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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee22 thursday oct. 9, 1952 Kingsport times Kentucky news Hazard than but teachers were expected to at tend the two Day 34th annual meeting of the upper Kentucky tin l run i paralysed woman pays her Way Board i River education association convention Here today. Lexington Mem a Bers of the Kentucky chamber of Commerce Industrial develop ment tour visited Here yester Day. They were to visit plants at Georgetown Cynthiana and Paris today. Fulton Esti mated by fire chief w. T. Daw son at was caused by by Preston Grover Isle of Levant. France in this Mediterranean nudist Colony is Fine for the soul and hard on the feet. The Island lies .10 Miles off France opposite the summer vacation spot of be Lavandor. Took a boat ride Over. You do see nudists. As the boat comes in to the Small Dock the nudists come running out by Joe Mcdavid ii staff correspondent Ripley Tenn. Plump brother and a Cousin. She taught herself to draw through a Home study commercial Art course. Young woman who tries to hide her father sold a mule to help behind a smile the fact that for the course. Fire which destroyed two among the Trees and rocks buildings in the business District Early yesterday. The two Story buildings housed offices and stores. Firemen from Mayfield ky., and Martin and Union City Tenn., assisted in battling the Blaze. Lexington the East and help the passengers ashore a Bis Brown male nude gave me a Friendly hand across the Gap Between the boat and the wharf. The men Are More nude than the women. The children Are Nudest of spanking nude. The men Wear a covering about the size of a folded pocket handkerchief say five or six inches Square. It seems to be enough. Some women Wear Hal ters but most let then breasts enjoy the Fine Cooling touch of the sea breezes and the warm f in Silvat forts will be made to Settle in Wear about the smallest Bath suit you Ever saw. One Young Lassie of about 24 Ern Kentucky optometric society will hold its 20th annual meeting Here sunday and Mon Day. Paducah no More of strike at the Magna Vox company Plant until the company or the Cio International Union of electrical workers indicate a Wiy almost completely paralysed has escaped into a world of Art through her nimble fingers. But for Gencie Bell Cox 30, it is More than Mere escape from the confined horizons of her life. She s at her drawing Board six Days a week making Finger Gencie entered her Early work in the International Latham foundation poster contest and it was selected for permanent exhibition in Minneapolis new York and on the West coast. One failure but Gencie Felt she must find sketches that earn for her up Toj some Way to help pay her own s72. She asked Earnest Gullett the seventh Day she rests to a vocational rehabilitation noun recover from the Strain of a Selor. To try and find some Job rare Type of muscular could do at Home. Gullett that left her an invalid at the urged Snyder to try age of 9. Gencie has to be placed at the drawing Board and she must concentrate to remain balanced in her chair but once at the drawing Board her deft and sure fingers re create the maj esty of historic churches and landmarks for Transfer to plates. Excellent artist if the paper slides Over too far or her Pencil Falls from her hand Gencie has to Call on her parents to get her fixed vote shirker Alibi ote shirker s Alibi vote shirker Alibi hair station and foiling puce if sir . An inn to if limn mm1 will to him it pm a scrip it interferes with my Hunting _ fsr 4ff, u Imlay m t m m Roku civic the resp com to my no we to take care of the Chi. Alibi far Rott Fth Trimn. If t pm or titter trinite Java heat itis Miemi or Kosmoc Rrok com Mitt win to few to of Nett my of Fht. Vote shirker s Alibi vote shirker s Alibi vote shirker s f1 she worked hard on the draw ing but it was rejected. Gencie and the Counselor re fused to give up Gullett talked Snyder into giving Gencie a Sec Ond try and the studio executive sent her a new assignment. Gencie did t hear from Snyder and feared she had of two again. But instead of a letter Snyder sent his son the Plant to interview her. Gencie Hadj made it. Gullett bought her Over i was too Busy flowing it Werli Jan Elf. It Ontjo m my Mit tit for Witt. My wily Steij tar twi or m take tact pm Mother wow to motor in Lov of tit yen atm my m Jim Toff m Day. To Teton Tomp Milr vote. My wife s gop vote cancels my democratic n my pm null. Sunafr Jim differ item if it m Don t Yew Yaw Tat Numia a to ran. Has Jim Farley put the Finger on a. Farley one of the elder statesmen of american politics probably knows More about getting out the vote than any other Man in the Field. So we asked him to Tell us out of his Many years of experience what Are the most frequent alibis used by people who shirk the solemn obligation to vote. Or. Farley s choices Are illustrated below. Make sure that none of any other to you on nov. 4 ingress to make a new proposal Federal conciliator Garth Ferguson said yesterday. The strike which resulted from a disagree ment Over wage rates is in its fifth week. Louisville the Ken Tucky state medical association which ends its meeting tonight temporarily closed the door on the admission of negroes to the Summers strolled by us All Golden Brown or almost All. She had been bathing along the coast on the French Side Wear ing the necessary Halter and but despite the Handicap her i Worth of Art equipment. Since employer Calls Gencie one of the. That time Gencie s unskilled Fin Best Ceramic artists we have Ever Gers have turned out hundreds of i finely detailed drawings. She certainly is doing a wonderful Job for says w. Snyder sr., head of world Art studios of Atlas Crystal works. Photographs of buildings and scanty pants. On the Island Are mailed to her for had discarded the Halter. She Pencil sketches she returns organization. It had agreed last year to charter a society of negro Phy top simians and to act upon it at the had a Case of sunburn. The Law requires that the minimum one piece of cloth be worn. We were told that a Good Many Are not very particular about that when they get Back into 1952 meeting. But when the application was presented to the House of delegates yesterday it was shelved. A prepared state the i walked to the the Island without excessive peering into the Bushes and did t see any Law violations. The Island is six Miles Long and two wide containing nearly them by mail and when the company returns the sketches she makes an Ink drawing. The drawing is photographed and engraved for Transfer on a plate or Ash tray. Gencie lives in a farm Home on a dirt Road five Miles Northwest of Here with her parents a thursday civic Shower party in club hooked rut Makler in Corner room. Dourlas Retreat la a Center outdoor activities Friday Chic Ailt Talib football frolics in entire building Dourlaski recreation Center outdoor activities Volley Ball group singing saturday civic auditorium boy scout circus in entire building Doug Lens recreation Center game room activities sunday no activities scheduled next week reminder of your letter writing giant Jinx now giant new York up there s an old saying in sports that if you can t beat pm join and tint s exactly what the new the Kingsport Post office and others throughout the country will participate in celebrating National letter writing week october 12-october 18, Howard Long postmaster said Friday. Setting aside this special week helps to remind us All of the importance of sending messages to relatives and friends particular july those away from Home or in the armed Long said. The additional services offered by the Post office air mail special delivery and registry business reply envelopes and cards and Post office boxes increase the Appeal of the thousands of additional Mes Mages interchanged during let Ter writing week Long said. He emphasized the advantages of these extra services which were created by popular demand to meet the Ever growing need for Speed Quick delivery and Safe transmission of important and confidential papers. Long also suggested that patrons obtain a Reserve Supply of York football giants did recently. Carl Samuelson a giant Jinx who twice stole the Ball from witness declares sex Sherif not of shooting scene Chattanooga sur prise witness Woodrow Reece. Who flew Here from Dayton Ohio testified wednesday in United states District court that former sheriff Burch e. Biggs was not present at the scene of the shooting of Everett Richards who is suing Biggs and two for Mer deputies for dam Ages. The Case is being heard Here for the third time and judge George c. Taylor is sitting for judge Leslie r. Darr. The first two hearings ended in mistrial. Reece a former state Highway patrolman was originally named a defendant in the suit but Bis name had been dropped when on the occasion of the first two trials he was unavailable to brought into court. Reece testified wednesday that he had come to Chattanooga by plane