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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 7, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeBackground for term. Charter vote revisions drive started in 1945 this is the first in a series of nine articles describing in detail the eight proposed amendments to the Constitution of Tennessee eight years were required to get before the people the eight constitutional amendments upon which Tennessee vember 3. The Campaign will vote no to revise the state s 83-year-old Constitution and bring it up to Date was started in 1945 when the legis lature at the request of Jim Mccord who then was governor authorized the appointment of a constitutional revision commis Sion. Governor Mccord appointed to the commission seven out standing Tennessee citizens with the late w. L. Frierson of Chattanooga a former u. S. Solicitor general As chairman. The group which became known As the Frierson commission began a study of the Constitution. After much research and aided by specialists in constitutional government the Frierson com Mission came to the conclusion that Tennessee s 1870 Constitution is basically still a Good sound document and that Only certain specific changes were needed. It proposed that these changes be achieved through a convention limited to certain Fields. The report of the Frierson commission was transmitted to the 1947 legislature along with gov. Mccord s recommendation that a referendum be called on the question of a Emited convention. After Long debate the legislature rejected the Bill Call ing the referendum. When Gordon Browning be during the last five Days of the session. Elimination of the pocket veto by requiring the governor to file a statement of his reasons for refusing to sign such Bills and allowing him to veto or re Duce individual items in appropriation Bills. But the legislature could override the item veto by a single House. Majority now the vote in each governor must came governor in 1949, he again asked the legislature to submit j to the people the question calling a limited sign before the legislature adjourns All Bills which Are to be come Law is not required to explain a pocket veto and can eliminate an item from an appropriations Bill Only by vetoing the entire measure. 5 relating to poll tax and right of suffrage a revised voter qualification clause eliminating references to the poll tax and to male reducing from six to three months the residence required in a county to vote there. The poll tax Al ready has been eliminated by legislative act but it could be restored by the legislature. 6 relating to Home Rule for cries and restriction Ripper Bills by prohibiting the legislature from removing any City or county official from of fice or changing his salary Dur ing the term for which he is elected. All future local Bills would have to be ratified either by a majority of the voters or by two thirds vote of the governing body of the City and county government affected. 7 optional Home Rule for City voting to come under Home Rule then would be Able to Amend its own charter without an act of the legislature. Proposed charter changes would be submitted to the City s voters by or the City governing a popularly elected convention. The legislature a charter commission. 8 relating to consolidation proved the idea but some Cit and count turn still remained As to the be the legislature would be Dugality of a limited convention theorized to enact general Laws october Idi f consolidating City of 1949 when the state supreme fictions court ruled unanimously that. Consolidations have to be the people had the right at any approved both voters la Van in time to Call a convention and to the it and the the limit the scope of its activities to c0unty to certain specific sections of the tomorr0w the change in Constitution. The convention amending clause a tide i included nine subjects. Sectional for several Days after the referendum in november 1949 it appeared the convention had been called but official returns finally showed a Small majority against it. The vote was for to against the Conven Tion. But those who Felt the ten Nessee Constitution must either be brought up to Date or face the time when a Complete new charter would be required continued their fight. The 1951 legislature again passed a Bill setting a referendum on limited convention this time restricted to suggesting changes in six separate Fields of government. Bowling scores . Girl s league pipettes players the Date fixed for the referendum to concur with the democratic and Republican Pri Maries and the county general elections in August 1952. By a vote of to the Tennessee voters approved the limited convention. Ninety nine delegates to the convention were elected in the november 1952 general election and the