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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee20 thursday oct. 9, 1952 Kingsport times politics deaf h notices continued from faze 1 5 r Stevenson who in the past has apparently avoided too close an Gate City mrs Mol identification with the _ Day at pm at the Jeffer moved into Truman s Home state son Hospital Roanoke a of Missouri strongly praising a native of Scott count i she _ him in a speech prepared for delivery in Kansas City. He said missourians should be proud that their mall from in i is survived by her husband car War continued from Page 1 bloody Pace against the Chi Nese who have used up one division in the Battle and Are starting on their lost killed and wounded in three Days of fighting around White horse. A chinese division usually numbers about the u. S. Eighth army said investigate continued from Page 1 delegation. The Senate however approved the president s appointment of Jessup. The reds had both president Truman and miss Phyllis Ann Reed be dependence through a series of All of Gate City seven sons Wil heroic and historic decisions has Liam Charles Kingsport Ray rallied the free Peoples against mond Ralph Billy Carl Larry the mortal threat of communism j All of Gate City and Jimmy of and russian he said Eisenhower is an honorary Republican candidate who has surrendered party leadership to Taft he pounded away at the same theme last night telling a cheering Milwaukee the u s marines three Sisters mrs. Garland Cassel mrs. George Runyon Kingsport mrs. Henry a. Daugherty Miami Fla. Four Brothers j. C Sampson j. L. Sampson w r Sampson Otto Sampson All of Kingsport. Funeral arrangements Are in audience that in Eisenhower s speeches we hear the voice of Complete. The the words come fron senator mrs. Laura Ellison Stevenson s Milwaukee recep t Tion was encouraging to of he Drew a police estimated 12. Legion Gap va., died in hol he Drew a police estimated 000 for his address about More than the estimated num Ber Eisenhower had five Days ago and More than Truman on labor Day. The democratic candidate to night makes a major address from St. Louis Over both radio and television . Abc holds. Last night Eisenhower in san Francisco Tion foreign policy. The state department leaving Korea outside the announced de sense perimeter in the Pacific Ston Valley Community Hospital tuesday after a Short illness. One son Robert Ellison Kings port and three daughters miss Patricia Ellison Abingdon va., mrs. Mary Ellison Sweet and miss Ann Ellison Pennington Gap survive. Mrs. Ellison was a member of the methodist Church in Oil the tar nine inn oar i gel and caused countless explosions. Kowton is a vital communist Supply and communications Center 25 Miles North of won san. Slopes. With nearby Arrowhead Ridge the Peak dominates the Chorion Valley and the ancient invasion route to Seoul. Up to reds attacked across the Western and Central fronts monday night in the big Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower then in command of nato forces in Europe and now Republican presidential candidate had backed Jessup vigorously because of his work against a. 1du, 0 Mccarran who received Secretary today. Man Absentee ballots mailed to servicemen the Sullivan county election commission has received re quests for Many Absentee bal lots from servicemen and has already mailed out 200, announced d. S. To Sample com hew York stocks new York up stocks american coalition s 1952 medal Tor americanism also blasted the United nations social and cultural organization mrs. Roosevelt serves As chairman of its committee on human rights for teaching a to Ruginus for be acing a since worm citizenship doctrine to the May 1951. Heavy fighting has continued in other sectors but the main red Effort now is directed at White horse. The initial onslaught dented the Allied lines but failed to Breech any vital defensive Posi Tion. Allied warplanes today plastered chinese positions behind and machine gun fire. Allied a workers. Tillery hammered red Strong children of our Mccarran said Enesco had been distributing to american school children pamphlets which encourage putting allegiance to a world organization above that to the United Mccarran s committee is con ducting a hearing Here on subversive activities in the member International Union of ten u. S. B-29 super forts and 132 Carrier based Navy planes teamed up yesterday in a mass Daylight raid against Kowton in Northeast Korea. Pilots said their right on the tar services will be held at 2 . Friday. The Rev b. H. Hampton will officiate assisted by the burial will be in the Cecil cemetery. The body was removed to residence thursday morning Harrow continued from Page 1 Crew of eight americans headed by sgt. James Brown san an Tonio and Cpl. Arthur Eagan Pittsburgh moved among them passing out Coffee doughnuts and Cigar ets. The dead american was Ridenti j. W. Adams chairman of the commission received permission from the Secretary of state of fice to mail the ballots direct to servicemen and for this reason a Continental can american can american sugar american t t american tobacco Atlantic coast line Baltimore Ohio Bendix aviation Bethlehem steel Boeing aircraft Borden Briggs mfg Cannon Mills Chesapeake Ohio Chrysler 32% 53 