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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 27, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee Don t know Hurt theml Kingsport times vol. Xiii no. 236 thursday november 36 pages five cents traffic in 59 City Der Tea 0 10 in trim 116 150 children a Brtko. Soviets propose making West Berlin tree City Moscow up soviet Russia Aud East Germany will Union called today Lor big together to put the proposals from Berlin and pro i in Force. In. J Lade highlights of the Souh pro free City under Osau i United nations supervision if the i West desires. Al a appropriate Lime the soviet to he Western flu Powers said it would by most Cor rect and natural Lor East and West Berlin to be reunited As a part of East Germany. I East Germany on turning Over the functions Temnor Arlov Benir per but the note said that for the time being the soviet Union would agree to West Berlin remaining a free City with its own Economy administration and other affairs. There would be no soviet objection to the United nations participating in Obj Evinic the status of the free City of West the soviet note said. It specified a six month stand still during which the present procedure governing Western traffic into West Berlin would continue in Force. if there is no East West agreement within that time formed by is evident that the most Correct Aud natural position of the problem would be to make All of Berlin a milled City within Easl Germany. West Berlin question could be solved at present by converting it into an Independent political free with neither East nor West. Free City would be do mall Larl Zed there would be no armed forces in it. City would have its own government and govern its Economy administrative and other matters. Would be no changes. For six months this time should be sufficient to provide a sound basis for a solution and to pre vent a possibility of any complications provided naturally the governments of the Western pow ers do not seek such Complick during the above mentioned the note said the parties will have an Opportunity to prove in practice their desire to ease International tensions by the settlement of the Berlin ques the note said if no agreement was reached within six Koutlis the soviet Union and the Cdr East Germany would put the measures into effect. It is understood in this connection that the ode As any other Independent state should Deal in full with questions per Taining to her territory that is to exercise her sovereignty Over her land Waters and air Russia snid contacts Between its armed forces representatives Vestern military men Leber Lin would be ended. The note criticised the West for violating the Potsdam agreement and failing to sign a peace treaty Anil reaffirmed soviet willingness to participate peace treaty with All of Germany. But it said the absence of a peace treaty in no Way Justi fies attempts to preserve the occupation regime in any part of Hie note accused the West of making Berlin into n base for subversive activity against East Germany Aud the soviet Union. In a separate note to West Ger Many the russians said Iho so Viet does not plan to incorporate West Berlin into East Germany nor does it wish to Mako any territorial or other there can to no question of mechanical unification of the two parts of the City if Only for the reason that the Brandenburg Gate divides two different ways of the note Tild the russians would respect the wishes of West jetliners to live under a capital Stic system and was willing to under sign together with other states the guarantees Lor the in Depeu Deuce of the free City of West Berlin. It said lie United nations could Kielp observe these guarantees though it would be necessary to Tome to an agreement in some form or other with Tho Cdr concerning the Assurance of unhampered communications of the free City with uie rest of uie Tho soviets called for a month standstill during which the United Stales. Britain Franco and Russia would agree on for withdrawing from Berlin and guaranteeing its future. The 23-Piiro note listed specific Points for carrying this out. Major provisions called for demilitarization of uie City territorial Freedom and . Supervision. Oil the surface the proposal appeared to recall the precedent of Diu la. A City contested by Ger Many hint Poland at Tho Elmo of world War i. Danzig was made a free City in world War i peace treaties guaranteed against mall tur Catlon and Given a corridor to Germany. For its part the soviet said it will withdraw russian troops rom Berlin