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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 8, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 741 50 i do you hold up traffic while you enjoy the scenery in other words Are you a mover Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 201 Kingsport tenn., thursday oct. 8, 1953 28 pages five gents the weather Clear and Cool tonight pm about 38. Light Frost to area. Friday Clear and mild fester Day s High 65, last night s Low 34, noon Reading 63. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re sure. Anxiety for truce Indi ans crowing claim in stalling narc Leader raps in stand on pm Center allies refuse More time on explanations due to end on dec. 24 Panmunjom Korea the Neutral commission handling War prisoners told the Al lies today to Complete building huts for red brain washers in four Days or let the communists finish the Job. It. Gen. K. S. Thimayya said in a letter he must know by 10 . Friday 8 o clock Edt thursday whether the United nations command was Reader and willing to finish construction by next monday. The buildings when completed will be used by communist explainer who will at tempt to lure anti red North koreans and chinese Back to their homelands before the dec. 24 deadline. Communist authorities have demanded Extension of the dead line but the United nations command has refused to permit the talks to be dragged on after the final Date fixed in the armistice agreement. Harold Stassen the in s adherence to Armi Stice terms was believed to be one of the reasons worry chimay j a demanded completion of the brain washing huts so the Long report Stassen to be appointed new labor chief May succeed Durkin Wilson says decision on move nearly final Washington decision was All but final at the White House today to make Harold e. Stasser Secretary of delayed explanations can be Gin. Labor. There was no firm word on when the appointment would be announced. There could be some delay. he would succeed president even if the unc accepts p Durkin o the communists next monday the communist Vantage. Will be at a Distad narc s ultimatum and makes i i Urnberg Union Durkin left the to the Cabinet complaining that presi Eisenhower broke a prom ise in a dispute Over Amend ment of the Taft Hartley act. Observers pointed out that the Stassen was a candidate for reds have lost 20 of the 90 Days j Republican presidential Nomina allotted for explanations and j Tion in 1944-48-52. He became must interview the youngest governor in the United states by Choice of Minnesota voters in 1938, resigning in his third term for wartime naval service. Stassen is 46. Fear armistice breakdown if Rhee frees pcs serious situation underlined by Indian ambassador Mehta United nations n. Y. Up United nations diplomats expressed increasing anxiety today Over the Fate of the korean armistice. Kefauver urges Ike to Clear up a bomb conflict confused statements by officials put Ike on spot to explain Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower was under heavy pressure today to give the nation his personal estimate of the soviet a bomb menace to end the confusion created by conflicting administration state ments. Sen. Estes Kefauver a Tenn said if he does t take immedi ate Steps to lift the fog the con sequences might be disastrous for the american Public. The Issue was certain to come up at the president s news con Ference this afternoon. Report ers particularly wanted to know whether Russia does or does not have an effective a bomb ready for immediate use. The new York Herald Tribune said in a Washington dispatch that Eisenhower told a meeting of the National Security coun this growing concern stemmed jail yesterday an end had to be from news that South Korea was put to this working on a plan to free j the dispatch said the belief in anti communist prisoners from official circles was that the Indian custody and was bolstered i president might order that and by knowledge that president i ministration members who Issue syn Man Rhee once before in statements or talk about super gingered a mass prison break. Nationwide search for accused killer of child is pushed the seriousness of the Situa Tion was underlined by the warn ing of India s ambassador to the i White House. Weapons must be sure that what they say conforms with Csc pol icy or else be cleared by the United states k. L. Mehta. That any mass pow escape would mean a breakdown of the truce. Observers tended to agree with Mehta s opinion that the u. S. Could stay Rhee s hand if it made known in Strong its opposition to any plans he May be hatching. U. N. Delegates expressed Hope he u. S. Would crack Down in time on the South korean presi Dent. But they said criticism by Secretary of state John Foster Dulles and american u. N. Dele Gate Henry Cabot Lodge of in no such formal order has yet been issued the dispatch said. Defense Mobilizer Arthur s. Flemming has said that Russia is now capable of delivering the j most destructive weapon Ever j devised by Man on chosen tar gets in the United rep. W. Sterling Cole j chairman of the congressional atomic Energy committee also said the threat of a russian a bomb attack is real and Immi but defense Secretary Charles Kidnap slayers director j. Edgar Hoover has announced that the con fessed slayers of six year old Bobby Greenlease left have been captured in St. Louis mo., and that the boy s body has been found in St. Joseph to. Hoover said that the kidnappers