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Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1958, Page 4

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 25, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee My a it wac action letter to editor one is hand put to it to Huixi Oisund Piure that this Wun Tiv As a Chris in use thinking behind the action of the nation should never recognize a govern ecu or. Kist pal la group of churchmen Call on the rent of this Type. But we have churchmen calling on the government gown taut to the people s of pubic of China. Of course the Church men As americans a right to express their opinions on Public questions Odd. They have a right to petition their gov As a matter of lad die Reiml of this eminent. But the group has gone fur government to recognize uie red regime ther than that. Thev have called on All of China has nothing at All to do with us to accept these red chinese and extend the Liand of Fellowship. This seems very christians to follow their example. The fact trial it is an atheistic govern it is not Clear whether this group of the Mao croup was a Christian men speak Only for themselves or Wyeth Lac Ai fal of Lluc churchmen might or they speak for the National Council understandable but it would be of churches. But it does seem that when Slin out of wounds. Because the Mccog they Call on All christians to take a Par on Beer Ament by another is the of to tax Ike lire Kui Xuy for today. Ai 1 dive Broad sin it i wit i and Liat two i lieu were hit Truk us greeii6 us the the Leto of tree. As l it Leif but of in ouch amt the into Reid of our City Lave allowed the Ammri Cia limn and of twin to overwhelm the of . The Humble peril of him who was Burn of Chr bitmap Day now or the spectacle of unnecessary labor on the lord s Day. 11 Musit inc availed on every mde by that to Many people the Only important titular stand on this Issue of recognizing i u f a political matter. A nation can the red government of China they Are choose whether it wished to associate Settine dangerously close to a violation another just As an individual does part of Christmas is the of the doctrine of the separation of h has a right to recognize or nol recon h v Church and state. To Len la it. Have tic Courtesy and decency to Nize the Gove nunsent of another state retrain from such a display of there is an area of Public business in Lor the Day we Lucli Lias been it apart for Worth ill and Rotl. Granting the fact that the tree recognition. In thu matter up in time for the Santa on Friday an event there is no obligation under internal i i 11. I tonal Law or under moral Law that re which there is involved the question of Public morality so that there is a differ to u Parade on an even ence of opinion As to whether the Church Lon was a Nam to acl in it own which of us feel is a trav. Has a right to speak As a Church and try to influence legislation. This would apply to Laws governing the control of vice. Interest. Esty on the meaning of Christmas that is precisely what this govern Inonu is doing. Of course our govern h pretty Liberal individual when it to the Observance ill pin Lviv he Siml Alcan at n win h comes 10 we cider i it might apply to the question of liquor la Ulm Lay be As to of i Many. that Mere Laws. That of course is . But How anyone can this Lotical question of Ilir of a government with any moral or Issue is hard to sit. One Havo thought that if Shii Ruhinen by Caner involved at All it would be on the other Side find that the petition would be to what our own interest in. Some people Many Urup Linni which require who advocate recognition of red China do so on the grounds thai we Are hurl ing ourselves by our present attitude. But nobody As far As we have Ever heard has suggested that we ought to Nize the Mao government even in is against our own interest. Arc matters at Issue in this urge our government no to recognize Kiuon of that with All 111 i i ref i i the red government of China. Due respect we do not think the for Here is a government thai boasts understand. They arc mat of being god less. H is not Only non Lars Luil concern the future of Christian but positively anti Christian. This there is no fwd be it has persecuted christians and int he moves of uie prisoner or driven out the missionaries. No want a scr us rec0gnlzc red China it has set its mind to making the people let we Flo a Hank Fiat a Gurpal Nanny Gool atheistic if that is possible. There would christians will vehemently Lake Issue be some excuse for churchmen to do with them. Sunday work but i refuse in Al Low such Lui unnecessary task an Chi or Calion of the cd Irismat ires to be dist cd aug Riib the vital occupations. 