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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 10, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonrise . New Moon oct. T8 prominent stars the pleiades rises . North it Jupiter. The twins near the Moon. Visible planets Venus now in South West at Sunset Jupiter rises . Wars Low in Southwest . Ail times Eastern Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 204 Kingsport term., Friday oct. 10, 1952 16 pages five cents the weaker Cloudy tonight warmer tomorrow. Yesterday s High 69, last night s Low 48, noon Reading 54. Rain .16 Inch. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re Roks Battle hand to hand miners strike hinted unless pay hike okayed wage Board Given wednesday deadline in walkout threat registration deadline for county hears mrs. Sue Carr Sullivan county registrar of voters has announced her office in the courthouse at Blountville will remain open until 4 . Satur Day to accommodate citizens who wish to Register. Only four Days Are left in which unregistered citizens May qualify for the coming elections. The registrar s of the bloody Hills of you be been wondering where the Mountain top Battle grounds of Korea constantly mentioned in the news Are located the newsman above spots them for you. It is against White horse Mountain and Arrowhead Ridge guarding the invasion route toward Seoul that the chinese communists launched their offensive their largest in 12 months. Aba fire insurance rates decrease Nashville Ivy Tennessee s Lings will be reduced by 12.5 per fire insurance rates will be re a cent to 55 per cent. Private barn diced an average of around 15 and outbuilding policyholders per cent nov. 3, insurance com will receive the highest reduce missioner m. O. Allen percentage Wise yesterday. I a the same time windstorm Allen said the reductions will i coverage will be increased by two bring net savings of nearly 2v2 cents per Allen pointed out million dollars annually to ten Nessee policyholders. However that windstorm insurance written last year carried the Basic rate for Brick dwell total premiums of Only Ings with approved roofs will be the state has authorized in reduced by two cents per creases totalling about a Worth of insured property. Year in rates on automobile Mutual insurance policies in ten Nessee. Allen said the approval per mits an increase of 30.4 per cent in rates on property damage pol Frame dwellings with approved roofs the reduction will be four cents. For dwellings without approved roofs the reduction will be about two cents higher but ices. Effective next Jan. 1. It because of the higher rates for permits an increase of 19.4 per the additional risk the percent cent in rates on bodily injury age reduction will not be much policies effective nov. 10. Different in most cases. I the increases he said Are in rates for other types of build Sec insurance Page 14 suit Willrest Beer ordinance distributing firm files chancery Bill Cash disappears on flight opera Miami. Fla. Thorough investigation was under Way to Day to determine How in Cash disappeared from a luxury a Bill to Tes the Airliner As it winged its Way laity of a part of Kingsport a from Miami to Lima Peru Beer ban ordinance has been puzzled officials of pan Ameri filed in chancery court. Can Grace airways Tanagra the complainant. Emory he Money might have been Jones representing Southern stolen in flight or while the four distributing co. Has charged engined dc6 stopped briefly at that the Kingsport ordinance and Guayaquil in route in conflict with the state Law in w r prohibiting the Possession of w. F. Lewis assistant treasurer of Tanagra who came Here Beer which is not for Sale with from new York to head the in the City. Vest ligation said there was also Gen. Ike claims it does dirty work for Adlai Eisenhower invades democratic Arizona after Calif. Visit with Eisenhower Dwight d. Eisenhower invaded Cincinnati Iff John l. Lewis was reliably reported today to be considering a nation wide Coal strike unless the govern a flee hours Are from 9 . In ment wage stabilization Board tin 4 approves the Union s recently negotiated pay boost by next wednesday. Cincinnati up the United mine workers today unanimously approved a Reso Lution favouring Federal control of tidelands Oil and voted Down a Resolution asking for socialized Medicine. The delegates also Defeated a Resolution to establish a Large daily labor news the delegates voted in favor of a Resolution calling for a lowering of the age require ments for Federal social Security benefits from 65 to 60. Lewis sent his chief Legal lieu i tenant. Welly Hopkins flying from the United mine workers Union convention Here to con Ifer today with the wage Board i in Washington. The problem it was under stood May complicate the cur rent political situation. Lewis who seemed to be on the verge of endorsing demo a cratic presidential nominee Lai Stevenson after apparently . Remember Yon can t vote unless you Are registered. The nov. 4 elec Tion the deadline is oct. 15. The office of the registrar of voters in the basement of the county court House in Blountville. You have never registered you must go in person. If you have registered before but have you May write mrs. Sue Carr registrar of voters court House Blountville giving name old and new address and old and new District. Fanatical reds take Peak but Are beaten off Savage close in fighting sweeps top of White horse it. Seoul Korea human sea of fanatical chinese reds pushed South korean soldiers off White horse Mountain to night but