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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 742 51 do you believe in the slogan if you drink Don t drive if you drive Don t Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 202 Kingsport term., Friday oct. 9, 1953 12 pages five cents the weather partly Cloudy tonight Low in Middle 50s. Some cloudiness sat urday and sunday. Yesterday s High 70, last night s Low 36, noon Reading 62. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re sure. James Mitchell is named new labor Secretary asst. Sec. Of army labor expert takes Over Durkin s Post Washington p. Ike says soviet could rain atomic bombs on. U. S. Halts squabbling Over a bombs Washington on squabbling Over Russia s ability j a bomb program. The soviet to produce a bombs was abruptly silenced today by a Blunt statement from president Eisen Hower which emphasized that the soviets already have enough Ordinary a bombs to rain destruction on american cities. Mitchell 52-year-old new informed sources said the sey Republican who says he s chief purpose of or. Eisenhowe within the past few Days the Public had heard differing appraisals of the status of soviet a bomb development. Defense Secretary Charles e. Wilson said the time when rus Sia can wage a bomb warfare is about three years away. Chairman w. Sterling Cole of neither a plumber nor a Mil Jer s remarks at a news Confer the congressional atomic Energy joins president Eisen hence thursday was to Rescue j committee said the time is in Hower s Cabinet today As the that essential fact from the Wel new Secretary of labor. The swearing in ceremony was scheduled in Eisenhower s office just ahead of a meeting of the Lull Cabinet. The president announced yesterday his Choice of Mitchell assistant Secretary of the army and former new York City department store executive for the administration s top labor Post. Up writer Lyle Wilson yesterday reported the Secretary of labor Post was All but con finned for Harold e. Stassen. Wilson admitted today that his report was Mitchell succeeds Martin p. Durkin a Democrat who quit a month ago and went Back to his Job As Al plumbers Union pres ident. Durkin complained that Eisenhower had broken a recommend to Congress a set of 19 proposed amendments to the Taft Hartley labor relations Law. Eisenhower later said he had never knowingly broken a prom ise to any associate. While Durkin was in the Cabi net administration critics claimed it was composed entirely of millionaires except for one plumber Durkin. Mitchell declined to discuss the Taft Hartley controversy with newsmen. Eisenhower praised Mitchell s ability and Long experience in Ter of confusion generated by conflicting High level pro both yugoslavs italians protest Trieste actions civil defense administrator Peterson and defense Mobil America urged to ease policy save armistice Italy prepares to take Over zone a Tito denounces move Rome up United nations n. Y. Up and France feared to Day plans for the korean peace conference might collapse and reports said the two countries had urged the United states to make concessions to save it. The two nations took the position that the United states should soften its policy against Italy rushed. Inviting India and other Neu Theiu. S. To Tell the reds the 1. Either that an ing on inviting asians to join handling labor relations prob j the United states and Britain lems. Mitchell himself prom-1 thursday they will withdraw preparations today to return to trials to the conference. Trieste while both italians and specifically this country s Al yugoslavs demonstrated angrily j lies were said to be urging the and threatened riots Over Anglo american action on free territory. Belgrade Yugoslavia 7p handed Britain and the United states a for Mal note tonight denouncing As an unjust and dangerous act the decision to turn Over part of Trieste to Italy. Neither Side was completely Happy Over announcement by the conference might be reached Day. At preliminary direct talks pro posed by the to. S. 2. Or that the Issue of inviting the asians could be taken up at the conference itself As u. Mat Ter of High priority. In diplomats held Little Hope that the fourth american Mes Sage to piping made Public thursday reflected enough u. S. Flexibility to induce the reds to ised to try to the Best of occupation troops from to face to face talks on ability to do the Best possible j Trieste and turn zone a Over to j disputed arrangements for the Italy. Both Italy and Yugoslavia the selection was generally want the whole territory acclaimed by republicans and As italian Premier Giuseppe democrats leaders. And by some Union gambling count dismissed Here defendant had both Grid ticket stub r a gambling charge against a Kingsport Man was dismissed in City court Friday when it Del eloped that the defendant had not Only a football ticket but its stub in his Possession. Judge Lacy West held that the Man could not have been Gam bling with himself and ordered the Case dismissed. A second charge of possessing1 zones. Devices for gambling against the Man was continued to next tuesday. The defendant was fined Fri Day on additional charges brought against him. He was fined s20 on a plea of guilty to