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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 25, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee Fat Fox it in t your place to discuss the other Gir week s club events Diamond sore is a Joy thanks for Noble Bird girl s Best Friend dear Beatrice Fairfax for the past six months i be i was very Young when i going out pretty steadily with a fellow who is u. I m 17. Before he went out with me. Be was going with a girl who moved away from our town to another City. Although he has t seen or heard from her since then he says he s still in love with her. Do you think it would be possible for a fellow to keep on being in love with a girl who does t care enough about him to keep in touch with him besides from what i know of this girl from when she was living Here. I Don t think she s the Kunti of girl he d want to marry. Think somebody ought to Tell him this and since i m going with him now. I guess i should be the one to do it. But How can i do this without having him think i would be doing it to get him really interested in e. M. Don t run her Down dear e. A Don t kid yourself. Of course you would be doing it to get him interested in you and you had Bel Ter be honest with yourself am admit it. No girl is going to car whom a boy likes whether suite to him or not. Unless she s extremely interested i getting it attention. This being the Case you d b making a bad mistake to try an persuade him that the girl h thinks he s in love with in t the right kind. A boy does t thin much of a girl who runs Down othe girls and this would be Especial True if your target has been a goo Mirlend of his. Your Best bet would be to n fran from discussing this othe girl at All and just do your be to be the most attractive girl to can and a Good companion the you re out with this Chap. You should grow dear Beatrice Fairfax i m 22 years old and Alread have been married Lour years an have two children. As you Ca married and my husband was Only mrs. Dykes. Dairy tvs Day a talc Alue with to Ituau Smith Candler with mrs. Topij g4v in a Wulw t new York Ouw Way Vaughn and Mary Yarnell i Tho play Cinderella is to visit cd cite rat . At school auditorium. Panel discus Sion of Kingsport schools whose panellists to be Martin Karant Dana f. Swilck or. W. D. Kennedy mrs. George Vasou mrs. William Harrison and 0. K. Kaufl Mau. Executive Board wednesday fall festival at Grange Hall school. Sponsored by Pat. King and Queen to be crowned. First Church year older. He is really a won Erful yellow and i m very Asham that anything should have come p like what i m going to Tell of but believe me. It was no Ody s fault. It just happened. The thing is that i be fallen desperately in love with one of my c. K. Kau Yimau. Husband s Best friends and have meets at 1 . Ven gone out with him a few mics without my husband know ing. He has t told me he s in love Ith me but from the Way he Els i m sure of it. L Don t mean lat he has tried to do anything e should t. I just mean that he s o wonderful to me and besides by should he want to take me it if he did t love me i just Don t know what to do so thought i d ask h. W. You Are still Young dear mrs. H. A you got married very Young and of stayed adolescent you Well i think you had Tetter begin to make an Effort to Row up whatever it is about this other Man that attracts you so Nuch i m quite sure it s purely a passing thing and that if you were to break Olf your marriage m account of i assume s in your would be a very very unhappy girl in no me at All. A fellow with so Little responsibility of character that he would double Cross his own Friend is a pretty sad spec Man of a Man. And a woman who would Cooper ate with him in deceiving her own husband in t any better. So you choose what kind of husband you really who is wonder Ful or one who would double Cross one of his Best friends. And while you re at it give a Little thought to what kind of a wife you think wonderful husband should girl too immature to know when she s Lucky or one with Well developed ideas of what is wrong and what is right. In Winston s. Here a girl without dime to Ward a Diamond is free to dream to Admire even to try on some of the world s most fabulous jewels. I spent a morning doing same just to see what All was behind those doors at the House of Winston which the other Day gave the million Dollar Hope Dia mond to the smithsonian institution. It takes nerve unless you re Rich to walk through the heavy Iron Grill doors of the sedate Gray Stone House once the Home of a countess now identified Only by Council executive meeting Small Bronze plaque on the . Luncheon . Front. New York Cpd most girls Bur idelta Ness meeting 1 . Blue Ridie Garden club . With mrs. James p. Reeves Preston Woods. Members bring full Triangle arrangements. Lynn Garden opt in. Club bake Sale 11 ., Center St. Thursday Morrison City service club . At Bell Ridge school for elec Tion of officers. Klinsport Rebekah Lodge no. 17, . At the Lodge Hall on e. Center St. For regular meeting. Friday new Canlon Huc All Day meet ing. Mrs. Joe Tipton and mrs. Don Ald Brook to give demonstration on Christmas Mem Bers to bring covered dish. Friday ruminate Sale in afternoon at empty building on e. Sullivan St., sponsored by Circle 8, first methodist Church. Saturday fam festival at Blackwater va., school. Sponsored by Pat. Cafeteria supper and gospel singing concert 6 to . But nobody stopped me. No armed guards crowded around to Check my credentials one press card or my Check Book. I might have been a customer the whole atmosphere was so casual i asked Don Carnevale a vice president if thievery of some of that ice was t a simple thing. Who would miss a few Small stones from a collection insured at Well above 25 million dollars complicated system Well just a Ray you As you Carnevale laughed. I found inter that although there was Little obvious Security the House has a complicated communications and alarm system which can Call uie