convention opened april 21. In its membership were three former governors two for Mer congressmen numerous for Mer state legislators distinguished lawyers professors and other outstanding citizens of the state. The convention ended july 16. Counting out week ends and other recesses the delegates spent 33 Days drafting the eight proposed amendments on which tennesseans will vote november 3. Briefly these amendments May be summarized As follows 1 relating to methods of amending the slightly revised amending proc Ess making revisions for limited conventions not now specifically authorized by the Constitution. Future conventions could not be held More often than once in six years and would be required to have amendments ratified by the voters before becoming effective. A slight change in the process for submitting single amendments by the legislature would require they be approved by majority of those casting votes for governor instead of a majority of those voting Lor state representatives. 2 relating to compensation of members of the fix the pay of legislators at a Day instead of with pro vision that the figure May be increased by any two successive Legislatures without resorting to a constitutional amendment. Any single legislature could re Duce the amount paid. 3 relating to the governor s term of four year term for the governor with no right of immediate succession. In Case of a vacancy during the first 18 months of the term a person would be chosen at the next Gen eral election to serve the remaining two years. Now the term is two years with a limit of not More than six years in any period of eight years. 4 relating to the governor s veto revised veto Power firing the governor up to ten Alsys the legislature adjourns to sign Bills reaching him v Slagle sail Vaughn total spares Van Pelt Roll Els placers Hoover Morrison Murray total n ethos players Travis Holly fled steam boilers players Warritt Sparks Scudder Nemo total the 49ers players Pierce Bailey Stezar Cuddy 145 116 131 102 110 65 1st 136 113 68 110 124 549 1st 124 104 138 83 isl 122 82 113 142 93 552 lit 110 89 117 w 75 490 110 121 102 506 156 155 115 143 155 723 2nd 117 125 141 109 138 630 2nd 119 117 112 53 552 2nd 115 118 98 165 115 611 2nd Iso 94 126 92 15 537 2nd 143 109 85 82 125 544 til 243 221 250 82 53 1135 Tel american league Power dept. Players Cookenour Deatherage Mccroskey total bldg. "5 players Kelbler Delimiter Kuncer 1st 147 131 119 1sb 183 766 1st 137 159 179 130 12d 725 noun Tram Curtis Horton Savior Cross total research no. Players Knowles Otis Slemp Sierers Thompson total Orzanlo chemicals players 1st 170 143 88 161 182 744 1st 185 186 181 188 180 920 Williams. Total Tsenlu players Broadwater Johnson King Altom Shipley Baxter total a. T. Dlr Tom players Ahern Carrell Owen Dexter total Enil Teri 1 Payera Smallwood Newman total 1st 183 140 158 182 134 797 1st 161 143 178 213 1st 132 156 144 Leo 157 719 134 195 170 151 174 2nd 164 156 192 150 lit 861 2nd 1sb 126 156 130 120 2nd 143 182 122 152 189 788 2nd 184 203 129 197 159 872 2nd 165 177 135 155 197 829 2nd 141 183 161 130 212 2nd 156 208 181 165 no 680 Sai 164 154 1m 15t 14.1 786 3rd 146 141 151 141 184 763 sri 162 159 181 130 120 752 3rd 179 147 100 172 202 3rd 172 183 155 191 168 3rd 183 120 140 179 178 too 146 191 178 114 142 771 Tel 492 472 310 485 573 2332 Tel 541 572 465 576 507 2661 302 472 142 2459 18 wednesday oct. 7, 1953 Kingsport times Tenn. Topics Nashville Agri culture commissioner Buford Ellington says a new Law re Quiring that garbage be cooked before being fed to hogs has reduced vesicular exan Thema a hog disease. We Haven t had any trouble with the disease in about six the commissioner said. Under the provisions of a 1953 legislative act garbage which a Farmer obtains from sources outside his farm must be cooked before it can be fed hogs. Ellington said most livestock producers co operated by meet ing the requirements of the Law. We have had very Little trouble with the he said. Nashville i off attorney Richard Douglass 45, has been appointed judge of the juvenile and Domestic relations court at Knoxville succeeding the late he b. Webster. The appointment was announced Here yesterday by gov. Frank Clement who said Doug lass was eminently qualified to serve in this capacity fairly honorable and Douglass a member of the 1947 legislature served As a Deputy state commissioner of insurance and banking irom 1937-1942. Judge Webster was killed last week when an explosion ripped a Cabin Cruiser on fort Loucious Lake near Knoxville. Ii v Maynardville Tenn. Bill Wilson 14, was killed near Here yesterday when a tractor he was Riding overturned. Nashville High Way commissioner w. M. Leech will visit Washington Friday to Confer with Federal authorities concerning construction of a proposed Bridge Over Watts bar