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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 6, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDeathless Days City county 739 Kingsport times do you keep your parking lights on when stopping along the Highway vol. Xxxix no. 199 Kingsport term., tuesday oct. 6, 1953 10 pages five cents the weather fresh northerly winds tonight Clearing with Low near 45. Partly Cloudy wednesday. Monday s High 83 Low 57 noon today 63. With presume anti freeze you re you re Safe you re injunction ends docks strike on Atlantic coast longshoremen return to Job but issues of waterfront unsettled new York longshore men went Back to work on new York docks today in compliance with a court order halting their no contract no work strike in was coast ports. In hiring shakeup at several piers several Hundred members of both the International Long j Shore men s association which was recently evicted from the Al and members of a new rival Al Union reported for duty speedily and without incident. There were no mixed work gangs however for the rival unions control workers at Dif Ferent piers. The court order is sued last night enjoining fur ther strike activity for 10 Days under Taft Hartley Law provi Sions left unsettled the Basic. dispute Between the Ila and the new Al organization and there have been indications of further work Stop pages in the inter Union Strug know and raps Stevenson ideas gop Leader hits no aggression pact plans says India handicaps peace sen. Lister Hill credit Strain speeding bomb Ala. Senator blasts private Power lobby visits upstate today Knoxville Tenn. Up the development of the atomic bomb would have been delayed an undetermined length of time without the Tennessee Valley authority sen. Lister Hill cd Ala said Here last night. If it did nothing else but give us that bomb at an Early he added Tva was Well Worth Hill also declared the private Power lobby is spending than any other lobby in Washington in its Campaign against Tva and other the Harbor during the five Day government owned projects. Tie up which Cost an estimated Hin was of Honor at a million dollars in new York j dinner Given by Knoxville mayor even As president Eisenhowe i Dempster chairman of or s first use of Taft Hartley i the newly organized citizens for Washington know and a Calif let Fly yesterday with a double barrelled blast against the kind of no aggression pact with Russia proposed by Adlai e. Stevenson and against what he termed yielding by India to some red China policies. Know and is Republican floor Leader in the Senate but he maintained he was speaking for himself not As a member of the Eisen administration. There was no White House comment but sen. Theodore f. Green Dri said i Hope he is not reflecting White House views does he think we can fight the whole world Gle. At two 11 gangs of longshoremen got Busy handling baggage and supplies for the liners Andrea Doria scheduled to sail at noon and the Constitution departing tonight. Earlier in the Day tug boat Crews who had struck in sym Pathy the Ila work Stop Page had reported for duty and started moving in ships which had been forced to Anchor in brought at least truce in the Ila s a temporary Tva. The Alabama senator was to Ville today in his 12-Day tour system. He also was Washington Secre tary of state Dulles said today the u. S., Britain France and West Germany Are discussing possibility of giving Russia assurances against revival of German aggression. He emphasized however the u. Does not have in mind any sweeping treaty proposal. Fresh from week end conferences with president Eisenhower and Secretary of state Dulles know and told a news Confer ence he would oppose any pact guaranteeing Russia s Borders unless the soviets agreed in and Vance to free elections in their satellite nations. Know and verbally spanked prime minister Nehru of India. He said Nehru Speaks for Only a part of Asia and that if Nehru s the Multi of Asia voice was Paramount mate commune Patlon would be in Prospect. Know and just returned from a world tour accused India of yielding to the policies of the chinese communists before there is any peace conference in Korea and handicapping the peace As they handicapped the the californian struck out directly at a proposal by Steven son the 1952 democratic presidential nominee that the United India will not use Force on pcs. Kerbox traps chief says after Clark s warning Panmunjom Korea guards had sufficient arms with makeshift a Corn Monist newsman no aggression guarantees in a to visit Bristol and later Confer move to