Bulg Turin letter of last month which he had planned to answer the Day he was stricken by a heart attack. The soviet Premier listed a number of objections to the Eisenhower plan but avoided outright rejection of it. In the letter delivered in Moscow late yesterday or. Eisenhower wrote you raise a Good Many questions and i shall not be Able to reply to them until the doctors let me do More than at present let me say. However that i am encouraged that you Are giving such full consideration to my Geneva the letter marked or. Eisenhower s for Mal return to the Center stage of International diplomacy. He had drafted it in his room at Fitzsimons army Hospital tuesday during a conference with Secretary of state John Foster Dulles. The president will shift his attention to Domestic problems saturday at a bedside meeting with Treasury Secretary Georji Humphrey. Within another week he will be holding almost dully conferences with administration officials barring unexpected set backs in his recovery. His letter to Bulgarin couched in Cor dial terms and contained no criticism of the proposals put Forth by the soviet Leader in his lengthy letter of sept. 19. Referring to his plan for Mutual Aerial inspection and an Exchange of information on military installations by the United Stales and Russia. Or. Eisenhower said i Hope that we can agree on it. Not As a cure All but As i said at Geneva to show a spirit of non on both sides and so to create a fresh atmosphere which would dispel much of the present fear and suspicion. This of itself would by Worth while. It would. 1 believe make it More possible to make Progress in terms of comprehensive plans for inspection controls and reductions of armament which will satisfy the High Hopes of our Peoples and indeed of All the he added i have not forgotten your proposal having to do with stationing inspection teams at key Points in our countries and if you feel this would help to create the better spirit 1 refer to we could accept that Russia claims its plan is the Best Way to guard against concentrations of troops and combat equipment the military build up which would precede a sneak attack. Or. Eisenhower offered informally at Geneva to accept the soviet proposal As part of the inspection plan he advocated. The letter to Bulgarin was the first time he had put the offer in writing however. As another evidence of his increasing participation in affairs of government the pres ident yesterday went Over the Agenda for Friday s Cabinet meeting. His chief of staff. Sherman , was flying to Washington today to attend the Cabinet session. The president enjoyed n lengthy visit yesterday with his youngest brother. Or. Milton Eisenhower. Milton president of Pennsylva Nia state University was the first of the c hell executive s four Brothers to visit him since his illness. Menno Kllc. The Stalf Al Fitzsimons Hospi Tal was preparing to celebrate or. Elsen Hower s 65th birthday Friday. A special Low caloric White layer cake will be prepared by the Hospital s food service division for the president. An additional 2 cakes made from same recipe will be served to More than 2.100 Veteran patients and Hospital person Nel. Truman charges legion haywire in Resolution new York ormer presi Den Harry s. Truman today in used the american legion of prions haywire in wanting the United Stales to quit the United nations educational scientific and cultural organization. The legion in a Resolution adopted by an overwhelming voice vote at its Miami convention wednes Day urged Congress to abolish the u. S. National commission for Enesco. The legion does t know what it is talking declared tru Man. They have gone haywire in the last three or four years. They Don t know what they Are Truman a Legionnaire himself voiced hip feelings to reporters As he took his usual Early morning stroll. He and his wife Are spend ing a week m new York. Noting Hal the legion s Resolution came in the face of action by a six Man legion committee which gave Nuesca a clean Bill of health. Truman asserted their own committee said that be however. Truman went on to temper his criticism saying of the legion membership. They re a Fine Bunch of kids. They fought for the welfare of their country. Most of them knew what they were fighting for but they seem to have forgotten about it asked what he meant by saying the legion had Rone haywire in recent years Truman said i m sorry to see them get into politics. They had no business doing under the legion Constitution he Bald the veterans organization should remain out of politics. Moroccan rebels still hold out Rabat. French Morocco if rebel Riff tribesmen