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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 7, 1955, Kingsport, TennesseeDays City county 319 103 in Kingsport times vol. Ali no. 201 Circle Kingsport Tenn., Friday october 12 pages the latest news of any newspaper in Southwest Virginia. East Tennessee Rescue team seeks 66 air victims Union threatens More violence a Newcastle to photo by Burgas things Are Tot go All possums and Coons Are running All Over the Woods. Cats Are taking the neighbourhood. I can t reach the garbage can. It s getting cold out Here. My feet Hurt. And Here i am lamented tearful to his master Kay Ketton line Dorothy Street today. Morgan Taylor Breaks silence tells of taking pills spells Road right of Way clearance seen soon new Castle ind. In easy Bayonet enforced truce ripped this City today with Cio Auto workers members re Jor Tadly poised for a possible new invasion. No lasting armistice seemed in sight. Union officials said their Mem Bers throughout the state Are oui of hand with anger and May con verge on new Castle again if the struck perfect Circle corp. Foun dry is reopened. Eight persons were shot and wounded in a riot at the Gates wednesday. Shortly afterwards the Plant was evacuated of no strikers and closed. Mindful of the extreme tension. Mayor Paul f. Mccormack announced the National guard will remain in the City Over the week end. He said there will be no at tempt to reopen the Plant before monday. Well let this thing simmer he told newsmen after Al most a full Day of fruitless truce talks Ullh the Law Cio and officials of the Little Piston ring foun dry. It employs Only 260 persons normally. A top company official told a re Porter that perfect Circle firmly intends to reopen its Plant just As soon us the National guard is with drawn and local authorities permit. However Law Cio International representative William f. Cald Well told mayor Mccormack i do not control and admittedly so. The feelings of workers through out Indiana and Kentucky throughout the United states. I1 cannot insure the actions of other people or. I could not assure what would Hap by Ralph Rasnick tymm Newi sufi writer Norton. Va., oct. Taylor. 47-year-old Scott county Farmer charged with the double murder of his wife and sister in Law told me in a interview it the Hospital Here today that he had been taking pills for courage. You know my courage was Taylor said talking freely for the first time since his arrest in Coeburn oct. 4. Taylor had until now a i Sive geared to be in an unconscious state taking no food or water. Attending doctors said today that a rays and Laboratory reports have All been negative aside from a Scalp wound and a Bruise on his left shoulder. They have been unable to find anything wrong. I went into Taylor s room about this afternoon and our conversation follows hello Morgan How do you he opened his eyes and looked at me. What happened to your head Morgan do you know How you Hurt i Don t know. I wish somebody would Tell Taylor answered in a Low but Clear voice. Don t you remember anything did you full or did someone hit i Don t know. They said i i asked about some of Taylor s relatives who had been to see him just before our conversation. He remembered and told me who they were. He. Continued i remembered being at Uncle Bill Mack davis1." is he an Uncle of no he lives near me in Scott county. I just Call him Uncle when were you it was in the morning. I Don t know what Morony it i asked Taylor then about the pills police said he had in his pocket when he was arrested. He said he took a Little White Tablet for his heart mid another Little White Pill to make me do you have heart yes have been having fainting spells since of about 1944." he said the first one was at his sister s House just after coming in from work in the mine. "1 was told it took nine of them to hold me. But i Don t remember a he said the spells Sturt with a pounding of his heart sometimes he would pass out suddenly and at other times the pounding would continue for several seconds before it knocks me last summer has been harder than any other he said. I asked him How Long do those spells "1 Don t know How Long they last. I have heard them say 45-50 minutes he said he never would climb higher than a rail Fence for fear he would nyc a spell fall and Hurt himself. Did you also take a fairly Good sized rust coloured was asked. This was referring to Oiler pills found by police in Taylor s pockets. A doctor at Chilesburg gave me a rust coloured Pill for my courage. You know my courage was did they help they did t seem to help me. I be got logo to Josluis Hopkins and try to get straightened Taylor asked for a cigarette and i gave him one. I asked if he would like something to eat. No. I Don t have any appetite. Maybe if my Back was rubbed with alcohol 1 could do a nurse walked to the door of Taylor s room