153 by heavy return is expected in the county for the november 4 elec on Arrowhead Ririe by the air Force As Donald West of White House Frenchis wooda11 serial number 19372 troops attached to the us of the 259tth maintenance new Jersey. His Home had encouraged if not invited the thursday morning second infantry division last i thua korean War Estes and Cecil funeral night threw Back an assault by town was not a dead to u a Home in Pennington Gap. Chinese the Nen woman was Wentifred Tenta he told a wildly applauding p d French this As Jean Woodall believed throng of nearly overflow with Long to be the airman s wife. info the Row pair a Range title fire. To _ he told a wildly applauding throng of nearly overflow ing the cow Palace Arena that the United nations had been swindled 1 into korean peace talks with the result he said. That reds Are now half again As Kennan continued from Page 1 Kennan has been assigned an Strong As they were before be office and a secretarial staff in got nations. The u. S. Embassy building in Eisenhower s attack on admin a Bonn where High commission is ration foreign policy was combined with a defense of himself against accusations hurled at or ambassador Walter j. Don Nelly is located. Kennan the state department Perez the French this morning ,5 a j6an Beli with Long Range Rifle fire. To be the Altman s wife. It South of Panmunjom on the Western end of the 155-mile Bat the line. Allied troops repulsed three chinese probing attacks last night. Northwest of Ponchon u. N. Troops this morning recaptured four outpost positions lost to the reds a few hours earlier. We have already received 45 marked ballots from servicemen and said Sample and i believe Sullivan county will be far ahead of any county in the state in the percentage of bal lots a special Effort is being made in the state to be sore that men and women in the armed serv ices receive ballots for the National and Field men from the state Capitol Are aiding county commit Lions to expedite matters. Blame is placed for Knox blast Knoxville powder Man s failure to. Walk 110 feet for a last minute Check Wka responsible for a Knox county Quarry blast that killed Lour men a state mines reported today. My report to the state Union department will hold Jesse d i Westinghouse air bin a. A Caw Laic Ovate him by that he j top expert on soviet affairs will was now trying to disclaim re-1 remain in Germany because this for decisions he is the focal Point of soviet a. S. Helped form. These particular charges Are he said bluntly. Truman meanwhile shifted his attack on Eisenhower from foreign policy to National econ relations today a diplomatic source explained. Some political advisers in Bonn have suggested the Best Way out of the present dilemma would be for Kennan to be crash continued from Page 1 air and the main portion of the plane Tore through a Power line and hit about 15 feet from where he was standing known she was american or British. Convicted continued from Page 1 order to protect her Home and her the ruling said. But the deceased in this Case was not a Paramour but her own spouse and the father of her children. Corn products Curtiss Wright Douglas aircraft Dupont Eastern air Eastman Kodak general electric general motors Goodrich Goodyear Gulf Oil inter chemical corp International Harvester International Nickel International t t Johns Manville Kami Ecott Kroger co. Liggett Myers Lorillard Monsanto Packard Paramount pictures Penney Pennsylvania re Pepsi cola Philip. Morris Reynolds tobacco Seaboard airline Sears Roebuck Southern railway Standard Oil no Studebaker Union Carbide u. S pipe f u s rubber us steel 106 22 55 49 38 52 36 45 71% 8 86% 23v4 63% 60% 64 42 44% 76 73 38% 63% 20% 23% -19 i in car mishap 57% 753 g i Wuhu in Uia Haiat u naj Coj Lilu Oto Kllc politicians so inspiration ally say you just can t beat Santa Claus. 37% 23% say Loveday guilty of said j. R. Miller mines division i chief inspector for the labor department. Loveday was the powder Man who set off a blast sept. 29 in which two county workhouse guards and two prisoners were killed and 21 prisoners injured. He said at the time that he Westinghouse electric Woolworth cure for asthma Chicago mor Alez testified i got it from a Medicine Man in Cincinnati to cure my when judge Gibson Gorman asked him what it is difficult for us to under As a powder Man and added stand How the defendant could but he did t walk Over and gave three pre blast warning he was doing with 25 pounds of signals and receiving no reply j marijuana set off the blast. Miller said Loveday had a Fine five year record for competence save her Home by killing her husband. We do not believe the defend he said in a speech prepared for delivery at Cleveland that Eisenhower has moaned and Oyt c us 11ul uc1icyc Luc a Cicciu Belanger said he was consciously. Considered the killed when the shattered when she fired the gun. Smashed to Earth near a if she did she would have being constructed the death of her Hus Nelly renamed to succeed Ken tween Portland and Salem band would destroy her Home to flt 1t1 Rno Lun Cariti Isriel Orvii ii foreign policy to National econ to of Maea when the shattered j omy As he whistle stopped named High commissioner for to Earth near a through Illinois Indiana propose Don j Highway