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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee16 thursday oct 9, 1952 Kingsport times works director s report lists completed protects several City projects were completed in september and work proceeded rapidly on others Public works director c. K. Marsh reports. Remaining Low places at the Center Street garbage dump the hell bomb by Jay Heavlin and Ralph Lane Yards of four Inch Concrete Side walk placed 100 Square Yards of six Inch sidewalk completing the project except for dressing up. Alley in Block 20 Square Yards of Concrete paving were filled and dumping opera j removed 10 Square Yards of con tons were moved to the general Crete sidewalk placed shale area of Long Island Marsh reported. With the Gar Bage covered Over with dirt and allowed to Settle the Center Street site eventually will be come a City Park. All paving under contract in the 1952 Street program was completed except for some minor cleaning Marsh said. He said contractors made excellent Progress during the dry sep tember weather on two trunk line sewers. Contracts for two projects not included in the ear Lier paving program have since been let. The water department has a and profile of Broad been unusually Busy from Park drive to Gib water Mains and services As Aison Mill Road for which a Pav result of the numerous state contract now has been Square Yards of six Inch Concrete paving placed 10 Square Yards of four Inch Concrete sidewalk placed 100 Square Yards of six Inch sidewalk completing the project except for Dessing up. On installation of sanitary sewers in Oakwood Forest Addi Tion Addington reported linear feet of eight Inch and 550 feet of six Inch sewer placed and six manholes built. Addington reported the Engi Neering department also 1. Located the Center line took Cross sections and prepared Pran nuclear Energy can be liberated by two methods. One is fission in which the nucleus of a heavy chem ical element such As uranium is split into two nuclei of lighter elements. A Neu tron is fired into an atom splitting it to Start the self multiplying Chain re action pictured at right. Each nucleus splits into two fragments weighing less than the Parent nucleus. According to a. Theory evolved by Albert Einstein the slight weight loss represents a tremendous release of Energy. Thit it the process used m the atomic fusion process used in the try Detjen bomb. Fusion the other Means of liberating nuclear Energy works just the opposite. Two nuclei of Light elements Are fused or combined under incredibly High temperatures to form the nucleus of a heavier element. The new nucleus in each Case weighs less than the original nuclei again each weight loss rep resents Loose Energy trying to escape. It bursts out be quickly that within a Linth of a second the Energy of trillions of atoms smashing together produces a super explosion. Mrs. Swift had City Road and sewer projects under the official reported. Water Crews started placing sex 2. Prepared a plan and pro file of the Alley in Block 26. 3. Staked the football Field at Inch lines and fire hydrants Injo Fred Johnson stadium. The Bluff Sycamore and Berry 4. Placed slope stakes for the by Barman w. Nichols Washington up some republicans Truf h team hits at Adlai Kansas City to. Republican truth team gave up chasing president Truman time Back mrs. Netti 6. Swift of Lonb enough to turn their sights nearby Forte Foote md., gov Adlai e. Stevenson a parakeet As a pet. At the to nov attacked As a Man on she had no idea what was about the chief executive s to happen. The three Man flying an Street areas. Water pumped Dur-1 by pass Highway near the c. Shortly after she brought the ser Back squad arrived Here ing september amounted to o. Railroad Culvert candidates now repeating but intensity grows by James Marlow Washington an old political saw that in an Ordinary election year the voters make up their minds nothing tha by october candidates and say Gallons compared to Gallons in month last year. The same Reedy Creek. L. West general supervisor of the water department re ported his forces 1. Installed 582 feet of two Inch pipe on state High Way no. 1 the tour Lane Bristol will be retained from Cherry 2. Installed 168 feet of two Inch pipe on Holly Street in the fort Robinson area. 3. Installed 800 feet of line on Sycamore Street 4. Laid temporary service lines on Gate City Highway near gravely Road. 5. Installed 49 new services. 5. Placed Grade stakes for the Alley in Block 22. 6. Staked a storm sewer on the former Yadkin Street right of Way now in the process of being abandoned As a Street Al though storm sewer easement of workers were a their comfortable Over nest Bird was a by plane Only a few hours be year. To Bleak and undeveloped la stray parakeet landed in Stevenson was due in the if this Campaign were to help produce materials thereafter will change them. But this is no Ordinary election called from dollars in United fund Back in the summer of Korea Little known and far away suddenly became a test ing ground for democracy. Fam Ilies just settling Down into a peacetime routine were jolted in to uneasiness As they watched their sons go off. To training Camps. Thousands 6. Repaired Breaks. 