still held out in a tiny Mountain outpost they i Usu Chr near the Spanish moroccan Border nearly two weeks the Post is Bou 7.ineb, perched on a Mountain top. Snipers hidden on the Rocky chests of the surrounding Hills fired on advancing French which and moved northward from Boreri and tizi Mouzli. As soon As the French reached the Points which the Wirnik originated by Hal Coli in i rebels disappeared. London Piniy million Bri. No casualty announcements have itched with been mane by the French for eith Jav Mner Side in the open anon. In of is one Between Princess Margaret and group capt. Peier Townsend. The principals let them go right ahead and Ilch. Long deadlock is expected at Piston foundry new Castle. Ind. Usu the perfect Circle foundry was in partial production today As the company the striking Cio United Auto workers and the National guard dug in for what shaped up an extended deadlock. The Plant had its doors open to anyone who wants to the Union had vowed that it backs the strike All the nov. George n. Craig had said that the guard will stay As Long As there appears to be a threat of renewed violence. There was t any apparent hope1 for a break in the impasse before november. Petitions for elections i to de certify the Union Al perfect Circle s Hagerstown and Richmond plants Are before the National labor relations Board but the Law has been granted until oct. M to file additional briefs. Norb action will follow that filing. The new Castle foundry is not involved in the desertification move but the Law has refused to bargain for it separately from the Hagerstown and Richmond slants in adjoining Wayne county. The company has declined to sign new deputies Are selected by b1li, Bank kit tiniest Newa writer the full time salaried officers. I several of whom have had Exten Here. Next monday they will begin a course of special training under it Trif t 11-1. .uh.v. A Ujj Tyml uuuc1 initial Law enforcement Bureau of investigation in of 16 men was announced Here wednesday night for Sullivan county s new Law enforcement program under sheriff a. H. Hurd see picture work screening Pate a if Rommi Ltee were chosen by a screening member of the screening agreement for these while the desertification action Are pending. Man escorts 12 . Babies to Homes estimated in India s floods Tokyo Harry Holt a a pied Piper shepherded plants 13 korean american babies through actions Tokyo International air port today to a plane taking them replace the present fee system Pori of Law enforcement in he county. Sheriff Hurd called a meeting of at the earliest before on the successful applicants for 4 the new Man , Acyl pc the courthouse i Tuty. To mall then Law enforcement in the county will be carried on As at present with constables arid the Tennessee Highway patrol supplementing the work of the part Lime deputies. Earl Glover of Bristol chairman of he screening committee announced the selections As follows chief Emmett Harlow 32. Of Bristol a Navy vet eran who has had seven years sex new Delhi India officials a Cylence in Bristol police work. In India s two Northern states to dispatcher Frederick Dawlett Day estimated flood deaths at Pitts 37, of Bristol who has had persons. Two years experience in similar he polls reaching new Delhi from work Caldwell county n. C. Punjab and in Llama quoted Punjab deputies transportation minister Jamal Narl pred Thomas Hopkins. 43, route the Union it Askine Lei it Ito new in the United states. Died hourly Union Stop Tav. Been a opted and a Layoff plan. Perfect Circle by " Portland Ore. Present to More has offered 11 cents wages Range from than in hour. Hundred guardsmen moved nto new Castle a week ago alter j i demonstration by an estimated i strike sympathizers in which shots were fired by Bolh Demon-1 and non strikers and eight persons were wounded. Holt a Bushy bowed Aln As saying at least per 3, Bristol who has served live a Pat Lala years As conservation officer. Here James Newton Burroughs m. I also v n Vete Nln As saying damage to is have been at work these girl scouts have been a l sett by this week the Garden clubs of the stale Are sponsoring a Don t be a lit Torbeg Campaign. They Are urging people not to litter the streets highways and public1 Parks Wilh litter the scouts Are left to right Donna Good o Dell and Vickie Mclntyre. They belong to troop 147. Manfrin Edelso in City court a 30-year-old Kings porn Fatoule 3, thursday in City court on charges of Drunken driving driving with in his state. Estimated there. Nara rancher reported and Sawmill owner had been in crops Homes and would Korea slate june completing a reach almost 210 As officials