Force a showdown with with the Southwest Virginia j the soviets in the cold War. Agricultural association at a a Ingdon a. Stevenson said after a White see Knowland Page 2 were reports that new work stoppages might result from the Ila s fight with the Al for control of waterfront labor. Ila officials said their Mem Bers might refuse to work along Side longshoremen who have quit the Ila to join the Al. A number of longshoremen have left the Ila in bolts which split some locals in two. The rivalry Between the Ila and Al has led to extraordinary police precautions on the waterfront where supremacy is often determined by brawn and a firm r tid to 4. I. I l brutality Nashville or. R. H. Hutcheson state health commas a sooner has challenged a National Magazine s charge that Tennes on the basis of a pessimistic see did t use As much Gamma globulin As it could have to fight playmate survives confinement parents had warned children grand Haven Mich. An old refrigerator became a trap monday for four s ear old Pamela Pfishner the 16th child to suffocate in an ice Box within the past two months. Pamela s playmate Lila Mae Carpenter also 4, was trapped with her but was revived at a Hospital. It was the second time in three weeks that Lila Mae had been trapped in the same icebox. The first time her Mother found her after Only several minutes of confinement. The refrigerator was one of three used by Lila Mae s parents or. And mrs. Robert Carpenter to store live fish bait. Aware of the recent wave of ice Box deaths the carpenters said they repeatedly had warned neigh boyhood children to stay away. Mrs. Carpenter said she called her daughter for lunch monday and went looking for her when she failed to answer. She found both girls huddled unconscious in the refrigerator. Police Esti mated they had been trapped about an hour. Police said a Hole had been punched in the Back of the ice Box but was not Large enough to provide air for both children. Police shakeup begins in payoff Man charges rackets Protection Philadelphia a a states offer Russia a system of Jor investigation is under Way Panmunjom Korea India s highest ranking officer in Korea said today Indian guards would not Force anti red prisoners to listen to communist lectures or try to Stop them from making a mass escape. It. Gen. K. Thimayya told Allied and communist newsmen however that Indian guards were duty bound to escort any i of the North koreans and chinese to the communists for explanations As often As the reds desire. I Don t see How he can bes forced to Thimayya said. The Indian general chairman of the Neutral nations repatriation commission said Indian Tenn. Health officer denies look charge go not used fully in state in the police department of the nation s third largest City shaken by a self styled payoff j Man s Story that he paid thou Sands of dollars to buy police Protection for a numbers gang. Police commissioner Thomas j. Gibbons summoned an in Spector and 11 sergeants and captains to report today for a face to face meeting with the Man Harry Lowry. Another patrolman Sii spender sunday in connection with the investigation failed to show up report by a three Man fact guards had sufficient arms and ammunition to prevent a mass escape should the anti communists make a break for Freedom. But he said an attempt to Stop them would Lead to Terri ble a Price too great for any country to pay. Thimayya said he would not know what to do if an entire compound of anti communist prisoners went on a sit Down strike and refused to March to an interview session. Search me i Don t know what we could he said. I sup pose i d have to refer to the Thimayya said the anti communist prisoners Are arming themselves with makeshift weapons and Are in an ugly mood. The Only thing we can do is be prepared to meet such weapons if they Are used against he said. Thimayya also crushed communist Hopes of extending the period of explaining to prisoners Why they should return to Jred Rule beyond the december 24 deadline agreed upon in the armistice document. Gen. Mark w. Clark supreme commander of far Eastern United nations forces said the allies would insist on the explanations ending on schedule. I m afraid the narc will have no Thimayya told a Corn Monist newsman. Clark emphatically told Thi Omayya in a letter that the u. N. Would not permit Force to be used against the prisoners rejecting repatriation. The South koreans had threatened to take up arms against the indians to Stop bloodshed in the Indian com Pound where three anti communist prisoners had been shot to death and 14 others wounded. Clark