1 am sure that Tirre Are Ninny others who will agree with me. It is Lime Lor the people of to Rise up and say we resent this intrusion of Cominer a Lilliin into every Avenue of our lives. We resent the Lack that Christmas May soon be nothing More Linn an occasion Lor another of bargain Days. We resent the fact Cuttit Iii merchants of Only town knowingly or unknowingly allow the lord s Day to be misused a 11 was on sunday no vember it in Lime in the n King spot t to say Llma i a exults such deposed. It is Lime Lor the people of Kings porn to let it be known that Ihry will no longer patronize the businesses which make a practice of profess Mac s window key is baked Ham Lor giving. Doat every Boot not scr Rich bit big enough to drive a truck through draw Parton . Is ill prepared for an Airlift uie United plates is forced to re establish the Berlin Airlift to carry essential military Zipplies to Belegai cured Berlin conditions will be entirely different from those in 1048. Then we had such Superior a Lomec in we Pouw artak . Today met Bacn had Cut Down on intermediate Lanto missiles. Ike s Peeve Truman of Wight u. Eisenhower s person Al Boycott of Harry s. Truman is Well known to the american Public. The fact or. Truman has reapportionment again and then lip this kind of unchristian action. Donald it. I Auble so they say we hear that something is to be done opponents to arc in about the matter of reapportionment in two Camps. One Camp is made up of the the nest session of the legislature. It is people who would lose advantages by a Good news that someone is even going fairer method of representation. The to try. Senator torn Mitchell and rep. Other is made vip of i Host who fear that William Van Hersh propose that a Bill some new method would create another be passed calling for a referendum on unfairness. The subject. Rep. Van Hersh says that it in the first group Are the Rural parts it s different. Here Are the uncomfortable but irrefutable incl user strength in air Fleet planes. Practically the United slates. Plenty of min for hers but these Are purely defensive. Very primitive atomic bombs and few o them. Usa strength in air u the whue House though he immediately invited sex president Herbert Hoover to consider the White House his second Home is Well known. But the origin of Ike s bitterness is now known. No danger from Russia. Yet said Truman candidate Eisenhower was now critical of uie govern ment regarding Korea. There is no Short Cut to peace.1 or. Truman continued. There is no Superman who can solve our difficulties for us. It is very Rinno Erous to lend people to think there is some magical Way out of the present slur Gale. It is an injury to our National Security to tear Clown the Confidence of people. But that is what the re inc warmed up a bit during the publican candidate is election Campaign when Truman criticized his fellow democrats for criticizing Eisenhower s foreign turning to the Berlin blockade Truman continued he and other Republican campaigners Are now saying that the Belin blockade of 1948 was the of american big bombers. The corps Ike Man lined Truman by Faull of this government american strategic air command name. But he has not yet invited we did not have a firm arrange Fleet. Planes but with much policy. After that for the first greater combat capability because time in the memory of the press have been is now mar Ricl i o religions in favor of the whole country is being transformed at n rate. J. Wilson armed with atomic bombs could have retaliated with 100 destruction of russian Case broke us a result of the Berlin blockade. Harry to the White House. The origin of his bitterness i which few people outside the White House know actually be Gan on oct. 4, Over the ques ment guaranteeing our right of Access by land to Berlin. Why did we not have a Clear right of Way to Berlin that the russians could not violate we it to tie divided duo two classes. who speak of dreamy those Olio speak of the Itic dressing people ire More Likely to have better table Man ners and say they prefer while meat or dark meat the stuffing Fellows Are Likely to have better appetites and say they want part of the leg or part of the breast. As usual the less cultured is really More exact. The mixture of bread and Sage and chestnuts and what have you is stuffed into the Bird. 01 course people also smear some of it Over the Bird too and you could Call that dressing but that 1 extra. The stuffing is essential. There Are people who Cook the stuff in a separate pan so that it never sees the inside of the tur key. But that should be considered in american. One of the hardest Fellows to be Lieve is the Chap who says nonchalantly. Turkey is All right but i would just As soon have Chick said Johnny thanksgiving is All Light. But i would like it better i say if All our relatives did not come to dinner on that Day that Turkey looks Good Way up there at the head of the table where they got him but there Are so Many aunts and uncles Between it and me at the Bot Tom and they All have such big no petites and like the drumstick breast and Wing that i am Lucky by the time i m served to set the neck or some such thing. I wish my relatives would stay