Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1952, Page 10

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 24, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeI la. 6o alon6 an movie 16 Abdunp-uxx6 jes Uke Porky he s just its just the was he acted when he ran off before Eye on he and fihe makes suspicious move just Call me. I m flattered speechless. My cd Ramero cannot he is he.6 already marred he s wanted in three states for he. 0fcoense he you. Because that Matilda. Cannot into the distance. H stay Home that All Well Gypsy Joe said i p marry a dark handsome Are you reap of mud Nulud i me a run Aviv hok5e Anav Sal is in you think real sons to., just what co maj wove Soton me that am set Wen that the worst looking hat i be Ever seen Lonyou suest1on i m sorry i made you cry dear acres Money of a new hat i m glad forget Rel this old hat has gotten me pour new ones a Kwh Cwm in in t that wonderful he made a lot of sense going Back Home to find an old fashioned schoolmate., he says she s the real Home Type. Simple Sweet. Gee s Whai i be always hoped he o find. I. Hope he. Posen t spoil her. I just talked Tjoe. I tale in All about says he o Uke t meet Cha. Knc8by called. He s m is seventh heaven. He says he s really found the Alfil of i if is dreams f xcitin6. Wlker to m6 rw.ooka.he5 sikh a celebrity simply cant live on my old Katie is steaming at be and mom wowed she s practically blowing a fuse be cause pm flying baby s my aching head have i Sot Vidu kids font Appel cloth being Young no woi2j2ies no cake you Achl Here 15 Ruby we prop our in the tree the car 5tof5 wed two get out and search hastily. The the neighbor s cat. P think Yold be ashamed of yourself. if you d seen the Witch that s been following him around you d understand., and that not the half of it either. From now on anything that says meow is shaking hands with the grim a Delfia Deg a for Pete Sake Why Dom Tcha go Back to rtt Echland Viere you came from i can Talley not until the witches ride As Ain next halloween Twe Section of me tables just b Amazcw-300 Toulds warm Stew stash wet Jim off could of diet eat a Elk toy manufacturers Ore showing Mink Coats for dolls this Christ Mas. Dolls always have liked Mink Coots. Health salad Fem am ffk3m ume we Aims t make to a we better Bash in his skua. Bed the Sce. Thet Litake some o the fight outa him .1 a m you fracture Haven his adv lost All anklis.7 right kure sights Theta. J to do As a Hoo min slow him this x now a the most sought after baohe1or in new York stuck Dogpato-1.7 is the Young Bachelor two s comma write up Sadie Hawkins. Day. Citizen o Dogpatch merely As a Ltd gesture who Sou answer to Nursery rhymes lira does it horizontal 55 love god 56 containers 57 Golf Mound vertical 1 consideration 2 smell 3 monks the Piper s son 4 had a Little Lamb 8 Little boy residence 4 conceals 10 monday nov mawr 24, 1952, Kingsport times 12 stir 13 toward the sheltered Side 14 italian Coin 15 peruse 5 Century Plant 24 scandinavian 42 companion f m to fake has just leached what the sus r Jet of the Jungok Semok a Barf 6 Fry out fat 7 affirmative vote 16 musical works 8 three 18 trailed mice1 20 give extreme 9 Mark unction 10 russian River 31 weirder 21 distress Call 11 Comfort 33 round up 22 Geraint s wife 17 suit maker 38 italian town 24 poses 19 expenses 40 liberates 26 seed covering 23 More pleasant 41 Snow vehicles 27 Mother of Mary s pet 30 Mountain ridges 32 where Little Jack Horner sat 34 spiny shrubs 35 eats away 36 some 37 raise 39 drug 40 suits 41 sit on a Cushion and myth 43 glacial 25 Metal 44 norwegian 26 property item capital 27 natural gift 46 bake in a 47 curved molding 48 Short letter 50 dub three men in a does Toung Man the seniors must argue affirmatively on the ques Tion can peaceful. Relations 6e established with girl friends would iou like to Mou w notes on the Date of the 28 cry 29 gaelic offhand he was the Pep soc. Could Twink of Row Promise to be a helpful and get saw Lowe Fine seam 42 author of night before Christmas 45 Wise King of Israel 49 dogmatic 51 self esteem 82 Story 53 employed 54 Seine

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