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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 27, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee I. I us Kim 3. We Stooge 4 4 lox Stooge 5. auction Ilock House Camthao i thereof of nuclear War brings Eskimo Progress the Weita picture 94 Viu Wiy in Aii etl i s. Juki Frobol Mytr Bay. a 11 d a Lus Iwu do a Fucai five years w 1k-Uu ,4ow for Vaitalo. I Law adv in an Isle in the a the pc Imp. Used to a Canvas tout in sunup i Loq clothing housing Cleveland. Jew Aud Hututoi m a 21 51 24 64 "5 16 19 56 Dow stations line the Chain of radar tume to live off the land Lor Many i Oklahoma City Cloudy 38 dial would provide the years to come but there is no Omaha Cloudy by Jamks Sakky alter us wed u wealthy to j personality it is indeed 1 _ s Beautiful daughter should be the Bride o us make her the first Prince in the new there . In the japanese not adequate words to House swe Veur tradition. Llie Imperial household coun i some 90 minuted alter that cil unanimously approved his j Louin Lemeut the Bride to be do Choice of Michko a posed and Bea Tuul. A Tel Lul. Athletic i m Edam of War or stuck whose father Heads a her parents to the Imperial Pel Ace. Akili to presented her Lor tie signal of n Nir across the North 1 Ole truck doubt these people Are in in Irois of social revolution. In Smull is Elmo Villones. Visa Panasuik at a Nullar Sla tors report seeing end ton on Kobe Liason. Hun-1 in Shif jeans or Rood looking Ca the i lil Liidi Lehlu. Cloudy 54 1 Phoenix. Cloudy 71 Piti Burkli Cloudy 5ii i Rutland me., Clear 48 Portland. Ore., Clear 4a hour company. I first Lime to the emperor and pm i Akihito will be 25 acc. 23. Nagako. Islda is 10 no Ziths younger. riveted the news with . . The no most Universal reaction to the dred Miles Northwest of Frobisher j Lurlian and a m r r 1 c a nov a d e Bay. He is one of about 125 Kakl dresses. Mail order Cata logs Are mox employ Eil by Federal electric present in Many Homes. Corp. Ill the stations stretch-1 part Truk. For example owns ing i rum this Eastern of Liat a along with his record player and Fin Island to Northwestern Alaska. Lse Wing machine several cameras. Koukly id per cent of the a guitar mid n modern Rifle. But eskimos in Canada s vast and cold now he Hunts strictly Lor pleasure Northwest Teri Story have Given up1 not survival. 20 .01 31 1.10 28 rapid ally Clear a Echmond Clear St. Louis Cloudy Salt Luke City Clear san Imerio. Cloudy san Francisco Cloudy Seattle Clear Stumpn. Cloudy Washington Cloudy 9 32 31 5li 47 20 64 33 pad flame spewing missile keys this Aerial View of a typical Cape canaveral flu., rocket launching site. Shortly before the space bound rocket begins its flight Gantry 1 is rolled away from launch stand 2 on tracks. Rocket is loaded with fuel kerosene or Olner storage tanks at this is combined with lox liquid oxygen h at the moment of ignition. Steam rises from water used below launch stand to Dampen exhaust flames and which now rushes to collection Pond in Block House 0 the rocket s course and heartbeat arc measured second by second on innumerable instruments As cameras stationed around Periphery of the site Crane upward to follow the rocket skyward. birth try of if f Surg Kansas hell look you he census worker Bob Friskel wades through a few of the 739 million names Ages and birth dates on Lile at new age search Branch offices in Pittsburg Kan. By Lawkin cd a. Special c correspond edit pm Tsuha Kan. Aba Are you one of the Ameri cans who could t dig up a birth Coral locate if Yon needed it for a passport a pension or vital reason have searched in vain for a family Bible to prove when and where you were born if so your worries could to Over. The age search Branch of the Bureau of the census which recently moved its 3.700 files containing census records from Washington d. C., to Lusburg knn., is dose ii de to help people in just such predicaments. The Branch office trucked nearly 000 tons of records in filing cases Tel Pittsburg to take care of your questions. During the 1930s, a trickle of letters began coming into the Bureau of the census begging for help from americans who found they had to have birth records. As an accommodation to them the Bureau began searching through old census records. Prom that be ginning the age search Branch now processes about re quests a year. Uncle Sam has been taking a census every 10 years since 1790. While the British destroyed time of the. Records when Thev burned recent years have been strict about birth with names on file it sometimes requires several Days for a particular name to be found among All Iho records. But if the census Bureau you on flip. a sleuths will find it Akillo in id my Liiko will conic formally Early next year and wed next sprint a or autumn. As Mireme shinto pro t to land. Amp crop ill Rollo is expected to perform their mar i i Rhue _ i the Risku Kiiu ii rep i san cd u Victory for the slender Prince. He had stood his Luo my Miltn list Iii opposition from the lire War to win the Ludy in1 i l on a Irnne court and some Sli Iles Woomert mostly by telephone., Recorr Ilii of Iii perfors in the past have red of Low rank but the la ten of to own i Koch it i Noti Ifield Minn. Jujj j because o. T. Schjeldahl co. It Lias built h Homo for itself out