Aud dissolve its major Headquarters now established there. East Germany would to handed All rights Tho russians now have Over land in tar and air routes to Tho West. Tho soviet not said Tho West can Powers had lost All Legal and moral right to remain in Berlin because they broke Tho Potsdam agreements. Berlin has been under four Power occupation Slanco 1045 am Tho end of world War it. Khrushchev served notice in speech nov. 10 the soviet Union intended to dissolve the occupation. The proposed withdrawal were negotiated in East Berlin Between soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko Aud East German officials. A soviet embassy spokesman in East her in sold if agreement on Allied withdrawal was not reached with in six months the soviet and East Germany would arrange uie City s new status themselves. Tho proposal was Ono of a series outlined 23-Page note delivered today to the american British French and West Gormat envoys by soviet foreign minis tar Andrei Gromyko. East or Many also received a copy. Diplomatic sources sold the proposals by Premier Elk la Khrushchev also called for a six month standstill during which a rang comenti for the change voc from four Power occupation would to , no moves would to to Nail i Hange the present status of Ity within this six month period the sources said. There was no official Lou of the diplomatic reports but he soviets announced press conference for later today when the soviet plan will be made pubic. In the East German capital a soviet embassy spokesman said to russian note gives the West six months to accept the new status of Berlin As a free City or Aco unilateral soviet abrogation of the four Power agreements. Thu Berlin spokesman said it Iho West rejects Tho now propos als Berlin s status will be changed by Russia in direct talks with Uio East German totem Inetti. U. A. Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson called on Gromyko at 11 a. M., and was followed at halt hour intervals by Britain s sir Patrick really France s Maurice tin Jean and West Gorman charge d Ai fares huns Knocke. View red note As ultimatum by Joseph b. V1.km1no Berlin German communist sources today de scribed Russia s note on Berlin As a virtual ultimatum to the West but West germans said it gave them a six months respite to meet the threat of a new Block Ade. Russia note delivered to the Western big three and to East and West Germany asked the Western Powers to end the occupation status of Berlin within six months and turn it into a free and demilitarized City. Western officials said six months of negotiations including some sort of big four meet ing with Russia might Avert bulletin Oklahoma cite a convalescent Home for children burned today and first reports Laid four persons were missing. Twenty two other children in the three Story Brick building escaped into Hie sub freezing weather. Firemen at the scene said hint the Blaic which broke out at a.m., apparently started in the cultic. The Home Tor children is located on the Northwest Edge of Oklahoma City. Officials said four children were unaccounted for. The. Temperature was 30_ de Grees. Savings Stamps now in gift Book form postmaster t. L. Duncan pm announced that 25-cent a s. Sav Ings Stamps Are now available in gift books. The newly designed savings Stamps and gift books went on Sale at the. Main Post of lice and Branch offices last week the new gift books sell for and the Stamps Are now it be sold detached and sold separately. The recipient of a gift Book however must detach the stomps and fix them in an album before they May be redeemed at a Post nest gains office. The soviet move but a soviet spokesman in East Berlin indicated the plan left Little room Lor negotiation. Tho soviet spokesman indicated the status of Berlin must be regulated on the basis of the soviet proposals or the russians will put them into Force unilaterally. L Itrat if necessary end. Of the occupation status of Berlin could place Western Allied military air rail and Road links to the West at the mercy of the East German communists. The West has said it would fight if necessary to keep West Berlin free. But the City was swept by a wave of alarm and despondency by Secretary of state John Fos Ter Dulles statement that the West might treat the East Ger Man communists As soviet agents. The american command was moving to end the alarm but already it was widespread. The political Section of the . Berlin command rushed official transcripts of d u 11 e s Iress conference remarks on Ber in to All newspaper offices Short y after Midnight