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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 25, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday nov. 25, 1952 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P Edwards or. J. W West. General Manacki w j Mcauiffe. Editor Ellis Bunkley elec Tulve editor 220-23 e Market Street. Clyl sport Renn member of the associated press Southern newspaper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation and Independent democratic newspaper published each soon except saturday and sunday the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use Tot publication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in paper end the local news published herein entered at Post once or rings porn Renn As second class mall matter october 27 ism. Under the act of March a. National advertising representatives. Shannon a associates inc with offices in new York Chicago Detroit. Atlanta. St louts. Kansas City los Angeles sap Francisco subscription rate by mail. First and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40c. Today s Bible thought the proud have had me greatly in derision yet have i not declined from thy the times daily tonic Pride is at the Bottom of All great mistakes. Ruskin. The Seal if the United states mails have done their usual Good Job every family in this area has by this time received a few sheets of Christmas seals with a letter from the Sullivan county tuberculosis association. Some of those seals May have already appeared on letters As they should. Some of the recipients have Al ready sent in the contribution which the seals ask for. But Many others Are still lying on the desk or on the piano with a Promise of ill tend to that and there is danger that some of them May be forgotten. Everyone knows the Christmas Seal and what it stands for. Tuberculosis is still one of Man s great enemies. It still takes constant fighting and it is this fight that the tuberculosis associations Are carrying on All Over the nation. It is a fight that has shown results which should encourage us to keep it up rather than let up. The Campaign against tuberculosis carried on by the tuberculosis associations is a sort of cold War it is to a great degree a containment program. That is to say it is an educational program to Stop the spread of tuberculosis. The Little Seal is an annual reminder that this educational program cannot go on without financial help. The Money contributed by people who use the Christmas Seal makes the educational program possible. Part of it is used nationally but most of it at the local level. It maintains a local office and one full time worker who carries out the pro Gram by lectures consultations and the distribution of literature. Tuberculosis is fought by educating the people How to avoid contagion. It is fought by showing the people who have a Case of tuberculosis in the family what precautions to take. It is fought by giving people the chances to have Chest a rays and discover the disease in the Early stages. Nowadays we hear a great Deal about new and unpronounceable drugs which May prove to be a specific cure for tuberculosis. It will be a wonderful thing if this happens. But meanwhile the work of education must go on. It is not dramatic work. We cannot Point out results be cause it is impossible to say there goes a Man who would have contracted . If he had not Learned in time How to avoid contagion. But there is moral certainty such cases exist. There is moral certainty that the tuberculosis association is carrying on a great work both in preventing the spread of tuberculosis and to a limited in helping the poor who Are its victims. There is moral certainty that the Money you contribute by Way of pay for the seals or a Bond goes to work in a great humanitarian cause. That ought to be enough for everyone to want to con tribute As much As he can. Real service merry go round Edson s column by Drew Pearson Harry Truman told Dwight d. Eisenhower and vice versa is known directly Only to the two men themselves. But what is known is what president Truman told intimates he said to Ike. Both men were obviously nervous before and after their interview. One Friend who talked to Truman just before he saw Eisenhower noted that he looked fidgety and dropped some papers. Eisenhower also looked nervous and wiped perspiration from his Barren brow after the conference. The version which the president gave one of his closest friends also indicates that the two men were a Little tense at first. But he broke the ice by telling Ike something like this i be been in politics for 40 years. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That s politics. Sometimes you have to say some harsh things in politics because everyone s out to win. But let s forget All that. The Only important thing is the future. I want to help you in every Way. I want you to have As much assistance As we can give you Between now and january 20. I Only wish i could have been briefed be fore i took this Job. President Roosevelt s death hit me like a Thunderbolt. I did t even know he was ill. I had Only talked politics with him and had t even attended a Cabinet meeting. I Don t want you to go through Truman pointed to a sign on his desk which read the Buck stops every government official has a Boss to whom he can pass the the presi he said according to the account Given a Friend. But when it gets to the president he has no one to pass the Buck on to. The Buck stops Here second conference or. Truman had also prepared for the presi Dent elect a series of Loose Leaf notebooks con Taining copies of All his executive orders re ports on defense production and charts show ing exactly the amounts of production achieved in every strategic material. He told friends that he hoped these would be of value to Eisenhower and he certainly wished some one had prepared such reports for him when he took office in 1945. When Eisenhower and Truman appeared in the Cabinet room a minute or so later they were smiling and appeared to be congenial. At this second and enlarged meeting Secretary of state Dean Acheson did most of the talking. One important Point