being constructed Ohio to Buffalo n. Y. Nelly be named to succeed Ken tween Portland and is irian in the Moscow Post. About two Miles North of Wilson representatives of the entire Ville Western diplomatic corps the when i first noticed it. It was american Colony in Moscow he said. It was and not preserve airman held in groaned about High prices even american Colony in Moscow he said. It was As the republicans plan to Mur representatives of Manv High up. Then it Der what s left of Price controls emissions Sald goodbye to to dive and turn and at the same wife s with Paw at the Moscow it seemed to break into Trivi to t my 5 Kennan her Woodland. Calif. Anri Pil i t left in a spymaster which Arriv-1 i started to run to get out r. Moran Mather air in pop Rorr t h a in Moscow tuesday with Elim the Way but before i knew it it base medical corpsman has o Shaughnessy Counselor to the iwas almost on he said. I pleaded innocent to mans laugh embassy in Moscow Belanger said he fell Down Ter charges in connection with it. Of who now becomes american Ana was struck by an object Salthe death of his pregnant 25 of e s chief charge d affaires in Russia. He Lay beside the Road. J year old wife. Mary Elizabeth soviet protocol officials were he said he thought it was part judge l. R. Drew set oct. 23 he said Eisenhower is an not present at the Airport As a body because his clothing for preliminary hearing. He also army general who does t Kennan left since the russians was spattered with blood but he turned Down Moran s plea for a know do not consider Kennan uninjured. The real issues and that the longer the american Amassa a state police officer Dick mor a Coroner s autopsy Sui Republican Nolly posters Don t Dor and therefore his wife said parts of some of the yesterday said mrs. Moran want him to just a private citizen. Bodies were scattered Over a a of a blow to the Abdomen. Look Down into the Quarry just before shooting the the explosion showered tons of stones on a truck loaded with 23 prisoners. The two guards were outside the truck. Signs of Winter Detroit up is just around the Corner. Police i said today that burglars broke into a Gas station and stole 78 Gallons of anti freeze. He was sentenced to six months in prison for Possession of narcotics. Groseclose Flowers for All Oeum Isoac phone 6 All Anui Cuneate Gura Steed Pikeville Brown Lee 29, was fatally injured yesterday when his car rammed the Back of a truck on a Highway near Here. James f. Lawson 31, Bledsoe county court clerk who was rid ing with Lee was seriously injured in the Accident Pikeville police chief Dan Walker said. Gore featured in Post article it was the considered opinion of Many professional politicians in Tennessee that Albert Arnold Gore a Young congressman with an otherwise promising future was being Foolhardy when he decided to surrender his comfortable House seat to run against that old formidable of Volunteer state politics sen. Senneth d. Mckellar according to Sidney Shalett in the current october Lith Issue of the sat urday evening Post. His article licked the did Man of the explains that Mckellar was first elected a representative in 1911, when Gore was not quite four years old and had been sitting in the Senate longer than any living senator. As chairman of the sen ate appropriations committee he had been an indefatigable procurer of projects for the Home state Shallet writes and As the thug Waits Chance a. New York up Thomas Clossick a bartender told pc. Lice today a husky gunman Ert tired his bar and ordered a Bourbon highball then sat Glar ing at the Only other Patron until he left. The Man then slugged the bartender took from the till and another from a Strong Box and to treasure always a distinctive photograph by personal to women with nagging backache when kidney function stows Down Many folks complain of nagging backache loss of Pep and Energy headaches and dizziness. Don t suffer longer with discomfort if reduced kidney function is Retting to such common causes Treka and Strain Over exertion or exposure to cold. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or Wrons diet May cause getting up or frequent passages. Don t neglect your kidneys if these Tama bother you. Try Dean s pills Mih diuretic. Used successfully by millions for Over 60 years. While often otherwise cause3." it i amazing How Many times Doan a Happy Relief from these Helo the in Miles of kidney and fluid out waste. Get Doan i fills today 1 l Cost in Foft Avi list a Dobyns Tamfor jewelry Dpi. Juicy business writ of Hareas Corpus. A Coroner s autopsy surgeon Moran died Dius of a third of a mile. Part strict attorney e. L. Means said of the the plane fell about mrs. Moran earlier complained five Miles from where the rest her husband had struck her Dur sen. Taft continued his Eisen Hower Nixon stumping Campaign today with speeches at Indian Luc Sicsu her uus Oana i Apolis and Bloomington ind be Memphis Tenn. The aircraft hit Morgan ing a quarrel. Fauver moved to Carlsbad n. M Meadows who Calls himself the o address a democratic rally Watermelon sold there. Melons at his stand this sum Mer. Woman killed in Accident Chattanooga South Ern coach lines bus turned a Corner and crushed mrs. Lillie May Cuzzort. 62. 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