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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 21, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee Tall feral to Cuca Jook a a part time los Angeles u a Wilh Kew the Amot latest do Flanagan. Utupo Towi Philadelphia. 19 us Angeles Noel humps is York and played briefly Charleston w. Out Oia. Fakiol league. E4 Little Cezar 110. Sauila. 10. Calm Over reds Berlin Deal b 4amks Habum i hold Power 10 Towse but if we Contr Nuuuli the. Com them it s can t be Aure where or when it will bub me Over. For instance the a Isnhower administration Appart to be Tak a Calm View of the russian and cold the Weh i military men arc in control in several latin american countries too. Effort to the Western allies this week Secretary of slate out of Berlin. Telb has t reached Dulles made a speech about the Des ire of the United states to Seei More and More Independence for countries once held As a crises stage yet. Maybe it never but it could happen sudden socks 4 fairs lit Quality men s sport socks s pairs seconds min s sport socks 97e featuring and i feat rat went Over in n . Win Wilk fat Mytr go bargains in new and rebuilt shove gun and Holster sets an Cowboy boots e. Most modern and Ulto Date shoe shop five Points shoe shop j1s e. Is. Or. A or. Letter Hyatt cd 5-4112 a thins to remember car a week with which this country is trying to negotiate a defense agreement lies along the soviet Union s Southern Border. Premier Khrushchev has warned Iran will survive against signing. Trouble May pop there. Iraq had been linked in a de sense Alliance with Iran with . Backing but without any for Mal military agreement. Then a revolt by iraqi army officers slew the iraqi King. This month administration officials expressed alarm Over what they Resard is a marked increase in communist influence among backers of the new revolutionary regime in Iraq. Something Simi Lar could happen in Iran. While the excitement Over the Rcd chinese bombardment of Chiang Kai Shek s nationalist troops on the offshore Island of Quemoy has quieted Down a bit. Tic shooting is not ended. No one n Washington is in a position to predict what comes next.1 meanwhile one government aft r another has come under the of military men in recent months. Tills Lias happened besides req in the Sudan in Pakistan a Burma in Thailand. Earlier the military threw out King Otic of Egypt which is now under an army Man. President Nasser. Tho military leaders May at the moment be giving their countries an appearance of Calm or Over stability. But what the Elsen How or administration does t know and can t even guess about is what comes after the military men or what turn they la take. It s possible the military wll but Independence does t Neces i Sally mean establishment of democracy or. If democracy is the starting off Point that democracy to Honor Tunnell new York up Emlen Tunnell. Star defensive halfback for the new York giants will be honoured in pre Gaine ceremonies of the Brownen counter at Yankee stadium dec. 14. Alfh school Buke Bill by the associated press East Tennessee red Bank 71. Kirkman 46 megs co. 109. Birchwood 23 Middle Tennessee Mcminnville Central 40, Dubrell 37 West Tennessee liar Lett 59. Memphis White station 48 Dresden 55, Hornbeak 32 South Fulton 92, Dixie 40 trireme measures weather forecast generally fair weather is expected tonight except for some Snow flurries Over Michigan the Northern lakes and extreme Northern Minnesota. It will continue Cool Over the map photo Lxi East although some warming can be expected Over Atlantic states. A northerly How of air will carry colder air into the Northern Border states from Minnesota Westward. See the new exciting fall shows now on the Gable 5 Channel selection remember Cable service it an Aid to Belur thu Villon. Phone the Cable office cd 6-8851 pre caging extend Snow even to zoo by Fred Danzig United press International new York line Art of pre packaged merchandising now extends to zoos. You can buy them ready Imide. Yinan Carroll a tall Young free Lance wild game Hunter of rugged Good looks is peddling zoos for a Mere c. I. Cages 111 Studebaker Packard pins Hopes on new Lark and human assets i greek wis player representative Billy How today threatened National pro Ribau league two missioner and team j extreme measures in stay con Timie to disregard previous prom rises on such things As a pension Jand player rights on