gave the latest Fig children we i be Tran Lenir Chr of rec Bryan adopted by three other Sis Lamine. Amt a Northern states the children Range in age from Walls Nyrl Ckon Dell stale stirred new fears. In Mcclellan 14, a a Veteran o police service. Mck Nncy 89, sport who enforcement sex 8-month-old belly to Joe 3 2 some were carried by news men customs officials and cutters. Others toddled along in certainly. I count them every so often to make sure they Are All Holt said wearily. Holt has five daughters and one son of his own. Who will help his wife Bertha bring up the eight new Comers on heir 158-acre ranch out Side of Creswell Ore. Holt continued my daughters can t wait until Margaret capt Townsend leave britons itching Witk curiosity it was the worst ease of mass hereabouts since Hawkins cases on docket Meb is an example of the trouble the French Are having in i Riim to stump out uprisings by Inin ded i Besmen in the mountains of North French moroc co. The French announced wednes Day night three of their troop Ereau Ouis since me. minder Lions had reached the last line m 1b.j? Hinl against Willard Robinson and in k.11 Moi Ain peaks near the was making eyes at ish zone Frontier Only to find the Simpson. Of Lac o Hawkins still in sighted county in Minn court which was the Long forecast official pub opens 17. He statement which is supposed to the Somr Hlll Lurhl fill the nation m on the prospects has Clr Cul clerk of another marital Alliance Between Frank r. Barker revealed Tortat the Royal House and the common. Filed charging Charles Sage. Hooper Tennessee s Only most of the this term publican former governor of i fcb k i Volvo Drunken and reckless drive Townsend. Arriving in London ing charges and whisky offences. Rebels had slipped away. Sex gov. Ben Hooper observes 85th birthday Newport Tenn. Ben publican former g served his birthday Annivee. Family Ghl of r a month s among the cases to he re set for homr in nearby Carson Tom has pos of British air Are sate sprint. Hooper born in Newport attache a Brussels had in Imit to Bellam d f a in i in in 1870. Was governor from newsmen thai he had t told o. Arnold by Ukini the weather temperatures i pm. J . 1 75 4 . 76 i pm. 71 i . P m. K . W i . M 10 . S3 11 pm. A precipitation lust . . . . . . Newsmen that he had t before which in ener re a o Al that he in t talking. Stewart and Kenneth Stew i. Or j Margaret. In Arsuik i or Ham in of Mill i u d i Niter. Scoland in an Overman trip to r i born Kiili in capital after a summer Vaca tearing Fred roller. Ilion. Said Only. It has been a Bill Russell. Gland Holiday but i am looking Case set Lor tuesday Forward to going include and i when her train arrived in london1 birr libel h. In the Early morning she remained Cox Obi Inonu Money under false aboard Lor two hours then did t pretences Dean Skeen. Hii Lenv talk to reporters upon leaving the vauclin and James Gigli. . Wood. London s headlines today s skies were from this morning desperation. The daily express promised to entertain its readers Wilh my Peier -ini1 bunion a Elenion High Troy Lurk Muu and Odi Christ inn. Dimuil birr u press. Public school. Morristown Sun cleared in libel suit i Community awards oct. Tenn v a jury a Morr blown Sun and punli1 her 01 a rom Nal libel Eha Iye Community awards Are to be Allier Noiin Jack Andrei i made to night at Pressman s Home a civil line for sinn Dun hotel at the Hawkins county com uni Iwuh h be in univ improvement round up time. I to he one j prom am and banquet at 7 o clock. Or k. E wifi of will no n or an i be up speaker for the civic tonal in Whu ii the so i alien died club Council. In nem n if cry s 1915 opens in capital Chattanooga Kef office has been opened quietly in Washington even though the Tennessee senator has declined to say whether he will use sins the Chattanooga times. In a dispatch from its ton correspondent. Chirles Bart ,1011. The times said sen. pc Fauvor s suite is located in the new Pennsylvania building. Tenants of the o f f i c e the i times said arc col. William Rob Washington attorney and Lou Poller. Bus Messmann who ha.-, been engaged in television and construe lion ii Kefouver it Wim the lice .