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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 21, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee Vantads-1n e x p e n Sie e f f Active e a s y t 0 of i e a i a Sci 6.8121 4atkus you win a big Priit car a week Desoto Plymouth Trade ins Motl of cars cars traded in on new 59 Desoto and Plymouth a meets Tiger Jones Xci Vokk Mauiu d in Llie live la u Lunk Boom Imi hum o his Allak. H vim lung. Ant bout. Continuum of Dibrov in v kit Tiue in rumours Sluti u Koom Vii tit Lory air Vamp Kaiui 0-Vi or old hours h a Tjit u Al f a it Lii of Chi 1-Al Mildus i or Kkt i us t it in i Liiv i our Ortu a a or Rel. Twi l a Lii us it Kris. I h Rico i for Bill cd ilk am 1 Lulli a s40.w. Aha us of cd j-7j07. inn i Market Succi. Call t l 3-4131 or 1 us i by Luin Muhl i Harj Rel l am c ii jul a till. Ultimo Tut Hal. Local not1ck or know All Piiru i Lirar proc Ltd hint mouk11n 3 Koom to cult cd 5-454j bet Fml 5.00 cil an warm. To Dkl cd nay a for per err sir i Al Vlf Lur Sulla Vii county. Trn rail huh k cml he it in to -271. I 1 Ihl hum in jul thu i m kit in. Riv or the Tun i unit urn Tenn Primi. Mini id ? j 090 of tit Iii i. In Mim u to ill up Tih in ii Fri Riu of Uii l Ili til o i Vint proved is t i 111 Ulf Tii ill in Gullli 111 the nil ill ill j 1.ahg1 rooms mid Bath Fiji count Street Golden Ilioiu grocer or com Why cd lick Wren . Iio Sron apart Lei my 3 Loolam. Holli. 1 c cd s option of Llic la mar Mut Liri it or Contr Turnmi Luyt Lik mid rom. Dpt ill Linn Brit Intili in Chr Al at mint Fob Hunt 3 nil 4-Llni duplex apts. Furnished or unfurnished. To will meet your needs. 3-Hin. Unur no slice nits. Tinl cd apply at Igig a Siuw Dup Mill lit imlitrt1 Nix owner it mild Chr i to Imru Clyl air i to Huid Decd ill now. try Al blur of hit Nnolim to in mi1 in scr Timuri Ulm Listi Unini. I will nit Uip Tutti Wilny in Iro it Chr Rhi. Tits ill it of us Triant of i Ami i in Chr 1 out it Couitt. Mirll Liefl Tonii Velv Arnii Huin Muiir Irma Tiby Iii not Lurl Marh k. Two i Riv Atic Illic Lii Lii with Bivall. Of Rounel if vol. Washer Tilljr . Sliomo pm 1-Noom Wlllie Luv cd or Vlf. 311 Vorill at Niue. Call c a room up ivly nou 1 in Piooli. Iwo Oil vital. R in room. P. O. Nox 1 Kingsport 6arden Plaza Linn it vol in Olin Lytic e in it ill crop of the com usury l oui to in Tenn Sint in Mac in taif Caw us Milur Lawson is. Vol Van Over any n i Mil to Dice Mirr .30lh, it o la irk in Ironi of court Hou c hour us Chr glib Hull Hull Lotf u Kuum Toni. Luil Lvii county. Tintoi Etc. Null to ilic his Lirtie hid Best Bill incr. Air two Terhi la n land in Nold in corp . Zrinic in Nijol Nunn inc to or Ion. Iti inn Iii cull Nisi ii t us a Nnnie Mirt 18-piece group floor Sanot expert finishing estimates. Call i Mitt Kcal estate Fob alb new n or Imam acin 1 1 of clock. Few i a or Low. Call Cut in Cit i used Dresser and Mirror full size bed Chest of drawers Box Springs mattress sofa 2 end tables 2 lamps Coffee table 5-Pioce Dinette Sot 9 xl2 Rug 139.95 Down delivers United furniture co. Exchange store 5 Points 223 Sullivan i 5-6371 West Carter s Valley in Morrison City a Brand new Liht is ready to be moved into that has a living room that lady would be envious with a fireplace spacious Kilch with i mural in Ilish built in full size basement with automatic Oil Furnace with duels to each Voin. Over acre of land. This Home will carry i mandir. Priced at and buy on uie very Best of Lenns. Now Elmwood Avenue six Ruu Nii. Three bedroom half . And one of the Best Coal i inces Stoker fed that you will Lind anywhere. This k Large and is Mads for 11 v i n it. Beautifully decorated Clenn As a pin has n Good lot i plenty