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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 2, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee6 thursday oct. 2. 1952 Kingsport times Jef flier ditches plane in vain try to Aid Mote by Richard Applegate up staff correspondent an Airstrip in Korea up out just Over the Han Estuary where the water is six Miles across. It was the Only water kid flies a screaming Jet j Between our target and our base. Plane through the korean skies he hit the water a few Hun and has had several close. Dred Yards South of the North brushes with death but i think Bank where the communists he was More afraid of me and his Chute got All Tan he was of the enemy. Red and i knew that something said West Pointer to Casserly Sald it. Thomas f. Casserly Iii who a Odds has dipped Brown head Hies Sabre jct planes in Korea in j i am no hero. I m just a Busi l told that Nessman Pilot with a Job to too. And he said u ,.v. T was up to me to make the which with due deference . We Hac Alread asked Casserly. Is not True. He is a for a he copter and found that hot Pilot who is up for several decorations and a modest Young Man with a Host of hair Rais ing and death defying exploits there was t one within 30 min utes of us. That would be too late so i took my Sabre Jet into the water alongside him. I-4 c tick Lii a Lull. Behind him including two crash it took me some time t t landings in North Korea. And then l mud let fi0nd c f them was a fruitless attempt Jelm he me not to use the to save the life of a Friend who Othyl. Youn Pilot. U because had crashed on red ground. Be u dead now and his wife had but he looked at me nervously a baby shortly after this Hap asked me not to write of opened. Him As though he were a hero i swam around for about 15 i have had some Tough times minutes trying to locate his in Korea i la Young Cas Chute but i just could t find Serly said. Sometimes i Felt helpless but i had haunted by the things i be had i an emergency radio strapped to to do and then i realize that it my Chest and i asked the rest is just a Job to do and i the flight to try to find him. To do they said i was about a Hundred this is what haunts him off and i swam Over there Casserly and three found that what they had worked As a team when from the air was not my flew their Sabre jets on missions i Friend but a Sand bar. Over North Korea. Once while i hunted for another 15 min they were returning to but i knew it was no use. Base one of the four water was so cold that my found his plane on fire appear a hands were Locking and i entry not from an enemy Shell could t even feel my own body. Extended for disease a Washington up a flying Washington up squad of Republican government extended quaran senators swings into action to tines against vesicular exan night in a drive to discredit Thema a hog disease to parts of president Truman s whistle Stop Arkansas Minnesota Georgia assaults on the gop gop flying truth squad begins counter drive against h. Truman and Illinois wednesday. National chairman Arthur e. The disease now has been re Summerfield said the group will ported at one time or another leap Frog ahead and behind this year in 26 states including or. Truman. He announced that California where the disease has Sens. Homer Ferguson been confined for 20 years. The Bourke b. Hickenlooper la and feeding of raw garbage to hogs Francis Case will meet has been blamed for much of the spread of the disease. In Arkansas Pulaski county was placed under quarantine when the disease was found in garbage feeding establishments near Little Rock. Other new quarantines in j eluded Egan Inver Grove Mendota land West St. Paul townships in Dakota county Minn. Jarvis Twu. In Madison county Community Chest red Cross donations Aid local patients in their fight for life and health. Soon an Appeal will be made for contributions to offset expensive medical treatment required for local patients. Your contribution will go f a in helping to treat the above medical Case shown entering the emergency room of the Holston Valley Community Hospital. Community Chest dollars teed7ricesdrop used to Aid Hospital Southern area tonight in where or. Kalispell Truman mont., spoke wednesday. Sen. Eugene d. Mil Lukin will join the group later. Sen. s. Mike Monroney chairman of the democratic National committee s speakers Bureau scoffed that if the gop truth squad tells the truth it will make a real contribution to Ward a Republican defeat in no vember. The republicans must be and Aurora twp. In Kane coun mighty worried by Ette calve. To both in Illinois. Ness of president Truman s at the same time the Agri speeches when they assign four namoi tit Naif i i Virtu Vinol culture department announced