the Bone weary u. N. Troops scrambled right Back to the top and battled the reds hand to hand in a drenching rain. Seoul Korea reds battered their Way to the top of White horse Moun Tain again tonight and massed fresh troops within easy striking distance of the blood soaked Hill. Intelligence officers said the communists could commit two fresh divisions to Battle at any time. The wild broke off at 9 p. M. With the chinese in control. The South koreans hugged j the South slope 150 Yards from i the top. Earlier reports said a Hilltop Brawl swirled around the Peak in almost pitch darkness. Reds and South koreans fought it out with grenades Rifle Butts and bared bayonets. It was the seventh time today that Savage close in fighting has swept across the rubbed Crest j of the vital Peak. Truman registers to Harry s. Truman affixes his signature to Complete the procedure of registering to vote in Independence mo., for the coming election. Looking Over his shoulder is daughter Margaret who also registered. The president left his train at Kansas City so he could Stop off.1 and Register in the Jackson county courthouse. A wire photo Sullivan county citizens have Only four Days left to Register for the nov. 4 voting. The deadline is next wednes Day and to accommodate those who have not yet registered the registrar s office in Blountville will be held open until 4 . Saturday Arizona today with a charge that president Truman is doing gov. Adlai e. Stevenson s dirty work for him. He boarded a Campaign train for Phoenix last night after say ing that or. Truman was Mak ing political statements that Stevenson could not bring him self to the Republican presidential candidate told a cheering crowd of nearly persons in los Angeles that the president was acting As White House spokes Man for the democratic Nomi Nee. While a crowd of about stood outside a Jam packed auditorium in los Angeles listen ing to Eisenhower s speech Over loudspeakers the gop candidate told the audience inside that the president was going up and Down the land saying things i feel sure the administration candidate could not bring himself see Eisenhower Page 14 Harrow death toll in wreck now 107 Harrow England death toll in Britain s worst train wreck in 37 years reached 107 today and a third american was temporary injunction has j a possibility the Cash might have identified among the dead to Forl Vita i it it 111-1 c been granted by Chancellor misdirected ton Phillips enjoining the City the loss was Sun of Kingsport and its officers Day when the Airliner Al inter irom interfering with the americano landed at Lima the Possession and transportation new York office said a Beer from the complainants bag containing the Money was warehouse at 405 w. Main St. Ripped open. The company office on Johnson the last big loss of treasure in City Highway outside the City. I air transit occurred in Canada named As defendants in the last month. Gold weighing near Bill Are the City of Kingsport. July half a ton was stolen at the mayor e. C. Cross members Airport sept. 24. It was the Board of mayor and Worth about but men. And John Martin safety dil would have brought More than on the u. S. Market. Rector. Filed under the declaratory judgment act the Bill seeks to have the rights of the complainant determined As to the Kingsport ordinance. The Kingsport ordinance which became effective june 30, i makes it unlawful for any per i son firm or corporation to trans Miami Beach port sell store distribute or re Enne Martha Raye spent a Good chive or possess for Sale after being stricken with manufacture Beer severe intestinal attack St. The City of Kingsport unless per Francis Hospital authorities said comedienne Martha i Raye is improved officials announced the death toll from wednesday s triple train crash was 107, and said 87 of the injured still were in hospitals some in critical condition. Salvage Crews were masked with medicated Gauze to prevent possible infection As they gathered crushed remains from beneath a huge engine. Rescue workers said More bodies May be entombed beneath the wreckage. Scotland Yard identified mrs. Agnes Swaine of Flint. Mich., As one of the dead. Previously two other americans had been identified As Rosetta Law 56, Green Island. N. Y., land airman Donald Woodall. Of j new Jersey. Woodall s British wife also was killed. See Beer Page 14 1952 polio epidemic is worst on record today. The famed entertainer s Condi Tion was listed As satisfactory today. She was first reported critically ill when rushed Here from Jamaica and her first Vaca Tion in several years. Revised Bible Mayst right at Church meet lutheran commission would keep old ten synods approve new Seattle in delegates to the 18th biennial session of the random s largest Church he South koreans pointed today to what is sex had one simple Rule for fighting petted to be the most control in the dark if they Felt a shaved Hersial session of their week head in the hand to hand fish Long acceptance ing they knew it must belong to to inn if who Cah for a i. It Adlai defends Security plans a ,1 of i Oklahoma City j an Appeal tonight to Southern ram started just aft-1 Adlai e. Stevenson turned his ers openly rebellious against the or dark. It soaked the wearied soldiers who have been fighting continuously More than four Days. A front line officer said it was so dark on the Crest that the Republic of Korea troops had to Grope their Way Forward to close with the reds. The past three National was holding up any Flat endorse ment until he sees How the democratic administration handles