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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 21, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday nov. 21, 1952____________ lung sport times an Independent democratic newspaper Edson s column c. P a Wudi or Pii Blum w editor j w win in Norw Culi Bonf cow c41u by Drew Pearson sunday the Day the by Peter Edson j3c-23 e a trim strut Elf port Dout Lorn htwip.p.1 Buru of circulation pub ibid Fly Tab Fattur tit Apoc Litcy pm i before the president can Hydrogen bomb explosion was announced i do a lick of work on his own and happened to go to Church. I say happened ministration of the next four because a television program and a radio years he must clean up a lot of broadcast both coming on a sunday ordinarily unfinished business left for him make it hard for me to go to Church. But the telecast is being switched to by the last Congress. This includes asking his Congress or edited to Liot not oth Erwim Sist id a the local . Pull Imd Post of Lect to i outport Tenn mood oct Obi n to under act olm Rich Titt a Toul advert Lsmst Shannon toe with Ohice to Yor. Atlanta. St Loula Kamat City Ano Francisco subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year. By Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40c. Today s Bible thought for in that he died he died unto sin once but in that he liveth he liveth unto romans the times daily Tonk what is death but a ceasing to be what we were before we Are kindled and put out we die daily nature that begot us expels us and a better and safer place is provided for Seneca. Wednesdays so i surprised mrs. P by taking for deficiency appropriations to her to Church where i listened to Rev. John pay the Bills for running the r. Anschutz preach a Sermon on prayer Gover knowing that the Hydrogen bomb announce when ment was due to be made later that Day or ends. The next morning i did quite a bit of think in ing about prayer and the fact that maybe if n government until next june 30, the present fiscal year Effort to show How could economize and we relied More on prayer and the things that Cut Back president Truman s go with prayer we would t be in the Predl Ca ment of building bomb shelters and going budget request for this year the Congress did considerable 4.1 a 1 j underground for fear of explosions that could deferring of appropriations. This India s plan Burn up our civilization. Over at the Alexandria George Washington used to worship Rev. O. V. T. Chamberlain chose As his closing hymn the Day thou gravest lord is that expressed some thoughts of mine too. For the Day the lord gave us could very Well be ended if we and the russians Ever get to trading Hydrogen bomb blows across the Arctic. Bombs is. Ideas on the other hand i also figured that bombs never killed an idea and our great est resource is not plutonium or tritium but our moral and spiritual strength. Religion and communism cannot survive to Gether. But one trouble is that May have fooled the voters somewhat. But it was perfectly obvious that sooner or later the Money would have to be provided to meet these expenses which Congress ipad previously authorized. Ment expenses the administration must increase them. The amount of this increase is estimated at billion minimum. Biggest item on this list is million to give members of the armed forces for extra combat no one wants to see the red prisoners of War forced to return to North Korea for one hour on sunday and China. We know that a great Many Erous in giving the troops these i Oil Fauvil allowances. It was a Noble Ges another trouble is that men of All faiths Anri said or of these prisoners were forced to fight in idea of a is being neglected the comes the Day of reckoning. The first place and probably surrendered Corner the at the first Opportunity they had. We know the Oriental attitude is that sol other Diers who surrender Are disgraced and that the red authorities would like to where religion make an example of those who surren barred and where we can t even mall a pack dered in order to discourage others. We know that in All probability Many 01 other cuts must be restored _ another big hunk of Money guide adopted not Only Here but also be asked for to meet pubic assistance pay ments to the states. Approximately million of this is to restore cuts in Public assistance the big trouble of course is to get that Long that Little Dwight David Are tired of hearing me about payment rates which Congress these unfortunate men if they Are sent the fact that there will always be danger of voted last year. The remainder against their will Back to North Korea or China will be murdered after some mock speak to the russian people cant but they did. Washington calling by Marquis Childs trials so we do not want the United mingle with cooperate with them Church free h the outside jul do Washington next to the states Ever to agree to the principle of forced repatriation. But we also know that the United states has no More right to impose its veterans administration presidency itself the office of state is difficult and world. As Long As 12 men in the Kremlin can de with no Congress no Church no Power of Public opinion to put on for meet increased g. I. Bill