7. Repaired Breaks. 13 main line 56 service line Chicken pen mrs j City for a Campaign speech. Strictly to an expression of views of War in new defense plants. _ on the Many Kingsport families in Korea or High would Ide stand very Well what Korea com tit Conri of j Street to Long Island drive. 7. Located and placed Grade stakes for a sanitary sewer to serve the West View methodist Church. 8. Staked a storm sewer for the Mayfair methodist Church. 9. Located the Center line and ran a profile of part of Cherry Street near Long Island drive Marsh reported these other j the Birds Are allowed free Wing activities of Public works de in this space. Swift s sister miss Barbara web Ster. The Sisters decided to let the two play together. The second Bird turned out to be a female. Today in the basement of the Swift Home Are 75 parakeets. They did t All come from the original mrs. Swift a seamstress and fitter in a Washington department store told me. We bought some and we have traded a mrs. Swift s husband took the senators scheduled a news conference for a. M., Cost to give their acid comments on the democratic presidential candidate. They also planned a luncheon with local Republican officials. Tonight at 9 o clock Over Abc network the truth team wifi answer democratic Campaign speeches in a nationwide Broad cast. The team of Sens. Bourke b. Things in hand As the parakeet Hickenlooper la., Eugene d. Mil family grew. He screened a and Homer Fergus area in the basement. Many of son mich., sharply altered their apartment personnel others the pets Are kept in 1. Collected 710 tons of Gar a cages and let out about the 8. Repaired one fire hydrant Bage and cubic Yards of j House Only on occasion. Is of and rubbish. I most of the male Bir 9. Made 116 inspections ters and plumbing at customers 2. Collected and incinerated 42 request. 10. Worked 246 trouble orders. 11. Worked re read or Ders. 12. Collected 254 delinquent Bills. 13. Changed 128 meters. 14. Worked 273 turn on orders. 15. Worked 377 turn off or Ders. On the last of the paving projects City Engineer s. K. Addington reported these accomplishments during the month Jackson Street and West Ravine 500 cubic Yards of unclassified excavation placed Square Yards of six Inch Concrete placed 750 Square football Field. Dead animals. 3. Repaired paved streets with nine cubic Yards of Concrete 4.2 tons of Asphalt and 11 tons of Stone screenings. 4. Repaired unpaved streets with 210 tons of crushed Stone. 5. Carried on routine mowing Birds have Learned to mrs. Swift said. We have one Little male named Beauty which has a vocabulary of More than 100 words. He can All but carry on a another Bird in the family named Petey became fast friends with the swifts retriever. The Little feathered pet rides around u. Vii Luu Tazic Iii wiling of Parks and cleaning of streets the place on the dog s head and catch basins. 6. Constructed a sanitary sewer on Shawnee Street. 7. Placed cubic Yards of fill at the Reedy Creek by pass passing him and giving him turns. Battle tactics for the moment by launching direct attacks on Stevenson. Their was an Effort to drive a wedge Between or. Tru Man and the Man he Hopes to make his successor. Millikin speaking in his Home state wednesday said that sve Venson was a running dog candidate on or. Truman s Leash. And Ferguson maintained seem Eisenhower and Stevenson already had Laid Down theirs by oct. 1. Since then they be been repeating themselves on the obvious issues just mentioned. But this Campaign has gone beyond simple statements on the issues president Truman Al though not running is campaigning As hard As if he were there was the Nixon expense fund episode and the Illinois fund to augment salaries of cer Tain state workers and Steven son and sen. John j. Sparkman Means in terms of men Over seas and in training in this country and in terms of friends and relatives moving to fron tier areas to work. The United defense fund Wilch will receive from candidate says chances depend 0 n and la i s action Minneapolis Minn. The democratic candidate for u. S. Senator from Minnesota frankly concedes his chances of beating Republican incumbent Edward r. Thye hinge on How Stevenson does in the state if Adial e. Stevenson the democratic presidential Nomi Nee wins the state by a wide margin state rep. William Carl son thinks his chances of beat this year s Kingsport Community ing Thye Are Good. Else he says disclosed their income tax re Chest red Cross drive helps to smooth the Way for men and women uprooted from their nor Mal lives and cast into