of the son of wealthy Robert Greenlease have been identified As Carl Austin Hall 37, and Bonnie Brown Heady 41. The pair shown Here right above undergoing questioning have implicated a third person As their accomplice. He is 37-year-old Thomas John Marsh right below recently released from the Missouri state prison. Aba telephoto Dia s handling of the prisoner e. Wilson reported Only tuesday situation reduced Hope that the that it will be perhaps three u. S. Would act firmly enough. Years before the Kremlin has developments in the delicate situation have been snowballing or several Days. The main incidents were 1. Indian it. Gen. K. S. Thimayya announced that his the bombs and planes to Hunch an effective a bomb attack on this country. Citing these contradictory statements Kefauver said it is High time that the National be troops would not use Force purity Council or the president Stop any mass escape of the i himself makes a Plain statement prisoners. 2. The South koreans revealed that Rhee was working on plans for engineering such a mass outbreak. This followed an earlier warning that the Indian rooms would be whereas the allies have to Deal with Only 354 recalcitrant prisoners including 23 americans who say they Don t want to go Home. Thimayya also rejected a unc claim that the majority of the stration which channels United anti communist prisoners do states fid abroad a nearing an for pow interview the present it to doctor of warning prompted by South to the foreign operations admin rules not want to return to red Rule. He also thumbed Down a communist complaint that the Al lies had terrorized the chinese and North koreans into refusing repatriation. The commission is not pre pared to work on either of these Thimayya said. Responsible Allied officials meanwhile said the United states has taken no Steps to pre vent South Korea from freeing the anti communist prisoners even though the reds have warned that such a move would wreck the truce. The disclosure followed the unc s "100 per cent guarantee to prevent the South koreans from taking action against indians charged with guarding the anti red prisoners. In a letter to the narc thurs 3. The senior communist Del to Stop the flow of economic Aid j funds to enable the Agency confidently to begin now to plan for its own funeral. Like chief Justice Earl War Ren a political debt owed by or. Eisenhower is among Stas sen s substantial qualifications for a Cabinet Job. The 28-vote Minnesota delegation split 19 see Stassen Page 2 troops mount guard in uneasy Georgetown British Gui Jana troops landed i today and mounted guard at Day the unc asked again that government Headquarters Here Allied and red newsmen be Al and sugar estates outside the Lowed to visit the stockade capital of this South american where the prisoners of both sides co Ion fit i end. Foa is tabbed to go out of business june 30, 1954. Enough j Are held. The Indian command which Small groups of persons saw the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Dis guards the prisoners allowed i embark from the frigates Burg newsmen to visit the Camps late head Bay and big Bury Bay in september but has turned which sailed into Georgetown Down All requests since then be i Harbor before Dawn. Cause of fears that visits May the situation remained Calm arouse the North korean and j in the face of what leftist prime i that a breakout engineered by South Korea will Lead to Seri Ous new anti polio vaccine test eco los Angeles lists Hope that the new anti polio vaccine developed by or. Jonas Salk of the University of Pittsburgh will reduce infantile paralysis from a real threat to a medical a doctor reported Here. Or. H. Press medical consult ant to the National foundation for infantile paralysis said yesterday the vaccine has been tested on 90 volunteers in the Pittsburgh area for More than four months. The Salk vaccine has successfully passed All Laboratory tests and has been used on Small children without ill or. See vaccine Page 2 chinese pos. . Britain turn Trieste Over to Italy London in the United states and Britain _ to turn the City and port of until they receive a True Pic Trieste Over to italian admin a a Ture of the situation from of minister Chedda Jagan called a show of he is head of the majority people s progressive party which has been accused by the British of communist intrigues against the colonial government. Three daily newspapers in Georgetown told their readers they were not publishing any editorials on the situation Here traction. Oficial sources. The editors said this was reported Here today that despite a record of co by diplomatic officials and con i operation with the government firmed in an announcement by the French foreign ministry. The French said the step was taken after consultations with them. London sources said u. S. And British occupation troops will be withdrawn. The United states and Brit Ain have occupied zone a of the Trieste free territory including the City and port since world War ii. Yugoslavia occupied the remainder of the area known As zone b. This information had not been made available to them. Jagan accused sir Alfred Sav age governor of the Colony of calling for the troops without consulting his elected ministers. The responsibility for what Ever May happen is entirely that of the governor and those who have advised the fiery Leader of the people s progressive party pop told the col ony s House of Assembly yester Day. Of facts As they Are