and stood looking in. Taylor groaned and the cigarette dropped to the floor from fingers unit Hud suddenly gone. Limp. I crushed the fire in an ashtray and waited. In a minute he opened his eyes and i asked him if he had any children. He told me he had one son 12 years old. How old is your she claims to be about 50." ii Iii and closed Hij eyes. Where is your wife Home reckon in Scott county. That s where she s supposed to be he closed his eyes again and i silently walked out. Pen the outside sentiment if Ullivan county should be to hive the a for the upper end of the Bristol to Kings port superhighway ready Lor slate within the next the county attorney Friday morn big. County attorney George l. Mcintyie said in a phone Conversa Tion from Bristol All of the 51 land Sullivan county health department tracts involved should either be announced thursday that a make purchased or condemnation suits j up clinic Lor polio vaccinations will make up clinic for polio shots or. J. W. Erwin director of thu you reopen this Plant May cause us All trouble. I can t govern Caldwell said that thousands of Indiana unionists Are poised to Anarch against the foundry if it reopens for production. New Castle is a tidy Little City of 18.000 in the rolling Hills of East Ern Indiana. Nov. George n. Craig sent 600 National guardsmen shortly after Midnight wednesday. With tanks weapon bearing half tracks and fixed bayonets on their rifles the guardsmen clamped a modified martial Law on the City. Taverns were closed and the sell ing1 of liquor was banned. Streets were patrolled by steel helmeted infantrymen. All mass gatherings nth Lelic contests Polilli on them within that time. This would Clear the Way for the tale Highway department to let contract for grading draining and Basing the some 7.3 Miles West from Bristol to Mill Point. County judge Howard Poston in aug. 20 expressed Hope tract would be let Huhti few the county attorney said Friday of thought less than 10" condemnation suits Woolri have to be tiled. Be held saturday. The last of the regular second shot clinics will be held today at Miller Perry. Kingsley Cedar Grove gravely schools. Either Cal meetings forbidden. Every Highway and West View second dose and the Inlo town was ,.puor t Booster shots Are to be Given 1. The con 179 children at those schools. The round of shots began monday. The children who missed Taliej shots in the clinics this week be cause of illness or other reasons May gel either the second or Booster dose at the health depart ment offices in Blountville Kings-1 the Long delayed project has or Bristol saturday from u j n on again off again history i., m. If accompanied by a for nine years. Aboul seven or other responsible per right of Way were acquired blockaded As guardsmen searched motor cars for weapons. The perfect Circle strike began july 2s. There been some i violence. Thirty live strikers fired by the company Early week for picket line disorders. Hie firings apparently sent spark the brother locks pair in trunk new Haven Conn Al two Young had been playing space ship were found dead in an attic trunk tuesday. Police said the brother of one of them had admitted Locking them in because he did not want them following him around. Dominick. Prim Cerlo and Daniel Bench Venn 8. Had been missing since . Wednesday. Neighbors and police searched the neighbourhood All night Long. Then late thursday morning Dom Inick s 10-year-old brother James took his Mother to the attic and opened the trunk. Marvin m. Scarbrough med Leal examiner said the boys in the trunk More than 17 hours had died of suffocation. James told police that after lock ing the boys in he went out to play. He went Back to the attic around 7 ., opened he trunk and Felt the boys faces. He said Ike looking Forward to More Active role Denver a Hospital Bulle in Early today reported unit pies Dent Forward .0 a More Active role in thu con Luck of government another Good night without sign of complications. The president s doctors issued report at 7 . Mitc. The president had another Good night. He slept soundly and Almori continuously for eight hours. His condition continues to pro Gress satisfactorily without comply reporting for Oen. Howard m. Snyder. While House physician and col. Byron e. Pollock chief heart specialist at flt Salmons army Hospital presidential press Secretary James c. Hagerty said Eisenhower s almost Continuo a sleep was from . To . Meanwhile aides reported that the chief executive is looking for Ward to a Hospital routine change which probably will give him a More Active role starting this plications from the time of his sept. 24 heart a Luck. Opposition to Faure increases Paris Republican and i Airliner hits Snow covered Mountain Peak by Lamb Laramie. Wyo. Skilled climbers fought bitter cold and winds on a Snow covered Mountain today to retrieve the bodies of persons killed