and that his transportation had been paid for by the defense counsel. Reece testified he was a High Way patrolman at the time of the shooting that he was at the scene of and that he fired one shot and saw Rich Ards several witnesses had previously testified that Biggs was at the scene and Richards testified giant hands to score touch that Biggs fired the shot that Downs was recently obtained j wounded him As he fled from the from Pittsburgh in a Trade. The poit non nov Patterson in the Deal. Personal postal supplies Stamps stamped envelopes and station Ery. Special posters and streamers will be displayed in the Post of fice lobby and on mail delivery trucks during the week. A Public l drunkenness. Biggs took the stand wednes Day and denied he had anything to do with the shooting. He said he was at his Home nearby when he heard shots after which to. Went to the scene. The Case is expected to finished thursday. Ment issued after the meeting four Square Miles of Trees bar said no other comment would be Ren rocks and Brush. Lots of the Bushes were thorny and Given. Henderson Ken Tucky federation of labor hold ing its annual convention Here had a new Secretary treasurer today. Sam Ezelle of Louisville was elected to the Post yesterday to serve the year remaining in the term to which Edward h. Weyler was elected last year. Hazard Sherman Cooper Republican nominee for the u. S. Senate reiterated yesterday that Eastern Kentucky has been sorrowfully neglected by democratic administrations. The Somerset Republican asserted at rallies Here and at Whitesburg on my trips through this Sec Tion i have seen closed mines and miners out of work and empty houses where people have left and gone to Paducah Thomas r. Underwood Lexington demo crat who is seeking to be re turned to the u. S. Senate in the nov. 4 election will end his tour of the first congressional District with a speech at Prince ton tonight. Tenn. Topics Memphis in radio and television executives from four were surprisingly few there were Grassy spots. Mainly the Island seems to be rocks gravel and dry paths under the Trees. Many live in tents although there Are four Small hotels. Peo i pie come from England Germany Holland France Spain Italy and both North and South America. At a grocery store the nude Little housewives buy Long loaves of bread and sacks of Lood cuddling them in their arms As they mince in Bare or mandated feet along the gravel paths their tents. A dutch naturist who was Hep to this business said the Island was awful hard on the feet. He had burned his Bald Skull until it was almost raw and bleeding i but he left no doubt that it was just the thing to do for a Vaca lion. I win a youn6stown Kitchen Memphis to get Grace chemical subsidiary soon new York r. Grace co., owner and operator of several Large agricultural Industrial and transportation enterprises wednesday announced the formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary Grace Chemi Al co. Simultaneously it was an Henry b. Clay of that the first Manu Kwh. Shreveport la will factoring unit of the new Corn preside Over the two Day con Pany wil1 be an 18-Milllon-Dollar Ference. About 100 executives ammonia urea Plant to from Tennessee Arkansas rated on a 277-acre site about Louisiana and Mississippi were six Miles from Memphis Tenn. Expected. Selmer Tenn. Or. Ern est m. Smith 63, chairman of the Mcnairy county Republican executive committee died yesterday. The retired physician was a former chairman of the association of radio and Tele i vision broadcasters the Plant will produce Nitro Gen in the form of ammonia and urea for both agriculture and Industry uses the announce ment said. It is scheduled to begin operations in the summer of 1954. Construction will get under party s seventh District commit Way in about three months. A tee permanent staff of about 300 will be employed at the completed Franklin Tenn. The Plant and the total payroll is democratic party s top state expected to amount to More than candidates continued spreading million dollars. President of the newly formed it ii red my contest Complete Youngstown Kitchen consists of electric sink with Jet Tower dish Washer Hydro Elee Fric control and rinses dishes automatically. Gets dishes sparkling clean. Food waste disposer banishes garbage. Takes food waste continuously self cleaning. Rinse Spray. Gleaming White enamelled steel cabinets Wall base Utility fit snugly to Gether. Handy compartments shelves draw ers that slide easily. Recessed