flatly had accused Thimayya s five nation commis Sion of favouring the reds by As suming that the North koreans and chinese really desired to re turn to communism even though some of the prisoners said they preferred death to repatriation Onk Edh bomb Public confused conflicting speeches by Cole Peterson leave subject muddled Washington up contradictory statements from three High officials today produced a new Peak of Public confusion about the size of Russia s h bomb Arsenal. In direct conflict were chair Man w. Sterling Cole of the con Gressional atomic Energy com Mittee who said Russia has hand civil de sense administrator Val Peter son who said he is assuming that neither Russia nor the United states has the Hydrogen bomb third contributor to the prevailing confusion was defense Mobilizer Arthur s. Fleming who said in a week end report that Russia is now capable of delivering suddenly and without warning the most destructive weapon Ever devised by Man on chosen targets in the United he first told reporters he meant a bombs but later said he had not intended to credit Russia with a stockpile of completed Hydrogen weapons. The atomic Energy commis Sion whose secret intelligence reports presumably Are equally polio this year. Yesterday for a session with available to Cole Peterson and dist. Atty. Richardson Dilworth j Fleming declined to comment on j and could t be found. Lowry was released from Dela funding Board which met in new j he denied statements published in look Magazine today that York Over the week end .eisen-1 Tennessee was one of nine states which failed to give All their aware county prison sept. 19 aft Hower yesterday ordered the ii gibe epidemic swept Justice department to seek a ties mass inoculations of the polio resistant serum. The Magazine said also that Taft Hartley injunction. Asst. Atty. Gen. Warren Bur Ger immediately flew to new York with a petition ready for authorities flatly state that if these officials of the states con Federal judge Edward Weinfeld. had so applied the judge last night ordered children now crippled a 10-Day halt in the strike to prevent immediate and irreparable injury to the National Many might have escaped or. Hutcheson said there is absolutely no justification for welfare. He set next tuesday for such a charge. He said Termes a formal hearing at which he is see acted As soon As National expected to extend his order to authorities determined an reached the critical he said also that in the two instances namely Carter county and Bristol Tenn., application for Gamma globulin for mass inoculation was made Gamma globulin was furnished and Gamma globulin was administered. And in other he said Gamma globulin was fur to the physician diagnosing a Case of polio and those individuals who were household contacts received the Gamma the total of the serum administered in Tennessee this year or. Hutcheson said was considerably in excess of cubic the look article written by William h. White said 15 states failed in whole or part to take advantage of the availability of the serum. It said six did not Call upon Federal authorities Lor any at All. The article added that As a result a considerable amount of scarce Gamma globulin now gathers dust on the shelf. Exactly How much go was used can not be determined Kefouver labels Ike disappointing chief Milwaukee Estes Kefauver of Tennessee a demo cratic presidential aspirant last year has called president Eisenhower a disappointing pres Kefauver made the statement in a speech last night before Milwaukee Young democrats. The Republican Kefauver said has shown itself incapable of heeding the Best interests of the people. It Fol lows the wishes generally of the big interests of this country. We must place the responsibility on the president of the United states because this is his admin the full 80-Day period expiring Christmas eve. Permitted under Taft Hartley. Six . Reds nabbed by Fri Washington Gen. Brownell today announced a Roundup of six additional officials of the communist party. The arrests were made by Fri agents in Cleveland Lorain and Steubenville Ohio and Newark n. J. All were charged under the Smith act with conspiracy to advocate the violent overthrow of the United states govern ment. The Justice department named those taken into custody this morning As Joseph Brandt 43, described As formerly organizational Secretary of the party in Ohio. David Katz 40, described As former treasurer of the communist political association of Ohio. Freida Zuker Katz wife of David Katz described As one time organizational Secretary for the party in Cuya