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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 27, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeTo b noun Fig firs to leaps a fi6h, them fish Ain t bite mow hauled Rutan sit a Caust pm an i aint y Lonb sit Putsepp abbe Thilk omm Ozaas Orbov just let get into the House while they re out be just up and disappeared the minute i took Mvr-7------- so that Way ill Somis mercy no he Eves off him Beth he s done it try again Idonnie has that not a aim set out to find Alfred sold his store for ten dollars and he went out to buy us a Turkey with the Money 1 boys is Uncle Alfred Good at Thunkin up stories Nell let us be thankful of this Fine meat loaf i iut it does seem Odd was t a single left in town i Fly Flint private Eye likes to poor vat is favorite Flower shop of fuck a Carnation. C lcxx1ns a beat to Civ How s the since five o clock tm6 Sis Csc that 5-a won c7ekrjl, no have the Cisak Amz. Amp As pc leaves thanks Tony. Makby thank --6o9uy yourself i a my. Ear now pc Cove Wacho. We must find Hothead Harow. He s sore to explode whew turns Hiu Down. N16htfall. For who s there Welcome Friend. I Trust you have the other half of Aav Blondle i m bringing an Olp Friend Home for supper tonight _ bum. O what a matter or. Haven t said nothing you the meal. What did a think. that Wise Guy waiter called a. Why. I just said to myself in x proud t be his daughter. Only. I could i be . I mean. I like Mem a Little , who be made of their self. I m sorry Dagwood but we must have a bad connection i cant hear a word you say ill bet if 1 told her 1 was buying a new dress she could hear me the amt Leo where await your. Hi6hnes5 wot far away. My Back. At the lame a Long onto a see i told you there was some no body in Here ye5, i d swear someone just went out that door kill that Story Vou be got More Saucer of important to land on v v store s. Chiep Yoke time fruit Flavoured amazing you cafe t Fread it eat it senator Chat s Rosemary gooey important has the sa91e i this was make her our Post female president a -1f that old Battle axe nabs a Voung husband Evtihy frustrate of spinster win vote. For her it and according to -1 mean they Are the undecided i la Rush to dog Patch inseam tax chief p but if a service 6enepal, Why Dom you Wear vote imb1gnia Twe 6ecretj i 6av you service about m Bull wow its Verv wuss Wolf hush my cps up we re wait we Fop Vou see my even to of Mithoug Ryou i doing a plane she a dream boat it belongs to the coach he let me if to pick you up. Beats Fyk Hting beat game in no it s Sta sting to Snow roads will. Be a Sheet of ice.? Hope Etta meb3e you will when the Power is restored. Now 1 could it have do you been some surf use body trying that was toe Freetage All i the time about i cant see any evidence of i d like some new cheerful wallpaper for this room q cosh the love is a Peculiar of fiction that Mokes a girl forget there Are Over a billion other men in the world. Soldiers flee from foreign ships 45 Mem Bers of the French foreign legion in route from France to Indochina have jumped from their transports off Malaya and swum through shark infested Waters to safety. An unknown j number of other deserters failed to reach land. J the desertions have taken place Over a period of several years. J Many of the refugees who reached Singapore Are former German soldiers. Tote Down for some shut eve he a Doc the worst twin s is of Don t worry a person Omav needs three or four hours sleep to keep 6oims you re probably getting too much conditions of joining the legion. Men Between 18 and 42 join for five years. Jacquot did not deny there Are desertions but added Many of these men Are of unstable temperament. They in British officials Here say most Ter the legion often As the re deserters contend they were shanghaied or bamboozled into the legion. This charge Drew a denial in Paris. It. Col. Charles Jacquot said recruiting pamphlets in seven languages clearly set Forth suit of some moral or sentimental crisis in their lives. In cer Tain cases another crisis causes them to desert. On the voyage to Indochina during the Long weeks at sea they have time to think things Harvest Holiday answer to previous Puzzle Cyan never fails when a wan s tby1n6 id get a Lithe shut Eye Meres always a clock ticking As loud and quit How can i lard Efcy and Mem r3e6et is almost keeps time r3e.youto to about a debate is Well. Ung. And enough if its an alarm clock id go offend drown our my speech gulp Why Rinar up there close Enol go to disturb the sleep of the Caff. By inca Ipac. T. M. Big. U. 8. Of. Horizontal this is a Day for 13 surface a Road anew 14 idolize 15 Yoke oxen to a Wagon 16 feminine appellation 17 chemical suffix 18 mimic 20 at this time 21 suite 25 sunshade 28 greek Gravestone 32 encourage 33 regiment a 35 arabian Gulf 36 Church fast season 37 theater sign 38 nuisance 39 wild plums. 41 insets 43 wanderers 45 lieutenants a 48 Viper 49 i alike part 52 expunged 55 unclosed 58 bullfighter 59 dyestuff 60 Island in new York Bay 61 bulks vertical 1 singing group 2 poultry 3 Church recess 4 snooze 6 Kilovolt Ampere a 6 legislators 7 physician 9 German title 10 press 11 fiddling emperor of Rome 12 expanded 19 this Day first celebrated2" Nevada City by the in 1621 21 rodent 31 social insects catching Dos 34 orchestral 22 electrical unit composition 23 pronoun 40 thus 24 russian 42 senior a storehouses 44 first jewish companions High priest 47 Cameroon 26 son of eve bib 29 German River native 30 for fear that 49 blackbirds of cuckoo family 50 unas pirated 51 greek War god 53 Harden 54 before 56 Gerjus of Meadow grasses 45 permits 46 horse s gait 57 worm Sitt

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