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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 10, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeAdult education for courses in adult education in Kingsport were discussed at a meeting thursday bight at Dobyns Bennett High school. Paul Moore co orc Linatore left foreground led the discussion on needs for adult classes among the selected group of Kingsport citizens. Times news photo c. R. Collier furniture store manager in Virginia and ten Nessee for several years has become co owner of the Rogersville furniture co. On main St. In Rogersville. Which will be known As Collier s com plete Home Man Ager of Homeland in Kings port he wiil leave that position oct. 15. He formerly was with the m. D. Collier furniture co. In Appalachia a. Students study u. S. Government Rochester x. Y. German students Are get line a Good idea Here of How u. S. Local government 1 they came Here after having observed a National political convention in Chicago. One puzzled student said of the conclave. It was a wonderful experience but a Little difficult to figure out. Everywhere we went people talked politics even waitresses but the figures show that the talk j does t mean a big vote at elec ution the students were brought to ithe United states from the american zone of Germany by ithe u. S. Stale department. Last Spring they studied Federal government in Washington and in june observed state governmental operations at Albany n. Y. I bands to congregate Tony Curtis takes acts from picture into Home life she likes Ike or. Ruth Stephens professor of history j another five hours. Hollywood up Janet Leigh is beginning to learn what a movie career can do to a marriage. She is wondering whether she married a Man or a magic act her husband Tony Curtis is getting ready for his role As the great magician Harry Houdini. In George pal s production of Houdini at Paramount. And j it s causing considerable stress in i their household. Tony studies magic at the Stu Dio for five hours a Day with a i magician. George Boston. Then he goes Home and practices for Knoxville protests omission from maps Knoxville the pres ident of the great Smoky mountains conservation association today protested the omission of Knoxville from maps of the smokes Region in the National geographic Magazine. James e. Thompson a professional photographer said he had written the National geographic society that Knoxville should have been included in the mag Azine s current 30-Page feature i about the smokes because of its proximity to the National Park the Large number of Visi tors entering the smokes via i Knoxville and the City s help in establishing the Park. 2 men sentenced for evading draft Nashville up Federal judge Elmer Davies sentenced two Young men to prison Here j yesterday for evading the draft. He sentenced Moses Alonzo i Murphy Alabama born negro to five years after Murphy said he had joined the Temple of islam in Chicago and would serve Only Allah and the. State of Clayton a. Carlton 22, Mem Jer of Jehovah s witnesses was j sentenced to one year. During i his trial he stood with Bible in hand and three times declined an offer by judge Davies to Dis miss the charge if he would enter military service. I Friday City court two taxi Drivers were fined in City court Friday for operating cabs on expired City permits and their employer was warned for allowing them to operate illegally. Kingsport times Friday oct. 10, 1953 13 say blushing Auburn co eds Auburn co eds at Alabama polytechnic Institute still had to face knowing male grins today but the Cam pus peepshow was a thing of the past. It was an enlightening experience while it said one bemused male student. One Way vision windows in five new girls dormitories were installed backwards with the result the co eds could t see out but anyone outside could see in. We might As Well have been taking a Bath in a fish complained a coed. I Don t know whether my boy was Ever out there or the girls quarters were on the first floors and some faced the football team s Cabins while others fronted on the Street. Once the trick windows were discovered the girls quickly slapped towels sheets and any thing they could find Over the offending Glass. Self appointed couriers spread the news to other dormitories and the bathroom windows were hastily blacked out. Until then they had bathed dressed and gossiped behind the frosted windows assuming no one could see in. Most of the male comment was directed bitterly against the unidentified student who alerted the girls after he noticed Mas Culine glances directed at the windows. I m still looking for the Guy that tipped off the one window Gazer muttered. He could have at least waited until the fun was broken up the Auburn football players trotted past on their Way to the showers and students milled along the sidewalks in front of the dormitories. A Rush chairman for a Frater nity was one of the few males to complain about the show bathrooms. Those Guys at Sigma no had the advantage on us during Rush he said. Their House is across the Street from the girls the mishap was blamed on the i handles being installed on the j wrong Side of the windows. Until they were turned around venetian blinds hastily put up by i school authorities protected the co eds from male eyes. Berserk servant wounds lady Derby Killstwo at the University of Tennessee As a result Janet who will i Bristol bands from big Stone Gap va., Norton va., and Jonesville. Va., will be among 26 High school bards of Southwest i Virginia and East Tennessee per-1 forming at half time of the pm a pc Rance will be sponsored by sawed in half. Ory and Henry Gulf Oral College the Kingsport citizens com instead of a Good