Public drunkenness and for possessing whisky. Officers testified that the Man was Arres de twice last saturday first time in a poolroom on a search warrant that morn ing the second time in the afternoon when publicly drunk. Testimony of officers showed that the stub of a marked foot Ball ticket was found on the Man when arrested at the poolroom. Later in the Day another officer found the remainder of the ticket on the Man after he had been arrested for Public drunk enness. Patrolman Hal Crumley said he arrested the Man at a store on Broad Street when a crowd gathered around a woman who had fainted. Crumley said he noticed the defendant was drunk when the Man rushed up and tried to revive the woman. After he had placed the Man see City court Page 5 Dolan tax Case sent to Greeneville court Nashville Federal judge Elmer Davies yesterday transferred an income tax Eva Sion Case against Robert Lee do Lan of Kingsport to the Eastern District court at Greeneville. Dolan was charged with fail ing to file a return. This was the second such Case transferred in As Many Days on motion of defense attorneys. It is one of 10 tax cases involved in Transfer disagreements among Pella called in his Cabinet to discuss the crisis there were these developments elsewhere Belgrade president Tito de far East meeting. See truce Page 5 engineers build Izer Arthur s. Fleming contributed to the confusion with Dif Fering appraisals of their own. A Fleet of bombers big enough to deliver them. Instead he stressed that the soviets now and have tested an a bomb. Or. Eisenhower quickly stepped i possess a stockpile of atomic in to halt the controversy. He weapons of conventional announced that he has asked All members of this administration to refrain from comment on soviet nuclear capabilities unless they first Check their state Flanders it praised or. Eisenhower for silencing the a bomb dispute. But democratic sen. Estes Kefauver Tenn said or. Eisen Hower had failed to touch on he thus drove Home a Point j a vital Point in the dispute. He which atomic experts and civil noted that Cole has urged a defense officials have Long tried to eight or 10 ments with the chairman Lewis a bombs of the Type Russia Al l. Strauss of the atomic ener ready possesses can destroy a by City As completely As one of the the president did not offer a dread Hydrogen super bombs forecast on when Russia will Republican Sens. Homer Fer have a stockpile of a bombs Mich and Ralph e. Hope new polio vaccine is Way to end disease thousands of children to be vaccinated soon in scientific tests new York Tennessee puts temporary ban on All Hunting Nashville up the state game and fish commission thursday issued an order temporarily ending All Hunting in Tennessee effective Midnight last night because of Forest fire hazards. The Hunting ban which will remain in effect until there is sufficient rainfall to relieve the fire danger will affect Squirrel increase in spending on Continental defences to meet the soviet atomic threat while Wilson has indicated that the administration will not seek More than a in crease for radar fences interceptor bases and the like. some angles of Tva alarming Clement persuasive and he Learned things in Pairley Ike says Washington Eisenhower says he listened carefully and Learned some things about the Tennessee Ley authority at his meeting with gov. Frank Clement Here yesterday. But this does t mean he agreed in detail with the ten Nessee governor the president i my told newsmen later Cine disclosed new tests with authorized such an or Eisenhower described Clement 474 children and adults that in Der officials deemed it Neces As very persuasive in presenting experimental vaccine which its scientific Developer and Finan Cial Backer Hopes will abolish polio it was made known to if still in effect after oct. 15, the order will Cut into the Sec Ond portion of the Dove season and the opening of Coon and in Miami or. Jonas e. Salk scientific father of the earlier this week the com sary. State forester Carl Peterson the three Tennessee. Federal judges in judge Davies has said the tax cases should be tried nearest the residence of the defendant. The other judges have refused to accept the cases on grounds they lacked venue. Lid leu j. w11.l 11gvc1 us reconciled to the rat an action. Crowds of f Iff j 2.000 and 3.000 persons started before u. S. And British installations severely to pcs information centers of both countries and breaking get started soon in the embassies thursday the duty guard at the Korea. Embassy was hit by a Stone volunteers joined Ameri fore armed police dispersed engineers today in erecting for red brain Wash Trieste an uneasy Calm pre ers to use in interviewing failed but authorities braced for 500 anti communist possible outbreaks of violence. With the of the american civilians were warned troops the engineers to stay off streets As the Over j the project could be finished whelming italian population demonstrated against the United command Ern decision. Yugoslav the services of the in ties closed roads Between the who Are guarding nil War but refused to permit labourers to work on n i n Sites. Pm d bad v Gen. K. S. Thimayya will Law j of the Neutral a a t ii i repatriation commission at rail k ranch asked the unc to Complete i i of structures by Satur brie. Gen. A. L. Hamblen. A 5-year-old fall Branch girl n. Repatriation chief was critically burned Early Fri Thimayya the proposal Day morning when her clothing j be caught fire at an open the communists Are willing Holston Valley Community use the temporary huts the Pital attendants explanations to the child sue Hawkins could Start monday. 