Bubble gum i contracts. Hie Green Bay packers end. I who is president of the nil play association accused Bell of a lot of conversation and no i results on player demands. Said owners have been disregard ing previous promises to the As i Socia Tion. Howton specifically accused i owner George Marshall of i Washington redskins of being a i Howton said Bell and three club owners last february promised the association the rights for sell ing players pictures in packaged Bubble gum would be turned Over to the players. It the Money All goes to commissioner now. They re our pictures and we think we should get the Money. But All we Navy received from Bells office is continuous Howton said. In referring to Marshall As a Howton said team owners last Spring agreed to players per pre season game amm. Eluded his pc fab zoo includes two giraffes a pair v elephants two rhinos Lions tigers jaguars thers assorted Small mammals i numerous reptiles and Birds. Before Winter arrives Carroll sex by the associated press to Hurndin result Minneapolis 121, Syracuse 102 Friday Boston new York at Phlladel-1 pct stat be off for East a Talca Pula Cincinnati at Philadelphia saturday Guillen Philadelphia at Boston Syracuse at new York Cincinnati at Detroit Minneapolis at St. Louis it s Art dry gleaners if you Are in a hurry 2-hour service on request. Your garment s no lint free cling Freo processed tit Art dry gleaners your Friendly Cash and carry service 1m w. Main St. I 5-4281 radio and to programs a released by for la programs Jordan cleaners we specialise in cleaning Wall to Wall carpets for information Call i 6-8891 ims it. Robinson drive Hunting equipment red Wenj boots guns and ammunition 225 e. Market i 5-2061 wept wept pm Moo 9i.s me. Moat 3-Oir Newi met Lufi woman in Houm Trade Muslo o clock a Ludum Terraza now new Norta Paradi mkt report Kunj Labh sleet now news Job clinic Nellit stand of Mai Teri pm Only of world and world Newt cavalcade o 9ptl, Hla Hushell ii to -1400 Rrolla ii m Mir Chi gloom Chaser gloom Baiar a Aro Kofu on gloom by adj Chacar Chaam next Monitor can per Vic lord swing Elmr Monitor u of farm Hoina soul farm Mavil farm Telnet 12-50 March Lima Monitor Hometown service wherever you drive three Miles or three thou Sand there s always one of the state farm agents or claim representatives nearby. It pays to know your state farm agent state farm Mutual automobile insurance company Home office Bloomington Illinois 11ano toning Sloce 1926-Tunin? minor repairs free i major repair prices quoted at no obligation blankensb1p piano service i 7-24c3 Ken Epport. Tenn u no answer Call after 5 Wate to Knox vice Fri at is ours these Queen or a Daj fair a scr kid Wrath it Abc Nowa to ten Fin tin Oray goal Hope show Yund Man sports Bent ii 00 be of cd Mai Jack Star in. 8-.00 action thester Ramm o 10 00 Howdy Doody Ruff it Reddy n 00 Furt boy Story detective Dir ran per me n papa Foolbull 5 30 wrest Una re Rogeri people arc it Vixay 8 m Perr Como show Cimarron City a Btu Charlotti rut nut Rayon la Itourie a storm if Naglit Little Kim Las Brno a it Porter to to Douk etl Carrla Smith s lion trat Down us Carob play Outt uncut to person ii ids lain Nch lilo sports lilt wimp water Oft san Nat pattern living word club Alfalla. Kangaroo mouse k Meukle Hood Rogers re .30-com Ano perform. R.30-Sermona club world a Mallof love Mnason Wlos to Ashville to clock you Trust bands theatre mouse wll Letle show tin tin Disney with camera Sunset strip Daly news f cast show Jato Dat prayer weat Lver a Catt in pc Paloska d. Oriel wrist Lonc brands d Flynn in. Wuhl to Johnson City in Iii blk Rayor verdict Poutu Brichler Raj secret storm 4 30 de co of no cd bios Rule Rascal i f it 30 Mac key mouse picture 6.30 Westlic Rubt 6 35 to report 6-45 dour Sony Boot 7 30 Vout hit 8 00 treck Down 8 30-jnck.p 5 00 pm Pilim p 30 pc huh if 10-30 promo to person in Nuey sign Oil cant Annc Miroo 10 30 my Ken pc ii.30-Robin Hood to Prsir win 13jo pc. Rai at Sion Blu top top int top ten 3i45-blg a weather a ill Lef pc Blued is weather review on i one 6100-Wake up Tomt up time a Libelli Luht Imo up time to Collee ill tout Collie ii Collee its tout Collet Newt it Weitmier i co fee it Collie Hlili Luhti s Collie cad times. We be always pulled Colter h cd Iii pc weather Cote and shop k Brintl stand in co. Jam. Go. Jam ree pc Wenther song time son Tomt i to to cd to 7.00 flt Bop 7 30 min bunt sons Tomt service pc weather in Borce Jamboree