his wage Case. See miners Page 14 France rejects . Aid View would use american Money in own Way Paris up Premier Antoine Minav has refused to the decision of j their attack from a line about american suggestions on joint commission on the 100 Yards below the Crest at France should spend an expect j Liturgy which has submitted air. M. They apparently ran de in american strongly urging retention Headon into the chinese who the embassy disclosed to iof the James version. Were pushing their Way slowly Campaign southward today with the prediction that Russia May abandon its aggressive policies because american sponsored collective Security has worked so but the democratic presiden tial nominee cautioned in an address prepared for a City auditorium rally Here that the United states must be on guard against trickery in any soviet attempt to substitute Honey for vinegar. Cd Mese that was a11 thei and he declared that even the Ard version of the Bible. Identification they wanted. The matter is expected to the officer said the from the w1itop altered if the republicans say this is to talk Tough while in november and proceed simultaneously weaken our i Chance he now sees for Long run Only gains toward peace might All be democratic ticket Stevenson fired heavy artillery Here against Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower on what the Illinois governor called the principal issues of the presidential Campaign peace and Prosperity. He said if there is any weak ening of american defense and foreign assistance programs the Kremlin can change its signals quickly. We All know in our Bones that it is dangerous to talk Tough unless we Are ready to act he declared. The new Republican and i am sorry to and the moans of the do what they say they will in America s 34 synods asking because of the dark of the new Bible Ness the big guns of both sides were silent. Heading for new Orleans and translation. The action of the 10 synods is the South koreans launched the Liturgy committee is com Forward. An embassy spokesman said posed of members representing the Roks stormed Back to Pinky angrily handed Back of the National la the Crest less than two hours ambassador James c. Dunn Council. It has been asked see War Page 14 written summary of washing ton s views on Best use of the projected Aid funds and asked him to return it to the state department. The Premier told Dunn that the american views on How France should use the Money were contrary to the whole spirit and purpose of the North at lactic treaty Alliance and the common defense build up pro Gram. The Exchange occurred when Dunn called on Pinky last week to answer France s request Aid funds be boosted to during the fiscal year ending next june 30. Dunn gave Pinky a Long Oral explanation of Why the u. S. Could not meet the French re quest in entirety then handed him a summary review of Washington s views on How the Money which would be granted should be spent. In Washington officials vigorously denied that the United states had attempted to inter Fere in internal French affairs. To prepare a Liturgy to be used by the majority of lutherans in the United states and Canada synods joining in the request i for use of the new version were Illinois. Kentucky Tennessee Michigan Midwest new Jersey new York Pacific Rocky Mountain and Virginia. Picayune miss. Up ten their requests made no argue air Force officers and men bailed ments in favor of the change. Out of a burning b-29 Over near plane lands safely after 10 men jump the commission on Liturgy in summing up some of its arguments against the new version of the Bible said it would be highly unwise to give premature approval to the liturgical use of a version of the which the Church has not yet had Opportunity to Meas ure the full it said also that it would be by Mcneill late yesterday Al though the crippled plane later made a Safe Landing at new or leans. It. Col. R. C. Hale senior instructor aboard the Craft said the Pilot ordered him and nine others to jump when the plane s no. 4 engine caught fire at feet. It was on a routine train ing flight from Randolph air Mccarthy will give on Stevenson Saginaw Mich. Up sen Joseph r. Mccarthy says he will give his documentation on gov. Adlai Stevenson Over a nation wide radio and television Hook up oct. 27, i will make the address re the Wisconsin re publican said Here but i Don t any Good Loyal democrats to ask after my speech How did we let Stevenson in As our can Mccarthy had said previously if the american people want Stevenson after i make my documentation they can have him. But i Don t think they defences and alliances. See Stevenson Page 14 highly inconsistent with the con i Force base at san Antonio Tex. Serva Tive principles of lutheran All the airmen landed safely ism for our Church to venture although several had to be Cut where other churches without Down from Trees. Residents of our tradition have been unwilling Mcneill rounded them up and fed to go. Them. The delegates scheduled morn i in new Orleans it was Learned ing session devoted to exploring the fire later went out and the russians say plane outside of corridor wreck victim s condition poor Howard Thompson 38, Church Hill route 4, was reported in poor condition Friday at hol Ston Valley Community Hospital from injuries received when a Florist delivery truck he was driving crashed into the Side of a Bridge on Knoxville Highway thursday. The Accident occurred just West of the intersection of Sawmill hollow Road at p Iju Thompson a Driver for Backer Brothers shop 201 East Charle Mont Street was