of the plastic it manufactures a building 34v feet Long and 30 wide. The quonset shaped Structure inn solid ends but othe wlm is Mode entirely o Semi transparent. P i it 11 c. This Semi transparent Mil will permit solar heating and reduce fuel costs considerably. Hie has another feature. It can be taken off and replaced within hours it a Cost comparable to n paint Job for a conventional Structure. The plastic skin will last from live to 10 years. Empress was always withheld. That is no longer considered pos sible. Premier Nobusuke Kwil prodded Over Iho to in Ember Council which by Law has to approve the Christopher Columbus did not touch the american Mainland until lil i third voyage of discovery in 1498. He never reached North America. Boit Liy years ago igloos and Seal Hunting. Washington in the War of 1812 and while the 1890 records were destroyed in another fire a pills Burg of lace has Complete records for every Man woman and child living in the United states As of 1950. For a fee of the office work ors will go through the census rec ords if you fill out an authorization to Tell them where Yoti were living in some one of the decennial census periods Dud mail the request to pm Olsburg women who Are a bit Sklltl-tl1 about anyone else finding Shoil Irue Ages now that they Are Ovel 21" need have no fear. It is impossible for anyone who in t authorized to Oblan any Othor per son s birth record. Even Milton d Benson chief of the Pittsburg if face 1.1 sworn in secrecy and can reveal no one else s Uge the office is housed in a new Quarter million Dollar building reeled by a corporation and Given free for the first two years. The Branch office though a part of the government is in irely self support Long and gets no funds from Congress. The 13 fees he Spiliu Lea of Ihn 130 employees and All other expenses. Ever the Cost of hauling tons of Flocs from Washington to Pittsburg was covered. March brings the greatest num her of requests for services a october is second according to Swanson. The greatest number of Calls Foi service come from the Southern and mid Western Stales. Only i to today from the world of tomorrow worlds first Semi fat picture tube world s swivel Screem table to built in telescopic wot Temma years ahead slide out to Chassis predict at in one bold stroke Philco scion lists bring sweeping advances in to new Sci a Lal picture tube. New a dicta Chassis. All new styling Kavc Reihing in the Philco Predicta. From modern to traditional from table sets to consoles every Philco Predicta is 1965-Ncw it costs no More than Ordinary to. We Are making Xmas allowances if in Good working condition up to for your old to. Count your own blessings when the pilgrims gathered that first thanksgiving Day it was to offer thanks not Only for the blessings of that past year but to express their gratitude for the Opportunity this new land offered. Opportunity that meant a Bright future and that Opportunity the Chance to do As the individual desires has provided the climate needed to develop the Freedom and Prosperity we now enjoy. _ today we can give thanks that Opportunity is Ever growing the future of America her people has in fact never looked brighter More jobs More income More production More savings More research More Leisure More luxuries and a new space world to conquer. We do indeed have so very much to be thankful for use our Lay away plan cd 5-4156 4 locations to serve you the National Bank of Kingsport. Ten n. Since 19u member Federal Deposit insurance corporation bargain a used furniture used bedroom furniture 1 mud bid with Spring and mail Reid 2 with Spring and mattress 39.95 1 twin bedroom suits with Box Spring k mattress ,.199.95 1 Reposi eased 8-pc. Bedroom Sullo 1 damaged 6-pc. Bedroom suite 1 fwd a pc. Bedroom suite 1 used Chest. 15.00 1 mud vanity 10.00 1 1 desk and 19.95 used living room furniture 1 used 3-pe. Living room 2 used 2-pc. Living room suites 49.95 a. 1 mud 2-pc. Living room suite 29.95 1 mud Couch. 19.95 1 used 2-pc. Living room suite. 49.95 1 repossessed 2-pc, Howe foam rubber living room suite.139.95 1 repousse a 7-pc. Living room Suito 1 repossessed 3-pc. Sectional living room suite .179.95 1 rep sussed 7-pc. Rowe foam rubber suite Good As new .199.95 1 used 2-pc, living room 89.95 1 3-pc. Sectional floor Sample living room suite.149.95 1 2-pc. Floor Sample living room suite .139.95 used televisions 1 used 17" Halli Crafton to. 1 used 17 Hoffman to. New picture tube 1 used 21" Sylvania to 1 used 17" Westinghouse to 1 used 17" Zenith to. Cabinet Model 1 used 17" Crosby to 69.95 79.95 5935 69.95 69.95 1 used 21" Westinghouse to. 59.95 1 Philco 21" Blond Cabinet Model used 3 months used electric ranges 1 used Florance electric Range 1 repossessed Philco Range used 3 months 1 used Imperial Gas Range Good 89.95 used refrigerators 1 used general electric refrigerator 1 used Kelvin Tor refrigerator 1 used deep freeze refrigerator 89.95 1 used Philco refrigerator 69.95 1 used Norge refrigerator 1 used Frigidaire refrigerator. 89.95 1 used Westinghouse refrigerator 89.95 2 repossessed Philco refrigerator used 3 months .159.95 a. 1 16 cd. It. Philco he. Used 3 months. Was now. -349.95 reliable 114 East main Street furniture company phone Circle 5-4741

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