Hughl Lyhu big top ten Damn of we Tell by late Oil Gyb to Bristol from Thok que co for a duct full time hound pop Are f -21 colonel Bleep e8so 6 a Abc Newt fran beat t 30-state trooper Hope mho 10.00-Crvrlcnde of 5pt8 to.4s-Pofl Ftp the beat ii m sews Worlat 11 10 Shortr final lits i of sip on 9 00 curl Iliin caper auction 10.30-Rulf pc a taif pc Story i-30-Hcart of Muller ims sports Parade a nor football slur Colt postcard 6-w-Maverick 1 to people Are Pun flt 8-09 pc Rev Como Martin show Sunset strip movie 13 00-news sports Home improvement company 952 e. Sullivan Street cd 5-6103 fiberglas blown insulation Eagle Pitcher Orange storm windows Ceramic tile terrazzo floors Reynolds aluminium awnings Fth financed no Down payment representatives Paul Mosc Lej i 5-1448 h. 8, Short i 5-263z too Many of them have become and Haven t tried to repro Duce the animal s natural habitat As closely As possible. Gorillas must feel dirt under their feet. And zoo directors must continually find new ways to make the animals healthier and happier with better diets and cleaner surroundings. You Carroll said in the Jungle Lions eat entrails and viscera. But in our zoos they get big chunks of meat. I once persuaded a zoo director to feed his cats on the Jungle diet and the Ani Mals started to look better with shiny coals of fur Bright eyes and better health. But along came some old dowager Type lady complaining about the cheap food the Lions were getting the director went Back to the chunk meat diet and the cats went Back to their Dull a tvs Carroll s chief dream is to build a permanent animal world s fair. We have the land near Naples he said and All we need is about two and a half million Dol Lars Well place animals on islands so visitors can watch them As they appear in the Jungle. Well build life size statues of animals that Are no longer around such As Alpo a he finds fault with the operation of Many zoos Carroll believes in the idea behind them. I think there Are definite cultural advantages to having zoos. Yes take Awa y the animal s Freedom but in Exchange we give the Ani Mal food they no longer must Haven t sold and no tricks yet known can keep an Auto company in business when this happens. Today the prime corporate As set ironically is the fact that the corporation soon will be about 135 million dollars in debt. This makes it a tax i Kiagler s dream. Physical been reduced to one group of plants where Only persons Are at work Down from the company s Peak peace time employment of in 1951. But when you begin assessing the human assets of up reduced As they Are you discover that there is a soul in the corporation very much alive and with an amazingly optimistic Outlook. Compared to 1935 when we went into receivership today s Outlook in t so Black i be been Here for 34 years raised three kids in the through and i guess Well do it this conies from Ted front Owski. Who has been making terns for engine models Here Ever since he began working As a youth us apprentice. Ted is normally taciturn. But there s no Trace of gloom in1 his Outlook. And surprisingly that goes for most of the rank and file workers in the Plant. To 9 i. Absence of despair might be accounted for by a news a car the Lark for the 59 Market. It s a Nice size Between the big products of Detroit and the from Europe. It has an american car look and has most of the optional Power gadgets and new developments of u. S. has a modest but not cheap look. And it la sell for less than it s bound to give american motors popular rambler a real run for the Low Price year. The genuine enthusiasm for the Lark starts with up president Harold e. Churchill who is spend ing a major part of his time prowl above their regular contracts. Howton said members of redskins have not been paid yet for the games played before the sept. 28 Start of the season. He explained some redskins waived the Money in signing 1958 con while Alaska is not a place for Quick riches Fairbanks Alaska up there s Money to be made in Alaska these Only if you work none of that get Rich Quick stuff in a couple of years but if a Man will stick it out for a decade he has a Good Chance to become moderately Well fixed. Take the Case of prank Presto ing the production line in shirt sleeves to make sure the cars get into production As efficiently As possible. Oray haired a Little worn looking but still energetic he says this car is no last ditch Effort to survive. It has taken us