admitted Holston Valley Community Pital with undetermined and other injuries. The sole occupant of the livery truck Thompson was conscious when an ambulance Driver arrived at the scene and the Tennessee Highway Pat rpm said the cause of the accede Jet was not immediately determined residents near the scene Sifis tit. _. They believed he swerved to Berlin up the russians avoid with have charged that an american Trai t k see Bible Page 14 plane landed safely. The 36-year-old miss Raye was doctor s report of successful use in have had a baby or have be Kocir mkt flown to Miami where an birth control pills in humans come pregnant after they and York National j balance met the plane and has elicited varying reactions their husbands quit taking the foundation for infantile paraly-1 rushed her to the Hospital. From prominent clergymen of the pills. Sis says this year s polio epidemic i or. Ralph Robbins who Catholic and methodist the Rev. Francis j. Connell a which has passed its Peak now treated the Lusty lunged Star for stands As the nation s worst onil7 years said she was critically report of birth control pills draws varying Church reactions Washington Boston sterility. He said 220 of the worn i differs from any other Means of eral use of this anti Fertility Lac record. Churches. Redempto Rist priest and Dean of unnatural he Tor is said. Declaring the substance Bishop g. Bromley promises Safe and controllable Bishop of the Washington d. He said it can be Tak area of the methodist churchmen indefinitely without toxic also asked to comment effects or permanent new in the week ended oct. 4, the quire an operation foundation said last night the he said she reported painful total for 1952 numbers abdominal pains to the House More than reported in j doctor at the hotel in Kingston All of 1949, the worst previous Jamaica where she went for her Vear i first vacation in five or six but last week s new Case years.1 or. Benjamin Sieve reported theology at the Catholic it is in Accord with the of on her arrival and a be the technical journal science University of America was asked j Law to plan properly for the the pills must be taken for 10 intestinal attack might re yesterday that 298 married Cou to comment on the report. He i coming of children. This Discov-1 consecutive Days before their experienced Complete declared any use of such pills Ery May enable mothers to space j anti Fertility action becomes of Lack of Fertility during periods with the direct intent of pre their children with due regard j festive. They must be taken con ranging from three to 30 months venting Conception would be a for health education and serv 1 tenuously thereafter to assure while taking the pills at break fast and that some Are still taking them. But the Boston researcher pm the foundation said represents a she decided to return Here to Pha sized that the 9 per cent drop from the previous be hospitalized under my piously used to control bleeding violation of the divine Law to society. The discovery of Fertility. Or. Sieve added second decline Robbins. this is because a substance j taken orally with the direct in not produce permanent tent to prevent birth in no Way affects birth according Toto be commended not con Catholic interpretation of or. Sieve while reporting preliminary Success stressed that much More clinical data must be accumulated before the Gen Fertility can be restored merely by omitting Che drug for a 48 hour the drug is called phosphor lated see pills Page 14 two soviet Mig-15 Jet fighters f _. Fired warning shots near it Thompson was reported drive wednesday the East German the direction of Church news Agency adn said today. Ill. The front of his truck was the Agency said the russians Vertu any demolished. Rejected an american a passing Motorist said the against interference with the j Florist truck struck the Bridge. Mercy plane which was not hit by the fighter bullets and landed safely. According to adn maj. Gen. N. M. Trusov soviet occupation army chief of staff sent the americans a counter protest charging that the plane flew outside of the corridor for 55 minutes and demanding that the Crew members be punished. The u. S. Air Force had announced that the Hospital plane in route to Berlin from West Germany to pick up patients was in the air corridor when the russian fighters attacked 90 Miles Southwest of Berlin. Trusov according to the Agency said the plane was at least 19 Miles outside of the 20-mile wide corridor which is prescribed under a four Power agreement. The american air plane ignored the order of the soviet air Craft to land and attempted to hide in the the Agency quoted Trusov As saying. Bounced Back overturned and burst into flames. The wreck scene is in the mount Carmel Section just West of Westridge addition. The Short Bridge spans a Small Stream that runs beside the Sawmill hollow Road and crosses under the Highway. So lunar tables rhe fun edit 01 Soi Unar period i printed below Nas been taken from John Alden Knight s so lunar tables plan your Days so Fiat you will be fish my to Good Teth Orv or minting in Good cover during these times if Vou wish to find the Best sport that each Day bus to offer. The major periods Are shown in boldface Type these begin at the times town and last Lor an Nour and half or two hours thereafter the minor periods shown in regular Type Fie at r duration october Dau Day . . Minor major 10 Friday 11 saturday 13 sunday 1-00 Lake stages Watauga Lake level Friday. 1.m3.1 feet Cherokee. S. Holson 1.6s0.4

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