Home or come see us when we have Stew and not come when we have Turkey. But they always do. When i m a Man i la never accept any invitations or bids to have thanksgiving dinner with folks who have a lot of t.3 n to strength 28.000 planes or which Eisenhower right is at unt Velty of 10 my trip mini n More than Are considered types. The big soviet in crease has been i bombers. The would be difficult for a legislator to vote of the state who Cav that an equitable reporting on his visit to red against a Bill that would allow citizens form of representation would leave them to decide what they want to do. Or. Van it the mercy of the cities and More pop communist s have air Force now has enough a been Over lushly imposing upon the bombers to match ours tin a Hersh might be surprised to find out pious co Linus. The other group is won 650 million people of the Mainland tally More Long Range bombers the speech Judd lilt the _ ceiling. How Many legislators would find it very clerk no whether a plan of a apportion backward system of Ems asian than the v cry. The results arc not a stockpile is or. Truman made a speech in Oakland calif., reviewing the facts regarding the Berlin Block Ade general Eisenhower then campaigning for president read easy to do just that. Ment might be put into effect that but the question is what would the would change the relative positions of achieved by desecrating the dig sin is believed ahead of us i to i j it 1.1 Nulty of the human individual. Come types of Hydrogen bombs people vote upon if it were a simple the two political parties by new combi Secretary of state us lies Usa strength in loan our air question of whether to have reap por nations of counties within a District. 11 i 11 i 11 a people like to imagine them planes of which Only Are Tion ment that is one thing. If it is pro ills is known As gerrymandering and selves As More erudite than they combat. Both countries have Cut Truman took last month when he Job of negotiation to general Clay user strength i air ton which is worrying Europe and should have in 1945 i pro posed to Stein that we obtain free Access to Berlin simultaneously with the withdrawal of our troops from the soviet zone of Germany. The arrangements were worked out by the military leaders in the yield. Our commanding general in Europe who is now the Republican candidate was informed of his responsibility to work them out. He had instructions that unrestricted Access to Berlin was to be a condition of the withdrawal of our troops. He delegated this Uba. Russia s atomic now estimated at in View of the present crisis Over Berlin and the feud which has Flory. But a shame. They Are about equal to ours. In fact rus become the most famous in Amer Power has dropped to Ica it might be interesting to see exactly what Truman said. He began by chiding Ike for injecting foreign policy into a political Campaign the same stand p. Cunningham. Posed to put a particular plan of reap in is an old political trick to give one Porti monent before them that is some party control where it does not have thing else again. The question do you control now favor might get a to attain equitable or near equitable yes answer because it would Lake a lot representation is a very Complex Taus of nerve to say that one was opposed Ness because practically everybody has flatly to what the Constitution Calls for an axe to grind. If it were possible to get most people would add to their yes if an outside commission that had no in it is the right kind of Terpst in the from some the rub would be in working out a place like Maine or plan of that would agreement that the decision of the Dow on they demand programs on to which Urey do not listen York advertising executive John Sia is a us on missiles. Eisenhower is still cutting the military budget. Sided with Eisenhower against his critical fellow democrats. The Republican said Truman up to recently has not been an irresponsible outsider there really ought to be a Law that on the children in the House be served first and the elders get what the kids do not want. A football game Between Twa Tennessee teams with All proceeds to go t o die r e b u i 1 d i n g of the Clinton school would draw a very big crowd. Inflation is like liquor. It is not Good for you but it gives you a kick for the Lime being. The real trouble is that it pol and left euro in. General Clay met the russian military leaders and got Only an Oral As sons the internal organs of Trade Durance from them instead of a precise agreement in writing. We arc not going to reopen those mines and Send More miners to latest Cut was in manpower. Earlier he had Cut Polaris in foreign policy. He has had the our troops were withdrawn our and besides what an awful Trust and Confidence of the people bargaining position was lost and hangover men died in most according to the world u. 5. Secretary it slate Dulles actions hop. Been disastrous in hip West but they have been a ice s