1, fall Branch was brought structures Are not the Hospital at a. To be completed before tenants said she suffered wednesday if the around Ond and third degree Burns working schedule is 80 per cent of the body her condition was reported United nations meanwhile very critical at 2 anti communist prison her Mother mrs. Against escaping from the Mullins 29, suffered Burns of Indian troops de both hands when she any such attempts would to put out the Blaze. Mrs. The loss of Many lives. Lins said the Little girl Gen. A. L. Hamblen sen standing in front of the u. N. Repatriation officer fireplace when her clothing an open letter to the radar Speed beams from your car show on a dial can land you in editor s note sport this Eric beams Are sent on Down the on speeding motorists. The from your car and then lowing article explains How these electronic fad rets to the squad car. The Meas by Barman w. Miles per hour Are record Washington a new enemy of speeders on the nation s highways these Days is on a dial. And if you happen to be violating the Speed Law you could wind up i court or in the said that in his Opin j. Edward Johnston most Drivers Are Safe drive manager for the american Mobile association told me he added there the sneak caterer statistics to show that 70 per it seems there is a of car operators Are Violat electrical device set up along 50 per cent of the rules of Road. There Are receiving limits. That s bad enough and sending actually the slow Driver who say you Are driving Down keep up with the flow of Johnston said. Is More of a menace than Hind you is a police car inside fast which is a Detector on a radar Page 5 dictated further its Complete safety and effectiveness. Here in new York the National foun Dation for infantile paralysis said 123 fires were reported in the financial Backer a knowl ithe state last week. The average edged that it was planning swept nine acres with hundreds of thousands of children within three or four months. J the medical advisory committees of the for each just completed a closed four Ciao con f Terence at White Sulphur Springs a va., where plans were made for the scientific tests on a mass scale. I the vaccine should not be confused with Gamma Stit ution to prevent which is designed merely Toj can Colony. His briefing on Tva. Nevertheless a added he still considered who favored the Bunting ban some features of the Public Power development alarming from the viewpoint of his political i philosophy. Britain. Lifts Guiana charter to curb reds London colonial office announced officially today that Britain is suspending British Guiana s six month old con communist subversion in the South Ameri near Hurricane tropical storm hits in Florida Gale winds stinging rain uproot Trees flood streets roads Miami Fla. Winds and stinging rain lashed a wide area of Florida today As a trop ical storm barely under Hurri Cane Force crossed the coast line near fort Myers. Cecil Gentry forecaster in the weather Bureau s storm warn ing service said the Center be Gan to Cross the Gulf coast in the Vicinity of Punta Gorda at noon est. George e. Larkin editor of i the Punta Gorda Herald said Trees were being uprooted streets were flooded electric Power failed and the Strong wind increasing at noon. Punta Gorda is a famed re sort area on Charlotte Harbor noted for its big game fishing principally for Tarpon and Hunting. Fort Myers reported gusts to 62 Miles an hour. At Coconut a Community South of fort my ers a handful of residents moved out in their cars because of High water. On the Tamami Trail in the Bonita Springs Estero area the Highway was Hubcap deep in water and the state Highway department staked the Road to prevent venturesome Drivers from wandering off it. Water from the Gulf of mex Ico driven by lashing gales Cov ered fort Myers Beach 15 Miles West of the City. The Beach is on an Island but the sheriff s office said the water was not deep. There was More fear of rain in the waterlogged Florida pen insula than of the blustery squalls and gales sweeping Over the land. Army engineers around Lake Okeechobee went on a Hurricane Alert but made it Clear that their greatest concern was of floods. The Miami area Felt the lash of 50-mile gales through the morning and storm flags flew Over the entire Peninsula including Lake Okeechobee. And Southwest storm warnings were displayed from key West to Melbourne along the Atlantic coast and to Tampa on the minimize the effects of British gov. Sir Alfred Savage removed portfolios of the minis j Gulf coast. North of Melbourne the vaccine if successful would ters of the people s progressive party now in Power in British to All intents and purposes pre-1 vent it. Everyone involved has supreme Confidence in the Cine. The fear is that Public get out of hand a truly scientific Tennessee boy tells