two years to get is to the Market. It has got ten All the tender care we can put on a car which. Is our specially. It represents a Type of teamwork and attention to detail which does t exist in Detroit. This is a car. The american customer has been wait ing Young and enthusiastic Duncan Mcrae up s chief stylist is an alumnus of the Ford motor co. School of styling. He carries on Churchill out of the Detroit Atmos phere and in South Bend has helped make this a people s car. In Detroit design has gotten to the Point where it s killing itself. This is a Small simply styled car with All of the engineering developments anyone wants. It s going to sell. We re sure of if he and Churchill wrong tracts for higher salaries but not All of them and they want their tie Packer Star said that last Spring the owners were presented with proposals to include a pen Sion plan and Hospital leation and other benefits in but we Haven t heard from them he said the owners also disregarded a proposal to form a player owner committee to help resolve differences Between them. Deaths in the nation Bloomfield Conn. Cap George a. Long 89, a noted in Ventor and builder of the worlds first workable Telephone died thursday. Long former president of the Oray Telephone co., held nearly 200 patents for Telephone equipment. He was born in Montreal. Omaha a mrs. Margaret Wedemeyer 89, Mother of Oen. Albert c. Wedemeyer died in the evaluation of the larks a will sure die As a corporation and there is no telling what will Hap pen to Auto production men. No one Here it considering that eventuality. Risk their lives in the search for 0 who Carne Here from Omak in food. We take them away Washington in 1946. Their _ i a single Man Presto is half in during his career Carroll has been nipped in the Arm by a 10 foot dragon on the Island of to Modo in the South Pacific. He has wrestled pythons in Malaya Ridden South Africa been Lii nos picked a wounded Leopard buted shoulders at night with go Illas searched for Blue whales off alaskan Waters and for the leg1 Dendary abominable snowman in he mountains of Nepal. After 45 Days of chasing around of the snowman Carroll concluded i m beginning to think it s just a Story.1 in travelling Well Over one Mil Ion Miles he has collected Abou 150 pythons 30 tigers 16 rhinos 10 giraffes and a comical and highly prize proboscis Monkey. He a been temporarily blinded by a spit Ting cobra and has suffered from malaria dysentery and Iaun Dic simultaneously. He also Hap Picke up a facility for such languages a i and Don t Fly Prore t 0 to r child any Lancer .30. Down 520. Per Bave de altered to total Bone a been Gifol new spinet Nuflo for curls fit. Mcclister music co. 240s it Henry drive tit to repair service dial i m1m Cherokee boat co. Ctr to Road Complete insurance service set 01 Call Oene i Khart of Illif Polh cd 7.217s Lockhart insurance Agency 145 Street e k Goodr lab Doti i Lavt to Call me for Deil Terr dial cd Jimmy Pepper s Texas steer sen Lei Clemce 25c or limn open to i n in Fol t. 2 a to guaranteed expert watch repairing watches cleaned 53.50 cleaned and overhauled 56.50 parts included Winn s cd j rate m Lacroi. From if it s a loan you need see us. Loans 10 Southern finance service 306 Cherokee cd 7-119 on set Lull Conold Cotui do. Not Len Contil toot us Stu Pirn or Eno Lorer thursday. Mrs. Well Mayer a res ident of Omaha for Many years was member of a Pioneer Nebraska family. Panama City a. Eric Kent Clarke 64, a noted psychiatrist died wednesday of a heart ailment. He was a faculty member at the University of Minnesota medical school from 193s to 1983 and later was medical director of the Minneapolis Institute. He was born in Kingston out. Chicago a James h. Walsh 80. Former vice president of Inland, died thursday. Walsh who worked in the steel Industry 51 years served As Vici president in charge of the Indiana Harbor ind., works from 1942 until he retired in 1946. He was born in Chicago. Naperville i. Apr. Paul Edwin keen 70, professor emeritus of new testament literature at the evangelical theological Seminary in Naperville died wednesday. He formerly taught English Bible at Albright College Reading pa., and was at Naper Ville from 1937 until he retired in 1957. Classified display classified Dis flax Ian and he still retains a great Ove for tie outdoors. I came up Here so i could be he said. And i wanted o be close to Good Hunting and Shing. Besides my brother and had