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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 9, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonrise . Last Quarter Friday n m prominent constellations Aquilla High in Southwest . Orion rises . South the Moon. Visible planets Venus sets . Mars sets . Jupiter due East . All times Eastern Standard Kings port times vol. Xxxviii no. 203 Kingsport Tenn., thursday oct. 9, 1952 24 pages five cents the rain and Windy tonight Clearing Friday. Yesterday s High 73f last night s Low 49, noon Reading 61. Rain .50. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re bloody fight for vital Korea Peak still rages air View British train Aerial View shows Rescue workers moving about the wreckage three trains strewn Over tracks the Railroad station at Harrow eng land after a Freak collision occurred during the height the morning Rush hour. Some the wreckage can be seen smoking. The government operated railways announced the death toll As at least 85 persons. A wire photo by radio from London 4 no break seen for Korea War Washington administration is All but resigned to a Long War in Korea informed sources revealed today. Top government officials figure the Odds against an Early Armi Stice at More than 100 to 1 and already Are tailoring to. S. Strategy to Deal with this gloomy Prospect. Secretary state Dean Acheson said wednesday that he has t Given up All Hope for an Stice. But he was far from cheer Ful about the prospects. The state and defense departments Are studying possible ways to apply More military and diplomatic pressure the communists to crack the deadlock repatriation red prison ers. But according to reliable sources these officials Belr sve Little More can be done Short extending the War to the Cal i Nese Mainland. I administration officials re-1 main dead set against a naval blockade strategic bombing red China except in Case an emergency. These moves they feel might pull Russia into the War under the terms the sino soviet defense pact. Truman foreign policy led to War Ike claims political air thick As charges denials Fly across country Harrow wreck tolllsnow95 t68 injured totals expected to increase 11 airmen dead in Ore. Crack up Portland Ore. Air Force crewmen from a b-29 Harrow England up bomber were dead today after their giant Craft which seemed British volunteers and u. S. Come apart in the air crashed and burned while a routine Force Rescue teams flight. Searched the wreckage three. Capt. Robert h. Mitchell operations officer at Portland air Force trains which crashed Here yes base said the four engine plane was a round Robbin flight by the associated press gov. Adlai Stevenson indicated today he will accept the Republican Challenge to Back president Truman s record while Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower hurled accusations that administration political decisions were largely to blame for the korean War. The president teed off against Eisenhower s talk bringing ef-1 officials said this move Wasfi Cienci and eliminating waste designed to drive Home two i government by saying there has Points been improvements in the Mili i the United nations command postponed the truce talks in definitely tuesday night telling the communists bluntly they ican either forget about an armistice accept the u. N. Stand that no prisoners will be forced to return to communist Rule against their will. Why we donate blood medical corpsmen give blood plasma to a wounded fighter near the korean front As grim faced South korean Stretcher bearers watch the operation. In forces battered the chinese communists with Savage counterattacks after stopping the biggest red drive in 12 months. Nea telephoto the red Cross Bloodmobile will be in Kingsport monday and tuesday to collect blood for our fight ing men. You May Register to donate a pint your blood by calling 283. Ter Day for persons who still May be trapped alive and for bodies additional dead. The death toll listed by the British railway administration and Scotland Yard Rose to 95 known killed and 168 injured with the announcement that four More bodies were recovered. The toll was expected to Rise As the crushed and splintered cars were pulled apart and As injured died in hospitals. At least one american was killed when two speeding express trains travelling in opposite i slain airman s wife convicted Young Mother faces prison for shooting radio 10 bodies were taken from sections ripped into a crowded mrs Martha Joan wage 19-year- the scattered wreckage and the commuter local at yesterday s ocl american housewife accused remaining Corpse was thought Rush hour fatally shooting her