removal of Federal quarantines in Cook county and Oswego twp. In Kendall county both in senators to try to conduct a Man to Man defense against Monroney said. But if the four senators Are really going to Illinois and townships one and be a truth squad it s hard to Holston Valley Community Hospital joins in the Community Chest red Cross United fund but from an electrical Short. We weren t wearing Mae wests Appeal because of the Large were Given free Days at a of i u Williamett Meridian mul Tomah i county Ore. Red collects on bums win see How can do and i followed him Back As he because we figuring on amount of Charity work the hos i Scott county residents re 1 tried to get his plane Down in the water Casserly said a far off the helicopter finally came look of bitter memory in his and picked me up and we eyes. He had to jump and As again but the Guy a late would have it he had to Cost of the City paid the Price reductions of from Washington so Hospital the sum of ton in its mixed feeds were Long ago the russians branded 922 Days announced by Southern states american baseball a vicious game cooperative and its local co that often caused players to be for the Republican the truth squad will supple ment the misrepresentation bulletins the gop committee has been issuing since or. Tru Man embarked on his whistle Stop swing saturday night. Summerfield said in a state ment that the nation was not told the truth during the 1948 presidential Campaign but they Are going to have it this time. He said the senators will visit nationwide poll gives Eisenhower slim Lead Pital does for patents in the operative service Agency City carried off the Field mortally greater Kingsport area ll872 Days of free care feed and produce co., Early this wounded. N. Brough executive director of costing for which the week. The Price slashes were of but wednesday the state City in which or. Truman Hych said wednesday. County paid Only Hawkins elective immediately. Apartment correspondent for Speaks and occasionally will during the fiscal year just county paid Only to cover the action was taken South the soviet news Agency collected j travel ahead to raise ended the Hospital gave nearly Days of free care that Cost Ern states officials reported in a press Pool after the Brook when the president of the free Days of hospitalize the Hospital Richmond because of the Sharp in dodgers murdered the new Tion to residents within the hos or Brough said that a rela so Leeze on Farmers through. York Yankees 4-2, in the world United states Lowers the High office he holds to the role of a Hatchet operation dealing in tort Lons irresponsible slanders and i regret to say political prevarication then it is time to Summerfield said. Personally i regret that this unprecedented step is necessary. It is a sad commentary on american Public affairs when the office of the presidency not Only becomes the focal Point of corruption but then provides the cloak of respectability for a Campaign of Distor t i o n unequalled in political Summerfield said the senators will have major speech assign ments at night stops and will hold news conferences in cities along or. Truman s route. Monroney said the spectacle of four Republican senators playing political leap Frog will no doubt be an entertaining but these senators might make better use of their time trying to win votes for the Covey of Albatross Republican Sena tors who have consistently voted against everything the Republican presidential candidate claims to stand he said. To treasure always a distinctive photograph by phone 111 Cherokee St. Alii aj1 4. V. 1 i 1 i. 1_ Pital or. Brough pointed timely Small amount of taif area brought about by series opener lout at a total Cost of was rendered to Fhugh feed paces. And to this figure should be outside the Hospital area. Lthl5 paces Farmers were rec Ellne the free care of fully visits milk and farm Kenneth Fink director by educational groups Princeton n. Of nationwide the latest nationwide trial heat h s of voter preference for president schooling twin Iii by Princeton research service s Eisenhower 44% 52% United states poll show events Stevenson 52% 45% of the last 30 Days have made undecided 4% 3% Little change in sentiment among rank and file voters. By patients to the seven Anco Well As a considerable amount bring pressure upon with the warning that the newer members of the cooperative room. The Cost of such work is i estimated at about thus additional facilities May the hos Pital to Render an even greater amount of free service during Brough comi h 64% 35% _ j or. Brough in his statement j Chest from the Community 1953, and also explained How the sincere h that the Cit f Cost of free service for indigent i and the counties in 