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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 28, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee R. An j of Willuam 90" cuts Kew York Sims the level set this entirely fitting on Day devoted season by the Tjauw. Seem to the Turkey that Abc to should incl it was devoted to a defense i have resuscitated the n Ghl time of the Man of intellect the ration version of it could be Man. But its hero deemed it is a rubbish Heap of a show. I thing but a Mau of a compost of sweepings me As a fatuous arrogant this is your life and the de fathead. The per s principal prob a Munct strike it it is. Like item however was that it con Tach of these a Peep show a talked Large stretches of tedium. Pious trader in human misery bleeding its victims onstage and then saving its conscience and conscience of its audience by worked Well throwing its victims the sop of a Lew Hundred dollars or a piece of the Channel merchandise. Unbelievable scenes Muddy and just Plain Dull Melvyn Doug As and Diana Lynn thursday Nocht emcee Bill Ley Den helped launch the show by offering Lor the delectation viewers a couple deeply debt whose Blind baby needed in operation a woman who had t Eten her airman husband in our year an old Man who needed a swim two of Abc to s new daytime shows pot horse a Little girl whose Doc. had died. The couple got the Wom an got to see her husband the old Man got o new horse and the Young girl got a new dog. How Ever. It was typical of this whole circus of that Belore the Young girl Gol her dog she had to listen to emcee Leyden solemnly intone i know Perky in t alive any More. He s in Doggie it should be added that "11 could be you replaces concentration which. In turn replaced Twenty one Only a Lew weeks ago. I can t think of any recent happening which so clearly Indi Cates the bankruptcy in to pro the thanksgiving Hatchet Mother s Day will by Oil As of dec. And Chance for Romance As in of dec 12 Abc tvs sunday Leht Northwest passage will be Shallod into the monday Nicht spot now held by tic tac the subject of next Wenc slav s Nils is your life on Abc to will by n Concre Monal medal of Hon or Winner Tom Kennedy will Emir or. 1. when it bows in on Abc to dec. 15 1 Attl Page s new monday night show on Abc to is having its Talent budget boosted by 25 per cent signed in shows arc Billy Lor unc minx Eckstone and Johnnie Hay. Haggis Baggis will work in specially panels on its Friday shows. Starting next Fri Day it la have a panel of expect ant on dec. 11. Engaged portions on dec. In. celebrants and on Doc. 25. A a nor a of teen agers cd to s keep a ramming. Talking has the. Wobbles again Francis will Host the return of Ansel Orblis Anmol and the night victors on thursday night s lbs to i on Abc to Nee. H. Emphasis will Beon education teachers pay Survey reveals new Stom drops coating of Snow across nation Snow accumulations of one to three inches sifted across the a lion s midsection from Texas to Western Illinois today in a Gath ering storm entered to the South Wem. The new storm coupled with i an earlier blizzard across the i Northern Plains brought a wintry cast of while to much of the a Over the thanksgiving holi Dav. J weathermen warned of heavy Snow from Oklahoma 2nd Kansas i northeastward into Iva and the j lower great lakes and Ohio Val i _ j a Mound of Alette air draining southward from the Yukon i plunged readings to 15 below at International Falls Minn and j brought sub freezing temperatures is far South us Virginia. I a rash of fires erupted in the Eold air Belt. The victims included five children killed in their Beds in a Flie thursday at an Oklahoma City convalescent Nursery and a Mother lather and four of their children killed in a Blaze that destroyed their Home at North Little Hock. Ark. J among other fire victims were i a 3-year-old Luord. Conn., girls to tar what her forecast a precipitation area will extend tonight from the Atlantic to the Mississippi Valley and into the Southern Plains. Kansas and Nebraska with Snow in the Northern slates and rain elsewhere. Some Snow is foreseen also Lor widely scattered areas of the Rockies. Map Pho Tolli elsewhere it will be mostly fair with Clear to partly Cloudy skies. It will be colder in Utah Colorado. Arizona and new Mexico and warmer in North Dakota Eastern Montana Western Washington and Southern California. The addicted is outstanding by re or Nashville up1 Money with the emphasis i education and teacher pay will the big Gest problem for the 195d legis lature a Survey of lawmakers showed today. United press International asked members of the legislature what they thought would be the. Biggest single problem to be faced by session which convenes Jan. 5. A majority of members of both houses replied. Finding Money for whose four Brothers and perished in u fire seven ago. And a 70-year-old Man who tiled in a Vermont Blaze. Al least four children drowned by c1iari.ks Marc he Lues the question of whether an sessions of addicts themselves addict is a criminal As defined by current Law or a patient As. Food s brother diet defined by Many . Wasserman s cameras have Cap a Long Beach. Calif. We lured some stunning moments in the nighttime Ward of the tombs prison in new York when men Are lighting the agonizing with drawn symptoms suffered by All new York api the then j who try to kick the late showman Mike Todd s elder brother John Goldin. 63, is dead after in apparent heart attack at his Home Here. He succumbed wednesday in a Hospital. Boi n Goldin had lived Here about to Coli Century oilers an outstand. Another gripping sequence 1 a 20 years and was in the invest ill Illus v wiil i ii Oil i Maui la i Jit m jul Iii i1-. O children drowned j or reporting in film of an addict buying a Iwler n ice formed by moving Story of theland by watching police. I ment business. The coldest weather of the season. In Chicago Jerry Mali Ink 12, and addicted in two parts on no Marc eloquent words on Ihen Cui in Cone Nancy Hamey and to this sunday and a week later. Subject of addiction been Susie Ordogh won three National roman Klowatyj. 