new and Uncertain circumstances. More than three quarters of the National uhf Money will go to United service organizations Uso services which servicemen and abroad have come nevertheless All the foregoing and count on been known or occurred around oct. 1. So there would t be much there clubs now to change any minds after Date if the Campaign then hit a Flat plane and tapered off in that the president has Takeh Over Adlai Stevenson lock Stock and barrel. Truman is running for presi Dent Ferguson said. He this one has t. Since septem or it has picked up in intensity. It the rate it s in View of the previous sensations there should be no Surprise if seems one behind the ear the Pup expects to put Stevenson aboard the Campaign reaches explosive to like it. J his crony express As a new enforce by election Dav. Day recently a delivery Ginger but Stevenson is Only the door open and Harley Mccarthy to Truman s Petey hit for the Woods. Mrs. Swift was frantic. All afternoon Greece protege nation of u.s., will hold badly needed election by Phil Newsom up foreign news editor Greece protege nation of the United states in the Mediterranean is about to hold a badly needed election. Central figure will be thin tight lipped Field marshal Alex Ander Papago 69, twice acclaimed a National hero for Lead ing greek resistance to the ital Ian invasion of 1940 and for his Victory Over the reds in the greek civil War of 1945-49. Through recent changes in greek election Laws from the complicated proportional representation to the majority sys tem he Hopes to become the Man to put steel into the greek nation As he put steel into the greek army. The election will have a great Deal More than sentimental in Terest to the United states. The u. S. Has pumped about two and a half billion dollars into greek military and eco nomic Aid. Greece is a vital link in thei Mediterranean defense Chain j but she is weakened by severe j William Bridge approaches. 8. Hauled top soil to the stadium graded the baseball searched the neighbourhood and erected bleachers for the finally she was rewarded. High in a tree about a Block from the House she heard a Barking sound. It was Petey. From Long association with the retriever he had Learned to bark like a dog. Parakeets also Are called budgerigars or budgies for Short. The name was Given the Birds by natives of Australia because the word Means pretty there Are few Birds prettier than a multicoloured Shell Para Keet. We have one named Timmy with a Blue body and Black and White wings and Tail feathers. He talks to himself in the Mirror of his Cage. He even talks in his sleep. Internal stresses. Economically she is one of the poorest nations in Europe. Half of her National income goes into armament. In Dollar value she has to import More than five times the amount of goods she is Able to Export. Belt tightening measures such As meatless Days and a ban on construction of luxury apart ments have meant Only in creased unemployment. A Creaky tax system soaks the poor while Many of the Rich squirm out from under. The proportional representation system used the end of the War encouraged Small parties and splinter groups so that no Papago is pro american. But he accuses the govern ment of senseless squandering of american Aid through inefficiency and he warns against loss of greek Freedom through total dependence on that Aid. He accused King Paul of weak ening the army through inter Ference under the influence of Palace favourites. Both issues have been of immediate concern to the United states. The future course of both May Well be determined by next month s greek elections. The Man with the inside track now seems to be Papago. Merchant Marine shortcomings Are told by Admiral los Angeles . Callaghan com Mander of the military sea transport service warns against a too ready belief and re Liance in the merchant Marine in time of War. The concept he added can Lead to some dangerous conclusions and ill founded complacency As to its addressing a National defense panel the propeller club of the United states the Admiral declared yesterday we can no longer look upon merchant Marine ships As being readily convertible to men of War. What military features they. Possess is incidental. The time is i three id. Edgar Bergen " in stops wednesday at Mont Rose Denver Colorado Springs and Pueblo the senators drum med on the theme that although the Illinois governor sought to be Independent of or. Truman s control when he first was nominated for president he now is a captive Stevenson they maintained is being injured by or. Truman s current whistle stopping Campaign because As Millikin put it or. Truman s misstatements Force by election Day. One of the puzzling perform ances has been Truman s. In a Little Over a week on the Road he has turned on Eisenhower with amounting fierceness which yesterday seemed to reach a Climax. He said the general had