dam. The Structure would be i the United states danced by the Federal govern ment with the approaches being paid for by the state Leech said. The commissioner said he and sen. Estes Kefauver a tonn would discuss the project with t. V. Dupont Federal roads com missioner. Newport Tenn. Burnett Mcmahan has appealed his conviction of second degree murder in a traffic death to the state supreme court following the rejection of his motion for a new trial. In denying the motion yester Day criminal court judge George Shepherd sentenced Mcmahan to 12 years in prison in the death last july 10 of James Robert Button 10. The sentence was recommended by the jury which convicted him last week. Mcmahan also was convicted for drunk driving in the same Accident and fined Mcmahan s car struck and killed the boy and his Mother mrs. Marjorie Sutton and injured the boy s sister Jeanette 12. A. I Memphis up chancery court today ordered an ousted negro pastor to Stop taking Over the pulpit of the Beulah Baptist Church each sunday by getting there first and preaching uninvited sermons. The court yesterday granted an injunction against the Rev. W. W. Williams on a complaint of 12 deacons who said in their petition that the pastor had been dismissed last april 29 on a charge of improper since the Church four months ago elected the Rev. R. H. Rob Inson As new pastor he has been unable to preach a single Sermon and twice someone has changed locks on the Church door to prevent him from per forming his duties according to the petition. The petition charged that the Rev. Williams and three Church officials had supervised collections taken up at unwanted services and refused to report the amount of Money received. City blood drive Falls Short 01 goal by 47 pints Kingsport s Bloodmobile drive closed late tuesday afternoon 47 pints Short of its goal David Walkey Bloodmobile chairman reported. Walkey said a total of 303 per sons gave blood during the i Bloodmobile visit monday and he said 338 persons registered As donors but 35 were rejected for medical reasons. A goal of 350 pints had been set for the two Day visit. Walkey said 190 persons donated blood tuesday 113 Mon Day. Red danger past san Francisco monism no longer is a serious internal threat in France says spends former Premier Antoine Pinky. Smog is blamed in Calif. Death a autopsy ordered los Angeles Cor Oner has ordered an autopsy to determine if smog caused the death of a 69-year-old woman last saturday. The woman mrs. Gertrude l. Call died in an area which was heavily permeated by Timog that Day. Her physician or. J. V. Bar Row wrote on the death certificate that mrs. Call died of mild Cardnal infarction dus to heat and infarction Means Lack of proper blood Supply. I certainly think that smog was the cause of mrs. Call s said or. Barrow former president of the los Angeles county medical Assn. Civilian apathy Bloomsburg a. Pennsylvania had a civil defense exercise last night with a simulated atom bomb blast in the Western part of the state. But in Columbia county no sirens wailed. No Alert was held. No civil defense workers were mobilized. Explained w. C. Mcnich county cd director i could count the people interested in civil defense on one hand. Not one observation Post in the county is manned. There just Are no i did it purposely and i Hope there s talk about it. I Hope they censor me for it. Maybe it la get them editor says gop trying to halt Industrial move Birmingham Ala. Up col. Harry m. Ayers editor and publisher of the Anniston Star has accused the Eisenhower administration and new England interests of attempting to keep Industry from moving South. Ayers told the Birmingham engineers club that the South faces an Uphill Battle in which even the Federal government is involved if it is to continue the phenomenal Industrial and agricultural growth it has achieved during the past few the outspoken Newspaperman said that the new England governors conference now has enlisted the Harvard press the Eisenhower administration and sen. John Kennedy of Massachusetts in their efforts to checkmate Southern Ayers said the administration is fulfilling the president s Campaign Promise by giving preferential consideration in de sense contracts to new England communities. Senator Kennedy has taken up the fight made by former sen. Henry Cabot Lodge who did All in his Power to Stop new England plants from coming Ayers said however that Nei ther new England nor the fed eral government can destroy the natural advantages that have brought a Multi million Dollar Industry to the South every Day during the last two he said the South has no de Premier wins foreign policy approval vote Rome Giuseppe Pella won a vote of Confidence last night on his foreign policy pegged to a plebiscite on Trieste loyalty to the Atlantic pact and support