of rights readjustment benefits pensions and medical service payments. Close associates of governor enlist the Ablest men he can Thomas e. Dewey during most find to help him. The fore of Dewey s political career. Handed Dulles has drawn up a in View of his association with of 25 persons with knowledge demanding to the Point of being he and ability in the foreign Field. Come Mac s window by w. I. Mcauliffe when the paper s full of election news and of War and crime and such the crosshatch will not read it. Cause of bad news too much says he i m tired of All this stuff that they give us folks to read a Little peace and quiet is what the people but when there s no election and peace and quiet reign. He glances at the paper and throws it Down again says he this paper is no Good you can read it All in a minute. There s not a single blessed thing of any interest in it is suggested that there should be a school for Young men contemplating marriage to give them some knowledge of such matters As bottle sterilizing formula fixing and diaper changing. But is this Wise maybe some of this knowledge will Lead some Young men to contemplate marriage less. It Little Johnny said a cynical person is one who sins a lot. It Man is the Only animal that deliberately commits suicide. A moviegoer says he finds movies too childish for his enjoyment. He should go to see Samson and Delilah. That s a mature picture. It it seems mighty funny scientists had been talking about splitting the atom for Many years dreaming about the wonderful things that would result and what great service to Man kind atomic Power would be. But it was t until somebody thought about How much destruction you could cause and How Many peo ple you could kill with one bomb of atomic Power that there was sufficient inducement to buckle Down and make it a reality it will the toy manufacturers downright impossible. In the turbulent state of the world to press or Power of Puc Ponon o up Deal clench Odra. Day the Odds against any Man will on the United nations than has rus the brakes there will always be danger of War other b y and the Day thou gravest lord May be ended. Breaking Iron curtain i have tried in what feeble ways i could to not Asim Sia. We also Bear in mind that even though it is True that we have carried the heaviest part of the Load and the fight ing we Are not entitled to make All the show that the Iron curtain was Nof decisions. We cannot ignore the fact that penetrable As it s supposed to be. This is not a War Between the United states and red Korea and red China it the crusade for Freedom i helped float is a War Between the reds of Korea and balloons into czech Oslo actions to be met by the administration include several minor under million being a minor item China and the United nations of which we Are a member. Varia and Poland. These at Best were puny efforts though they showed from the reaction on the other for that reason it is hard to see Why is the United states should take such a dog today however we have two opportunities Matte stand against the proposal of the which need not be puny. First we have a government of India which seems to be to break the most practical one put Forth. The Down the artificial barriers preventing peace. United nations is discussing the second we have a president. He is a _ United nations Siuw m b Man of great prestige known throughout the proper nations next year whole question of a basis for ending the a 6d to r j Tod be has what Frank. F the govern of million for promotion of Educa Tion and million for con pin Money to pay claims against the government. All the above mentioned items Are sure shot requests itemized in president Truman s revised budget estimate of last August. In addition to these however there Are a number of other possibles staring the administration in the face. If fighting in Korea continues it will be necessary to ask con Gress for additional military a succeeding i that office heavy. President elect Eisenhower has asked John Foster Dulles to of flew to Paris in late May for a week of conferences at shape Headquarters Dulles had not been unmindful of the possibility out with a toy atomic bomb for the Christmas Trade this year be a perhaps Are in print the for Mal announcement will have been made by the incoming president from his Headquarters in York. Dulles first response when word was brought to him of Eisenhower s wishes reveals much on the second toughest Job in a Republican administration. Therefore at his first meeting with Brownell he had with him an interesting document of one Page that he had prepared. On it he had listed 20 tasks that the Secretary of state must perform. These ranged from the solemn and ceremonial to the bureaucratic such As the necessity of signing routine Tele Grams of instruction going out to diplomatic posts All Over the world. At the Bottom of the the stress in the list is on men whose talents have never hither to been drawn on for govern ment. While he will entrust Broad authority to his Secretary of state Eisenhower will have at his right hand an old Friend and working on that Mission. Long time associate with wide and they talked about the knowledge of foreign policy especially As it relates to