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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - October 2, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Smth s., prominent stars. Altair. High in South Arcturus. Sets . Alt Debaran rises 9-48 . Betelgeuse. Low to East 12-14 . 1au times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 198 Kingsport Tenn., thursday oct. 2, 1952 20 pages five cents the partly Cloudy cooler to night. Yesterday s High 85, last night s Low 48, noon Reading 73. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re sure. Adv. Steadily ahead near Kingsport work on superhighways moving a be jets tangle in first Battle of month Power two Bulldozer operators in the left picture Are working with an Earth pan moving off the dirt and Rock fron one of the highest Points on the 3.6 Miles second link of the new Bristol superhighway. Picture at right shows two workmen Troy Burnett Derrick operator at the left and Otis Hunt Bulldozer Driver at the end of the line of the Gate City project. Behind the heaviest fighting on ground located on front Seoul Korea And communist jets tangled in october s first air Battles today. The fifth air Force said one red Mig-15 was shot Down and two were damaged. The Day s heaviest ground fighting flared on the East Cen trial front South korean infantrymen fought to within 50 Yards i of the top of wire Hill captured j by chinese reds monday. Late reports from eighth army Headquarters said heavy fight ing was still in Progress. The air Force announced that Cheju Island Korea Allied planes shot Down 107 rus american soldiers who killed 56 Sian built Mig-15s in the past chinese communist prisoners of three months. U. N. Losses in and wounded 120 in a Brief Battle were seven u. S. F-86 Battle yesterday broke up a i sabres and three f-84 Thunder planned mass outbreak by i jets. Sixty two of the migs were hard Core reds it was disclosed Truman lambasts tax Cut Promise of gop As lie foiled red break on Cheju i crowned in september. Today. In the Short Battle inside com a Pound no. 7 on this All chinese j prisoner Island. Two died aboard a plane flying them to an Amer ican Hospital in Pusan and three others died after their arrival. Two american soldiers were i slightly injured. Today s Mig kill came in an maj Gen Thomas w. Two platoons of american in air Battle Between two sabres commander of the korean of about 70 men moved b-28 invader bombers hunted Cli Eju mountains. N g j armed with Spears and barbed communist Supply vehicles last the break was scheduled f or j wire flails quelled the defiant night and pilots reported 50 de yesterday the third anniversary j reds and prevented the planned of the chinese communist col. Richard d. Boerem of on see break Page 18 prisoners were killed Derrick the Morrison City Gap where the four Lane Tennessee route will meet the three Lane Virginia route on u. S. Highway 23. Com a corned Antn a Sav ill ii Isi Huiju deep in Northwest to munits planned to break out j age 15-minute close order Battle Ulf pal for Pinc Rea. And join red guerrillas in the with Rock thro Wing chinese Bristol Gate City projects six to eight months needed to finish new Lynn Garden route by Virginia Davis state news editor massive Earth movers Are scooping up the terrain and grading it out on two four Lane superhighway projects North of Kingsport. The new Gate City Highway and Bristol Highway routes. Construction officials on both projects say the past 30 Days has Given the most satisfactory working interim since work was begun. Much has been accomplished on both installations of culverts and grading and efforts Are being made to continue at a steady Pace before weather cons editions change for worse. The Virginia line project is about 50 per cent Complete in its grading work and about 30 per cent of the Concrete for the culverts has been poured and finished. This route will be Black topped. The Bristol project has about 65 per cent of the Concrete work done and about 35 per cent of the grading work completed. Approximately six or eight months More of Good weather conditions will be necessary to finish the Virginia line project fund program by which the state however and f. A. Would share with counties the Nashville Bridge superintendent Cost of medical care for Charity of the Bristol route project i cases the state study commis Hopes to Complete his Culvert Sion on indigent hospitalization and Bridge installations by recommended yesterday. Thanksgiving. Then grading the commission s report Toi work can proceed All the entire gov. Gordon Browning proposed 3.6 Miles length. A program calling for an initial the second link of the bristol1 appropriation of in Bristol superhighway for the Ramsey co., inc., put the finish on a Concrete Bridge in Reedy Creek Valley. F. A. Coleman Bridge superintendent at right talks to a Workman in