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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 10, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee14 Friday oct. 10, 1952 Kingsport times Eisenhower mrs. Mollie Reed continued from Page 1 to the speech was perhaps an Gate City a. Answer to Stevenson s recent neral for mrs. Mollie Sampson charge that Eisenhower was 49. Who died tuesday in bracing and endorsing conserva a Roanoke Hospital will be at program Complete death n Nashville live Republican senators even though he could not bring him demo 11 . Saturday at Point Church. Nashville up Marble cratic leaders completed plans _ today for the speech their presi self even to speak their the Rev. Ted Duncan candidate gov. Adlai although Eisenhower did Noti Rev. Basil Freeman and the i Stevenson will make Here Satur mention or. Truman by name. Rev. Vester Snodgrass will of Day night in the War memorial he made it Clear that his barbs ii cite. Burial will be in Oak building. Were directed at the president. Hill cemetery Kingsport. They said Stevenson s talk his Only Campaign appearance Tennessee will be broadcast Over both a statewide radio Hookup a special network to include House spokesman to j p Paui Edwards Miami and Jacksonville Fla. At 1. Statements he did not wish at-0 j red Anci Homer Bellamy. Julanta he recalled that during Calvini pallbearers will be de Jen Coolidge s administration w r Benton. J. C. Car mentioning him by Rov Hawkins Stewart Snow president had a ghostly White Krass h. M. Jennings. M. T. Tip _ _ c tribute to himself. Now it is the administration candidate who has the White Christopher House said hied at 3 r Hower. Adding that i have have anything to say to the pie. I la say it Birmingham miss. And Little Rock Ark. The speech originally had been scheduled to be in War memorial j i Square but was moved inside be a at cause of the possibility of auditorium will Accomma i Date less than 5.000 persons Buti a j loudspeakers will be set up create such on in Ferno the answer come on july 16, 1945, the world s first atomic bomb blast. W to Start the a bomb s fission process there had been no need for such incredible heat conditions. Scientists had discovered that a Given amount of a critical explode automatically through a process resembling spontaneous combustion. In the a bomb this was done by bringing to Gether two Given amounts of uranium to form a critical because the amount of uranium required for tace proc Ess is fixed the a bomb s destructive potential is limited. U theory however there is almost no limit to the amount of Hydrogen the uranium trigger could be made to in met. As suggested above the same trigger could be used n easily m a Small a bomb As in one with Powers beyond the dreams of scientific City the was born in Scott Eisenhower flayed nine years had been eni Jan an criticism of Republican social pi0yed by Standard Oil co. At i Stevenson s scheduled to a Security plans As downright Gate City. Sinister and Tooi Issue with mr.1 surviving Are his wife mrs Truman s stand for Federal Gilliam Spears Gate City to education by offering his own l son Kenneth Spears Gate Broad social program which four daughters mrs. Louel eluded Federal Aid to needy i la Williams Gate City mrs. Evl states for school construction j Wallace Hammond Pear briefly at a s25 a plate 1 fundraising dinner preceding pills his audience burst into Hazel applause when he praised his tenn., and Proffitt Maryville mrs. Lena Berry. Vice presidential running a. A brother. J. Glad sen. Richard m. Nixon of Cali Stone Spears. Springfield Addi fornia. As courageous and Forth Tion. Kingsport a sister. Mrs. he also pledged to remove Yard. Scott county and hobbles from the Forward and grandchildren. Margaret Stokes. Daniel Boone 14 continued from Page 1 or. Sieve said other research ers had discovered that the drug showed an an Fertility action when administered to Laboratory animals. He said he confirmed such animal studies and then undertook the tests with he _ mans. Two gnawing fears beset our sunday at Assembly of god he said the substance is be younger he said Church at Gate City with the heed to act As an anti Fertility first their whole future is Rev. Robert Smith pastor of-1 Factor by interfering with the up in a cold War that relating. Burial will be in hoi i action of a body chemical called leaves Only the semblance of Ston View cemetery. Hyaluronidase which in turn peace. Second they Are Uncer the body will be removed from i is believed to Aid in the Imp Reg Tam whether the economic funeral Home nation of the female egg by the Vanoe of our Young services will be held at 2 p. M. Purity that earlier generations of his daughter s Home mrs. Americans knew can be j Louella Williams Friday night. J Mary e. Davenport War miss Mary Elizabeth Daven male sperm. The scientist reported that All 298 couples had had at least one child before undergoing the Pill treatment but that two of the couples had shown an apparent housing commissioners presented service awards continued from Page 1 port. 21, 1013 Minton st., died sterility for some time prior to at . In Holston the to per ant apr he Saih t a at . In test. And yet. He said the m of of d a of Community Hospital after of of screaming chinese Mirove. An illness of several years. Them from the top to the base of the Hill mass. In both those couples were among the first to become it i 11 k i she had lived in Kingsport after stopping the Pill the school lunch program aided by United fund dollars brings nourishing food to Kings port area boys and girls. No children Are pictured in this cafeteria scene because nobody but the family concerned knows which youngsters receive free lunches. These gleaming plates Are filled each noon with a Well balanced meal planned to Appeal to Young appetites. Years being a native of Greene taking this suggests he said that the the chinese surged Forward county and was the daughter of in a human sea attack. The of o. D. Davenport merchant near chemical May have the Power of f a p finer said they stormed the the Home and an employee Oscor Romlne fert