morning Prescot England up As 19-year-old servant who went berserk with a Sten gun last night in the Home of the Earl of Derby Britain s wealthiest Young peer was charged today with the double murder of two fellow servants. Six foot Harold Winstanley a f Derby wife of the Earl and the Reb Earl s Valet. The Earl was at will speak for the gop a play Houdini wife Bess in the met. Tonal ticket at the civic Audi is knee deep in silk All three Drivers were advised of a Nhor 14 in irabblt3 Cal a ticks and a cab to renew licenses promptly and on 14. Hei a ii net in which she is scheduled to display them inside the cab. City judge Lacy West publicly the cab company owner est Footman on the 500-Man staff caped being fined by Knowsley Hall also slightly that he was not aware that his Drivers were operating on expired permits. The Drivers Drew fines and were ordered to renew their per mits which expired last dec. 31. A third Driver was Given a suspended Fine for failing to properly display his driving per Mcgrady installed at Sewanee today Sewanee or. Edward Mcgrady was to be installed formally Here today As the uni Lith tending a dinner in Liverpool at the time. Nearby i or. Mcgrady was named acting vice Chancellor in 1951, to succeed the late or. Alexander Guerry and was a police court today ordered elected by regents As vice Winstanley held for trial oct. Ast june. J football pal stadium night. At Bristol Munici-1 Here saturday for Eisenhower Nixon. Family service policy committee members of the newly elected family service p of icy committee for 1952 Are shown at their first meeting thursday. They Are left to right Edward Kane executive director a. D. Caldy president of the Board of directors Kenneth Umberger the Rev. Edwin e. White Herman Harrison mrs. H. N. Horsley mrs. Henry Childs. And mrs. W. E. Scribner. Korean peace looks Remote after breakdown of Panmunjom talks on or contractor is studying cuts by James Markov Washington korean peace looks Remote. Truce at Panmunjom have not officially ended but have broken Down. Peace efforts shift now to the u. N. General Assembly which opens oct. 14. The korean War. Beginning in june 1950, is now More than 27 months old. Truce talks be tween teams of u. N. And communist negotiators began 15 months ago. For the last six months the talks have bonded Down Over one question the Exchange of prisoners. There have been no real discussions at Panmunjom since mid july. The met More or less regularly every week just Long enough to say they had nothing new to say and declare another recess. On wednesday even the meetings themselves went into indefinite recess. This was at the demand 01 it. Gen. William k. Harrison jr., chief u. N. Negotiator. Pie bluntly told the communists the next move was up to them. He told them to accept the u. N. Proposal for settling the prisoner problem or make a constructive proposal of their the u. N. Says it will not Force any of its prisoners to return to China or North Korea if they Don t want to go. The communists take the opposite position that ail prison ers should be returned on both sides. Neither Side has been willing to Budge. While the talks limped on the fighting in Korea continued. This week reds attacked the u. N. Positions in the biggest communist offensive since May. 1951. This has not been regarded so far As the opening of a major communist offensive to i drive the u. N. Troops out of Korea. J Why the communists have i opened up this much now is not i Clear. It May be the result of decisions made Between the rus asians and chinese when the lat Ter visited Moscow for talks last summer. When Secretary of state ache son announced several aug there would be a full scale i debate in the u. A Assembly after it next week it was a. Change from the american government s previous position i until then Acheson had opposed u. N. Debate on Korea on the grounds that it might inter f Ere with the Panmunjom peace talks. That ceased to be a reason against u. N. Debate when for months it was Clear the Panmunjom talks had become a the u. S. And Russia will slug it out in the u. A. As usual. Rus Sia is sending Over a High pow ered delegation headed by its foreign minister Andrei Vishin sky. Week Acheson still deemed hopeful that a truce in Korea could be worked out. He a news conference we continue to believe that a humanitarian solution to the Pris Oner of War question can be found and that this can be done at i he made the statement the i same Day Gen. Harrison at Panmunjom called for an indefinite j recess in the truce talks. Sex teammates Nashville Tenn. Nea Fred Bilyeu Georgia fullback and rugged linebacker Chuck Newman of Vanderbilt played at i Cookeville Tenn., High school together. Knoxville prospective contractor for the University of Tennessee s atomic Hospital set out today to late the amount his bid would be j Cut by eliminating 52 items. University City and county a facials agreed at a meeting Torday that the 52 items which kiss Tony hands me a silk hat or some kind of magic Box and asks j me to examine it she moaned. I Don t want to examine it carefully. I want that Good morning the worst part of the whole thing says Janet is driving Back and Forth to the studio. Tony is so bugs on card tricks that he drives with Only one hand and manipulates cards the she explained. He says he wants to be Good. I la Settle if he just stays what s More. Tony refuses to leave his tricks at Home when they go out for an evening. He insists on trying them out on their friends and even getting other actors into his act. His enthusiasm is catching though. Now Janet wants to learn to make things disappear especially her husband s magic equipment. Rosemary Clooney May sing River but prefers Long hair Hollywood