he made was that unless Eisenhower made some reassuring state ment about continuing the present policy for Europe the governments of France and Italy might fall. Eisenhower interrupted at this Point to say he had already made one such statement but he did not elaborate As to what statement he referred to. Acheson also said he was unhappy about the split Between the United states Canada France and England Over the Indian proposal on korean prisoners of War but said he Felt that our differences could be though he did not indicate any approval of the Indian proposal. Nato meeting on schedule he also discussed the december 15 meeting of the North Atlantic i act nations originally scheduled to make important decisions on army strength for the next two years. Britain and France want to proceed with the meeting As scheduled on december 15, though because of the changeover of administrations in Washington no important decisions will be made. Secretary of the Treasury Snyder gave a re port on the finances of our allies warning especially of the economic predicament of France and Italy. England he Felt was not in such bad shape. Secretary of defense Lovett talked chiefly about Korea and defense production. The lat Ter was the Only Domestic question discussed during the entire conference. Neither president Truman nor general Eisenhower did much talking during the Confer ence. It was purely a briefing session with Little Opportunity or necessity to talk. When Eisenhower came out of the White House the grim and irritable manner noted by reporters was probably because he was sur rounded with newsmen. He had expected a military aisle through which to walk and re marked that he thought things had been outrageously handled. By Peter Edson development of atomic Power for private Industrial use is now being investigated by the u. S. Atomic Energy commission in half a dozen different projects. Dec first authorized private Industrial research on atomic Power development last april in a series of four contracts with four teams of two companies each. They were 1. The Pacific Gas and elec tric co., and the Bechtel co., an Industrial engineering and contracting firm of san Francisca. 2. The Commonwealth Edison co., and the Public service co. Of Northern Illinois Looth of Chicago. 3. Monsanto chemical co., and the Union electric co. Of Missouri both of St. Louis. 4. Dow chemical co., and de troit Edison co., both of Detroit. Just recently the Dow chem ical Detroit Edison contract was modified to bring in 11 More ing companies from the North Eastern United states. Among them Are Power companies of new England new York new Jersey Wisconsin Cincinnati Cleveland Toledo and Philadel phia. In substance these research the supposedly Best brains of Public Utility engineering and chemical Compa a challenging assignment. It is to see if they can devise new better and cheaper methods for the production of fissionable materials for government use with the production of electric Power generated by atomic Energy As a by product. Uranium production makes heat at the present time in the government owned plants for the production of uranium and plutonium vast quantities of Coal and steam generated or Hydro electric Power Are consumed. The heat generated in separating out the fissionable materials next tie w. P. Bomb Washington calling the Tariff on garlic holds for Liti Cally do they succumb the average american no in communism Terest whatsoever. When that venerable bureaus Mac s window by w. I. Maul tote there is absolutely no truth in the Rumor that president tru Man after he retires in january will buy property and make his Home in Texas. It in fact it will be interesting to see whether he continues to patronize Florida with Hla Vaca Tion business. It the vacuum from election Day to March 4th was shortened to election Day to january 20th, but there is just As much fuss Over it. Maybe the new president ought to take Over on nov. 6th. Little Johnny with Good logic thought the ballroom meant the gymnasium. It a modern Home is a garage with sleeping accommodations attached and a modern school is a gymnasium with a few class rooms attached. It the number of scary murder stories on radio and television a decried. But the significant thing is the number of Nice people. Dear Sweet ladies who enjoy such entertainment. It do prospective missionaries for the asians get special courses in How to explain the atom and Hydrogen bomb it whether the election had any thing to do with it is your guess but two weeks after it you can buy a Packard car for it used to Cost under the Truman administration. It one Hundred years ago the worst Snow storm could not Cut off the heat and the Light. It some people think that presi is a waste product that must be racy the United states Tariff try from 22vi per dumped. In the plants this heat from the atomic reactors or piles would be used to generate steam. The steam would be used to generate elec tric Power. The plutonium or uranium manufactured in the reactor would then be sold to the government. All reactors would be used to generate elec to Canada the Netherlands Den Mark and new zealand formal the duty is raised on canned by charged the United states in Dent Eisenhower ought to put tuna fish coming into this coun Gatt with violation of its general Macarthur Back in a r cent to 45 solemn Trade agreements by re Ness. But the old warhorse would probably balk at going into har Ness if he knew that his old reins. Home. Commission comes up with its per cent. That has a negligible striding american imports of findings on the subject they effect on the american Economy cheese and other Dairy products. Cause not a Ripple in the Turbo fishermen on the West coast these restrictions were imposed subordinate was holding the Lent Stream of the news Here at get some Benefit. The average under the defense production act of 1951. _ the Netherlands took Retalia Industry in Japan where Over tory measures by cutting in Scure products. With a Conti population makes every Penny ports of flour by about one rental Range of climate almost count it could be disastrous. And third. But All five countries made everything can