inherited a run Down Anch and we needed some extra Money to put it Presto has sent Home of his brother to invest in the ranch during the past 11. He has worked hard for every cent of in the summer he works As a ack Hammer operator for construction firms malting 45 an hour. His runs from to and occasionally a much As a Day. But due to the weather there Are. Only three or four months of construction work available. In the Winter he tends bar. The Alaska Union scale for bartenders want Gas mileage the following cars will give you much Economy and indonesian arid swahili not to men lion Spanish italian. French an portuguese. Carroll is not impressed by peo pie who kill wild game. On our expeditions we on will for the pot. We bring the Ani Mals Back alive. As a matter of act i be let As Many animals go As i be brought Back and i be Given away As Many As i be sold. I have a great deification for Natu ral history. I love these animals. I Don t believe it takes any great courage to shoot he said. The most dangerous animal in Africa said Carroll is the Little ant. They kill More people than wild game. The most dangerous animal in the world i d Sny the rat. They carry so Many Dis his future apparently was Laid out when he was a Small boy Liv ing in Norwich Conn. My father gave me some maps of the world for Christmas when i was seven. I marked them Carroll recalled. When my dad asked what 1 was doing. I told film i was planning future trips. I had Laid out seven trips to the matto Owosso in Brazil to Span ish Guinea to the belgian Congo Asia including China to the up per Amazon regions of Peru and to Alaska. My Only divergence trom this plan came when i could t get into China. I went to Alaska twice in his Early career. Carroll used to raise Cash for expeditions by new 1959 rambler 2-dr. Sedan equipped with Heater Sig Nal lights foam Cushion x front seat and undercoating t delivered in Kingsport for Only. 1775 is a Day. Most of them work six Days a week. In addition tips May run from to s15 a Day. Presto does t spend much Money on wine women or song. If he gets a Tew Days or a week off lie puts a pack on his Buck and Heads for the great outdoors. Every year he kills his Moose and a Caribou and gives the meat to his Many friends. He also Hunts ducks geese and grouse. And he does a lot of fishing. His favorite fish is the Grayling. If you Ever eat a Grayling said Presto you la throw Trout be american drive an american Auto 1956 rambler 4-door this is a 6 Cylinder and real Gas Saver drive Heater. .1195 1956 rambler custom station Wagon air conditioning automatic transmission radio Heater. One owner with Low mileage. To t j 1955 rambler drive with overdrive Heater and i Continental kit. A co Home Idun Ting Al full of Slot sir Vlf cull of Fletcher Litton m to exist to in of Nince or olt Kcf m my Horn to i Back into the in a Dull period of the work sea son he sometimes takes on a Job As a fire fighter in the forests. For this he makes about s40 a and a Good Chance to com Mune with nature besides. I be worked hard for these 11 he said and i m just about ready to take it easy. I have a Nice investment in the ranch. And maybe i la work Only in the Summers from Here on. I be found a Nice place to build a Cabin and a is going with me and Well build it this an Amateur philosopher Frank does t worry too much about the rest of the world. He does buy Fairbanks and Seattle newspapers mostly because he wants to look at the sports pages. I get out in the he said. I forget about every thing. This is the last a Frontier and it May be that i m what you Call going native but. It s r wonderful life and i would t Trade it 1 Haven t been stateside in five 1958 Heater Etc. One owner with Only actual Miles Selling insurance around new Haven. Conn. I know that does t sound and he said but adventure is a state of mind. I. Like to be in the company of interesting j Lory so keep going Back to the people. I said Carroll the i m not a in Roll Eccker. It s just insurance Salesman who is prob that i m fascinated by natural his-1 ably his own worst risk. 1952. Kaiser 1950 Nash 995 1475 175 125 the following cars Are not noted for Economy Bui Are. Good buys. 1957 Buick special a door Hardtop and White so Denali tires. This one has All the Power equipment. Heater 2395 1957 Plymouth v8 drive radio and Heater. 1952 Pontiac 1495 395 Heck motors 835 a Cenitra St. I 5-3341

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