Luty in persons i c Al s Orth slope with bayonets fists Kin sort found. W King sport foundry. In that at grenades and dirty words. Funeral services will be held the same time inhibiting it in the Roks regrouped at 2 . At Cedar View i normally Fertile people but he moved bloc up the Southern presbyterian Church with further study would be Siope behind the protective t. W. Buchanan in to confirm this idea. A Well balanced noon meal for school child. Yards Baileyton. The top they established a de the body will be removed to Only m Complete sexual Asti ,7" lense line at p. M. One the Home saturday at 3--- lunch program partially sup father Connell said the to ported in Kingsport and Sulli a Man Catholic Church county by United fund Dol hour later they clawed Back to trom Hamlett Dobson 1 tinted attack a few hours earlier had com . Nence or 2i the rhythm meth funeral. Of of controlling birth the is survived by her Par As no Surprise. Her grandmother. in after the battered reds were of month Anven off White horse shortly and the following Brothers and alter noon. Allied observers spot mrs. Betty Sei Ler Ted 1.0uo to 2.200 chinese re Unda and miss Phyllis Daven forming North of the Hill. Port Willard. Billy Leonard and they re not by a Ion Dana id Davenport Ali of Kings i f n continued from Page 1 milled under sections 1 to 6 Beer new Constitution would eliminate soviet politburo Moscow a new constr j tuition for the russian communist party eliminating the powerful politburo was introduced today at the 19th party Congress in the Kremlin. Politburo member Nikita Kru i Misch Chev introduced the draft of his lunches did so. And each butting into an alien Field today j the new Constitution providing this past year the Federal provided More than Money and in sur-1 Aimai u Pius foods to help carry out the the female each throughout the county j every child who could pay for of first ladies Are on display Washington up housing authority sinners from Kingsport Are among those to receive length of service awards from the National association of housing officials on october 16, during the association s 19th an new York stocks new York up . Stocks american can Nual conference m Buffalo. American Cay p an award for More than ten j american t t years continuous service As a american tobacco commissioner will be presented Baltimore Ohio to George e. Stone c. C. aviation and w. F. Smith of the Kings port housing authority. Awards to be announced at the association s annual ban Quet on october 16, will be in the form of a certificate Reading Long service without Reuner Bethlehem steel Boeing aircraft Borden Cannon Mills Chesapeake Ohio Chrysler coca cola Continental can action signifies a full measure Curtiss Wright of Devotion and loyalty As a pub lie spirited citizen. Such unselfish contribution of time and Effort to the advancement of better housing for the people of Douglas aircraft Dupont Eastern air Eastman Kodak general electric general motors a Community reflects credit upon Goodrich the entire housing program and Gulf Oil upon commissioners throughout the men and women who Are the foundation of that housing similar awards will be presented to commissioners of the housing authorities in More than International Harvester International Nickel International t t Johns Manville Kennicott Kroger co. Liggett Myers Lorillard 160 cities and towns across the Monsanto country Many of them a tribute j Packard to service longer than 15 years. Paramount pictures has Pennev at least one commissioner served from 1933, when the p country s first housing authority up nip Morris set up operations in Cleveland to the present Day. When there Reynolds tobacco Seaboard airline Are More than local au-1 Sears Roebuck thormities in As Many commune Southern railway school fed a number of children to help out a couple of Lovely a without charge from the prof its colleagues. Of its lunchroom. But still Morei it seems that these lady re Money was needed and that s porters Are a Little confused where the Community Chest about the fabulous collection of j Union i stepped in. An Allied officer said. Porn Allied Bip guns plastered the area with an bursting shells. Mrs. La Jones elusive of chapter three of Itie army reported 1949 code As hereby1 red casualties for the first week Rogersville spa mrs. Amended i prices climbing higher and High Imam Vasington on up to now a the party of october were 4.786 killed. Ola Jones. 70. Cited at a. My a the Biu the even More United fund the under Glass at 2.692 wounded Anci 50 Friday at her Home on route l wil1 be needed. The amount j the bit Soman institution a total of the heaviest Surgoinsville. Of has been budgeted Andi reporter who shall re s1i10p Novetti her in n p 1 Vio v1 h i i i t i p for tit no i n up in he wrot.6 ill l16 quite lets re Aerial Tei will 06 Neil la to tit pc n nil Roncco Chinn i mat May t Luke . 1. Alteration of the party s name from All Union communist party bolshevik to communist party of the soviet ties across the United states. To bit actor found slam in House fire Standard Oil no Studebaker Union Carbide i u s pipe f i u s rubber i u s steel Warner Bros Western Union Westinghouse air be Westinghouse electric Woolworth 33 337i 153 56 i 22 55 u 49 37 52 48 g 37 84 2 106 44 s 23 8 44-b 61 6s 76 39 63-8 19 b 46 4 37 5r 105 u 58 67 u 7437 8 64 3 37 23 is 38 12u 38 25 4 42436 easy blows self out new York television bit actor was found Mur dered today under his burning studio Couch with a bludgeon wound in his head and his hands and feet bound with wires ripped Miami the Miami i weather Bureau said from a Light fixture. The body of Sanford Tillis de in. Gowns worn by the wives of 2 subs Milutin a presidium or the body of Sanford the year ahead with j american presidents from mar a o Wash Eton on in to now ered by firemen m his smoke o the figure does not include the sunday at 2 p. M. At Phipps Bend havoc spread by Allied War Baptist Church with the by receipt and Possession n p each school t the school lunch program of be increased m de Mcrea Seu. J Varro

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