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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 2, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee10 thursday oct. 2, 1952 Kingsport times Ordinary people Send it ideas on ending the War by Michael j. O Neill Washington nine year old girl wants president Truman to drop dry ice on russian rovers so the communists would be too Busy dealing to wage War against America. She is one of hundreds of Ordinary Young and old who have written or. Truman their personal suggestions for ending the korean fighting or preventing world War Iii. Many of the ideas Are far fetched but few if any Are frivolous. Officials said they Mirror the nation s deep concern Over the great Issue of peace and War. The Little girl s note was scrawled awkwardly in Pencil. Some of the words were mis spelled and at the top of the Page there was a picture of an easter Bunny. Dear or. The let Ter said i will Tell you How to Stop the War. Just drop dry ice in the Rivers where the reds live and when the ice melts it will cause a flood and the reds will have to go Home and take care of their families. When they go Home it will Stop the War. I am a Good Democrat nine years ,one." the head of a town traffic a girl from the South asked commission in Texas had president Why there had to other idea the wars. Should Purchase All the Automo Why can t they just get one Biles in the country and ship d wrester from our them to Russia at once As a gift. He and one Good within five years the rus wrestler irom the other coun sians would be so weakened by try and let them fight it out. In traffic casualties that they would this Way so Many men women be in no position to fight any land children would t be a Man from California suggested sending Ordinary Citi Zens to the truce talks in Korea. Not professional he told the president he would pay half his fare to Panmunjom if you would have enough Faith in me to transport me a girl from Atlanta ga., urged the president to name pretty girls to the United nations truce team in Korea to take the Edge off the anger of the communists. I suggest that these women be rather smartly and attractively she wrote As Well As Nice looking and at least one should be either a bleached blonde or an outstanding blonde. They must be intelligent have Charm speak softly and pleasant and be Able to look at the reds with a Sweet Friendly smile that gets Over the warm Nursery landscape Backer Bros. Phone Tutti idea that they sincerely like them and Are not just putting on a Devoe paint bobebt8 Johnson lumber bul Derf w. Soul ran Street value yardstick to a contracts in French Africa to equip five undergoes change fort Lamy French equatorial Africa recently cattle had a social rather than commercial value in the immense Plains country which Bor Ders the Sahara desert on the South. A Man got his standing according to the number of cows horses or camels he had. But yardsticks Are changing even in the desert. Soon the no mad s standing May be based on the number of cattle he. Can grow and sell. The change of seasons always has brought on a great trek of goats and sheep camels horses and this area. In february and March the desert is dry and be coming hotter every Day. Vast caravans of animals make their Way South travelling 300 to 400 Miles. Then when the Rains make the desert Bloom with Mimosa and grass the whole mass of men and beasts plods North. The yearly wondering have Given the nomads Bare subsist ence. Now air planes and refrigeration Are changing the Pic Ture. The cattle Are routed to certain spots for Slaughter and the meat is flown Down to the continent s meatless Forest Belt. A typical development is at Cabeche where Maria Theresa thales coins Are still used and Camel caravans Conie from across the Border of Sudan. Here a Slaughter House has been built to handle head of cattle a month. A hog farm has been plants Chattanooga the Tennessee Valley authority wednesday announced award of nearly Worth of con tracts for materials and equip ment at five steam plants it is having built. The largest amount listed for any one of the five plants was for the Shawnee Plant near Paducah by. Contracts for this installation one for to the and Wilcox company of Ohio for steam generating units. Another for 1 went to Benjamin f. Shaw company Wilmington del., for a piping system. Contracts for other plants totalled for the Kings ton Tenn., Plant for widows Creek in North Ala Bama for the Colbert Plant near Tuscumbia Ala. And for the new Johnsonville Tenn., Plant. In addition a contract for was let to the Charles e. Schuler engineering com Pany Newark n. J., for flood Light towers for widows Creek Johnsonville Kingston and Shawnee. Custom of paying for african wives added. Soon a Cannery will be flown in to Start production for London up a govern the French . A soap factory intent sponsored investigator has and Tannery also Are to be the idea