-.pik-e. The Lei in Aii be adapted o he needs of his ipod ii sin Iii state tries electric Speed Check devices slate Safe in ordered three Eleen in Mcd Fec King devices to supplement radar equipment now j c omnis sooner w. W. lie file ariment sex poets delivery in a week or of and will immediately Ibi Iii 10 educate the Public y a Uon uen will tour the state he said love Demon ration if the devices which c-0sl about each prove satisfactory and Are accepted by the coir a Hie department i Laii order 21 Nion three Fici each the Hii h pan no v i Enir. incl in sent i cd. Mic ind Llu to nor. Al and out a License and scene of an Accident. Police said the Driver hit the rear of a car knocked ii into an Auto ahead and Hen drove off. No one was injured in the collision at the Easl Inan Road underpass wednesday afternoon. City patrolman Paul Bowers testified the defendant was almost iving in the steering wheel when arrested in his car on main Street. I can hardly conceive How a Man in an Auto could constitute a greater danger than he room been and blessed Wilh Ien a Bood a Vang the and our own kids arc much place to judge Bra no Ley judge imposed t charge. The defendant said he d grown up i said to my wife recently Lei s Mise another family.1 she snid. Okay we have room for eight some Operon s wealth is displayed Buenos acres if some Juan and Eva Peron s tent Lac deaths 292 speeders caught in month speeders were the big target of Tennessee Highway patrol troop ers in the filth division last month. A total of 292 persons with ton heavy foot on the Gas pedal were Marlon Brown route 7, in the Thor Kingsport. A Veteran of eight years had 16 boric acc in Sullivan and in col counties and is a Sullivan county Deputy Elmer Ewing Franklin. 31, 13s7 rust Sci scr Avenue Kingsport who has had four years experience As a Sulla inn county Deputy. Oils v. Cernech 47. Route 8, Kingsport a former construction Engineer. Homer Franklin Atwell route 5. Bristol. Harlas stump 39, 530 Palm View Avenue Kings porn a retired army master sergeant with 20 years experience As a military policeman. William Lewis Cass 37, Bristol a Veteran of 12 years army serv ice. Teen East Tennessee counties of the division the monthly report shows. Capt. Frank k. Williamson Divi Sion commander said at Kingsport the intensified crackdown on Speed ers results from a new state Law and use of radar. The new motor vehicle Law makes speeding an offence separate from reckless driving and fixes maximum Speed service m the air Force and naval Reserve who has studied or cml no ally for three years. Jesse Freeman Parsons. S3. Has had one year of experience As a convict guard in Virginia. Charles Cluster Wagner 51, Bris Tol a Veteran of one year s service in the air Force. Edgar Allen Bralley. 26, old stage Road. Kingsport a vet n the division Inveran of five years service As a Blue snid. The enough jewels clothes and Art september stayed the same As last military policeman. Line on Ench h Casuras for a King size rummage Sale was Pul in Public display been ill re loony by the provisional gov cock and Jefferson counties led Ralph Leon Martin 39, Elizabeth Ion a former Bluff Ullh two traffic fatalities each Fol chief Johnson cily cily police policeman. Sick and took a few drinks Ern Nom. Lowed by Hawkins and Johnson member of the Tennessee Highway ple i idling guilty to Drunken driving valued at More than 6 .2 million on each. Sullivan county patrol and Carter county officer and driving without a License dollars by authorities the former j completed its third deathless with a total of six years Law in i Don i remember anything a Clator s riches were shown Force Mcnol experience about he said in answer to the Cwm non in a preview wednesday injuries from accidents were Cut present jailers will be retained Hil and rain charge " kit at his former residence in frown 35 in september of 1954 least until the new county jail mrs. Flea Shoemaker Gale Niv Palermo. ,27 last month. Now under construction is com 3. Testified the " e treasures ver k violations were Petcel. Up and pulled of Artel in various i no. 2 headache for Highway members of the screening com Willine the rear ear i i locked in eight Strong boxes Tolmen in the division last month i Muttee emphasized that the into Ifer Ednir in the mans car were fined also on display were some an i nmn. Sal de on a strictly nonpartisan basis. Applicants had to fill out rather he and driving on a suspended about their no Anin Kinness. Of purses and shoes to 0r revoked License. In other Conn action judge Blue form or fined one Man a total of j45 for ident s late wife Eva Public drunkenness and possessing. Among the glittering jewels were whisky and another 520 for Public a Diamond necklace said of be drunkenness. Worth Koi lectures were one s20 Bond two pictures said to he originals Ini i cd inc one 20 Bond for of the flemish artist were Public drunkenness two m so valued by authorities at 000 Bond for illegal and Pilch Lola Luis m for overtime i Kins patrolmen checked Driver s licenses Issi month

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