the foreground. The Bridge is 100 feet wide and will lie approximately 12 to 18 inches below the surface of the graded Road to be built. When this work is completed about 6.8 Miles of the proposed 23-mile Bristol superhighway will be graded for future development. Times news photos by Virginia Davis stroked. South korean infantrymen stormed wire Hill last night but1 were beaten off in hand to hand fighting. The attack was renewed at Daybreak against a heavy chinese artillery and mor tar barrage. Allied forces defending a by contested Hill East of Kum a song on the Central front beat off a heavy pre Dawn attack by chinese troops the u. N. Infantrymen hurled Back 160 reds i is Fitl us b month. Indigent care plan proposed f state would share costs with counties Nashville Matching 1952 candidates Are fast travelling Crew by Arthur Edson Washington there never has been a presiden tial Campaign like this. Durham. N. C., damaged one of War Page 18 pc asks grand jury inquiry commission seeking crime investigation ptts senator Nixon lashes demos Bristol rally hears gop veep candidate by Bill Freehoff times news writer Bristol spa senator Richard Nixon Republican can capitalistic economic crisis is be dilate for vice today Moscow pre. Serialism. H. Fletcher of he said the capitalistic sys Tern is disintegrating As a result of world War ii and that the coming acute. Stalin s forecast of capitalist disintegration appeared in an article written for the soviet Magazine bolshevik. As a result of the loss of markets after the second world War the capitalist countries Are try ing to cover up their difficulties by resorting to the Marshall plan War in Korea and rearm Stalin said. Stalin said that in order to eliminate the inevitability of an de circuit judge Campbell to Call a grand jury to investigate vice and crime conditions in John son City. The commission noting that i i see Stalin Page 18 it s enough to make a person dizzy simply trying to keep up two major crimes had been com dully Jup poll with where the candidates Are. Omitted in and near the City re. From coast to coast from North to South the candidates have cantly said it wanted a full Ca c v been seen in person. Voters not in direct line of this steady investigation by the i of t69t Lewis winding up 1952 Coal contracts topical fire have had ample jury chances to hear them on radio in its Resolution the commis and television. Sion said that since the crimes i Day after Day what the Candi dates have had to just i As important what they Haven t had to been reported at Washington up John length in newspapers. Superhighway will join the first state funds to supplement pres Al. Lewis headed for a peaceful1 in View of the unrelenting Section for which grading was ent programs carried out by Windup of 1952 Coal negotiations Campaign to convince the voters completed about three and one Manv ant pm time in to Ria a Tib 7 lne voters today a she resumed wage talks its interesting to recall that this completed about three and one Many cities and counties in the half years ago. The work now is mostly out of sight from1 the commission was created the Enci of the first link. A Cul the 1951 general Assembly to Vert has however been the indigent see roads Page 18 and make recon to disc. Negotiators to discuss p the a bomb emendations for its improvement. The report also recommended 1. The program should be set up to the Assumption that Doc tors would provide free medical care. 2. Payment should be made to each participating Hospital for each patient. 3. Medical need should be determined on the basis of written certification by a licensed physician. 4. Financial eligibility should be determined by a committee in the county in which the patient lives. 5. The state health depart see Charity Page 18 Towi ring above the Iradi limit of inc past immense As lie1 i stare itself the tins by Drozic i bomb explosion May drastically ii eel the future destiny of Man. For the Story of one of the most scientific developments in his tory be sure to read illustrated a for of the i the hell bomb17 beginning monday in your Kingsport times believe 1952 polio Peak past in . Have been made which if substantiated would involve the police department of Johnson the crimes the commission referred to were the dynamite no sept. 15 of a House being constructed by City attorney Mckinley Green and the slaying tuesday night of James h. Mich Vas summar vols 27. Lowndes of meantime charges that the a new i South Carolina. When his state slaying of Michaels identified As wage boost for miners. Nominated him in 1821, Lowndes a former City undercover agent with Anthracite operators. Active Pursuit of the presidency is a 1s Early View by William the parties reached an followed an attempt to collect agreement several weeks ago the presidency is not an of Protection Money were counter which gave the miners