thursday in the worst commercial airline crash in . History. Their goal was the near perpendicular South face of Medicine Bow Peak where a United air lines dc4 crashed within an hour Afler leaving Den ver for sail Lake City and san Francisco. The flight originated wednesday night in new York City. Rescuers who struggled through deep Snow and up the precipitous Peak thursday coupled about 50 bodies before rising winds and darkness forced their Retreat. Thy descended to a base Camp slightly More than a mile from the tragic scene. The big four engine plane car ried a Crew of three and 63 Pas song cars. Including 17 air Force inductees and two infants. Among the dead were five women members of the Salt Lake City mormon Tabernacle choir which recently concluded a concert tour of Europe. The loll exceeds the nation s previous commercial disaster record of 58 killed in the crash of a Northwest airlines dc4 in Lake Michigan june 24. 1950. The worst air crash of any Type was ail air Force c124 transport near Tokyo june 18, 1953, in which 129 perished. Sheriff John Terrill of Carbon county in charge of Rescue operations ordered special gear to the 40 Miles West of Here. He soul no action ars party n Only trained mountaineers it Lon which grew out of government officials would be doctors Fitzsmons de Gaulle s rally of at the site to Start lower Hospital in pc said from the Start i French people. Joined the offensive tin bodies by Winch Appart that nov complications would Premier Edgar future to us. They will be taken to Una most Likely to develop during Ihrl Day As lie battled in the National Versley of Wyoming summer Sclan . 14 Days that at the end1 Assembly Lor his six Miles Distant for of that period the chief identification. Probably would by Over the. A party caucus voted to expel of narc s minister tunisian mid never have meant affairs Pierre july. It they course that the danger would was july who served As Faure i right at the end of Ulic in drafting the weeks by the clock. That a clod air can policies now meeting always Lias been just their Best St mate on the basis of in without Locking Coroner James j Corrigan said jul much opposition that the govern ment May fall. But they have said that after 14 maj. Gerald the Wyo Ming civil air patrol and state j Al Rolman Ben Butler both of the first at Craft struck about 60" or 15 feet from the top of the Peak. Exploding Oil and fuel left two Nure .1 in ramble were in Imit tile i North the scene. They said Pic the caucus also asked scars on the Granite Wall new defense minister. Gen. Pierre a swarm of military and Days in the Hospital Eisenhower another ars member to Civ Man search planes to spot the probably would be Able to Slep up resign from Faure s Cabinet. Wreckage. His a Lovily a bit so far As govern ment business is concerned. If All continues to go Well they plan to let him engage in an occasional conference with other administration officials and to let him study official from Lime to time. He has signed several documents during the last week nothing More. Faure Only a Short time earlier had ordered ballot la to Morocco in an apparent Effort to get his re form program for the protector ate under Way in time to save the government. By Lloyte announced he would go directly to the Riff country of Morocco where military operations against rebel berber tribesmen arc hold Nir up administrative changes. Or. Irwin said the makeup clinic will be the last Chance Sullivan county school children will have to get the shots under the program financially sponsored by the a Tunal foundation for infantile paralysis and carried out through the Public health departments in vaccine presided to the weapons of their own. County or nth deportment under1 and not used will by in Oloc u Law Cio links the Ufemie court tin w e d n e s d a v and marched Oil some 100 no strikers inside the the company had stocked the Plant with firearms in what it called a perfectly Legal defensive measure Laken with the full knowl Edge of Law enforcement author lies. Or feet. Circle officials did not deny that the urst shot came from within the Plant. Nor did the Law Cio Here deny that the Dimostra tors answered the gunfire with they Felt warm and he closed the weekend. morning he a ill i Cli Winnai Sim of tin pass the crucial two week handled aides and the1 he " Lions followed the James would be under jurisdiction Istone along the recovery Trail Haj president has had to make no Cli Fco tinn from Faure s government policy Dee Lions. The pros Cal of Back to a Point where he can such decisions Rupo Ledly cheered the Chiel executive been trawling without com framed East from Jackson school t Kingsport Between 1948 and Peterson voices farm opportunities Johnson City. Oct. The More Opportunity in agriculture of vice. Large portion of these oppor Tum id ties Are for those j ii s t Olal c Ivan of this Opportunity now if they earns Ervin i Peterson interested in having their. M Secretary of the u. S. Depart a Hill Len protected from paralytic Arlea Deputy committee and sheriff snid Here yes polio Hope to have the final selection of deputies made by oct. 12 or 13 aids Crockett craze Squire Ben m. Brownjr. Said Fri Pekin. 