12. Drowned in h will be surprising ii this Pene heard than those spoken on then Jarau women s swimming crowns Lyleth Century in the con in 1l 58. In Park Lagoon thursday and two 8-year-old Slough ton. Girls i Tarry Ann Anderson and Jackie rating compassionate Examina Tion of Drua addiction Falls to win awards for Al was Herman Whu mrs. Kakoi. Tondini to own Lal Lakil Ratki Oia Mil of business Lor six nil n half years while on being mrs. Errol Flynn displays the snug Shell use in n plunge Buck inn a song ail in non career. Blie la re Henning for next week s opening of her night club act no the los Angeles cock nil Grove. Shell also Start soon on her Tirol movie in several years. Money for n Ira Chris Poy the budget and just Plain Money were typical of the answers. To Meny instances inn Money teacher any problem were combined in one answer. The problem of. Financing slate services was t the Only answer to the question of course but almost half the members think Money and education will be the biggest problem. Segregation reorganization of state government ment gelling new Industry and Aid to illegitimate children were other items mentioned by lawmakers As expected to be problems. A number of legislators said they undecided and some added that they wanted to wait and see what the state s financial picture was. The poll showed that the lax problem weighs heavily on the minds of legislators. Only one lawmaker said he would support a tax increase. He said he would support n Moder ate increase if. It was the Only any n get a Lenherr any . Several in saying lint they thought Money would be the big gom problem added Tinl they wanted to hold lures at the Pren Cut some even sold they would favor n a Ulbick in some Stanlo depart ments in order in hold Tho tax line. Two suggested revision of Iho stale s tax Structure As a any to get needed funds for style serv ices. Summed up the poll showed one thing for sure the members of the legislature think they la have Hullo n problem in inn a Cong to solve. Or in the words of two lawmakers to meet the of the. People without raising to carry out Campaign prom to spend More Money without raising to pcs it s Hudson in Accident Hollywood w a traffic collision gave actor Rock Hudson Lnor cuts on the face thursday. Was Riding in a lax cab hint was turning into the driveway of its Home. The cab and an Auto Nobile collided. Cab Driver John Henry Brown 53, and the other Driver were unhurt. Hudson declined medical attention. The . Capital building in Washington is open from 9 to . Daily with the exceptions of Chrt Salmasi new year1 Day and thanksgiving Day. Family scrapbook by nil. Ult tit j. Osh011ni neglect most of us parents continue to eel and net As i Hoigh tha main of of being a Parent is to be found in being concerned Ziilch no Over and checking up. There s Tilte doubt thai when children arc uni n Good Den i of tills kind of Lizik is advisable and indeed is in tall. But As our children become Young persons the role of Parr nos Iho Iii to a different one. Their iced Lor san Liim on their own act is a prime one. Ami or parents to have said about them they really know How to leave people Aloncle is Iho highest kind if Praise that Sun be Given by Iho younger generation. A neurally Lobo left alone Nice work son1, incr not. Drowned the night before directed and wrote it. In a municipal swimming Pool. Viewing both parts in and in California a dense fog which j everyone to watch rolled across the san Francisco and sep now television can Tell area resulted in a 34-car Chain Story dramatically and action collision at a newly opened cant Bridge across Strait i acc no professional actors thirty two persons were injured i m ,.thc there Are no in the series of collisions. World renowned authorities on the subject of drugs intoning big generalities off a Lel prompter. Its people most of them Are add cos themselves caught in the personal hell of those who have the i sinus or in Audi of living in qty Cal of the bang i to be found in the first part presents the Story of an actual and decl a Young new yorker of economically underprivileged background As Lold by the people who know him ills Mother fellow workers those who tried to help him at Riverside Hospital Here and members of addicts Anonymous. Finally Ihn Young Man himself dolls How he feels As he leaves a is a ppr Clecil docs not literally menu that. 1 leaving alone meant in differ once and so much concern will one s own affairs thai Iho Young Kingsport today my Tyrl Len party in club rooms Rcck " 8-12 Fruik i loud t in mfr Ufie noon saturday civic Quill Purlum Public dial or in main auditorium san nor Nnnie in malt Auril Orlum members of inc family arc ignored even the most Independent youngster would be upset. So show fall and Confidence keep from stepping into situations that should be handled by the Young folks themselves and Don t Tor six month.1 in prison want to use drugs i did t i need what s Cookin car a week nag about mistakes that May have been kind of ice Vang alone is appreciated by de is even More powerfully dra he younger generation. I malic than the first As it exam somebody. See it s Loo big for me to handle alone. A drug addict needs somebody to hold onto. He s not Strong enough to do it the second part of the addict m give bust give the v Remington East terms Carver office equipment 214 Cherokee St. Phone ci1-1331 Lay a Way bargains buy now Imu Laily Small Dipo it holds until Chii Itman. Conv mint mkt cafe nationally known Quality Schwinn bicycle 26" at Hng at you own m girl s Model of mme Low Wucki Ludon terms Corner new a Cherokee cd 6-8191 Christmas shop with. Esso dough come one come All 10 the Esso auction. Usic your Esso dough to Purchase wanted Christ Mas items. Duo to the Good attendance we suggest you come Early. Don t be loft out of the bidding. Free door this week an Esso Candy Cane to each door prize Winner. To Fri reefs Esso auction saturday november 29th next door to Kingsport National Bank . 225 a Center Street bid on. More than in merchandise electric sewing machine stitch master electric mixer dormeyer Wilh 46.9s electric Wall clock we clock 19.95 electric Skillet 34.95 8 pcs. 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