known in this matter of life and France May Back big five Parley Paris was re ported favourably disposed to a big five meeting communist China if negotiations to end the indochinese War could be put on the Agenda. Informed diplomatic sources indicated the Cabinet Drew up open instructions As Well As a tentative draft of a reply to the latest russian note proposing the big five meeting. I american japanese agreement instructions and the draft ment which would authorize were forwarded to French Dele Transfer u a arms Ald Gate croup Chanel at the supplement . To boost Japan defences Multi million Dollar Aid program planned Washington up the United states is getting set to launch a Multi million Dollar Aid program to help Japan build up its defences informed sources said today. The amount of Money being ear marked for the project is classified As top secret. But these sources revealed it May total about at the Start. Was put to work to purify her they said conferences now in blood she woke up saw or. In Progress Here and in Tokyo May Ouye eating a Sandwich and result in tripling Japan s doctor i m he Security Force of men was munching the Sandwich to during the next few years. His own hunger during wartime Peak strength was the six hour treatment. Or. Inouye and Joseph Engel Berg an Engineer developed the doctor builds patient s life Chicago a Young Doc Tor told of making an artificial kidney for out of a Kitchen pressure cooker and sausage Cas ing. It helped save a Young woman in convulsions and coma due to an error in blood transfusion or. William y. Inouye of the University of Pennsylvania school of Medicine told the american College of surgeons. Several hours after the kidney men. The tentative plan is to in crease the size of japanese ground and naval forces and to build an air Force from scratch. Modern weapons would be provided in place of the machine guns pistols and other Light arms now used by the police Type Force. 4 defense plans for Japan will become clearer when current negotiations Are completed on Ference in London of the West Ern big three experts working on a joint reply to Russia. The French foreign office will take its Cue on the big five suggestion from British prime min ister sir Winston Churchill the sources said. Churchill was expected to outline Britain s stand saturday in a major speech winding up the Congress of his conservative party at Margate England. If Churchill swings to support of the talks among the United states Britain France Russia and red China he will get the help of prance the sources said. Tit japanese joint kidney. Starting with a gallon size pressure cooker costing inside it they put a stainless steel Coro and 27 feet of sausage casing or plastic tubing 75 cents wrapped around the see kidney Page 2 . Sharply prods reds on peace talks Washington the forces in Japan. The unfolding defense strategy Marks a new Era in american policy toward Japan and a major shift in japanese rearm red China and North Korea to Day to whether and when they will be prepared to enter a political conference on Korea. A message dispatched through ment thinking. Under Allied us Itne swedish government told the prevision Japan in 1947 adopted a constitutional provision that land sea and air forces As Well As other War potential will never be maintained by Japan. The provision was drafted when the United states and its allies were seeking guarantees against a revival of japanese militarism. Reds that an Early reply from both is imperative if the con Ference recommended in the korean armistice agreement is to take place in the time set in the armistice agreement. Our the United states said is prepared to negotiate ii All reasonableness and City accepts gift of 15 acres for Park from. Wilcox estate by kill Barnett Isabelle v. Wilcox was necessary City officials announced to carry out the will As the wednesday night that the City has accepted the gift of 15 acres of the Perley s. Wilcox estate for Park use. City manager d. W. Moulton disclosed that the final transactions were made september 25 but were kept secret at the re quest of mrs. Wilcox who asked that news of the transaction not be released until she had re turned to new York. The late or. Wilcox chairman of Tennessee Eastman co. And Texas Eastman co. At the time of his death last May willed the property to to be used As a City Park. A j7, to the had City concurrence of his widow mrs. Property had been owned jointly by her and her husband and under Tennessee Law thus automatically became her property on his death mrs. Wilcox presented a deed for the tract to the City at a special meeting of the Board of mayor and aldermen september 25, and the Board passed an emergency ordinance accepting the property so that the trans action could be completed before mrs. Wilcox s return to new York. The Board also adopted a Resolution of appreciation to mrs. Wilcox and her late husband not Only for the Park land gift but for their numerous other contributions to the welfare of the City. And contributions to the City of Kingsport in their in her deed mrs. Wilcox i Devotion to civic duty will Long granted the City the right to be remembered and same has sell the property and apply the proceeds to other Park or recreational projects if it so desired. Or the City May convert the 15 acre tract itself into a City Park. In keeping with a provision of the will the City granted a lease to Abraham Epps the Wilcox caretaker and his wife to live in the caretaker