111. Oct. 7 Linsi Day. M. I h-i11. I Vidi Brown a member of the com ruled the Moscow list of sen. Inn Tec. Said the group continued i secs Kefauver id Tenn. By its screening of Lufi applicants at a Blountville thursday the culture to serve dust rial and commercial Deputy selection scheduled oct. 12 the Sullivan county court Sal mint of agriculture verday. Peterson spoke to a group of Washington county Community club lenders and other farm no Resen Calives at nearby Jonesboro. Peterson was to tour the Holston Valley Community in Sullivan co my today. Coming up sunday Johnny can read and Brimer continues her series of stories on How children Are taught to read in Kingsport City schools. What s at the City this question is answered by Virginia Davis. She wondered the same thing. Read what she found at this off the beaten path place. Small books w group of 11-year-old students have fun and learn a lot running their own shop. Tins is one of the Many interesting features that will be found in family weekly upper Kast Tennessee s Only rotogravure. Sunday Maga i Rine Section. How Willie e. Fumble came out on his predictions on the outcome of this week s football games last week he picked them real Good. Will he repeat also latest scores and re ports on top games. St kor Canyon Olson and Jim Rolf Meis Ler Are Happy. How Long will it last Steve Canyon arrives in the City. Don t Nitiss ibis feature in the Bio 12-Page coloured comic Sec Tion. Al Misrok full Page of pictures featuring actors and actresses in Kingsport. Who will be 05 a week irom today. The president s first visitor Oiler than Imily members and a few White House Stolf members will be vice president Nixon who is scheduled to arrive Here late sat urday from Washington. Nixon is in Ming at the Presl Dent s request but James c. Hag of another Lormer gaullist Lac lion the social Republican party. Four ministers of this group including former defense minister Oen. Pierre Koenig were dismissed i the Eisenhower .1 press Secretary. Hold newsmen they will not take i up any subjects at also til Eisenhower s request vice president is presiding at on other in washing the Canh jct from the Cabinet by Faure thurs Day. Observers in the National Assem Bly gave Faure s government Only a limited Chance to survive in the Vole of Confidence on his North african program expected to be held monday. Faure faced a barrage of criticism in the continuation of the de first airborne witnesses at the crash scene reported there was Little Chance that any of these aboard could have survived. Leonard Larsen reporter for the Denver Post viewed the crash from a chartered plane Only shattered pieces of the plane were recognizable. It was Clear thai no person could have survived the and Larsen said the Pilot of his plane Eddie Drapela of Denver a vet eran of years flying merely Shook his head As they turned for Home. It was a terrible he said later. Part of the shattered Airliner. Including a portion of the instrument panel and a Man s Topcoat carried to the Peak itself. The remainder of the ship and Content cascaded 300 feet Down the Moun Tain scattering bodies As it went. Two bodies came to rest on a Small Glacier. A dozen others. B u r n e d and mutilated were Section of the Fusel bile Mori Thun 40 deputies in a to sneak after the Premier which fell into one of two thursday night he crevasses which slice Down the served in that role since the presi Lenl was stricken. Returning to Denver with Nixon will be Sherman Adams the pres Assembly sure his policy of conciliating moroccan nationalists was theorized him to seek a vote of Confidence per haps on monday after four ministers refused to go along with his program and were forced out. Top aide and or. Paul Dud lev White Losion Hearl specialist who hew Here a Tew hours alter in peasants Uin loss of gaullist As u Eias by Many de Lei Clr the weather temperatures saying meeting it s a trip to show off his Coon Inch. Under the new program skin Cap and help internationalize there will be 14 deputies n chief j or Davy Crockett Deputy and a radio dispatcher. Tii esk Ark a Kew of the Mam Manv features you will find in your k1ngspor i times news upper East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia s big sunday newspaper package. suffered o coronary ill independents. Faure appeared a blood clot in impossible task of rally part Eric a leading to the heart. 