hoga county Ohio. Lucille Bethencourt 26, de scribed As a leading participant in communist activities in the Lorain Ohio area since 1949 and Fonner party chairman there. Elvador Claud Greenfield 63, write in candidate for governor of Ohio on the communist ticket in 1952, while serving As Lic relations director of the Ohio communist party. Joseph Michael Dougher 56, also known As Joseph Michael Walsh described As Active in party affairs in Pennsylvania and Ohio and a one time Mem Ber of the party s National com Mittee. Britain speeds ships to Colony uneasy quiet hangs Over British Guiana Georgetown British Gui Ana up an uneasy quiet Hung Over this Colony today As the communist led government stirred up mounting criticism of Britain and demands for More i or serving six months on a num Ibers charge. For undisclosed reasons he went to Gibbons with Independence. Police and Volunteer forces remained on an emergency Alert. British warships and troops were reported speeding to the South american Possession amid re ports of communist plans to seize Power and oust Britain. In London prime minister Winston Churchill and his Cabi net met to decide How to Deal with the situation in Guiana. Public clamor grew to get the government to disclose exact conditions in the new trouble spot of the British Empire. British gov. Sir Alfred Savage was expected t6 await the arrival of the reinforcements be fore taking any counter moves that could touch off violence. Once the troops do arrive Sav age was reported ready to announce rejection of demands of e pro communist people s progressive party that he Call a joint session of the House of Assembly and the Council of state to consider greater self Rule. Savage was also reported preparing to suspend the col ony s six month old Constitution to Deal with the crisis. Demonstrations have broken out in support of a progressive party labor Bill being debated by the Assembly. The Bill would Force employers to recognize unions certified by the labor minister As representative of a majority in any Industry but even if the Assembly passes the measure it is not expected to win the necessary approval of the state Council. Nor is the governor Likely to Call a joint session of the Assembly and Council to consider it. His Story. I the various declarations. The Only official dec statement on the matter was issued aug. 20, and merely confirmed that rus Sia had set off a Hydrogen bomb. Likewise the dec has never said whether the United states last saturday Gibbons a has any deliverable a bombs Rupply summoned some 50 Assumption has been wide linemen to his office for secret spread that this country is now individual conferences. Lowry j producing actual weapons but was there too. On sunday about All that is known for certain is 50 More patrolmen were called in. Gibbons and Dilworth then announced that patrolman Joseph Keenan or. Had been sus Pended for Patent and material falsehoods i his session with the officials. Dilworth said he wanted to question the missing patrolman about a Home and an other he is reported to have in several Banks. The 12 men ordered to report to City Hall today Are among 137 policemen whom Lowry has 2 per cent of the City s police officers. There might be Gib Bons said yesterday. We Haven t had a Chance to examine much of information we have already there s mystery woman in the also a 28-year-old miss Dolores Perry reported to be connected with Leo Clee Coleman alleged numbers King for whom Lowry said he worked. That a massive Hydrogen de vice was set off last november at eniwetok atoll in the Pacific. Peterson who was interviewed monday night on the Mutual broadcasting system s radio pro Gram reporters emphasized that there is some difference Between having a de vice and having a transportable bomb that can be dropped around the i am he said that no one has the Hydrogen bomb yet. I Don t know what Day we will have one i Don t know what Day they the russians will have i am afraid it will not be too Many months Cole on the other hand had told a reporter earlier that talk about Russia s having Only a Hydrogen device was purely Wishful thinking. He said flatly that Russia now has deliverable a bombs in plural Quantity and that american cities Are in real and imminent aussie grandmother gives birth to quads Sydney Australia a grandmother gave birth to Day to quadruplets in a farm ing town 326 Miles Northwest of Sydney and the father started Hunting for an extra ten to solve his housing prob Lem. . Ethel Hudson 38, was almost sure she was going to Bear twins when her husband Ellis 40, a contractor