air be among the ruins. Nine husband last july 26. Was found today intentional Man american medical corpsmen and nurses worked throughout last night beside British firemen aug Ter police and volunteers to Rescue the verdict was issued by a the living treat the injured and three Man u. S. High commission remove the dead. Court. The slender blonde Moth railway officials said there Ier two tiny Surls sat with May be some school children be bowed head As it was read by Neath the Heap wreckage. Jucj5e m. Goodman one official the scene n. J. There Are still numerous peo i she was sentenced to two and pie trapped. We Don t know How a half years m prison. The worn in Rah Flat Gilloc Many if any Are still Ian from red Mann had ii " hllnlmi1 no official figure was Avail jointed her husband in germany1 the eleven dead were identified. Burrell Belanger a Utility company lineman working in the area said the big bomber seemed to break into in the see crash Page 20 Hurricane Drifting Able the missing but it was five before known at least six railway employees have not been accounted wage appeared pan for had dark circles under her the Miami Fla. The fifth big blow the mrs. Wage appeared Pale and season drifted northward to eyes. The crash occurred when the entering the courtroom she seemed confident and said i m keeping my fingers she commented she had slept Well recently until last night night Scot express from Perth Scotland to London running 90 minutes late crashed into the Back a Loca express tracks Gines. Tenders in Harrow. End and coaches the court rejected the defense the r h i i Contention that the Young Moth the two trains were hurled across adjoining tracks against the killed her husband because adjoining Wicks. Against was forced t do b j station bulldog and onto Huv Nanri her _. T icum stances beyond her control. The reasoning the defense was that the defendant was compelled to kill the deceased in see convicted Page 20 55 Miles an hour behind two 100 ton engines also was late and butted its Way into and Over the wreckage the two other trains. Throughout the night As res Cue workers Laboured a Volunteer see Harrow Page 20 three persons die Ines Zabeth Bonfire Day its 100 Miles an hour winds spreading Over a 150-mile area some Miles East Southeast Miami. The storm reached Hurricane strength yesterday As another storm front pounded three fish ing schooners off the mexican coast causing one to be abandoned. The san Juan p. R., weather Bureau said the Hurricane was Well out Normal Atlantic ship Ping lanes but varned vessels to steer Clear easy a High velocity gales Mccarran group will investigate u. 5. Members United nations that the reds can t keep us ing Panmunjom As a propaganda sounding Board and that the Al lies Are going to be Tough the pow Issue. The United states in another pressure move will try to get the u. N. General Assembly to adopt a Resolution asserting its United support for the Allied fight in Korea and calling the communists to accept the truce Only five Days left to Register remember you can t vote unless you Are registered. The nov. 4 elec Tion the deadline is oct. 15. The office the registrar voters in the basement the county court House in Bitoun Tville. You have never registered you must go in person. If you have registered before but have you May write mrs. Sue Carr registrar voters court House Blountville giving name old and new address and old and new District. Tary establishment since Ike was army chief staff. Sen John j Sparkman the democratic vice presidential nominee told a Columbus o., audience that Eisenhower talks loud and Long about programs which he knows while his gop counterpart sen. Richard Nixon said in Pitts Burgh the general will provide leadership that will keep the country out War. Sen. Robert a. Taft Ohio re publican took a rap at demo cratic claims that the country never had it so Good by saying expenses have gone up and the Dollar has dropped in value. And sen. Estes Kefauver ten Nessee Democrat answered gop charges corruption in govern ment by saying democratic Sena Fulbright a Kansas. Douglas Illinois and Hoey North Carolina among spearheaded con Gressional drives crime and corruption in various Fields. Another big gun in the demo cratic political Campaign Artil president Alben bark the presidential Battle with a scheduled appear Ance a radio to program lbs pick the Winner tonight from new York. See politics Page 30 Kennan s stand backed by . Note sent to soviet u. S. May retaliate Washington United states told Russia wednesday that ousted ambassador George f. right in his criticism restrictions imposed americans in Moscow. A note delivered in Moscow up