314 votes in the on the same plane will be the 027-Mcmniier House. President s son army maj. John however several factors might i in Hewer. I second save his seven month old adminis a Lii to his father s bedside. Sees need for four new City schools Mountain from the of Impact. Twenty three other bodies fell onto a Small Snow covered shelf. The largest piece of wreckage remaining intact was a part of one Wing. The plane s wheels and parts of its engines were More than feet from where it struck. The plane was an hour and 23 minutes behind schedule when it left Denver at . Thursday Ual officials said it had been delayed in mute from new York to Denver. H was due in Salt Lake City at . And was bound eventually for san Francisco. Piloted by c. C. Cooke. 34, of Merilo Park Calll. A 12-year vet eran with United the Airliner never reported after leaving Denver. Its failure to report Over Rock spruils. Wyo. Touched off the Board b Kim to writ it to Cit i . J h n i i 7 n or. 4pm. 12 Tel i . M t . M it n m w t. N in . 10 Trie . M h . M precipitation last 24 hn.r5 fat. Precipitation Nils month Fil precipitation year in today s skies plan for the additional ele even though Kingsport hits a Verv off t men Arv school Are in the rate of truancy. The attend a tune will need to build four d ate Mure. Leacher investigated 379 cases More new schools within the next a joint meeting of the school month the superintendent re. Live Vear Board in Educ inn Board and Boardo mayor and in Nairian Uckun m Esti aldermen held about 10 Days brought out in the Dis lbs ated thur Dav Nyht. Isavro o Cli Cus school problem., cd Sion that it now c of i til Irh a elected the a Dav to Pav the i he added that Thuv May have to the. I be limit in times of needs i building costs that could run the As one example of Why school expenditure for the four new will have to be expanded the civil aeronautics ordered an investigation. In addition to Cooke. The plane s ecu members were r. D. Saliv Hurt. 33. First officer. Of Palo Alto. Lunch site hts for the conduct of students one of them to re place and stewardess Patricia who leave the Campus to Eal at Thomas was deferred to an 22 of ssh cite. Home or m restaurants As Long As live session following the open parcs Iive at Trumbull Robyns Bennett retained. Niceling. Conn. Paul r. Kill lot out of four among other business at present one hour plan adopted was schedules. One of the the school Board he Clov Kern at a would have provided Lor i. Adopted a school Calendar for Lillich Lssc-17 to Iii. Schools will open 5. Received a Andrew association that sick Mel Iii. 4. Authorized the annual Clinski Lii is Seal drive in the schools to be the Dobyns bin Nett tak6 action request of tilt Denver. Oct. 7 uni the Parent teachers wives of five men banded Ogeth i summer play Jer to Stop their husbands from Pel Truee stage e i a lol Hull on the education department Pav periods. School Board members september 4 and june 3. Ilie Roll. These include 237 such plan May even Christmas holidays will begin lie compared to 210 last Vear. With Maiv have to be adopted As the Reinbert 18 and end january 2.-.-- h replacements for former enrolment grows. The in 2. Discussed but look no Wii my be conducted on the school coming Home not Only late but school. To As much a the the years . Wick quoted 6, reduced by about Jin schools now in the system Cost county heal department i cures. H n a at the time they were built. That 86b children were born m led two More last car. Compared to in irim ii Redic air schools another Iii Nior High and a second senior a lira school will be needed by Altio. School supt. Dana f. Swick said the in Tol Ile Adl Unal e e e a a r v will lie Nec do d licit a in Ili. The Fol end teachers Swick said. A new schedule of class Dobyns Bennett High Scho Lillif year with the opening second Junior High school and the children. Of ground beginning a Cal i a. The broke. To tins covered Only the area that by the Board .1 a duration Ihirg the and. And Doe i l a e . A that time he Al october meeting inc Lude children Nickit. To to into effect Nevi fall. No non Vert i Oft inv Eari of to Cseve in period p it v a n it at 3 4s p an at end Alice and or divided Init i of he am. period of each Nite Pel Loci a. A i Ivi Ched Aftim Lial Enlil la ear to a pm rib Iline h i Iii o Anil Inilisi m As Edue ahle and be later i aids m inc Liele those classed As train i. Itee Eive a a letter of a Precia Ilc. A pie ent the Timi Nable did lion from one of the local retail he Iii n Noro. Toi he Bennett Swick no m1 p r o it r lir i i Cliel fur tin Vork wants sort sober in lev mine lab i Home lits. We wild a Dittie hat absences icim school Swicki 12 to u.45, lopping 15 ennui i Mian Recd i Fiat Iii be Viool it Iari Pai rats to Luil so he ,1 Spokane. In a . 7 ins a lather asked Spokane police to arrest his son on drunk charges Acca i a i vim Cril i up so he can sour up enough to Iii Iii Ali Job i Sci mail Ficili ifs Lor a go Home Bible i the father m. His Ion on on to new

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