s House on the Park property rent free during the lifetime of mrs. Wilcox and for two years thereafter. In the Resolution of action the Board of mayor and aldermen said in part contributed and will continue to contribute largely to the Indus trial financial social moral spiritual political and physical growth of the City. Because of their efforts Kingsport has been and will continue to be a better com their Unity in which to live and to. Rear arid educate our children. The examples set by these people should be a lesson to our citizens and especially to our children in teaching them of the great moral and spiritual values in rendering and contributing to untiring services j Community service Clement claims president erred governor submits a report on Tva Washington up gov. Frank g. Clement of Tennessee told president Eisenhower to Day he was wrong describing the Tennessee Valley authority As an example of creeping social the democratic governor s rebuttal to the remark made by Eisenhower at a news Confer ence last summer was contained in a report on Tva which he presented to the pres ident during a White House vis it. The report traced the history of Tva development and the benefits in Power recreation and other advantages which have resulted. There Are at least five Cen trial facts that the people of the United states should under stand about Clement said. Users of Tva Power pay their own Way. We Are not subsidized by anyone. Is a bulwark of National defense. Nearly half of All Tva Power goes for this Pur pose. By 1956 it will be More than half. Yardstick Power rates have served As an sle or inducement to private Dower companies the world Over. Is a result the National aver age electric rate has been. Reduced by 60 per cent. "4.7-Tva performs to serv Ces that have not been per or Medbra various other govern ment agencies for years. Tva development with its emphasis on co opera Ion with state and local Agen cies has become almost a Way of life to the six million people n the seven state Tva Region. We like what we have and we want to keep expanding on the users of Tva Power pay their own Way Clement said that electricity sales cover the Cost of operations and provide bet than four percent return on the investment. He said Tva is Well ahead of schedule in re paying the Treasury for Power appropriations. I St. Louis cops think allot Marsh shot boy first degree murder charges face couple plus extortion count Kansas City to. Up a nationwide dragnet was spread today for a tattooed Man accused As the Kidnap killer of Little Bob by Greenlease but police believed they might already have the murderer in tie nation s Ffrost shocking abduction in a Genera Tion. The Federal Bureau of investigation launched a Cross country search for Thomas John Marsh 37, a Stocky Blue eyed Man with his name tattooed on his right forearm and a Dagger and Snake on his left. Marsh a wino who has served time for molesting Chil Dren was accused by the Man who engineered the after two years of planning the the trigger Man who put a Bullet through the six year old child s head. But a High ranking police official in St. Louis said it was an even bet that Marsh s accuser Carl Austin Hall 37, spendthrift son of a Kansas at Torney did the shooting himself. A Man resembling Marsh was sought on Midwest highways to Day after an excited barmaid said she saw him in Ankeny Iowa. The bar visited wednesday by the thin lipped stranger with a High forehead much like Marsh s is near Highway 69, a Busy route Between Kansas City mo., and Minneapolis Minn. Mrs. F. A. Mitchell who owns a tavern Here so excited she could hardly speak when she opened her afternoon newspaper and saw a picture o f Marsh. Mrs. Mitchell said the Man hid his hands As much As possible and talked again and again about the kidnapping. Marsh s forearms Are tattooed his right with his name Tom the left ring Finger has been amputated and he bears a scar on his right wrist. A service station attendant at Cedar rapids la., said a Nerv Ous Motorist bought Gas there Early today asked the Way to Minneapolis and sped away without waiting Tor his change. The attendant said he saw Missouri License plates on the floor in the rear of his car. The attendant was not immediately identified Cedar rapids police had not questioned him about the possibility the Motorist resembled Marsh. The Man was on Highway 218 and a radio message was sent Over the state net immediately. Hall and his plump girl Friend mrs. Bonnie Brown Heady 41, were meanwhile being held in a St. Louis jail in lieu of sail after being arraigned on a Federal charge of extorting far the largest kid Nap Ransom in from the child s 71-year-old million Aire father Robert Greenlease. They faced first degree Mur Der charges in St Joseph mo., where Bobby s brutally beaten was found wednesday in a Lime lined grave behind so see Kidnap pare 2 so lunar tables Al Akanmu u printed below he been taken Tram John Aldra Knight. So lunar tables plan tour to that ran will to no bks in food territory or Bunting to daring Beu times. I food i it find the port that the major Are my n Tam tace True. Belln at the urn Toon or two and last or an Hoar and hour thereafter minor shown in recur a an of Zoei Elbat Shorter duration Date a thursday 10 8at Day Lur Day Lake stages teen Low b. 1 w.4 feet Low Boone foot Low. Today s skies to oort first Quarter nine. Ble Aleak in u flow inc after n time. Batten

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