took her to the maternity Ward in the Gilgandra District Hospital. The trip to the maternity Ward was not a new journey for mrs. Hudson. She had had five children by her first Hus band who was killed in world War ii and four by Hudson. Like the old lady in the shoe the Hudson had so Many children they did not know what to least As far As housing them was concerned. So they had settled Down in two big tents on the outskirts of town. Mrs. Hudson was not sur prised then when or. Trevor Williams delivered a 45-ounce boy and a 61-ounce girl. She was somewhat flustered when the third child a 58 ounce girl was born and Down right flabbergasted when she gave birth to the fourth child a 53-ounce daughter. The multiple births extended Over 3v2 hours. Hudson too had expected twins. He received the news with alternating scepticism and Good humor. I suppose i la have to buy another he said. Contact denied in Kidnap Case spokesman for family denies Chicago Rumor Kansas City to. Up Contact has been made in the Greenlease Kidnap Case reliable sources reported today. The report came on the heels of a Chicago newspaper report that Bobby Greenlease s kid Naper had demanded Ransom from the boy s wealthy parents. Reporters immediately went to the door of Bobby Green lease s House and asked Stewart m. Johnson for comment. As a family spokesman he said it is absolutely not True. There has been no Contact with the kidnapper nor any go be tween in suburban Mission Hills a tense silence dominated the Ivy trimmed Brick mansion. Tension grew out of the fact that Robert Ledterman who first acted As spokesman for the Sor rowing family now has not been seen for More than 48 hours. Speculation cast the 69-year-old Tulsa okla., Man in the role of intermediary. Ledterman a business partner of Thi 71-year-old millionaire father. Robert c. Greenlease was last Soen at . Sunday when he stepped outside in the rain to look for a newspaper on the Lawn. Speculation was heightened further by the longer than usual visit of a priest and a Chicago newspaper s american Story that Bobby s Abductor had asked pay ment of Ransom for his return. The Ransom report got 4 states join to oppose tidelands suit los Angeles Calif. California Texas Louisiana and Florida will join forces to oppose Alabama in its attack on the constitutionality of the sub merged lands act which restores the Oil Rich tidelands to the coastal states the California at Torney general s office said to Day. State chief Deputy att. Gen. William v. O Connor said he and att. Gen. Edmund Brown will Fly to Washington for a conference monday with Attys. Gen. John Ben Shepherd of Texas Fred Leblanc of Louisiana and Richard w. Ervin of Florida to map plans for the Battle. The Alabama suit in the u. Supreme court contends that the impounded Oil royalties should be distributed for the Benefit of the people in All the states. The suit also opposes recognition of a nine mile coastal Boundary for Texas Louisiana and Florida As compared with a three mile limit for other states contending such recognition violates the Constitution. News briefs Nashville up state commissioner of agriculture by Ford Ellington said yesterday he probably will ask the Federal government to class six Morel Ike Points Way to Avert atomic War destruction president outlines 5-Point program at Church women s meet Atlantic City n. J. President Eisenhower today out lined a five Point program Foi averting the sudden and mass destruction of an atomic world War. In an address for the sixth National Assembly of the United Church women Eisenhower said the future Well being of humanity depends directly upon United states leadership. Then Eisenhower outlined the Aims of that leadership in five must Points 1. We and our friends in the free world must build maintain and pay for a military might As Suring us reasonable safety front 2. From this position Olse cure Confidence we must seek to know and respond to the legitimate aspirations and Hopes of All 3. We must arrange Trade systems that will provide each with the necessaries of life and Opportunity for self Advance 4. We must seek to under stand and resolve age old prejudices ambitions and hatreds that scar great parts of the 5. We must provide Machin Ery and techniques to encourage that peaceful communication and Mutual Confidence which alone can finally lift the Burden of arms from the backs of the president said this nation must make sure that All the world understands clearly the alternatives of military and peaceful uses of atomic Energy. The first of these alternatives is a wasteful and devastating