cops both City and private in a hurry. And every Gem whether Worth or is carefully photo graphed and inventoried. Carn Conle gave me uie grand tour of All six floors to show that the Winston business is if i May say so Many faceted. Here some 250 employees design and finish jewels for both the wholesale and retail Trade for customers ranging from Egypt s exiled King Farouk who bought the Star of the East Diamond 04.8 a nails to want More Aud More and How about the Bird itself is it As the great French epicure Brillat Savarin once described a roast Turkey he served in the United states charming to look upon delightful to smell Aud de Niclous to the dressing at our House the follow Long recipe was offered recently and pleased a variety of tasters Young and old solid americans a transplanted Bug. Los honian and a Canadian. In i1 bread crumbs butter onion and a Large amount of celery Interman kit but its real Divor secret if. The addition of nuggets of sweetly tart cooked dried apricots although this stuffing has us own delicious and distinctive character Queen will have american Type thanksgiving dinner for Nixon by Pat Herman London up Queen Eliza Beth will eat her first american style thanksgiving dinner thurs Day with vice president and mrs. Richard you would t know it from the menu. The main course is billed As Donde Norfolk Roll a 1 Amerl roughly translated from the French Means English Turkey from the county of nor Folk roasted american style. And cooked by a French chef at that. A French chef who has never done a thanksgiving dinner be fore. A but everything will be per said chef Auguste Corne fert 58-year old master of Ambas Sador John Hay Whitney s lavish kitchens. It s not the first time i have cooked for the Queen. I cooked for 16 years for lady Nancy Astor and Princess Eliza Beth and her sister Margaret of ten came to the Nixon highlight that old Home style Dine Norfolk Roll a 1 Ain Elcain will be one of the High spots of the Nixon four Day visit to Don. They will be Host and hostess to the Queen at the Ameri can embassy residence heiress Barbara Hutton s former town House. But i can reveal on Good author Ity that there May be a moment of slight embarrassment shortly Ter the Queen the Duke of Edin Burgh and 60 other very High ranking personages sit Down at the festive spread. The first course is Oyster and neither the Queen nor her husband fancies oysters. Royal thanksgiving dinners be ing a highly unprecedented occasion housewives May be inter ested in the program and the preparation. The turkeys come from the East anglican county of Norfolk which britons claim to be the Home of the world s finest and most tender Birds. Bread stuffing with the Turkey there will be Cranberry sauce and bread Crumb French would have had chestnuts in it and the eng Lish sausage but americans like bread said the chef. Peas and pommes they re Sweet potatoes turned in to be the vege tables. The dessert will be magnify said bespectacled Corne fert. Panel discussion highlights recent meeting of Dar the Long Island chapter of the daughters of the american Revo Lution met recently at the pet Dairy. Panel discussion on freedoms and now was Given by members. The panellists were mrs. T. M. Divine mrs. L. F. Kent mrs. Lionel Mutton and mrs. W. A Wallace who served As Moderator. Discussed Freedom of government from colonial until modern times. Mrs. Kent traced religious free Dom from the time of Constantine through the Middle Ages and then on to the present Day. Mrs. Hutton spoke on Freedom of education and she described the growth of the american education Al system from the colonial Era. Mrs. Wallace closed the discus Sion with a review of no room in the inn by Harry Emerson Fosdick. Hostesses for the meeting were mrs. D. E. Northrop mrs. Bryan Woodward mrs. R. D. Morton mrs. Wallace and mrs. J. Riley. Chuckles in the news Central Heights cafeteria song masters and j. Norton annoy. Kusmare Sale at empty build ing on e. Sullivan St., sponsored by Circle 6, first methodist Church. Summersville notes Summersville the adult ladles sunday school class of the Summersville Baptist Church visited the county Home at Blount. Volle wednesday. John Deel and mrs. Wilson Cox visited their father m. M. Deel wednesday. To is a patient at hoi Ston Valloy Community Hospital. Shleyn Owens of Pactolus visited Wanda Bailey Friday. Or. And mrs. Carl Baldwin visited mrs. Fances Mcgee and fam ily thursday. Mrs. Irene Byrd and Dianne visited mrs. W. D. Willis recently. Or. And mrs. Bill. Walden of Kingsport visited his parents or. And mrs. John Walden recently. Mrs. Anna Bailey and Wanda were guests of mrs. Hazel Bailey and Bessie recently. The adult ladies sunday school class met with mrs. Wilson Cox tuesday. Those attending were mrs. Luke Wright mrs. Hattle Robins mrs. Nell Garland mrs. Veda Taylor mrs. Joe Taylor and mrs. Annie Stapleton. John a. Ward Johnle and Linda a mall order House which buys ids of gag ement rings in a single order Bernard do Haiti chief of tin cutting department and the fourth generation of his ii Nily in the jewelry business said unit a to of carts sometimes 00 be cent of uie original Stone a lost in the cutting. He swiped i hand across a counter one a Diamond now it Carbo to said. Dahouk still owes Carnevalo pointed to 1111 uss Bly counter uttered with skel Chc and Small White packets of k and casually commented abut five million dollars i began to feel equally Consu about nil that glitter until we Ston took to into his second Flo office with its period furn Llu and Crystal chandeliers and Sunli there arc still plenty left Evi with the Hope uie Best things about mod n turkeys is that some of them me with the drumsticks tucked to a Silt of skin at the base of be breastbone a neat feature at Ellilu arts trussing. All the ook has to do is to Bend the Wing is under and Back akimbo a and the Bird can be put in the casting pan. Roast to a Kkt with no Ggut stuffing ingredients

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