military to split the mighty atom was for years a great ambition and scientists spent All the hours wonders atomic Power would create about the Man who will carry Dulles list was 20_to such a heavy Burden in the months to come. It has hardly been a secret that he has had is eyes on the office. Both a Grandfather and an Uncle were governments so of state so that the woe Querio world and in Russia be has what Frank. Some of the governments so atari is of state so that the korean War. This is something it should in Roosevelt had a flair for dramatics the called fixed charges which can t Puu of family tradition As Well Viavi a pin loins a Lone time Aeo. The ability to win people to capture their imagine be reduced at All May be higher As Dulles own Long career in the have been doing a Long time have been doing a Long United nations is beginning to accept its or not Eisenhower responsibility and that is just what we make that is what i am primarily interested Dulles said. Mak ing policy. If the office could be revised so that most of this routine work was taken off the Secretary s shoulders then i As us u whether you agree with him politically than anticipated. For instance foreign Field contributed to his think my answer would be yes. Re Hank l4 can be strength. That is general Alfred for that wondrous m. Gruenther. The speculation on just what Post Gruenther will have is be Side the Point. Those who know Ike Best say that he will want Al on hand so that when he wants an answer Al ear. Come with it. It is even possible that Eisenhower will make Guenther chief of staff to the president. This was an office created by for for Admiral William Leahy. President Truman kept Leahy on in that capacity. But since Lea by s resignation two years ago the office has not been filled. Day found it hard to wait. But science could not do the trick All its efforts came to naught and the atom held its secret and the answer science sought. Until one Day somebody thought in a sad and fateful hour about the atom s destructive Force and its awful killing Power and so old science tried again with redoubled efforts worked to free the mighty evil spirit that in the atom lurked. And so at last there came Success to Crown the work of science interest payments May be predilection. Higher than estimated in repatriated at once and those who do not should be taken to some other Loca jaded a Tion for sixty Days while their Case was leaders studied and settled by a United commission. And can be an internal Salesman. And that s what s needed to Day in Selling the world instruments for january. More requests expected to do with both Ike s Nomina Tion and his successful election promote May be expected to Campaign. At Augusta ga., tour More i think it can be Gruenther was chief of staff the mightily destructive bomb to Eisenhower at shape head exploded with Man s compliance. The Indian proposal is that All those always possible at the beginning of a prisoners who wish to go Home should be form important because outgoing leaders become get in a rut our present outgoing come Forward with additional tag his Brief so called vacation Able what Eisenhower s intermediary was fact it must be done if the quarters. He was Ike s Choice Herbert Brownell or the Secretary of state is to function As to be his successor Truman a it blew whole cities off the Earth York lawyer who had so much be he tends today to be Cepter instead the recommend by ten thousands humans died an overworked housekeeper. I Tion of general Omar Bradley so science served its master believe most of his present tasks should be delegated to a truly Man and fed his lordly Pride. Have put across some milestones communism for which historians will spending requests. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle for instance headed Eisenhower asked Brownell to sound out Dulles. Dulles and and the joint chiefs of staff and named general Matthew Ridgway to the shape Job. This was relayed to Eisenhowe Gruenther stayed on As ring there is a Story of a Little boy or. He is a firm believer in Way s chief of staff. As e of who told his friends his father them great credit the Marshall plan an Airport commission which Brownell Are of course old Gran tag Broad authority to Able the outstanding Bridge players had divorced him. Don t smile. The North Atlantic pact. It is very doubtful if the russians As but the Sheen is off these policies g a i Tig a eau uni recommended a construction friends since both have been subordinates and then holding of the world Gruenther has taint funny. In. To members of the United they Are shopworn and Lack Luster. They still program that would Cost Mil Lions. T Al t firm foundation on which to build for the government is work cause the country has grown members i mice form a firm foundation on which to build for the government is work cause the country agree to any such plan on behalf of Prosperity and peace. And on them a and ing on the second five years of that much in the last three them responsible for the Job to spent Many Leisure hours with be done. Therefore the Dulles Ike who is also a first rate to seem player although not in the same not make a Man a King. And to be married to a Queen does friends