a 20 j fice to be either solicited or de eel yesterday by official hints his cent a ton boost in payments Toi lined. Death May have been connected their welfare fund and blocked not until 1836 was the spell with the City s recent anti vice a threatened strike. however a final contract was Henry Harrison broken in that Vear William drive. William Stout 37. Is being Lexington by. Tobacco going to Market this season in the eight state Belt will be supported by a govern ment floor Price of per Hundred pounds the second highest Ever set. Directors of the Burley Tobac co growers co operative association were told yesterday the Price is Only 30 cents below the All time record of last year. Frank Dryden an official of the department of agriculture also explained the rate is based on 90 per cent parity of last March 1. Parity is the Price level estimated to give the Farmer a Price for his crop sufficient to meet higher prices of things he buys. I Dryden said the loan rate was fixed on March 1 president hits Ike in Pacific coast address Stevenson overhauls program to include four fireside chars from press dispatches president Truman took his give pm hell Campaign Down the Pacific coast today after snapping angrily that Dwight d. Eisenhower s statement that a sizable tax Cut was possible was just a Damn aboard the Eisenhower special d. Eisenhower won a roaring Wel come on his entry into Illi Nois today and he declared both world War ii and the korean War might have been avoided under better Leader ship. A crowd estimated by police at turned out at Cham pain to Greet Eisenhower on his presidential drive into the backyard of his democratic opponent gov. Adlai Steven son. Or. Truman s democratic Road show was in High gear and draw ing Good sized crowds As he lashed Back at Republican critics Labelling them doubting Thomases and false prophets failing to acknowledge the sound Prosperity of his administration. The president hammered away at his Contention that gop candidate Eisenhower is unfit see democrats Page 18 three children killed in fire kerosene explodes at Greene co. Home Greeneville Tenn. Kerosene can explosion and fire at a Small Rural Home has resulted in the death of three Small children. The youngsters were killed yesterday when the can exploded showering flames through out their two room Home in the Cedar Creek Community about 10 Miles from Greeneville. At the time their Mother had gone Sosne 500 feet from the House to get water from a Well. The victims were Patricia 3, Mary Katherine 2, and Stevie Roy 3 months children of or. Sharply criticized gov. Adlai Ste Venson for failure to disavow president Truman s recent at tack on Gen. Eisenhower. Speaking to a crowd of at Bristol s municipal stadium Nixon said i think the american people will resent the attempt of Harry Truman of All people to smear the reputation of a great this remark which Drew great applause was an allusion to president Truman s remark that Gen. Eisenhower was partly to blame for the u. S. Soft policy toward Russia. The american people Are not going to blame Ike for the mis takes Dean Acheson Nixon said. Gov. Stevenson s failure to disavow this smear Means that he agrees. A vote Tor Stevenson Means four More years of tru speaking on civil rights the gop vice president candidate told a mixed crowd of Whites and negroes that the american people Are tired of double talk Nixon said we must prove to the world that America is a land where Opportunity is equal to All regardless of race Creed or discussing the pro posed Law which would prohibit discrimination in business mrs. Gladson Bishop. Nixon said the problem must be1 neighbors saw the flames and met on a local level and that to the Mother but by voluntary . Must been. Courage. His statement Drew applause. He said also that no Man Black or White should have to pay to vote. If a Man is Good enough to fight for his country he is Gooc enough to vote for it. A poll tax is required in a. But not in h r a decline in parity since then in e View alternative support soft Coal contract provided a j York be Ersey h. Michaels 27 in Price below the Flynn n i i _ a _ i i i Iipp. Because Tennessee held up pending settlement of pears to have been Merst mod held without Bond on a murder the soft Coal negotiations. Thiern Campaign he visited Newi charge was quoted As saying he wage boost. I see travel Page 18 Southern demo leaders confident any gop gain can be wiped out self defense after Michaels had asked him for sheriff Lee. Bailey quoted Stout As saying Michaels arrived at the Stout residence and announced he had been sent by two other officers to collect the Money. Stout said a fight ensued and he shot in self defense after Michaels made a move As if to in the crowd that almost filled the stadium were Many Young people and observers said they see republicans Page 18 Washington health Atlanta