but it was too ate to head off bitter editorials n some morning newspapers. Dulles differentiation Between dealing with the East German communists As agents for the russians and dealing with them As representatives of the was Jerman government was lost on he. Anxious West berliners. They nought it amounted to the same thing anyway. West mayor angry Berlin s Plain speaking Socia Democrat lord mayor will Brandt flatly refused to accept Dulles suggestion that the Feder Al German leaders have agree with the Western big three lha in certain circumstances might Deal with the East German communists Over Berlin. Brandt announced he was for Mally asking West German for eign minister Heinrich von Bren Tano whether this was in fact the Case. Any suggestion that the. Was might the East Germa communists posed. A direct to Brandt in the dec. 1 mimic pal elections in West Berlin an could Lead to substantial comic with democrats after election Juneau Alaska a the new state of Alaska had its tent itched solidly in uie democratic amp today As the ballot counting rom tuesday s general election ook a thanksgiving Day recess. The democrats turning the elec on into a landslide with the sex Petlon. Of the race for one major Rice. Picked up both of Alaska s . Serin to seats the state s Lone eat in Iho . House of repro Cut Alves and the governor s Islon. Won absolute con first stale i Regis nature. Leading the democratic Parade Vns Alaska s Long time nonvoting Elegate to Congress e. L. Boh Bartlelt 54, who was a runaway Vunner Over Republican r. E. To Berlum and Independent Keith capper. Bar Lett who has represented Alaska in Congress for the past 4. Years was figured to be a shoo n. Neither Robertson nor capper waged anything More than a Token Campaign. Bar Lett won . Sen ate term a. Ernest Gruening a Democrat Vas locked .in.a, tight Battle with Republican Mike Stepovich or Senate term b. Both men Are ormer appointed governors of the Kingsport Serviceman wife killed in Accident be near Normal territory. Gruening trailed Stepovich in he Early counting tuesday night Hen picked up steam As returns rom the traditionally democratic area started coming in and moved out into a to he did not re Linquish. Stepovich refused to concede election to Gruening 71, a native of new York City who was appointed governor in 1939. He stepped Down in 1963. Stepovich was appointed governor by presi Dent Eisenhower in june 1957. The Lone seat in the House Dele gated to Alaska will be occupied by Ralph Rivers 55, a former territorial attorney general who beat Back the Challenge of re publican Henry Benson Alaska s commissioner of labor. William the president of Alaska s constitutional convention was chosen to become uie 49ui state s first elected governor. A. Valdez merchant Egan. 44, John Burro Vich or. And carried with him into office traffic 27 fires. 1 miscellaneous o total 34 it it by the associated press the nation s traffic death Toi appeared running near Norma Levels for a weekday today As the count started for. The thanksgiving Holiday period. At least a dozen state.1 reported fatalities on the since the Start of the Holiday period at 6 p. In. Local time wednesday. The Cotant will continue Unell Midnight sunday Cov Erling 102 hours. Tennessee reported four traffic deaths As a result of a head of crash in the Cumberland mountains near Crossville. Two othe persons were seriously injured. Pennsylvania and Ohio each re ported Siree deaths in traffic accidents. Michigan reported two one was reported in each of the following states Arizona Cal for Nia Illinois Kentucky Maine Maryland and Oregon. The National safety Council i not make a pre Hollday estimate of traffic deaths for thanksgiving it said the forecasts Are mad Only for the Holiday periods o Christmas new years memory Al Day fourth of july and labor Day. However Council figures show that for a no Hollday period of hours beginning at 6 p. Wednesday and ending Al mid night sunday at this time of year traffic deaths total 470. Tie associated press Lor comparative purposes made a Survey from 6 p. Wednesday nov. 12 to Midnight sunday nov. 16. It showed 394 traffic fatalities 32 died in fires and 121 deaths in miscellaneous accidents Lor a to Tal of 547. The All Lime traffic and Over All death toll for a four Day Holiday weekend was set at curl slams d56. There were 707 traffic deaths. Deaths from fires and miscellaneous causes raised the total of 884. Soviet to meet London up the supreme soviet parliament will meet in Mot cow dec. 22. A Tass news Agency dispatch said today. It will