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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 6, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeA to think who who can Back up his opinion Ricky 1 were just Savins How Nice it would bed Getawn for a week it Don t Well we dont v just leave Towk it would with Fred be Good for me. After the Art we would t think of tha s too much Bof we Rose kids will never suspect me Intis setup now i la learn where Martin Wood is hiding is the meantime. La that truck or looks like its stopping Here things. Is writhe place Beth Wood. D thank heaven dad has fimally5entfds us weve waited so Long fort hrs Day the plot thickens about a month Aco not that i m saw Maury kick a the been Maury pkdmish7to i5ee.why r3nt ipikeptquietanpi7ip. His Patzek Cou lpns car pc on y the Whites Wale run this fooi7 town to a for All w6ht, be Nocks mow the Are oath and we will all6o to you be just to come in an say hello t my fr1ends.espeshly Ata time like this. Folks. It like t we puce hey. Hev. Shu Pup. I want Cha to meet. F. Cause he didst re the vacuum sweeper Why is and she had to mama v sweep the a whole mad daddy r guess i m a old fashioned i once Thot she was a nother Ann. The Dustpan so v i can sweep up this Wilcof dust on the cd Kkt. Wot far North 0 Here. Well Beom of th1 Lee Side now that we got the old . Tongue Ted what a the next step in my fearsome Rise to rower will be 3 beast he the acquisition of is Vel la the late departed i Here goes under that s these sur this rocks f Axall v Rasht. Restricted for Hev look bib Bow Hwy 5wwwed1 i. Pudge you said w i. And dont spare if an thins Happ Bneto to my Date Vou o tatee1 my to the part Pem Embee Well. If happened whats the matter you ont seem glad to see me so what happened a beast his Date um-mm.1 said he d explain later. Met Ucko could be there s somcthim3 to All that stuff Abolin him 8eins engaged to a movie doll., get Everdy coupons at City Hall Shell . Gas a kid Fum save 1 when a Bee him he jumped Cleais outa his pants so who hot stuff a Bee into them How boutthis7-a Bunch Fum general electric is w1llisi to Lemd sat remenus electro main we ties mysterious Shands around a Post 1 the turns on the baby s am pf1hands drainpipe y. Is Apt snaps of Einstein Al Here s one Fum a Fella named Einstein. It looks foolish a a throw it away. Han on earths his idea bound to baby i lob closing a woman is fun. The trouble begins when you catch her. You Hare brained Hake you re too far away to catch toss up a hot Dossie. Puh Lent o Mustard third egyptian Given life term Cairo Egypt former wafd St minister Ibrahim Farag was sentenced to life imprison ment by a special revolutionary court today for High treason and conspiracy with a foreign Power against state he was the third person convicted in a week on similar charges. More than a score of egyptians accused of plotting against president Mohammed Naguib s government Are still awaiting trial before the three Man tribunal. There has been no official identification of the foreign Power allegedly implicated in the plot. Unofficial sources have variously identified it As soviet Russia and an Eastern Mediterranean nation Allied with the North Atlantic treaty Organiza Tion. To like to give a report from a shot sum Thev Don t know who the president outside of a know Wax the Onty sex Tex know around Here is the waiter who sweeps pm out everxa1crnin6 they think a quorum is a full House you 6uxs fjr3the13hood does acre forthe what was Istria i m rais1n6 two Bac Toback cu16thamthem Twat last raise come up for air he charged cruelty Milwaukee wis. Up Fred Devorse charged cruelty in a divorce suit today against his wife Phyllis. Devorse said his wife kicked him Iron at him hit Nim with a bucket and called Lim vile names when he locked himself his truck to get away from her. G tuesday oct. 6, 1953 Kingsport times screen Star what vol think thanks perth1 use o no oaf i cant get the Safe open Captain. Shop students use then turn the. Key half was lifting up on it and Pound the top at the time then push no the door As Vou turn the handle quickly f it seems like we could doa thing Uke that across 1 screen Star Jeanne 6 she in various Redes 11 income for 12 consumed 13 sticking substance uset in opposition to 16 individual 17 pilfer 19 beverage 20 number 21 Courtesy title 22 sea Eagle 23 Pace 26 footless animals 29 Light touch 31 Light Brown 92 anger 33 Compass Point 34 speeder 36 pertaining to an age fowl. 40 witticism 43 male cat 45 qualified Ocean vessel greek letter Small Iteal 81 Swift River cum Etc 53 net 54 cubic motor 55 Large Plato relieved Down 1 lifting 2 take ill 4 followers 5 Birds Homes 8 disunity 7 Caudal appendage 8 better Coin of Thailand 9 soaked fax 10 jeers 13 cooking utensil 15 son of Jacob 18 East indies a 24 heroic 25 Peel ant War to previous d q a a a a Kaaa aaa Kaaa Nasau 30 White ants 34 heal 35 Horn 37 dress 38 burdened 42 succinct 44 Genus of rodents 48 smooth 47 Timber tree of 28 heavy blow 39 cured thigh of new zealand Swine so prevarication 41 preposition 92 Foo like part m m

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