that males in de. An area of West Africa should As the basis for the Slaughter pay for their wives. House a firm sent three re Frig or. Phyllis m. Kaberry Reader rated five ton trucks anthropology at the univer the Sahara disassembled the of London said that the Chassis and put them up As cold sity custom of marriage payment in storage rooms. The Plant was Samenda in the British Camer built around them. Meat is de sons should be continued be slivered to a nearby Airstrip and flown out to Bangui Brazzaville and Leopold Ville. Witt will open drive on oct. 4 Johnson City Tenn. Cause it keeps the men from Liv ing in a state of bib Ulous or. Kaberry lived for two and one half years among the a i lives in order to study the Situa a Tion. She explained that men there have to make articles to sell in order to get the needed Cash to a wife. She added without the incentive to accumulate wealth for this purpose both before and after marriage the temptation for the average male to sink Back into a state of is Campan o at and Sam Johnson of Hunting Don the Republican nominee for state Railroad and Public utilities commissioner. The dates were announced Here wednesday following a con Ference Between District leaders and the nominees. C. L. Marshall District chairman for the Republican Campaign announced the schedule. The first District rallies Are set for oct. 6, Mountain City 1 ., and Elizabethton I oct. 7, Blountville 11 a.m., Rog i Erville 3 And oct. Greeneville noon and Newport Hoover makes the people of Bermuda for Merly built their houses of Cedar. Rop Dollar Loans old Homes c. A. Bauer a co. 232 e. Market pm. 1.21 enrol now for training in one of the highest paid women s professions. Approved by ten Nessee state Board. Heat Waves cold Waves s2.50 up s4.00 up feathers Beauty school 117 Broad Street 1032 insanity plea new Orleans plea of innocent by reason of insanity was entered by Louis Eugene Hoover who is scheduled to be tried a second time oct. 21 for the brutal slaying of a Bristol a. Millionaire in a downtown hotel nearly three years ago. The 26-year-old Veteran filed his plea in judge j. Ber Nard Cocke s Section of criminal District court. Hoover was convicted in de Cember 1949, of the slaying of James a. Mahoney a Mardi gras visitor and sentenced to die in the electric chair but the state supreme court granted him a new trial. Famous Washington Oil Heaters now available. 92, 500 Bettj. Low prices. Easy terms. No carrying charges. Anderson furniture co. 116 e. Market phone 755 Harkleroad s Kingsport s oldest largest and most Complete feed Stere. No Trena staf of life feeds Lawn and farm seeds Grain and fertilizers free delivery Comer Market and Commerce Sta. Phone 2400 hurry get your storm windows ordered now before the season s Rush Eagle picker also storm windows also fibreglass Home insulation no Down payment up to 36 months to pay for free is Ismaie phone 3565 Home improvement co. 145 Commerce St. Rub alcohol Cole s famous giant sundae pork Barbecue Sandwich noxzema Witk Suh mat feta a Tow 35c value ii ii 7 soap powder Mineral Oil complexion size Don t lose sleep with a backing i h 5 or tablets i i i r bottle 100 injector razor Blades 23c paper towels or emulsion rupture user right reserved to limit quantifies Over grateful Urs Large soap powder Bubble Bath fro Mainz Cole prescription d e apartment has one of the most Complete stocks of pharmaceuticals any where. We Are proud to be Able to offer the very Best in modern prescription service at reasonable prices. Garlic tablets luscious Juicy chocolate and associated symptom of constant belching bloated stomach undue flatulence cherries an Hist atomizer 98c aluminium Percolator Climax cleaner 40-oz. Site gloss Wax cleaner household ammonia full it. Bottle Aslone skiing new Beauty for hair hard wafer shampoo heavy gauge Metal Kitchen Stool de set toilet tissue 2 for 29c special de Gem Aster pinking shears rust proof thermos vacuum bottle 5-oz. Rushay lotion 49c 3-Power Field glasses enjoy the games from close up Only 3 More Days for bathing Epsom salts 31 c Tussy v2 Price sole Rich Cream Opal shave Brush Sis it Lor toot new Bewray hair dryer dries in at Toj a Lulf Pelee Flat Iron Chrome lightweight Loc values pocket Combs asst. Kinds 14c regular bread toaster 2-Sllce pop up bag Hoole unmet a Mew 54" pure Torrin to nil electric heating pad priced from w a e. Hostess Wall clock size now Richard Hudnut Home permanent with Golden Oil hair treatment both for Richard Hudnut enriched Creme shampoo plus Crema rinse both for Money savers Beauty buy shampoo and 50c hair dress Debonair triple Cut Inch Bath Brush Debonair Quality sewing pkg of 60 Ami. With threader Debonair manicure Sci car. 75c value tanks outdoor units 4-coh my w Korv fat 25c pkg. One Book matches 15c 10c pkg. Of t Anat. Safty x Llu chit mar att Watt Loc Vel Otje powder 1 ii Loc pkg. T straight fim for

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