be Tiv second meeting of the supreme soviet this year. The from i. S. Cal her Bureau Ultra Llesi Airport Kingsport and Vicinity generally dlr Bill rather cold today High Tom or Arturr n round 40. Knur and a hello colder tonight Low n round 30. Friday partly Cloudy and r Little Milder i nil in the 40s. Outlook for saturday Cloudy and cold with Light rain. High temperature yesterday 51 Low lust Naglit 25. Temperatures state police Hunt v a escaped convict Lebanon Tenn. Troopers la radio silent cars and helicopters scoured a Eddlo ten Lessee Tiluy for a Georgia killer who bound ii la Trolman and wounded Kidnap victim to a Trio and fled. Patrol car last night. Object of the wide search was Spence Edwards 35, who escaped from a prison Camp near Dalton ga., tuesday. A brother Harry Edwards 30, is in jail at Murfreesboro Tenn., charged with murder and authorities first feared Edwards might try to free him. However brother said he d than try to escape rather a nigh Long Vigil at roadblocks brought no Ince of Edwards and uie stale patrol said he might me holed up in the rugged cum Berland Mountain country near i arc helicopters look off at Dawn to join Tho search. Tho patrol sold Only coded Mes sages wove being broadcast since Edwards could listen in on Tho radio of his commandeered patrol car to was armed with a Shotgun and pistol. Hubert Turner 47, of Dalton cla., Edwards Kidnap victim was shot in Tho Arm. He was hospitalized at Lebanon. Attendants said his condition was Good. Turner told newsmen and wll son county sheriff Albert Taylor that Edwards kidnapped him near Dalton and forced him to drive into Tennessee. To gave this Vor Sion of what followed As they were driving near Chattanooga wednesday Edwards was holding a .410 gauge Shotgun on him. To naked him to Movo it and As Edwards did it discharged shooting Turner in Iho Edwards., was driving Noar Smith Vullo when state trooper Tom Moore slopped them for speeding. Edwards allowed him Turners Driver s License. When Turner was unable to show any identification m o o r o ordered diem to accompany him to Leba non. Edwards pulled his gun on the trooper and forced him to drive the vireo of them cast Ward. They turned Oft the Highway about Throe Miles Wost of. Water town Edwards handcuffed Moore to a tree bound Turner s hands to the troopers with adhesive tape and fled in Tho patrol car. Moore managed to get a pocket knife from Turner s pockets and freed him. The wounded Turner went to a nearby farmhouse obtained an axe and Cut the tree freeing Moore. Edwards was serving a life sen h Crossville crash Fata i to four child injured Crossville Tenn. A Kingsport area Serviceman and his route Home for the thanksgiving holi killed near hero wednesday night collision that took four lives and left two persons critically injured. Stale trooper Tom Carman said airman first class and mrs. Thomas a wether Spoor were kill cd in Tho collision while travelling from Sewart air Force base near Smyrna to Kingsport to was 33. She was s3. Child injured a 10-year-old girl Connie Inglis address unknown who was Riding with Tho withe spoons was critic ally injured. Two men were killed in the other least Ono of them a it. Bragg n. C., another was injured critically. Trooper Garman identified them As Gilbert n. Roberts 38, of it. Bragg Curtis Ward 24, of near Kingston term., killed in uie second car. Ernest c. Lewis 33, of 4 East Ridge raft. Bragg also suffered critical in tence for murdering a Georgia Bureau of investigation agent. Turner lived about 100 Yards where Edwards escaped disappeared mysteriously Lapilio Lofall trooper jiandcuffki1 by trooper Tom Moore shows where Spence Edwards escaped Georgia Mur Derer handcuffed him after disarming him and taking his patrol car. Edwards other Kidnap victim Hubert Turner Dalton a. Was bound to Moore at the tree. He got free obtained an ago and chopped Down the tree freeing Moore. From and about same time. Turner said to in the trunk of his car most of yester Day and had Only a slice of Bologna to eat while he was Edwards captive. Authorities had been searching in two states for Edwards one of his Brothers Harry 30, is being held on a murder charge in Rutherford. County adjacent to Hie county where he showed up wednesday night. Authorities had first theorized that he might be headed to help Tho brother break from jail. The Escapee once helped another brother Alfred 33, escape from the Samo jail in Murfreesboro where he was lodged on charges of assault with intent to commit murder. That was before Spence killed Obi agent Gordon Felts at Swansboro in 1047. Harry Edwards told reporters at the Rutherford county jail in Murfreesboro that he d rather die than try to escape should his brother try to free him. If to came Here i d stand right up and Tell him i Ain t go he said. If i had wanted to pet Nway i hid All the Opportunity i needed before i got arrested. I d like to eco Spence give himself up. He had a Good record until this Harry Edwards is charged with killing his Xauier in Law Robert Buster Gilley 45, nov. 10, after a family quarrel. Yet Erder 11 . 