up Rose Mary Clooney who Rose to Fame singing bouncy swing tunes admits she s a traitor to the Jive cause when it comes to selecting records for her own phonograph. Her Choice for the Best re cording of All times comes from the ranks of the longhair. Rosemary picks Ibert s ports of Call As recorded by the san Francisco symphony orchestra As the top record of All time. It s mood music with a sort of 11 of tar and spices that Over a by on two murder charges after police sup William j. Wooff Testi fied the Footman had confessed shooting the two slain men. Wooff said lady Derby a sister commended for and Rogers matter into court. Other cases on docket included patrolman George investigating the citing the Drivers the morning three Public of the Earl Sondes was Mitchell Little Rock in Knowsley Hall one Chancellor the largest estates in the vice Chancellor is the oper about . Yesterday when rating head of the University. Winstanley entered the room with a Sten gun a machine car drunkenness charges. Fines of Bine capable of firing 550 rounds a minute. S20 were assessed in each Case. He fired a burst shots at greek parliament dissolved for vote lady Wooff said. She was hit in the neck by one Bullet last Soldier found Mandalay Burma a 30-year-old japanese Soldier de scribed is the last Straggler of remnants of the japanese occur but i am glad to say she was notation army was discovered Liv seriously ing with an aged i Walter Stallard Butler at Here. Athens Greece up the estate rushed into the room. Police brought the Man to a greek government resigned he heard the firing after he had been be another burst from the gun verely knifed by villagers during killed him. A third burst killed a quarrel Over a lottery prize. He National selections set for nov. Douglas Stewart an under but said he did the couple s farming 16. The outgoing Premier is Ler in the servants weaving Wood chopping Nicholas Plastiras. I Wooff said. And other Odd jobs. Day and parliament was solved in preparation for Dis. New . Gives you a Choice of two tires to fit your Winter driving conditions after the firm submits its re port the group will hold a preliminary meeting probably Early next week to draft a recommendation for the state build ing commission. The commission headed by gov. Gordon Browning is expected to Convene when Brown ing comes Here next Friday to speak at the dedication of the University s new business administration building. J Johnson Willard last tues iday submitted a Low base bid of for construction of the i317-bed Hospital which will con duct research with Short lived i radioisotopes from nearby Oak Ridge. Officials Hope the bid can be reduced by Bible read 72 times Pomona Calif. A 78 year old Pomona woman has read the Bible through 72 times. I with Good Luck and a Little More time mrs. Helen Burlin game Hopes to read the scrip Tures through As Many times As she is years old. It took mrs. Burlingame 10 years to catch up with a Baptist missionary whose record was 70 readings. She lies Down to study three to four chapters at a time usually twice a Day. In 48 years of continuous Bible Reading the California Wom an has worn out Only three bibles. Of swing the slow it s for me. Even in the Field music she goes for dreamy stuff. I her second Choice is Frank is i Nara s recording of in 1 Paris but she admits this plat Ter has sentimental As Well As musical value for her. I i m one of Frankie s original said the 24-year i old songbird. I third on Rosemary s list is stairway to the stars As Sung by Ella Fitzgerald whom she re Gards As the top popular woman j Singer. J i fourth position goes to an other classical selection Darius j Milhaud s be creation do Mon a composition that inspired George Gershwin but Rosemary makes a big switch for her fifth Choice and tabs Nat King Cole s Lush Tommy Dorsey s sunny Side of the Street occupies the sixth place but the rest of Rosemary s selections for the top 10 record Ings Are classical except Bing Crosby s que Sas which she puts in eighth place. Singing at Valley View Church Hill spa the j regular second sunday singing convention will be held at 1 Ley v new Baptist Church begin ining at . All singers Are invited to participate. As Low As 00 up t0 Down b. F. Goodrich mud Snow tires for deep Snow Steep snowy Hills and mud if you do much driving in deep Snow or Steep snowy Hills or on Muddy country roads the big mud Snow tire is for you. Impartial tests super Vised by the testing lab oratory prove it. They show that in deep Snow the big mud Snow tire gives up to 24% More pulling Power than regular tires Stop you 2596 faster. In mud it gives up to 25% More traction. B. F. Goodrich life Saver tube less tire for ice Light Snow and wet pavement if you live where deep Snow and mud Aren t serious problems the big life Saver is a year round tire that gives All the Protection you need. On roads made Slippery by rain ice or packed Snow it out Steps out pulls regular passenger car tires. Patented lining replaces inner tube protects against blowouts. A Gummy layer seals punctures. The life Saver gives More Protection than any tire and Blowout protecting inner tube. Yet it costs less 6 months to pay it s dangerous to drive on Slippery roads with old tires that have lost their grip. It s a nuisance to be caught a the first snowfall with no traction or stopping ability. Trade in your old smooth tires it s convenient to make a change for the better and while your tires still have Good Trade in value. Of Goodrich .Goodrich Center St. Phone 3530 results. Seven episcopal Bishops and or. Mcgrady s three sons were. To take part in the inaugural1 ceremonies. He was to be in stalled in office by Bishop r

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