wild tale says three men held him captive 13 Days Tallahassee Fla. Teen aged Tennessee boy faced preceded by an intense Public a lie Detector test today unless reaction will and make testing of its effectiveness As a polio preventive impossible. If the Public demands vaccination for every child and organizes pressures to get it Many years will pass before anyone can know whether the vaccine is the answer to polio. The mass vaccinations will be education Campaign. To mean anything mass vaccinations will have to have Many children who Are not vaccinated As those who Are. The vaccinations will have to be made during the time of the january february and March when there is the least polio in the Community. The next step in this purely scientific testing is to await the polio the incidence of polio among those vaccinated will be the test. 3 dead 1 wounded in 2 Tenn. Gun fights Knoxville Florida truck Driver and a Knoxville restaurant manager killed each other in a gun fight thursday night. Dead were Carl Vickery 51, Knoxville and Roscoe Arnold 43, Lake Wales Fla. Police pieced together this Story of the Duel from witnesses Arnold created a disturbance in the cafe wednesday night and was thrown out. He returned last night apologized to Vickery then departed. A few minutes later he re turned shouted you re the Guy i be been looking and fired three times striking the restau rant manager in the legs and stomach. Vickery opened fire with a .38 Caliper pistol shooting Arnold through the head and Side. In Fayetteville yesterday a blazing pistol Duel on the Public Square left a prominent attorney dead and his father in Law seriously wounded. Day Sugg 40, was struck in the Chest by three bullets and died on the spot yesterday. Hoyle Yearwood 60, father of Sugg s estranged wife was re ported in serious condition with two Bullet wounds in the Shoul in the neck and another in the jaw. He can straighten out his strange Story of 13 Days of Captivity in three states. Calvin Thomas 14, calmly told police Here last night of three neatly dressed men who he said abducted him in Nashville and then guarded him until he escaped Early yesterday. If the boy s Story does t straighten out when we talk it Over with him and his father we will go to Jacksonville and try the lie Leon county Deputy sheriff j. R. Monk said. Or. And mrs. Chester Thomas the boy s parents were to arrive Here from Nashville some time today. Calvin disappeared sept. 25. He told officers the Trio pushed him into their car took his Bill fold containing about and sped out of town. He said they warned him not to try to escape but he slipped out of an apartment Here when left alone for a Brief period. He was unable to locate the apartment and did not know the identities of the three men he said. The boy s Story May not ring right income ways but we can t just sit Down on said police chief Frank Stoutamire. He added that the Fri had been asked to investigate. Adenauer is re elected West German Chancellor Bonn Germany Germany s parliament approved rearmament european federa Tion and close cooperation with the United states today by re electing Konrad Adenauer As Chancellor. The bundestag lower House chose Adenauer to guide the nation s destiny for four More years by a 304-148 vote. Four teen deputies abstained and 21 were absent. Adenauer s Christian demo cratic Union won a record breaking 45 per cent of the popular vote in West Germany s sept. 6 elections. The announcement said. The colonial office said Brit Ain quite satisfied that the party was completely controlled by a communist clique and declared the Constitution had to be suspended to prevent a dangerous crisis Landing of troops and Revok ing of the Constitution were Nec Essary to prevent the Colony from being turned into a subordinate to Moscow which could use it for extending communist influence in the Western Hemi sphere. It has become Clear to her majesty s government that the ministers have no intention of making the Constitution work that on the contrary their sole object is to seize control of the whole life of the territory and run it on totalitarian the colonial office said. T h r formal announcement singled out leftist Premier Ched i Jagan and his american born wife Janet for criticism and said their next attempt to demonstrate their Power might have been disastrous to the the statement said the government s action shortly will be Laid before the British Parlia ment. A commission of inquiry will look into the political situation and recommend revisions for a new Constitution the statement said. Tough Welch Fusiliers and Royal marines stood guard in today but tension eased. To Fernandina and North of Tarn a to Cedar key Northeast storm warnings were flying. An advisory on the storm named Hazel for the eighth let Ter of the alphabet said that at 11 a. M., est its Center was Only 25 Miles Northwest of fort Myers colourful Palm dotted re sort City on the lower Gulf coast where Thomas a. Edison once had his Winter Home and Laboratory. An unexpected St Pup in its Forward Speed during the night probably prevented the storm from reaching full Hurricane Force of 75 Miles an hour. Army will presume most missing dead Washington de sense department that most