12 Iufoon 1 . I 2 . A 3 n m. 5 . N a . 5 k . 4 7 . 4 8 . 9 . 4 to . 3 11 . Tolar old unlit 3 1 m. .11 colder weather predicted for Kim sport s Day 23 .11 Christmas r. D. i shown Here buying gift books of . Savings Stamps from postal clerk g. Eari Devault. Mrs. Birr who gives savings Stamps to her to ii photo by Burgess nephews each Christmas finds it even More conc Mienl ibis year with the introduction of the new gift books. Precipitation u hours. .05. Precipitation this month. 7s precipitation tills year. 40.8.1 today s skies Sunset twin .5-11 . Tomorrow " .20 the Moon i us . Tonight and rides High. Last Quarter Dee. 3 rises . Below the . Second brightest Star of the Constellation Orion now estimated to be about 520 Light Aray. All times Eastern Sti Landard ii. Was a cold thanksgiving Day i in Kingsport. And it will get even colder tonight the weather by Ricau predicts a Low of 20 for to in Echt. J today s High temperature was i 40. The Mercury dropped to a Low of 26 at 5 o clock this morning. Tile weather Bureau recorded .05 Inch of rainfall in the last 24 hours. No rain is expected today. Most places of business will be closed. Including Post offices. Post master Thomas l. Duncan has announced there will be no mall delivery. County offices will make a big Holiday out of closed the rest of the week. Chy and county schools also dismissed wednesday Unell next monday. The Public works department has announced there Hlll be no garbage and pickups in Kingsport today. The department will work saturday to Complete the week s schedule. The regular thursday run will be made Friday and the Friday run saturday. Special services were held in Many area churches. Despite recent increase in food costs most Kingsport area families gave thanks around a full dinner table. In Many cases the traditional Turkey was the main course. Two prisoners who spent the Day in Tho City jail got better eating than usual. The menu prepared by a local restaurant. Not Turkey and dumplings Beans peas and Macaroni with to drink and either pie or cake for dessert. Lures. Annan said officers could not Cam immediately if Ward or Lewis were servicemen or civil ians. Inglis girl and Lewis were taken to upper Cumberland medical Center at Crossville. Real estate dealer s son wll Horspool was the son of Sid Ney Witherspoon of Kingsport by. Ii a real estate dealer. The couple was travelling in an automobile registered to. The elder wether spoon. Tile smash up was so violent that officers could not make any identification of the victims or say which of the automobiles they were travelling in for several Bours. Hit in Center of Road Nashville troopers said the wreck occurred in the Center of a new Blacktop Road Between Cross Ville and Sparta. There was no Center line on the Road which was dry Aud there was no fog the officers said. Tennessee Highway patrol head quarters in Kingsport said the. Bodies were taken to Allfrey funeral Home in Crossville. Officers said relatives of the Witherspoon couple Here could not further identify the injured child. Witherspoon is survived by three of Winston Salem n. A. And George and Bill both of Kingsport. A other brother Dale was killed in an air plane crash in 1951. His wife is survived by a sister and two Brothers who live in Ger Many. The Young couple met when he was stationed in Germany with the . Air Force. They were married in january in that coun try and came to the United states in september. Funeral arrangements Are not Complete. Hamlet Dobson is in charge and has announced that those who wish May make contributions to the memorial fund of Bethany presbyterian Church. Planes break records new York up two pan american world airways Boeing 707 Jet airliners broke transatlantic Speed records in flights from new York to Europe the Ai Luies said wednesday. Fan am said one of its jets made it from new York to Shan non Ireland in 5 hours and 39 min utes. Another flew from new York to Lebourget Airfield Paris in 6 Bours Tod 52 minutes. R

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