plans to marry divorced Bud press by Bregman. In foreign policy matters. Now he submarines also is abusing that Trust. He is spread ing the false version of his tory Ike trusted our right of Access was never firmly established. General Clay in his Book admits that Unis was a said Truman. " he is honest about in the period after the end of it. He does t blame the civilian world ii there were differ kide of the 1 am Damu Well Gning to decent ent Ophir icons about we Al the rus had nothing to do Wilh it. He them cypriot if these sians would do. Some men like does t even blame his command split everybody. No Bill that changed the judges Wollod be final we Miclot get some by Ewing in us. We Gal nod the Suez horrible murderers try conclusions Arllin slave non and Averell har ing officer. Frt Iii ten ii lot lir to a Havn pm nov. Mininn no to Honn tint his action. Otherwise we Are inclined to present setup would be considered a Good Bill by some people who Are the beneficiaries of the present inequitable idiot much Chance of getting anything canal. Won 8 tie let i in agree with those who say that there is or Eisenhower Ipri Ono Mic blk Ullh us Well let them Hevr. Every who i. Has Dulles thing. Including the grand piano pained nothing and Hie Kitchen Oen. System. Done next january. Missile controversy coming up bios rat Washington president Eisen Hower plunges to critical huddles Over the size and make up of the defense budget due in Jan uary evidence exists that controversy Over the missile program is sharpening again among the services. Arguments Are being advanced that America s retaliatory Power against a Surprise enemy As Sault will be severely strapped if we rely too heavily on such liquid fuelled ballistic missiles As the Atlas Thor and Jupiter. These weapons Are in effect factories in uie with Many processes to be completed in a Long count Down before final firing. Since it is said 15 minutes is the maximum warning time we Are Likely to have if an enemy pounces suddenly he count a Vii lag is Pic tured As making the United critically vulnerable. On lop of this. U i ronlcndn1 that liquid fuelled missiles require Mil inn Dib Mac easily damaged by enemy near misses or clan ing Nils. Solid fuelled weapons like the Mill experimental minuteman can be fired from hard bases More difficult to put out of action. But the counter arguments from certain de tense circles run this Way. They insist liquid fuel systems arc basically far More flexible than solid and thus arc vital to continuing research in the missile space vehicle Field. These systems Are scald to assure greater potential rocket Energy and hence greater projection into space. President Eisenhower and others in his administration Are striving hard to give our mis Kingsport times an Independent newspaper c. P. Edward or. Fres Lenl no path fit to vice i pm Lorri Curr Al mama for w. I Kea Luffe editor of Culi Rui Kluj ru4 if a two Repir Lornt Sjo-j2 c. Kurkel strut. Tenneth broke Circle m121 6htnnoa Tea id Tina port Mai titter Iliili St Csc Kirtio hates. Ursi i mini. . pal la san Day Ali in cml s.m1 pm Momo. 5i.v i w lulled i Roii Assoc Latte Ert Llic 16 the Lor Rajm Clilton of r1i rift Tref Lliel to n or not ret Lelm 1c 1m Piper and Alto tha local cown published Nerlia. File Effort the stamp of civilian space exploration. Defenders of liquid fuel missiles say that to focus almost on solid fuelled devices would be to advertise to the world that we Are interested Only in weapons with a potential. These defenders claim further that speedup of the factory in the air process is in uie offing with the consequent Promise of a reduced count Down. And they say successful experiments have taken place looking toward development of hard bases for liquid fuelled missiles. Bui they throw greatest weight on the asserted need to maintain major research Effort in liquid systems. These Are far too new. It is argued to be ruled out so Early in the game. Some fear could in the end. Cripple both military and civilian missile projects were liquid furl experiments to be substantially junked or to n minor role. Of Lully the Indk Slinns ire hint Podur Linn in this yield will lie on the in lick fur Leil weapons since they lend themselves read ily to is if Philput. Yet it is pointed out hint important Mill mind in uie pm c f this objective. My it is it Init at this time to Luini Cruc any o these As completely proven. What the counter argues urge is not heavy or total Reliance on either liquid or fuel sys tems for but. A key place or each. In their or Kim such a balance can As sure to the nation the evident military advantages of the solid fuelled weapons while still hold ing out the Prospect of a perhaps unlimited potential in space exploration from High Energy liquid fuel systems. Today s thought and he spake unto them saying. Re turn wit i much riches unto your tents and with very much cattle with Silver and with Gold and with brass and with Iron and with