of the nearly Amer ican servicemen listed As miss ing in Korea must eventually be presumed while adhering strictly to its Rule that no Man is reported dead without reasonably conclusive the department said yesterday it holds Little Hope that any great number of them will be found alive. Pentagon officials said Bat the conditions made it impossible to recover and identify Many of the killed in Korea listed As missing army 671 air Force 493 marines 78 Navy. New safety rules revised soft Coal code endorsed by us a mine operators is issued Washington of the Interior Mckay thursday issued a revised safety code for soft Coal mines. He said it has been endorsed and accepted by the United mine workers and the bituminous Coal operators association. The code supplements but does not supplant the Federal Coal mine safety act of 1952. It contains no punitive enforcement provisions but the Union and the operators agree in wage con tracts to abide by it. Director j. J. Forbes of the Bureau of mines said in a state ment that More than a year of study with and mine Many conferences management and labor representatives had resulted in the revised code the first revision since 1948. The Bureau listed As among the More important changes those dealing with roof control and one designed to eliminate the use of Black blasting powder in underground operations. The 1946 code made no men Tion of roof bolting a new method of preventing accidents front falling Coal and Rock. This technique involves drilling holes in mine roofs and inserting expandable steel bolts to tie layers of roof Rock together. The new code says that before roof bolting is adopted instead of conventional timbering As a sole Means of support its effectiveness must be proved by sex Peri mental installations in rooms or Back entries where there is Likely to be Little travel. See mine safety Page 5 Thomas John Marsh accused of the actual killing in the Greenlease Kidnap Case by the two persons already in in custody was the subject of nationwide manhunt today. A photo of Carl Austin Hall Leader in the plot published thursday by the Kingsport times was erroneously identified by the associated press As Marsh. A photo two kidnappers arraigned lad s funeral is held Hall mrs. Heady waive hearing cops watching for Marsh Kansas City of funeral services were held for slain 6 year old Bobby Greenlease today at the same hour As his kid Napers manacled together were arraigned in St. Louis on Federal extortion charges. The Kingsport Highway patrol station reported shortly before noon that it had received an Alert from the Vir Ginia state police a person resembling Thomas John Marsh had been seen in the Abingdon area. Tennessee patrolmen were reported Check ing traffic in the Bristol Sec Tion. Charles Austin Hall 37, and mrs. Bonnie Brown Heady 41, were ordered held on bail each on a Federal extortion charge pending determination of the next step in their Case. They waived preliminary hearing. The Justice department announced in Washington yester Day that the state of Missouri would be Given jurisdiction in the Case since it appeared no state lines had been crossed by the kidnappers. Missouri has the death penalty for both murder and kidnapping. As the grim proceedings were taking place before u. S. Com missioner Edwin j. Bean of St. Louis services were conducted for the murdered child in St. Agnes Catholic Church in sub Urban Johnson county. Kan. About 100 close friends of the family attended a silent prayer service at a funeral Chapel after which a requiem High mass was conducted at St. Agnes Catholic Church. During the mass of the an Geles usually said for children the doors of the Stone Church remained open. An overflow crowd of about 750 persons stood outside silent with Heads bowed in prayer. Shortly before the mass at the Church 45 pupils from Bobby s school the French Institute of notre Dame de Sion filed into the Chapel in pairs. It was from this school that mrs. Heady lured the boy sep tember 28. He was slain before the Ransom was paid by the child s father Robert c. Greenlease wealthy Kansas City motor car dealer. No decision has been announced on whether Hall and mrs. Heady would be tried on kidnapping charges in St. Joseph. After the arraignment the pair was returned temporarily to the St. Louis City jail. Officials de see Kidnap Page 5 so lunar tables the schedule at Solenir i Nodi. H printed below has been taken from John Alden enl cafe Solnar tables plan your jays so tint you will be Flash inc to Rood territory or ouf Tunc in Tood error during these times if Yon win i find the but wort that neb Day Lue to of for the Mator periods Showa in Ace Type. At the Yurati atom and last for an Bour and a half or two Boura thereafter the id nor Bertoda. Shown in Reg Viar Troe. Are of Home Wpm Shorter duration. Date Day oct. Friday 10 saturday 11 sunday after Malar Lake stages Watauga Lake level thursday. 13.1 feet Low Cherokee 44.3 feet Low s. Holitza w.4 feet Low Boone .6 feet Law. Today s skies unmet Moonset , first Quarter thursday prominent stars Algol. Low la North East . Arcto Roe. Aita a. Be planets jumper. Leei . Mar., Alaei Venu rises . All times Eastern

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