betrayed his principles and was unfit for the presidency. It would seem he could hardly say any thing worse in the month of the Campaign still left. Yet Truman is an experienced politician who knows the value1 by the Book of building up steadily toward Ai t Climax at election not throwing Boston j. Korea Alaska Europe and the Caribbean. More clubs and More shows Are in the plans for the coming year. The other Quarter of the United defense fund supports the work of five other agencies the United Community defense services american Relief for Korea american social Hygiene association United s e e n s service and the defense portion of the National recreation association. Every uhf Dollar has a big Job things Don t look too Good. Carlson just turned 40, is waging his first statewide Campaign. His opponent Thye a former Minnesota is a name in Minnesota politics. Minnesotans have had a habit of voting for familiar names Down through the years. The 1952 Campaign is a Sharp contrast to 1948 in Minnesota. Virginia Farmer Dies in ambush officer wounded Danville farm Man Ager was killed by a of Buckshot from ambush near Here wednesday and a Deputy sheriff was wounded while try ing to arrest a Man police said was accused of the killing. Police identified the accused Slayer As Jesse Turner 50, a ten ant on the farm managed by the shooting to Tim Frank s. Petty 49, of the mount Hermon Section of pit Sylvania county. A posse of 50 armed men led by sheriff Dabney k. Hall continued a Hunt for Turner wednesday night in an abandoned railway Cut passing at the Edge of the farm on which he lived Turner got away after wounding Deputy hol land Thomas. Petty was shot As he approached his pig pen with feed about . Carroll Petty 15, son of the slain Man ran to his fallen father after hearing the Shotgun blast. Commonwealth s attorney w. Sarrington Thompson quoted the youth As saying he found Turner at the scene and that Turner pointed a smoking gun at him and told him to get Back in the House or i will kill All of a dispute Over Sale of tobacco had occurred tuesday Between Petty and Turner Thompson said. When Turner left the Petty Yard and went to his own House nearby the youngster drove to Chatham and notified the Sher Iff s office. Deputy Thomas said he drove to the Turner Home and found Turner at the woodpile gun in hand. He said he began talking from opposite tide of his car and that Turner raised the gun and fired at him. Buckshot broke car window penetrated a door and struck Thomas in the shoulder. Police said an unidentified citizen who had come to Aid the that year. Hubert h. Humphrey former Minneapolis mayor who cleaned up the City swept the ticket to Victory. He led the democrats in vote getting and president Truman captured the state by votes. Legionnaires urged to Aid blood drive Jay Harville chairman of the local american legion blood of committee wednesday issued an to smoothing the Way for Appeal to All legionnaires to Aid servicemen merchant seamen in filling their organization s and defense workers and Send ing clothing to the destitute peo ple of Korea. The Are called at the flesijl8 the democratic Farmer labor with Dut misted. A party Here _ had the name Osife formed after took to the Ravine formed by tracks Over which the Southern railway s old 87" rolled to its wreck in ims. The sunday punch too soon. Are filling the people with Dis so perhaps Truman s attack on Eisenhower rough As it s been is still far from a Climax. Eisenhower who has shown no behind it All was a Republican Effort to establish the closest possible link Between or. Tru inclination to take a clubbing Lyman arid Stevenson and then drum Home the claim that Ste Venson election Victory would mean Only More of the Sarnie people All Over the corruption and Corn Are learning that they make of Mun Lam which Marks the pres Able and interesting pets. Truman leans now Are buying these Birds at the rate of a week. U. S. Schools baffle youth from Arabia Columbia these Amer ican schools Are a Little baffling to Fahsl n. Samad. For o be thing the students Don t stand up when they answer the teacher s questions. We must stand in the old Fahmi 14 year old arabian youth explained. Hear Rived in this country thursday with his father and brother from beit Hanine Palestine and enrolled in Whitmore Junior High school Here. Another thing boys and girls Are in the same classrooms. In Palestine they attend the same Fahmi said but they Are in different Fahmi s father Nimer Samad and a brother Kadar Are cloth no salesmen. They picked co i big new cargo ship launched Washington up the first of America s new Mariner class cargo ships described As the fastest and largest in the world was delivered wednesday to the u. S. Maritime administration. Named the old Dominion mar Iner the 20-knot vessel was delivered by the Newport news shipbuilding and dry Dock co. It was turned Over to the Ameri can