contest in the production of weapons of inconceivable pow Eisenhower declared. The other alternative is a world Ever advancing in peace and Prosperity through the co operative efforts of its nations and he called the mushroom Cloud that from the explosion of an atomic bomb a Symbol of error and in its Wake we see Only Sud Den and mass destruction Era sure of cities Windrow of in Twenty five counties in the state including All of West ten Nessee already have received the designation which would permit Only a terse no comment from j their Farmers to get reduced the family and Law enforcement agencies. Benson. Shuns direct meat Price props revives old 2-Price idea Chicago two Price plan for farm supports born and then buried in the got a new lease on life today As the Eisenhower administration turned thumbs Down on direct supports for sagging meat prices. In a major speech before the american meat Institute Mon Day night Secretary of Agri culture Ezra Taft Benson said the Federal government would not support beef on the pro Ducer level nor would it buy for storage to Peg the mar Ket i but Benson said at a news conference that his depart ment May try to revive inter est in the two Price system of supports and said there had been talk on Capitol Hill of reviving the old proposal. He explained that under the two Price system a Farmer with bushels of wheat would sell a portion say 600 bushels at government support prices and Market the remain Der at prevailing world prices. In his speech Benson blamed dropping cattle and Lamb prices that have caught live Stock men in a Cost Price squeeze on the misguided attempts of the recent demo cratic administration to sup press inflation with Price controls. Benson acknowledged the Gravity of the Farmers plight particularly in critical drouth areas but said the situation is already much More Stabil the american people Are eating us out of the beef prob he said. Meat is going into stomachs and not into the audience of about meat packing Industry Mem Bers is itself the object of an investigation ordered by Ben son into the spread Between falling prices for meat on the Hoof and rising retail prices but Benson Only referred to the investigation in passing. He commended the Ami for its recent statement endorsing the investigation and pledging its cooperation. Benson said his advisors including cattlemen themselves have opposed direct Price sup port subsidies by the govern ment As on Field crops. He said he will not recommend rates on some livestock feeds. Cairo Egypt up presi Dent was re ported ill at Alexandria today with High blood pressure and a kidney disorder. Major Salah Salem minister of National guidance said Naguib who went to the egyptian port sunday to go aboard an italian ship will remain at Alex Andria until Friday. Nashville Tennes see National guard will be equipped soon with 41 of the army s modern Light tanks m 41 Walker bulldogs. State adj. Gen. Joe Henry said today that six of the tanks have been shipped and 35 Are expected by december. Fifteen of the tanks will go to it. Mcclellan Ala., where. Tennessee units will use them during summer train ing Henry said the remainder will be distributed As follows Lawrenceburg 2, Johnson City 1, Jackson 1, Murfreesboro 1, Columbia 3, Mcminnville 2, Cookeville 1, Crossville 2, living Ston 2, Tullahoma 2, Pulaski 2, Nashville 1, Clarksville 2, Leb anon 2, and Springfield 2. I doom of every nation and Socie he said adding this horror must not be. This titanic Force must be reduced to the fruitful service of be solemnly pledged that if it is within his Power with god s atomic Power will be put to peaceful rather than destructive uses. So lunar tables schedule of so lunar Porto a printed below has Bra ukr a Tram John Alden Knight s Solunac tables. Plan your Days 10 that you a Fol be fishing in Good territory or Hunting Good Cotta during these times u Yoo wish to find us Best port that each Day he to of Ler the Falor per Lodi Are Shewn Bolo then begin at shown and Lait for an hour Aad a Bav or two the minor Parlova shown by regular an of Oono waft Nortor Dayauon Date bar m. T tuesday t wednesday thursday Friday in saturday 11 sunday 4m ii n m n 00 a Lake stages Wanuga Lake level sunday. 71.1 fett Low Cherokee. 44.1 feet s. Booton. Feet Low Boone 1.3 feet Low. Today s skies Smiet the Moon in apogee a let wednesday new Moon . . Wednesday Olgot prominent Taju a Mam. It stain a the Pletado. Raw visible planet a Kan Low la . Venus below atari Jupt Ter. High pkg South Anat. All Tymn Khawn Kan Daryl

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