of european Union. The vote closely following party lines in the sharply divided chamber of deputies was 293 for 200 against 19 abstain ing. That meant that the communists and fellow travelling socialists refused their support be cause of Pella s Plain worded pledge that the Atlantic pact still is the very basis of Italy s foreign policy. Pella demanded that the chamber vote to show whether or not it backed him in future Steps of his policy which he said hinged tightly on his demand for a plebiscite to determine the future of the free territory of Trieste. Sire to injure any other Region for we know that what makes for the Progress of one will help Benefit All other parts of our common the South he said is Only trying to pull itself up by its Bootstraps to the position it rightfully should enjoy As an integral part of the United the planet Jupiter is much More sharply flattened at the poles than is the Earth one diameter of the big planet being one fifteenth less than the other. . Patent office is still doing Rushing business Washington up think there is nothing new under the Sun think everything has been invented then you should look in on the u. S. Patent office where every week of the year from 800 to patents Are issued for new inventions. The list of inventions patented for just one week in september for instance included a boat with a device for scooping fish out of the water which conceivably could out movie the old Hook and line Type of fishing. But the same week a new fishing reel also was patented just to even things up. In Case you Are interested in the More complicated things of life there was the Patent for a fumigant composition contain ing completely halogenated Bro having at least two chlorine atoms and a process find apparatus for re moving Carbon from Interior Walls of combustion Chambers. And you might not believe it but there was a Patent for an apparatus for manufacturing artificial mushrooms. The list of patents that week also included these to a releases License sold on gome fish the ten Nessee Valley authority released tuesday some fishing License figures which it said show the influence of Tva lakes on the growing recreation Industry in Tennessee. The authority said that of a total of resident and non resident fishing and fish ing Hunting combination ii census sold by the state game and fish commission during the last fiscal year were sold in counties bordering on Tva lakes. Resident one Day licenses to tales of which were sold in Tva Lake areas the authority reported combined Hunting resident t and fishing licenses totalled of which were in Tva Lake areas. The three Day fishing permits sold both to residents and non residents totalled with being disbursed in Tva Lake regions. Baby Holder for children s chair animal Mouth opener Rosary assemblage since water decanter refillable Eraser device cigarette paper poultry scaling device folded Decoy ventilated shoes and a device for dicing cored pineapples. The Patent office issues about patents a year and turns Down something like to the Patent office was food tray for Blind people combination portable Beach tent and umbrella automatic Bird foun Tain and Bath toy set up in Early Days of the coun try it has issued a total of 000 patents. Plant setting machine dental it is estimated that impression material Bubble tray Are Blind. 3rd 134 173 129 143 210 794 ird 187 142 184 165 836 465 4b1 530 488 482 2446 about 150 million dollars a year i he told the Commonwealth club on Aid to the Blind but Only i yesterday the Domestic Dan about million dollars of Pri Ger is behind and add vate and pubic funds on Reed that since 1945 red member search on Eye diseases Accord ship has slipped from More than ing to estimates of the National one million to and red society for the prevention of newspaper circulation has drop blindness Ped from to soon too. A Salute to your times news boy from sex newspaper boy o to proud to Teh you that today is new paperboy Day aft1 Over America. For not to Many Yean ago i was a newspaper boy myself on the sidewalks of new York. It was one of the most important experiences of my it taught me a lot about life and a lot about people. And As i look Back now i realize what an All american institution the american new paperboy is Selling newspapers is a kid s first Job. His first Chance to get out on his own. To develop and build the kind of character that Only comes from meeting people and working with them in a free spirit of Competition like we have Here in America. It s a Job that performs a service for you and your Community too. Bringing you the Complete uncensored news of the Day. And keeping you in touch with the outside world and the immediate happenings around you., so help me Salute your new paperboy. 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