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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 8, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeCouple held in Greenlease Kidnap Austin Hall 34-year-old sex convict from Kansas City looks Over a gun held by an unidentified police officer which police say was used kill kidnapped Bobby Greenlease 6. Hall and a companion mrs. Bonnie Brown Heady 41, Are shown Here in St. police Headquarters after their arrest in connection with the Greenlease kidnapping. A wire photo Kingsport times 24 thursday oct. 8, 1953 costly silk Yuki silk. Japan s most expensive be gins with town s housewives who spin the yarn by hand from floss with use of saliva. The yarn cannot be reeled by machine. British Guiana troubles disturb complacency of americans confessed Kidnap plotter washout of jail on parole Jefferson City . Carl Austin Hall arrested wednesday in St. Louis in the brutal Kidnap slaying of Little Bobby Greenlease was Only a one time loser according state Penitentiary records Here. He was convicted in Kansas City on two charges of robbery with a deadly weapon and arrived at the prison Here Jan. 29, 1952. He was released on parole april 24 this year. E. W. Couey a member of the Greenlease Ransom was largest Ever paid in kidnapping by United press six year old Bobby Greenlease was the first child slain in a major Kidnap Case in. 15 years the fifth in the Twenty one years since 20-month-old Charles a. Lindbergh jr., was murdered under remarkably similar Circum stances. The Ransom paid for Bobby s return was the largest on record for a child or adult. The major child kidnappings since 1932 and their outcome Charles a. Lindbergh or. 20 months kidnapped March 1, 1932 from Lindbergh Home at Hope Well n. J. Ransom paid body found May 12, 1932 Bruno Richard Hauptmann executed. George Weyerhaeuser 9, of Tacoma wash., kidnapped May 24, 1934, returned june 2, 1934 after payment of ran som William Dainard alias Wil Liam Mahon sentenced 60 years in prison. Charles Mattson 10, of Tacoma wash., kidnapped dec. 26 1936 found dead Jan. 10, 1937 Ransom demanded but not paid Case unsolved Peter David Levine 12, of new Rochelle n. Y., kidnapped feb. 24, 1938 found dead May 29, 1938 unsolved. James b. Cash jr., 5, of Princeton fla., kidnapped May 28, 1938 found dead june 8, 1938 Ransom paid Franklin Pierce Mccall con fessed and executed. Marc de tristan 3, of Hills Borough calif., kidnapped sept. 20, 1940 found unharmed with his Abductor sept. 22 Ransom demanded but unpaid Wilhelm j. Muhlenbroich sentenced life imprisonment. Gen. Clark thinks shooting War in Korea is ended san Francisco Gen. A jul Ciunci us Luc i i if state Board of rotation a shop red Circle stores for the Best food buys in town right Here a by Phil Newsom up foreign news editor it Seldom occurs americans that a Monist government could be up in the Western hemisphere. Which is not too surprising. Parole said Hall had a Good record out Here. We thought he was a Good Freedom on Couey said Hall had been Mak ing regular parole reports since he was released. But the Man the Fri said was implicated in the slaying had a bad record that took up three pages in an Fri report. Thomas John Marsh was released Here oct. 2, 1951, after serving mini mum time for a two year sen tence in St. Louis on a child molestation conviction. He first started getting in House and a native prime min Moscow directed com error and an upper House Nam Rani i he set Jert he the Mpr nor Nrman Ftp it Oklahoma by the governor provided checks and balances. Iive year the at Mcalester 1930s on a sodomy t., conviction and in the years be last april also the Peoples fore and after he was arrested armistice foresees no More so acting in Korea but continued tension in the far East. Preparing end his 40-year military career and possibly accept a University presidency the retiring far East com Mander told newsmen on his a riven Froid. Tokyo yesterday personally i do not think shooting War will Start again in _ Korea. But i m not too optimism j tic that the armistice will bring peace and stability the far East. It s up the communists if they want peace they la get it anyone who starts the fight again bring the weight of the whole free world Down on their the lanky 57-year-old general and his wife Maurine will spend five or six Days Here before going Washington where Clark will it took the Alger Hiss and the j progressive party swept into Many time s on such threes m be retired oct. 31. Rosenberg cases convince Power under the leadership of most americans that Home Chedi Jagan a _ _ grown reds were anything More Indian origin dangerous than a collection of american born wife Janet wide eyed Long hairs who needed a