of Shade Willi Gatoc and paved drive priced at can be iraqi lit with n Low Down payment on Cha terms. J5.250.00 Ideal Home Foi n Young couple with four in go rooms and com plete birth. Loan led on a paved Street in the Bloomin Dnald Sec Tion. A very Low Down payment and monthly payments less than rent. You May to n proud Home owner. Dull in in Banels Auto Jim tic water Heater. Take a look at . Clown. Four rooms and both two lots located on Virgil Street. Tills in in Opportunity of u life Lac to take. N look and you will not Roc Latimer Looney Chevrolet 713 e. Sullivan St. Cd 6-411.1 act Osa from civic. Auditorium. 1 and 2 bedrooms or unfurnished tip Armenth. Convenient to churches schools nil shopping c u n i o r. Thomas a. Edgerton manager 1514 Erly nose phone i 8-4021. All purpose notice classified adv. Dept. Closes of 12 noon saturday no ads or changes taken after that time for sunday or monday s paper special 1955 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan two tone Green radio Heater and excellent tires. An excellent buy for Only 995 Latimer Looney Chevrolet 713 a Sullivan St. Phone cd 6-4111 and trucks Koll Sale ext iia clean is Mercury. Sodan. Maroon la Nlelio. Excl Lenl us plume i 5-lltt.l. Two Izmir Niccol Mulc. For rent building on Johnson City Hwy. In West Holston Hills. 750 so., u. Ideal Lor Small business such As appliance repair shop real estate office Novelty shop remnant shop Etc. Plenty of parking space front and rear Seo or Call j. Allen Bolinger 2117 Bloom Ingdal Pike i 5-5500. Key to building at Holston drive in. . Lir Liik nil in lot no. Ii mid u Lurt in Hillock 1, i huhm.1 ill Len to Dillon. Mill Snyr Lif Lor in Lunil Tir o it flt ill of Nelll llvclvt1 Plum Lulb. Will one third in is fish. Find in no Ilin a Tell of Rotl Riniti in not. Irn Wink into it Arnm nil to Milf with up Clirel by Tidi Blifil of hip Liurni Tishri mid urn vol la in irl Relnert tin Leto fool i a intr Mirr a Clun l. Allow yrs. U can vat Nihil dlr Van ill Loti n Clui k . Earl err to emf in air ill. Ill Lam my lilt dry. Or Cash in hand und in uni of it inlay of nil Nuli Jacl if urn of ii prior to cd of Trust Lulu Liy ii Klino Init foil Iii inv Lens mid As . Klimik Minrul. Suli Jpcik in any Lin mild. Irps Ihei Poni hip follow Jill do crib pm property or Tirl in the Llull civil do lilt of sell Lynn c Onn to Ontl Inorg la wll n in Iii i uie Noral rely a lip of Duvon air act 30h pet nil Ilonne no Rimli. Street Arnm n turn he to Lull Auld he raft. Nold till blur non lilt the mini Westerly Colum or Lut i sold hecjinn1nci Point up Elf Cornej lots i Mil 4 Pic non with the dial i Lonny line in tween 3 and 1. N. W. Iso led in Point in hip Lino of Loil. Corner for loin 3 Nail tinier will Tho Duvli Lonuel Hue lick ten loin 3 and 11 n. W 00 1c. 60 feel to Tho Corner of lot u mid a to Lance uie Illel Kinnal Lull Iwen lots 3 2. S. 7 15 e. It he northerly lilt of in alb at reel Vor li5ase business building now occupied by doctor. Will be vacant dec. 1st. Located 1313 Lynn Garden drive. Apply 1300 Lynn Garden drive. Crossword Puzzle proper apparel answer to previous up tilt across 1 baby wears it 4 a Lounger wears it 8 allowance for waste 12 anger 13 Arrow Poison 14 dress color 15 put on apparel 16 Small onions 18 a Innis player wears it to ant 21 arid 22 japanese outcasts 24 cripple 26 smugly Nice person 27 dutch Painter Gerard 30 re Cerf 32 Wolf like 34 married woman 35 costlier 36 Donkey 37 faulty in walk 39 ascend 40 hybrid animal 41 equip 42 vapor 45 dried grapes 49 contending 51 show disapproval 52 seed covering 53 length measure 54 deep 55 network 56 Keats. For instance j7 measures 6t Type t cull through plastic Light met