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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 7, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeCommunity Chest q s and a s Kingsport Nursery school these questions concerning the Kin sport Nursery school a Community Chest Agency were answered by mrs. Ella Dixon chairman of the Board of directors of the school year Ike Nursery expect to receive from the runt Campaign. For what pm Rowe will the funds be amount will be used for operating expenses the salaries of the two teachers two Cook maids two part time janitors teaching materials playthings and equipment such As Beds tables and chairs etc., and also Lor the food prepared for the children. La us Kingsport Nursery school located Are two units of the Nursery school. Unit i is located on the ground floor of the Bethel . Zion Church at 812 Maple Street. Unit n a located in the basement of the Central Baptist Church on Carver Street in River View. The Kingsport Nursery school charge any fee for children attending parents of children attending the Nursery school who Are Able to do so pay a fee of 12 a week for the care of each child at tending. Many children attend the schools is an average enrolment throughout the year of 60 Chil Dren with an average attendance of 60. This figure includes both units. Many of the children attend the schools on funds from he United fund the year there is an average of 10 children receiving free full time care. These children attend if it were not for Community Chest funds Nursery school would be unable to care for these children it were not for the funds contributed by the Community Chest. Since the fee charged the parents is so Low it would be impossible to care for the children properly without the contributions from the Community Chest. Is it important for these children to be in Nursery school of the children attending the Nursery school Are children of working mothers who would be Given very unsatisfactory care if they did not attend the Nursery school. Here their training is begun to become stable citizens of the Community to work and play in groups and habits of health Are Well established. The schools staffed by qualified Leachen unit has a teacher who has Junior College training and experience with children. This last year the two teachers attended a Southern conference on the child prom two to so that they would be better prepared to carry on the work in the coming year subscriptions to Nursery school periodicals Are also provided each teacher. Administers the Nursery schools funds voluntary self perpetuating Board of directors administers the funds the program and the policies of the Nursery school. The Board is made up of 9 persons who Are particularly interested in the1 welfare of the child through the Nursery school. At the present time there Are 4 negroes and 5 White people on the burglars clean out Home of furnishings Chicago fast working burglars cleaned out everything in a Model six room ranch Home in Prospect Heights except the Kitchen stove which was too big to handle. The furnishings in the Home one of 91 on display in the annual Chica Goland Home fur Nash legs festival were valued at City beneath sea tonight saturday no. 1 an Allied artists picture no. 2 cinemascope Tyrone Power Terry Moore in King of the khyber rifles in technicolor 2 cartoons ministers group hears Edwin Reed on desegregation Edwin m. Reed chairman of the ability of the school Board must be or. M. O. Sommers presented de tailed plans for the annual Hefarty school Board was guest Eaker at the first business meet g of the Kings Girt ministerial association held monday at in. At the first methodist Church. Reed discussed the the movement toward de Segre it Lon in Public schools in Amerl a and spoke of plans made by the in sport so tool Board looking to Ard eventual Desek relation in the in sport school system. He emphasized the need for the oink Unity to realize that this mat r is a Community one and the de Sions taken while the response Friday october 7, 195s Kunf to hot 9 or. Albert was guest minister during the preaching Mission last year. Matlon Day Observance Whlon will in a City wide service sunday of present or. Harold r. Albert Pas Tor of the first lutheran Church Church Ned Hollandsworth assist ant to the pastor at first Presby thetra loathe Tor of West View methodist Church and the Rev. S. Wesley Toal curate at St. Paul s episcopal the return to greatness color by technicolor surrounded in no. I hidden enemies. 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King port camera shop 208 Cherokee St. Special month main Spring i1.m in Shaw s watch shop new lit comm my e. Kill Van Neitte r. J. U Rel Noii near i pie. 1 adults Kincheloe produce co. Wholesale and kit ail open Mon. Thru sal., . Till 6 . I 5-1m1 or i s-9211 so f. Mark p Holly

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