held the envoy whose recall Russia demanded oct. 3 the ground that he made slander Ous attacks the soviet Union. The United states charged that the soviet government grossly violates the traditions and customs in International in estimate chinese killed Hurt in 3 Days South koreans fight toward top Hill in red tanks Duel Seoul Korea Rean infantrymen tonight battled to within 20 Yards the to Jap White horse Hill in Savage hand to hand combat with two chinese regiments. In surround ing valleys Allied and communist tanks dulled. Seoul Korea korean troops won control the Crest bitterly contested White horse Mountain Early today and at last had closed with weakening chinese communists in hand to hand that was a gain 50 Yards in about 4y2 the terrific savagery the fighting. Associated press correspond ent Milo Farneti at the front said the vital Peak was being pounded by both sides with a tre artillery barrage. An american officer at White horse said the koreans Are aged in a terrific hand to hand Battle using bayonets rifles and rocks. He said red losses Muat be there was no estimate tie number tanks dueling but the american officer said several exchanges Between russian built t-36 and american had taken place. I u. S. Sabre Jet pilots reported Day an increase 890 since lastly shot Down Cornu Flat w Imig 15s and damaged three that was the largest weekly others in air in Mio a u. S. Casualty total in Korea is Washington announced u. S Battle casualties in Korea reached 120269 wednes and rejected As invalid the russian reasons for forcing j Xlyn Coudes k Kennan out. Kennan out. The russians had taken exception to Kennan s statements in Berlin that americans in mos cow these better off Days than weren t much they were in Salt Lake City Utah a meeting the american. Pat Mccarran declined Toi coalition an organization 93i say whether he would societies. Elizabethton Moth a ambassador at Large Philip c. Jessup accused by sen. Joer and her two Small children Jessup in his forthcoming invest Seph r. Mccarthy a Wisi were burned to death wednesday i ligation american members having an Affinity for comm in a fire that destroyed their the United nations for was among 10 men Small Home near Here. Dead Are mrs. Bertha Johnson 35, wife Virgil Johnson a Sawmill worker Johnny John son eight months and Patsy Johnson four. Cause the fire had not been determined last night. Neighbors said the heat from the flames was so intense that aversive the Nevada Democrat and women named by president an-1 Truman last sept. 12 to repro bounced wednesday night the u. S. At the u. N. Gen would begin the inquiry Assembly in new York. Monday in new York. He Jessup was named by the not indicate whether the invest president to serve As alternate ligation would concern top u. A along with Charles a. Sprague officials office workers. I publisher the Oregon states however Mccarran chairman Man Salem Ore. Benjamin v. Of the Senate internal Edith s. Sampson and Fence posts several Yards from committee predicted the invest j Isador Lubin. The House were burned. Ligation would produce startling j republicans raised a rumpus the bodies mrs. Johnson in Washington last year when and the son were found a some these persons in Jessup a former Columbia uni bed while the body the doubt edly will not deny under varsity professor was appointed daughter was lying near the oath that they Ever associated i ambassador at Large the u. N. Backdoor. With communist he i see investigate Page 20 after Brush with red George a. Beers san Antonio tex., co Pilot a u. S army nurse who refused to identify herself and capt. James p. Peterson Madison wis., Pilot left to stand at Tempelhof Field Berlin after Landing their u. S. Air Force ambulance plane. The plane was fired at by two soviet Jet fighters while a routine flight across a prescribed air corridor to Berlin. They escaped in a Cloud and landed unit. Maj. Gen. Lemuel b. Mathewson u. S. Commandant in Berlin said an immediate protest would be. Made to the soviet High command. A wire photo by radio from Berlin Berlin when the nazis interned them at the beginning world War ii. There was no mention yester Day any american retaliation for the soviet action in Declar ing unacceptable. A u. S. Demand fur the recall so Viet ambassador Georgi n. A Rubin had been speculated As a possible measure. Kennan will remain in Bonn Germany As an adviser so Viet affairs probably until after the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration it was Learned today. Kennan s family was to arrive in Bonn this afternoon. An apartment has been assigned to the ambassador. Mrs. Kennan and two her children left mos cow by plane join