Alt Lear her Rob pm comp Filion Wood three of my blk Sci Catt any id flow gift for do it yourself fan fully guaranteed h951o95 1a85 new tire tu8e-Type safety a Cin Pinn bet Earl Dykes announces the opening of Dykes Barber shop. Kings port route no. 8, Ore Bank. Hours 8 . To 8 . Regular hair cuts u you would like a new House three bedrooms with electric Lient on a Beautiful level lot and priced it with Only Down please come by and Tulk with us to arc also building dome three bedroom Homes that will sell for h05q.oo, and. Can sell with Down. For your Bent Home buy Sec the Kino com Pany first. J4-1 kokkss10nai, Suk Vigus sell buy Trade Good used furniture Bob s furniture next to wiggly i Mare i Olla old floors Uki new rent our Sander and Edgar by the hour or Oil Lei i.umbeitco., inc. I 54194 Jud e. Market St. Phone i solos men Andy Cole mar Long mails or. For Sale Stefl. I blocks to 7-Rixim ii Ilni 1h View c Lull i summent. Price am myst no pm Eloitt ill Wilif Herl Urso a bedroom irn Mii i a Liliu room Wotli Nolc Imrij a endow. Euclid a Hlili do kilns Wittl Piniy of Concrete disc Mcnol a bbl no Only in Root Rha loin 4500 Down Uii n0r Corner to lots 3 mid 3 thence with inc northerly tide of div i Street s. U 00 w. 50 Lent to Tho Bec Minnino Helm lol 3 of bloc 9 of uie h. Davin property us Bholi by map recorded in i Lyrl Hook i it in to which reference in Herr a Lyell a Nile Iny hand tills trip Isth Dikiy of nov Nilmier 1958. Wll Lrol trustee nov is. M her. S for must sell 1m7, ii 2 troll or. 13sod.oo Bent Mckion i Loii Tifin Uii i Pilrain Lilium wanted fi5mai.k wanted i honest Jelm s ugh Man Loring Bletl shop a Mau shone of Der Cook. Apply n Perron Only. 1163 Henry drive. Dutch Loy . I Muhm new Xii rates. the. Blur Lurt by a tone Avon pro Lucu in your Anclin Pali Tail. Burn s2.00 or Murr an hour hours a neck. Write Avon. Bpm 131, Kin pm Ort rival or name a Clarens. A lion number. For Imai ids. Flu u b c i Gurii ularte makes. Tried Low. Ruvins. Cuaves Tiano shop im113 Minur Lii blvd. W 7-j137 Kllc Lenl her tote Hartle 11119 i. Mcner or. I h. Cell la Tell contract painting come Rel Llop nor voile Frei chill Linus nil word in Rollo to let co. Hub cd. Tonry ill phone cd ii-1uii. Twin asks by Clr. 1 by . Liyim room 14 it to. Kill Chen double Ink. Nmn Ril Forniola Louif with Dan lab Plu Tertod Nti Vly pain Ltd if look Lino new full Concrete tick rent. Oil Furnace in ouch room he Nekton Dreel. Price 41uo.oo, Down finnet balance tha. Curler s Thuy. I mile a Rich Moi lion City roil Home 3 of land on Blacktop Roan Vater Aye Cov barn land fenced. Price 19260.00, downy two blocks from Kinsley bal tool 5 room Fth Lyrle Oil Furnace new decoration Jon i storm Doon Rich Garden. 1 Roca 1360.00 it Awn. The i la truly it Good buy. Or Call Flat Char sullen ii hav i Vav cum Panz 177 c Nam Cree Street do Lect i 5-4181 it Babi it of Sekator licensed Beauly operator May work full or part time As de sired. New shop now being opened. Good location with All mod Ern equipment. For interview write a care times news. All replies strictly confidential. Starts Here 25 sad cry 26 punitive 27 flying machine 28 individuals 29 existed 31 Book 40 tree 1 Correct 42 Cicatrix 43 hipped 44 give Forth 46 noun suffix 47 midday 33 style Center 48 plants 33 dress material 50 gratuity Corner new Cherokee cd 6-8191 so i ii Stekl Kitchen sinks 42" is liitle uracil Bohld 788 a double ural Buard double double Coni Parnic it. Glass electric furniture co. 154 Commerce is. I 5-2931 14-i1el11 Santiel Rule Wangkh Ion plan nil Clork in for Vicc Fin Mont i. Appl. Nil viral lift map of Brenu fifth room Sull Naif Kimmic is in of a ill it. Loci 7-Ubs. Want i Najip Liance a Rev