Bath. So in the face of mounting communist strength in Central and South America the North Ern neighbors have maintained an unruffled Calm. The Calm was broken this the pagans were educated in the United states and of the two mrs. Jagan is said be the driving Force. The British say both Are communists. The pagans deny it. They do not however deny their admiration for both red week from a surprising Quarter. It came from British Guiana i China and Moscow. An area of some Square Miles on the North coast of South America. A Colony it rep resents Britain s Only toe hold on the continent. I in the Empire scheme of things British Guiana is Small Grov Prince s owned but the British reacted with Delbert Long 16, Lawrence same vigor As if someone Tenn., was declared grand been caught stealing the family Champion female of the National Tenn. Topics Waterloo Iowa Taft had objected Washington up mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby admitted i Liberty would Mike Day the title of her department j very much go into education. Of health education and Wei Ben swig president the four Star general responded amiably newsmen s questions politics i have no political aspirations whatsoever i have received some inter Esting offers which i m not at fare is somewhat breathtaking. She said she once had suggested it be called department of general but the late sen. Robert a. Taft objected on the grounds that s what i be been trying get away from so the Long title stuck. Fairmont hotel and an old Friend said Clark had been contacted about two University presiden cies. Clark said he s assembling material for a Book on his impressions of communists in Europe and Asia. Jewels. British warships and troop re Junior Guernsey show at the Dairy cattle Congress Here yes enforcements were rushed the Ter Day capital of Georgetown put or a Down what the British colonial Washut Tif five office described As 101 interpretation of a 1953 legislative act As restricting the Sale of game fish from reel foot Lake restaurants. A suit filed yesterday by an Derson fish Oyster co. Of prevent any attempt set up a communist dominate i state. The situation in new Guiana is a Many sided one. The British took it Over in 1815 from Holland and began developing sugar Cane plantations Timber exports Gold min ing and certain tropical crops. Like Many another area throughout the world developed by the european colonial Powers for profit it was the scene of Nashville and m. Hayes fish co. Of Obion county asked David son county chancery court reverse the state game and fish commission s action in limiting the Sain of game fish from the Northwest Tennessee Lake. There we were Highl Fairand planter exploitation and fairly frequent native uprisings. The British made some improvements and some conces Sions the native population but the population of less than half a million was too Small and k _ the economic contribution g6qt the Empire too insignificant rate much attention. Meadville a. Nicho despite the fact that the col i Las Morohovich 38, of nearby ony s total area is Square i Conneaut Lake and Francis Miles Only about have Confer 31, of Adamsville took been developed. Off in their four seater air plane nearly half the population is i yesterday for a routine flight East Indian the descendants of labourers imported in the 19th Century work the plantations. The remainder Are the descend ants of negro slaves persons of mixed blood and perhaps of european blood. With this As the cultural and economic background we come the present. Last april perhaps belatedly the British granted the Colony a new Constitution. It provided for a certain amount of self then Morohovich heard a loud snap and discovered his Landing gear had broken and was dangling under the fuse Lage. Making a Lasso out of two safety belts he leaned far out of the plane snagged the gear and tied it a strut while con Fer piloted the plane with one hand and held the other Man s legs with the other. Morohovich then took controls and landed the ship. Strawberry preserves clean Radiator refill with anti freeze change the right Grade of motor Oil Complete Lubrica Tion of under Carriage Complete scientific Battery inspection hand Wax car finish for Protection prepare tour car for Winter and you can laugh at freezing weather we have Bear wheel alignment service wheel balancing body and fender service and general repair service. Registered mechanics. Highest Quality work. Amos Robinson motor co. Market is. Kin 3sport phone 3630 Amos Robinson president and owner it Coffee Peanut butter Mayonnaise salad dressing Sandwich spread All at red Circle stores members Mcconnell grocery Lynn Garden j. R. Grocery it. 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