Luminescent Light electric clock i finish this sentence their vote straight democratic theme in Middle Tennessee. The nominees. Frank Clement for governor Albert Gore for Sena Tor and j. B. Avery for utilities commissioner visit Franklin Lewisburg Shelby i lie Murfreesboro and Nashville today. Memphis an an Nual Cost of living raise for All Post office workers will be sought by the United National association of Post office clerks. The 1.000 delegates attending the association s annual con company is j. Peter Grace i also president of the Parent Cor j portion. R directors will include Charles e. Wilson former president of general electric co. And first chairman of the defense mobilization Board. Grace said the Plant manager will be John now Man Ager of the engineering and construction division of the Han j Ord works of the atomic Energy commission program. Mention Here included the plea the ammonia urea for a salary increase in resold a Only the beginning third a Bendix Tumble action Washer with exclusive Bendix Wash water hotter gets clothes cleaner automatically economical with soap and water yet washes and triple rinses every Load in clean water. Needs no bolting Down. Tons adopted yesterday. Samuel e. Klein of new York was unopposed for re election As association president today. The four Day night. Convention ends to save 15% to 20% on insurance All forms Douf Herty roller 01 Broad sir i phone 1600 Plant is of Grace j fourth a Necchi sewing machine 16 simple slip on at ruffling tucking Hemming darn ing quilting binding Etc. Makes sewing easier. Sews on sheer or heavy material 4 thicknesses leather with equal ease has Good housekeeping Sealo approval. Mahogany finished Cabinet. 21 additional Wenli or tots. Low simple Rulyn my you might say something like this i like red band flour because it s so White and my Bis Cuits Are always go Light and Don t worry about grammar spell ing or fancy writing. Just write your own ideas in your own words. First thing you think of May win you a Youngstown dream Kitchen a full year s Supply of Groc eries imagine walking into a spark Ling new Youngstown Kitchen All your own with automatic dish Washer and garbage disposer imagine showing your friends your new Bendix that does your launder ing for you imagine sitting at a Necchi sewing machine and turning out smartly tailored clothes easily or rho Mem my not a big National contest. You have far More Opportunity to win. Fewer people to compete with. So decide now to enter. Your grocer for red band enriched flour Plain or self rising. There s no whiter flour. With the White magic of red band flour and see How White your Bis Cuits turn out How Light your you the More Likely to win in this big contest. Use Handy entry Blank an entry today activities in the Netro chemical i Field and plans already Are in. Ner Way for the integration of other chemical manufacturing operations into the new company officials said. Ambulance service funeral directing burial insurance Kingsport funeral Home phone 965-j 3 fifth prizes ton of red band flour retail re member whiter biscuits with the White magic of red band flour. No whiter flour than red band read contest rules on entry Blank or Sheet of paper Complete the following in 25 additional words or lev i like red band floor because print your name and a Drew name and address of your grocer. Enclose picture of mrs. Jeffrey Butler from Back of Premium folder in red band sack. Mail to Mas. Jim or but lab Box 38, Atlanta Georgia. Send u Many entries a you wish but each entry must be accompanied by the picture of mrs. Jeffrey Butler from Back of Premium folder in red band sack. Only one prize to members of a household. Entries must be postmarked not later than nov. 3, and received by nov. 10, 195u. Entries will be judged on basis of Origi. Nalphy uniqueness a Toms of to bought and clearness. Each entry must be the original work of the contestant and submitted in the con Testant s own name. Judges decision Are final. Duplicate prices in Case of All entries become the property at general Mills inc. 6. Contest open to residents of Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina Virginia and employees of general Mills inc., and their families. Off tial list of prize winners will be Avail Able approximately 6 weeks after close of con test to All who Send in a request by a stamped self addressed envelope to Gen eral Mills inc., 771 sprint st., Atlanta Georgia. Over in total

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