be grown within Japan is the focal Point of Amer it Clear that they were opposed consumer scarcely knows the increasingly America is self difference. But for the fishing it our Borders. The Industrial Maican Security in Asia. Trial nine was doubled during world these Are minor products. In to retaliation unless forced to it. They wanted was to get faster than it is consumed. Walker l. Cisler president of Detroit Edison has reported that if purified uranium could be sold to the government at s56 a Pound private Industry would be justified in an initial invest Otner countries and especially ment of per kilowatt the same As in a conventional steam Plant today. War ii and in Many Fields it pending is a possible change that the american restrictions taken has been greatly expanded since could have far reaching Reper off 1945. Cushions. Wool growers in this shortly a conference of the what most of us fail to under country in september requested British Commonwealth countries stand is the shattering effect an increase in the duty on Wool is to be held in London. One of that our Tariff increases have on the Tariff commission has held the most important questions other countries and especially hearings and even before this to come before that conference on those countries that have appears in print the commis is this matter of tariffs and the been trying to build Back after Sion Mav Naye recommended a growing restrictions applied on the War with the help of Ameri raise. Such a move would have this Side of the Atlantic. If in can dollars. Take the Tariff on Tlle powerful backing of Western the meantime the duty on Wool thing. And it s doubtful if Eisenhower would care about holding the reins on a Steed that is Given to taking the bit in his Teeth and running away. It it s hard to get natural color Back into a picture that has faded away. It or. Taft says if he had been nominated he could have car ried All the states Eisenhower carried. Now Robert be your age. You know perfectly Well you could t have did any such of a what uranium produced in its almonds for example the pres republicans elected to the new has been increased the Austral own plants now costs the gov Republican Congress. Ern ment is Cret. Kept a military be the rate is put up if this pens several thousand italian ians will certainly demand that it to raise the Barrier to any the Commonwealth countries appreciable degree in order to take some kind of joint action. The problem of shielding an peasants lose a Market for the protect the Domestic Industry it wil1 put both Britain and atomic Power Plant to prevent Only product they have to sell would spell something close to Canada in a most embarrassing ruin for Australia where Wool is position. Before world War ii dangerous radiation is Formi Dable. Whereas a conventional to the outside world. What happens to those italian the base of the Economy. It Britain was the biggest Market steam Plant can be located on peasants do they sink to a could mean the downfall of the for Canadian produce. Now the 100 acres or More acres might be required for an atomic Plant. Near starvation subsistence to present moderate government that has been working with Washington for a Security sys the Dow chemical Detroit people and represents a Tern in the Pacific. Edison project has proposed to meet this problem by locating million investment. The australians have Long u. S. Buys four times As much from Canada As does England. Yet Canada is still a member of the Commonwealth. While we keep out the Agri the development of a Power been angry Over restrictions that cultural or caucus of other coun the Generator on a Barge or ship breeder reactor at Knollys was according to their claim not Only tries a Large share of some of deferred in 1950 by dec in or Hurt their Commerce but violate our major crops Are sent to for Der to concentrate All Effort on undertakings entered by this eign lands. Should these for an intermediate reactor for sub country As Long ago As 1947. At eign markets be lost or even sub marines that time Australia made major Stan tally reduced american someone remarked that the recent storm which disrupted Power and Tele phone service would be Long remembered by those who found themselves without heat lights and in some cases even water. The storm proved How dependent civilized Man has become on that mysterious Power which Ben Franklin brought Down from the Clouds and Thomas Edison harnessed. It makes one think of what would happen to this world if All electric Power were Cut off completely for As much As a month. Elec tric is Man s servant but a servant upon whom Man is absolutely dependent. But what we started to say was that if the rest of us who were inconvenienced will remember the storm we should also remember those upon whom it called for unusual and heroic service. The workers of the Power company and the Telephone company had no cheering throngs when they ploughed through Snow drifts mounted poles and repaired the wires. It was just a Job but a Job that demanded that they forego sleep and hot food. Unless i miss my guess dictation to the White House by the leaders of organized labor has Denham former general counsel of the Norb. Mac and Dwight it s just leaked out that the Only Man who can talk Turkey to general Macarthur and away with George an eleventh hour plea to the proud Macarthur to let bygones be bygones and endorse his for Mer military aide Dwight Eisenhower for president. But Macarthur Shook his head sat sullen and silent in his Waldorf Tower until the last election returns were in. Only a few insiders know about general Kenny s last minute Appeal which he made three Days before the election. He was put up to it by new York s governor Tom Dewey who had already tried to win Macarthur Over to the Eisenhower bandwagon through such gop stalwarts As sex president Herbert Hoover and House Leader Joe Martin. Both had failed to heal the old rift Between Macarthur and his onetime aide. However the Man who has always been Able to Tell off Macarthur and still make him like it is the runt sized weather beaten Kenny Macarthur s air commander in the South Pacific. So Dewey dispatched the