2. Majority sentiment among patients was shared by Hospital area can be per. The skilled craftsmen Semi my Chest contributors the City i do to assume l Arger 1 1 _. _ _ w a today s nationwide Survey re skilled workers people in service of Kingsport and the counties of i suits show Republican Eisenhowe occupations and unskilled work Sullivan Hawkins and Scott. He or running ahead of Democrat ers in All comprising 50% of the Stevenson by a margin of vote favors Steven the same margin reported by whereas majority sentiment United states poll on August 31. J among business and professional As the interviewing for to people sales clerical workers Day s poll was being completed and Farmers the other 50% of the debate Over the propriety of the potential vote favors Eisen senator Richard Nixon s the poll by occupational 000." said the City of Kingsport and the three counties served came to the Rescue of the people who could not pay their Hospital Bills to the extent of about while the Community Chest contributed a total of of the Cost for the care of their indigent in conclusion or. Brough stated. The Hospital manage ment greatly appreciates the assistance being Given by Kermit Addington executive Secretary numbering More than As owners and users of the organization took this step in their behalf and for their own Benefit. It was pointed out that the reduction was a cooperative Effort pensioned Geneva Switzerland cantonal government of Geneva has decided to Grant former Swiss communist Boss Leon Nicole 65, a temporary pension of per month out of funds reserved for Relief of the poor. To bring Down the too High the pensi0n is larger than Price level on manufactured the average worker s wage in feed. It was also mentioned that Geneva and is meeting with j a Large crop of Corn now being harvested and Good supplies of other important feed ingredients could bring further reduction of criticism. Nicole was president of the Canton from 1933 to 1936. Since com drug Lurker reduction 01 Ulen he has lost the support both feed prices during the fall sea of the voters and of his own son. Communist runs in Maryland race party. Today s cantonal govern ment does not include a single communist o r communist sympathizer. Groups the Hospital was obliged to of the Chest in helping to secure Baltimore a closer cooperation Between the m s communist part y chair i Hospital and toe authorities Man in Maryland and Washino a ton has filed As a write in can s still fro inc on Vui. _ full effect upon the Republican look to still other sources and the counties presidential ticket cannot be told nationwide the remaining Cost of free looking to a fair Sharl dilate for r s senator until a new poll is made. This in order bus. Prof.-, ice the Hospital director de Long of in anti responsibilities. Meyers who is free on Bond will be the subject of an in sized. Cleared. Pending an Appeal verdict on report by the United states 64 54 51 45 46 or Brough in a breakdown of. Income for Bride his conviction for conspiracy to Princeton research service s Stevenson 34 44 47 52 51 Charity hospitalization said that advocate or teach violent Over United states poll staff reporters undecided 2223 3 Days were rendered to peo a Baltimore the Chesa throw of the government said his put the following question to a copyright. 1952. By Princeton research ple residing in Sullivan Peake Bay Bridge took in More Campaign manager would be representative Cross Section by features a Cost of of this Cost j than half a million dollars in mrs. Dorothy Rose Blumberg the nation s voters right _ Sullivan county paid the hos August its first full month of Baltimore communist. She also which of the two candidates Stevenson the Democrat or Benhower. The Republican do you personally favor for presi this was the result among All those who expressed a definite preference or who if undecided stated toward which candidate they nationwide Eisenhower 52% Stevenson 45% undecided 3% most of the undecided were in two those in manual worker occupations and those with less formal schooling which Princeton research serv ice s studies Over a period of years have shown to be demo cratic party supporters usually. The August 31 United states poll report showed Eisenhower with 52.5% of the vote Steven son with and 2% unde the split in sentiment among the various educational and of Rupp ional groups reflects some interesting and significant differences. 1. The More education people have had the More inclined they Are to favor the Republican Eisenhower. This holds True for All times news on for Days. People in the City of Kingsport colds miseries Why Don t you try 666 liquid or it s it s timi1 if Oil filist d Vou. 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