president lines. Al will carry military cargoes in the ship for the military sea transportation service. The maritime administration has ordered 35 of the ships which will carry dead ing Down can be expected to re Spond to heat with heat. In that kind of fiery Furnace with the voters watching anything might happen. Actually Eisenhower is getting the old one two punch with Ste Venson slugging from the other Side. Stevenson who spent his first Campaign month talking on the issues is showing signs of going after Eisenhower with his Bare hands. So the general will have to take him on too. Three Raf airmen killed 11 missing Inverness Scotland up the Royal air Force today officially listed three of its airmen killed and 11 others believed dead in the crash of a four end Gine Shackleton plane in the sea off Northern Scotland. The coastal command plane was engaged in air sea firing practice when it crashed into the water yesterday near tar Bat Ness. Three bodies were Sherman Everett was Given a month in jail when he appeared before municipal judge Frank w. who said i guess i la have to throw the Book at Sherman was charged with stealing five Law books. Quota during the red Cross Bloodmobile visit next week. The visit is scheduled for Mon Day october 13, 12 noon to 6 , and tuesday october 14, 9 . To 3 . Quota for Hammond Post no. Bolivian revolt Pool is quelled la Paz Bolivia police announced the arrest last night of a number of former army officers and civilians charging them with participation in a plot against the government. The announcement did not say How Many were arrested and gave no other details. Hairston is. Olson new York re turns to Madison Square Garden on wednesday aug. 27 with a 3 is 50 pints of blood Harville j middleweight bout Between said. He urged that All legionnaires wishing to donate blood Call 283 As soon As possible for an appointment. Now favorite Kingsport theatres strand phone 206 Captain pirate in technicolor Utaji if Dir _ weight tons and Cost about found and wreckage. Each. Having enough Speed to outrun present Day submarines the ships were de signed As successors to the world War ii liberties and victories. Eleven mariners i launched and the have been 12th is sex Umbria because it is one of the petted this month. In towns of Tennessee and be cause of Southern climate. Nimer Samad has been in the u. S. For drawing near when Ocean trans necessary to set up a govern ment. The result has been series of weak coalitions easily toppled. Partly because the greek _ Ern ment could not carry its share i of the Burden u. S. Aid has been i trimmed and Many projects abandoned including a 000 Hydro electric Plant. Add to that an explosive Politi Cal situation and you have the internal picture of Greece. Storm Center of the current crisis is Papago and his two Way feud with the government on the one hand and the throne on the other. To his enemies he is a Poten tial dictator. To his friends a Savior. As Are most of his i Fahmi nifty idea the meals and teachers to America via equipment will not be capable of accomplishment in present types Ocean liner with a woman Friend of merchant of the family from Cle Velard. He left behind his Mother a sister the merchant Marine is still an and a younger brother whom his part of our sea Power. Father never has seen. Hiat and pour on 2-kinds meat or mushroom Shif and try chif boy a det Souchon the Ottil Landwich Macaroni Muti it Tetra. Mrs Pierpont Morgan Hamilton puts on Blue Bonnet admires . I every Mother can us this Sugges Tion from mrs. Pierpont Morgan Hamilton. Put on Bonnet Margarine to get nutrition Economy like the society Leader you will love the delicate sunny Sweet taste Blue Bonnet adds to any food you la appreciate its nourishment too. No other spread for bread is Richer in year round Vitamin a and you la Welcome its Economy. Two pounds of Blue Bonnet Cost less than one Pound of High priced spread so remember the otters. Of. A. A f buy All vegetable club Bonnet Margarine and get All three i flavor nutrition econome Al Center feank1e Laine in Rainbow round my shoulder Rialto phone 354 Wendell Corey the wild Blue yonder today g e m behind the mask Pride of Maryland Triangle drive in theatre wed. Thu. Carbine Williams starring James Stewart Jean Hagen Fox today Alan Young Dinah Shore Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick silent Harston of the Bronx and Carl Bobo Olson of Hono Lulu. It s for 10 rounds. The bowery boys in bowery battalion comedy and 2 cartoons q rive in wed. Thur. Double feature 1 Bull fighter and the lady Robert stack Joy no. Spirit of West Point Doe Bluebird Glenn Darin Taylor City today outcast of the islands Marshall Thompson the Rose bowl Story in color state Ioka too i now feet Nero at color cartoon picnic with papa see the in training rugged rangers hillbilly Kingsport driven

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