up party participation in i draw a pistol j leaders assured Southern demo party financing and that s Why see Johnson City Page 18 a crafts today a grass roots drive we re starting a National grass i for Campaign funds would wipe roots Campaign next _ Chicago folks walk up after elevator walkout any Edge gained by the the democratic party will up the top s vigorous bid for Dixie seek s5 from every Good Ameri t. No said can to finance campaigning for the 1952 record breaking polio. Delegations from six South Adlai Stevenson on the state lev myelitis outbreak probably states told National Mitchell said passed its Peak it reported new cases in the week ending sept. 27, a de crease of 653 from the previous week when occurred. The weekly report of the serv ice said the 16 per cent drop probably Marks the turning Point of the incidence this a tabulation for the 1952 polio disease beginning in april showed cases thus far compared with in All of 1949, the worst previous year. Chicago up new negotiations were scheduled today to try to get hundreds of office building elevators off the ground to chairman Stephen a. Mitch the National chairman also Ell in a closed Council of. War huddled privately with South yesterday Lack of funds was leaders but refused to chief problem facing whether Stevenson would members of local 66 of the a visit to that state where Eisenhower was accorded his Heartiest Southern Welcome. Sen Olin Johnston dec Yoshida s liberals retain Power in Avalanche of japanese Voles Tokyo Shi Geru Yoshida s conservative thinking Liberal party was re turned to Power today by an Avalanche of conservative votes which shut out the communists without a single seat in Japan s new parliament. More than 130 wartime Lead ers purged by Gen. Douglas Mac Wing socialists 54. Other votes were scattered among independents and splinter parties. The communists put 107 candidates in the Field predicting they would improve on the 22 seats they had in the last diet. They did not win one seat in wednesday s Electon. A heavy count of socialist appearance of Republican presidential nominee Dwight Eisen Hower. Mitchell who was to return to j said Stevenson would tour South Washington today said the Dixie leaders were fighting big Mon Carolina but the dates had not been set. By in their states but were All the state party leaders were confident of warned by sen. A. S. Mike he said they All recognize the a Monroney a okla Stevenson s great political value of a wide see Dixie Page 18 Arthur Rode into the lower House votes in big City areas late this finn Nanri into of the diet on the conservative afternoon Cut into the the which emphasized a liberals had built up in the Rural growing awareness of the provinces. However the govern rent party had no trouble re Taining its majority control and Al walked off their jobs yesterday and left almost workers without elevator service in 121 big Loop office buildings. Federal mediators called the meeting this afternoon but Chi Cago s office workers still had the weary Job of climbing dozens of flights of stairs to get to work this morning. Soviet threat. Final but unofficial tabulations gave the liberals 240 seats 45 less than they had in the last diet but still a working majority in the 466-seat House. The progressives whose poli cies closely follow those of the liberals had 85 seats the right Wing socialists 57 and the left. Insuring its Chance to set up an other one party government. The rightist swing in Japan s first National election since the occupation put at least 132 for Mer purges into the next diet. There were some who feared it might Start a reactionary swing to Ultra nationalism. The time she got to the House it was almost destroyed. Russia sends Danes stiff note on bases Moscow has accused Denmark of negotiating with the United states to set up nato bases for foreign troops on danish territory. Such bases a firmly worded russian note declared would create a threat to the Security of the soviet the tone of the note indicated the russian government its Tak ing an extremely serious View of the question. In Denmark the Cabinet was called into extraordinary session to consider the soviet protest. Foreign minister Ole Bjoern Kraft declined any comment on the note. So lunar tables schedule of so lunar periods u printed below has been taken from John Alden Knight s Solon a tables Plu your Days 10 that you will be fishing la Good territory or Bunting id Good cover during these times. U you wish to lad the Best sport that each Day has to Otter major periods Are shown in boldface Type these begin at the times shown and last for an hour and Hajj or two Houn thereafter the minor periods Showa to regular Sre of Nhor tar duration summed rime october Date mawr Majer Laor 2 thursday 5-25 3 Friday a saturday sunday lit Lake stages

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