arc Nian. Excellent oppor Annily for the right person. Write Iii inn Nof experience i Mcl cd Peterd Hilary to Box 1, Kingsport or ilk i Takii Foketi costs Lliso than voli1 think in lilt Cookman automatic Oil i to Knacks. Full time service Davis Oil. I hone i g-4m1 or cd Kingsport s Only con Irlo of mid Furnace service i Liik. Roll Lynn Call cd Mir for the Best in moving service Call United warehouse Transfer cd 5.3184 i i ill i t Oil loin a Itomi lol 125x 15ft. Knox Lllan Hll Hway Call Al Fob Sale i owner i hot lbs. I lowly Llan loud hoots Amin closet and Cal incl up nip. Rill Bacn Lent Corn Nln Tyllo Bali blk Carlo Hurt. 2 Niubo Rev Tel it Eccl. Nedje Adill Ilon. Rny owner s Ncnulty Giitl a Simc . Lonn. Owner Movens out of town. Com Rem. Estate Pou Sale ijbin1c66 lol. To m ii. In Bristol Ali any. 6 my lip still for a null or it 7-3380 alter . Lincoln school area six room residence with full Concrete Linsco Mienl and drive under Fiance. Of oort terms can be or ranged 011 Grcen Fllori place. Newlyweds we Are very prone of to liar two Lic Krooni residence Wlllie arc Che any tic owner says i we d Mig Gryl Hosn in Linnic of oils kind to put in on i Clr must list to Moore Walker Oiler i min i Joe lies. J Lione . I Overr a Lull a and sunday. Cd 32-Socie nes notice special 1956 Ford 2-door v-8 Sedan Ford malic radio and Heater. Excellent condition inside and out. 1195 Latimer Looney Chevrolet 713 St. Phone cd 6-4111 j one dress dryer Cine 3fi" dry Tumbler one i to 8 press air i vacuum. All in Rood condition j also other items used in dry . Accountant wanted new installation applicant must have accounting background familiar with key punch sorter Collator and 403 accounting machine. Must be Able to carry out procedures in n a Light installation with a minimum of supervision. A Eood Opportunity Lor a qualified Young Man or woman. Reply to p. 0. Box 510 Plant. Terms my by phone Bristol no. D-798c. Largest grow j fruit Trees nut Trees Small landscape Plant material 56-Page planting guide Catalon in color. Reg. 50o value. Free on re t14, Waynesboro nurseries Waynesboro Virginia. I a n u Lynn l rip Alvr y n a r Hud any Loncer Tuy 1 Chr try it Joar in my a 11 Frau Wal Tlok spinel 1 11 to co. -2168 i. Henry drive Roll ii acres land located in Blooming Dulc Section close to schools. Price Call i 5-8290. Rentals houses apartments business buildings Dougherty roller 101 Broad cd 5-3167 Ai Lenzion All boys lilo Ken Gasport times news needs several boys to sell morn tag evening and sunday news papers on Tho streets in Down town Kingsport. This wonderful part Timo Opportunity will enable you to earn All of the spend ing Money you want. All Cash commissions paid Dally. You do not Havo to wait for your Money. For full information concerning this Opportunity please Contact circulation kept. Kingsport times hews phone i 6-8121 for Sale a 3-bedroom House with Bath full basement., Oil Furnace car port on lot 215 x 100 it. In fall Branch on hard surfaced St. Nice Lawn with shrubbery and Shade Trees. Call i 8-64h after . For Sale Hoomana courts new 3-bed room House full basement tile heat plenty of cabinets. Will Lake car or Small House in Trade. Trilone cd 6-s. .1d notice to subscribers if you to not receive your Kingsport times or Kingsport news first Call your Carrier boy if he Falls to answer Call cd 6-8121 mornings from 8 to evening until no papers will be delivered on complaints to office after the hours listed above. To but 3 brio room House. 1. Orr Ford. town no loan cwt. To acc in Alt. It 7-2051. Wanted to buy clean used cars will pay Casu Patton motors 408 Clay St. Phone cd 5-5331

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