Kennan. This morning to she was accompanied by miss Ester Hessman Kennan s Pri vate Secretary. The Kennan eldest daughter is at school in Switzerland. See Kennan Page 20 increase since last july 2 and the second highest this year. It reflected the renewal heavy fighting Between the communists and United nations forces the defense department s weekly summary based notifications to families through last Friday reported increase and new total killed in action 137 wounded 669 missing 84 total 890 Battle deaths 147 current Muesing 12 in action and 207 dead fatally wounded originally reported missing. After deducting from Gross total returned known captured and 207 known dead. Tenn. Constitution act to be contested Sevierville Tenn. Petition has been filed in Chan Cery court Here to test the constitutionality the act under which the limited state constitutional convention will be held. The Bill was filed by Thad d. Smith Sevier county and other citizens Tennessee who wish to be parties in said a it names As defendants election commission and state atty. Gen. Roy h. Beeler. The attorney who Drew up the Bill Hansel Proffitt says that according to the state Constitution the people do not have to vote upon the i ranges made by the convention. The people should know this fact before the Date the Ley Over Northwest Korea. An american officer said the koreans were fighting at see War Page 20 plastic heart valve Success woman restored to health by operation Washington up Gens for the first time in medi Cal history have successfully in stalled an artificial valve in the heart a human being. The valve a Small plastic chamber with a plastic pea in Side not Only saved the life a 30-year-old housewife but re stored her to vigorous the operation it was disclosed Oday was performed weeks ago at the Georgeton Jap University medical Center by . Charles Hufnagle assisted by . John f. Gillespie. Somewhat similar valves had been such Trygve lie asks More equitable sharing burdens in korean War United nations n. Y. Up nations Secretary Gen duty under the charter for Mem Bers to carry the fight for the eral Trygve lie today called for j attainment these objectives a More equitable sharing the Ancl to so with a More Equit burdens the Korea War. He Able sharing the burdens. Tjie u. N. Has sought and also asked continuation the fight to throw Back the communist aggressors and restore peace and Security to the Embate should continue to seek in All ways to reach a reasonable and fair armistice agreement with led Peninsula. Out sacrifice moral principle. In his annual report prepared an armistice along the present for the seventh session the u. N. General Assembly opening Here next tuesday lie. Said the military action in Korea has been undertaken and fought by the u. N. Only to throw Back the aggressors to bring the aggression to an end and to re store peace and Security. Until there is an armistice it is the part Wisdom and Battle lines would end the aggression approximately where it started and open the Way to a restoration peace and Security in the area. Such an armistice would be in my opinion the first great Victory for the principle world collective Security under Law in the whole history the league nations and the United. Nations put installed in dogs but no operation Ever had been performed before a human being. The housewife whose name was not revealed faced almost certain death because dam age caused by rheumatic fever to the valve which keeps blood pumped out by the heart from flowing Back in. With every beat her Heuft threatened to destroy itself cause the faulty valve. The artificial valve was made specially for her by scientists at the National Bureau stand Ards. It is a chambered tube an Inch and a half Long and an Inch thick. As installed it becomes part. the Aorta the big artery that carries blood to the body Roitt he heart. Blood pulsing Froid the heart is prevented fro i Rushing Back into it by Trie plastic pea which is forced by blood pressure against the tube the heart Side the Valye. So lunar tables the a Bedula so lunar Peruda tinted below. Dai been taken from Laden enl Ghi so lunar our Days 10 that you will be flail no Good territory Hunting to food com Urooj theae Elmea. It you with u find the beit port that Tab Day Bai offer the major Perlo i Ara in boldface Ype these begin at the Tolmei shown add ast Tor an hour and a Naif two Hod i Herr alter the minor period shown in regular Type Are no in what i Harrar a ration _. October Date 9 thursday 0 Friday 1 saturday 13 sunday . Miner Meier Lake stages Lake Tevele a Edneida at Wattula h4.7 10jj.5 Holt 1m1.4

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