very much raiment Divide the spoil of your enemies with your the times doily tonic riches without Chanty arc nothing Worth. They Are a Blessing Only to him who makes them a Blessing to Henry Fielding. Paper Al Akbar. Lir clip Lippe Are. About a Quarter of lilo. Whole human Rocc and the oldest of All living civilizations. Can safely throw away any Chance of telling ilium directly a bul Waldo Frank filing suit to compel stale do Spirl Kenneth Darling British Security Riman warned us to be on our guard others like general Els endow i i said we had nothing to chief on Cyprus. Saw pm do it thai Way on to. Kerry Casey of Engle Wool. Calif., telling Why he shot and wounded a woman. Truman then old How when Ike but his commanding concluded Truman should step up and share some of the blame. The responsibility to arrange free Access to Berlin Lay squarely on was chief of staff in 1947 he had that commanding joined in the military recommend. Dation that american troops be reduced in Korea that there was that according to. Ike s close friends was Why he got and stayed with Harry Truman. It is Odd that if a Man is inclined to be a mouse around the House. It also happens very often that his wife s a cat. A fellow wants to know How Many people in this country work for the government. Ii he stops to think about the income tax he will know that we All do. If he wants to know How Many Are drawing government checks paid out of those income tax de answer is too Many. It is an expression from ment to allow him to travel to red of the pc pc for the China. The Elvation of our american traditions and ideals the maintenance Hollywood ruins everybody. She of state s rights and the sincere not like this before. But she is desire through legislative proc following the others. They warned esses to curtail the illegal Powers us at Home in Italy that this sort assumed by the u. S. Supreme of thing would happen to our Chil Dale Alford Strong Edwin p. Jordan . Lessened danger of osteomyelitis although i have not seen any figures to prove it it is my in Drin it we took them to Hollywood segregationist on his write in Clicc Lon Thal the Bone infection of Singer Anna Marie ton Victory Over rep. Books Alberghetti. Kit disapproving Daugh Hays a moderate segregationist. Side surgery has done much for. The known example. They have made patient with chronic osteomyelitis. It possible to save Many people it has become possible to clean with osteomyelitis from months or out and scrape the infected Bone even years of hospitalization and thus permitting Healing. Ingenious repeated surgery instruments have Ben invented to chronic osteomyelitis even now Aid in the work of Boring into the can be a Long lasting and serious disease. It May produce in favor Able complications in the kidneys today new methods of attack on or elsewhere. Emphasis should be haps More evidence of the intense osteomyelitis Are available. These placed on diagnosing it Early and interest in osteomyelitis by those Are the drugs of the sulfa group using vigorous measures to bring and substances obtained from it under control As soon As Possi or germs called antibiotics blk. Without treatment it is Likely known As osteomyelitis is not As common As it used to be. Curiously enough however i continue to receive a crat Many questions about it. This is per Bone and scraping out infected material. Henry has Bis own ideas about the Paris touch a it s the extra you for the who have in than it is of the fre Quency of the disease. Osteomyelitis is a d i s e a s e of the Bone tissue w h i c h results from invasion by perms. T h c s e germs destroy the Bone and pro Duce pus. Historically this is an old disease and has been known for centuries. Signs o osteomyelitis have Bacn found in Bones of ancient Man which have been hurled for thousand of years and cur up in Archeo logical explorations. Until recent times the treatment has been discouraging and difficult. Several cases even As late As the 16th Century were treated by amputation of the limb. This is a bit Radical. Other treatments involved the application of strange mixtures to the tissues around the infected Bone. Including herbs powders from mummies egg Yolk and crashed body lice. One of the most interesting forms of treatment has been the use of maggots. Maggots cat dead tissue Only leaving live tissue unharmed. Thus if they Are placed in an area containing Road Bone Rind other Dearl cells they clean lip the urea without harming that part of the Bone which is alive and healthy. When they have completed their Job they can be re moved easily. I understand this treatment is still used occasion ally. The development of in o d e r n which penicillin is the Best to get worse As time goes on. Ouf our Way i hats 1h Boss he jumped Toth ditch to show us saps How t Well. He s a pillar Isth Church. A Ese s. Fart n of the com Greoitlom-7 60v. Hell 66 thiets Yea Patoo com

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