retired air Force general to Macarthur s Waldorf Tower apartment to make a final Appeal. Urged Kenny Why won t you come out for Macarthur spoke grandiloquent by of his obligation to his Loyal followers who were still supporting him for president. Those California snorted Kenny. If you string along with that gang you could t be elected the Blunt talking air Force general argued pleaded and cajoled. He said it s Only a five minute walk from Here to Eisenhower s suite at the com and it s Only a five minute walk from the Commodore replied Macarthur. That ended the conversation. Probably the breach Between the two men now never will be healed. Gop and the South Eisenhower s top advisers have hatched smart strategy for dealing with democrats in the Senate. Through it they expect to control a majority of Southern democrats in the sen ate for at least two years possibly longer. Their strategy is to play Ball with the South Ern democrats and not attempt to build up the Republican party in the deep South. Ike s advisers figure that if they butter up men like George and Russell of Georgia Eastland and Plennis of Mississippi they will cooperate on Eisenhower s legislative program. However they will employ a completely Dif Ferent strategy in the Border states plus Florida. For in these ten Nessee Maryland and either rolled up sizable margins or won. Shielding would be provided by steel tanks filled with Sand and water. Electric Power from atomic Energy is now being produced on a Small scale at the dec reactor Center in Utah. One experimental breeder reactor produces the demos Are in a very bad fix but Don t sell them Short in 56. Research is when you Don t find something the first time you search for it and you have to search again. It As to Christmas shopping plenty Early no hurly no Burly. It a fat Man taking it easy meat loaf. It a Man needs More clothes the Knollys lab has confirmed Tariff concessions in return for Farmers would immediately de than a woman to put up a Good the theory that liquid sodium is a reduction in the butter Tariff Mand trat the government do front. The Best material to use for the Transfer of heat from the read 100 Kwh which is enough to run Tor to the steam generating unit Export of a single Pound of but since then agricultural something about surpluses so regulations have prevented the that prices would not drop Dis building. Westinghouse electric is doing research along a different line in development of the Power reactor for the atomic submarine Nautilus. It May be ready for trials in 1954 or 1955. G. E. Project most extensive forced through pipes by electro try. Astrousky. The pumps and blowers in the being a Metal sodium can be australian butter to this coun the politics of Cotton and to Bacco come in Here too. For All their pledged support to an International organization called Eisenhower foreign policy South the general agreement on tar Ern democrats will fight to keep diffs and Trade known for Short traditional markets for the As Gatt. Recently Australia South s products. Magnetic pumps this reduces leaks and radiation hazards. While general electric Engi neers think that eventually atomic fuel May be competitive with Coal or Oil today they will make no Cost estimates. In driving on Slippery roads is a very serious business but some people do a lot of Loose skidding about it. Johnny s definition of repented. When a sign fades out it must be general electric at its Knol areas where electricity is now Lys atomic Power Laboratory readily available it is hardly near Schenectady n. Y., has the Likely that the Advent of atomic most extensive research under Energy will cause any revolt Way. Doctor Szczys by Edwin p my a Lemur received some treatment with drugs is search contract was extended in says a company state ago serves As such an excellent somewhat questionable value 1951 to 1956. It now employs ment. Side glances ll-3-f introduction to the subject of virus pneumonia that it shall be quoted at some length. When i came Down with virus writes mrs. T., i had been Over the worst part of though one of the relatives of penicillin aurem Ciri has been claimed by some to be useful. Long recovery period one of the most annoying my cold for two weeks then i things about virus pneumonia is started with a gradually rising the fact that Complete recovery temperature and after a few takes so Long. It is True that the end of the acute illness Wui often show some changes still present. This probably accounts for the usual Story Given by those who had it that they do not feel right for weeks or months. Since this is the Case those who have had virus pneumonia should realize that convalescence is a Long drawn out process and ouf our Way i know i got a bad report card but forbidding me to the won t help How am i Ever going to do any takes so Long. It is True hours i began to break out All very few victims of the disease they should not expect to regain around my lips with fever Blis die from it but an a Ray film their usual vigor and feeling otters. The same night my Tern of the lungs taken weeks after Well being for a very Long time. Pesature went very High and then i broke out into severe sweating and chills. The next few Days were the same. At the time we were broke and i did t have Money for a doctor and not knowing what was wrong i let it go for four Days. But after i started cough ing up blood i made up my mind that Money or no Money i bet Ter find out what was wrong with me. Now after several months i still have to be care Ful and not Strain too much and i feel tired All the the letter quoted brings up several important things about virus or atypical pneumonia. This disease like most colds and influenza is caused by a virus which is a tiny living organism too Small to see under the Micro scope. As in mrs. T s Case it often starts like an Ordinary cold with cough running eyes and nose and perhaps some fever which May not be noticed at first. Neglect is a dangerous thing and mrs. Is Lucky that the effects were not even worse. Certainly strict bed rest from the beginning is most desirable and this is particularly True

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