in China. If accepted it would ministration can build bigger it has mean the immediate release of All the a million Federal Airport years. Plan authorized in 1948. Nearly there is finally a Little mat approach was bound logical to him. League with his Friend. As Republican adviser in the thus in the Field of foreign movie Queen. That is especially True if it is a president come million of this sum has been Ter in which the president two years ending in March dul state department for the past policy at any rate the Eisen the Hydrogen bomb. In another year that bargaining Power May be gone. The Kremlin by then May have the a bomb. But until then a Leader with courage imagination conviction has a heaven sent Opportunity to reopen the Baruch the control of atomic Energy and air traffic needs. Two. Congress for years has re if the tax exemption is to be fused to face up to the Post of received by the officials fice deficit which is run Congress will have to approve it about million a year before inauguration Day on Jan. That deficit postal 20, 1953. Otherwise it won t a Cut Down to one ply. And by the time the u a Day Toat saved Heads of government learn thir of this first letter does not know _ ._._. I it ton or. Tel Fin because certainly they All want to come reached a lower ebb of despondency when j j no Frt Fol mar Mac of flt. Home. That would leave the reds without their major bargaining Power. And in president s hands greater bargaining Power million immediately to meet Given or. One and or any Case there is no reason to believe the reds want to reach a settlement of this Issue. But for the United states to do the objecting looks unreasonable. Even Assum ing that the commission would finally de simultaneously open up the Iron curtain to cide to Send the prisoners Back to their truth culture and the american Homes against their wills the response h the latter can be done the korean War ability for that action would not be on the and Aoi myndred problems will automatically United states. If the commission recommended such action after the study the United states would be in a position to protest and vote against it. But Why As sume that the commission would take any such action the question which other nations and other Peoples May begin to ask is Wyeth Les has had an Opportunity to learn How truly formidable is the Hower team is shaping up. The Captain is looking for team americans held prisoner by the reds into office when the Peoples of the world had allocated and million spent and vice president May have a reached a lower ebb of despondency when but Secretary of Commerce personal interest. It concerns the danger of total War was potentially great Charles Sawyer thinks the pro the exemption from taxation for j0b ahead for the Secretary or and when there was placed in the Gram should be stepped up by the special expense allowances of state. He knows that he must own departments. It in t True that some women with plenty of Money love to players. But also he wants men be sick. They just love to have who can carry the Ball in their an interesting malady so they can have an interesting doctor. By Edwin p . It 1 amazing that the writer useful in of a great Mother either unless the Mother can collect. Solve themselves. Other editors say if Lodge plan applied if the Lodge Gossett amendment of which senator Kefauver is a co sponsor had been a part of the Constitution on november 4, the electoral vote would have been different. Gen. _ _ eral Eisenhower would still have won by a or the United states is going to allow the comfortable margin though not by the whop glances United nations to function on its own or Ping count of 442 to 89. The proposed Amend ment of which one of general Eisenhower s insist on the United nations carrying out chief supporters senator Henry Cabot Lodge and backing up the program submitted is the author would Divide the electoral votes by the United states we Are playing into the hands of Russia by brushing aside All the proposals made by others in an Hon est Effort to end the War. We Are losing Good will that we cannot afford to lose. Of each state in proportion to the popular vote in that state. The amendment was approved by the Senate in 1950, but was c Ted in the House and hence has never Bettt submitted to the states for ratification. Under the present system the candidate who gets a majority of the popular vote in a we Are helping the russians to sell other state gets All of that state s electoral votes. On november 4 general Eisenhower got 83 per cent of the electoral votes while receiving 55v. Per cent of the popular vote. Governor Stevenson got Only 17 per cent of the elec people the idea that the United states Only wants an excuse for spreading the War. If the United states accepts the Indian toral vote but 44vi per cent of the popular vote. Plan it will Force Russia to reject it. That under the Lodge Gossett plan no candidate any would put the russians on the spot. If we be accept and the plan works we get our boys Home at once and the reds who do not want to go Home Are not sent Home. What can we lose the american education system says video in proportion to the popular vote received and no candidate would get a unanimous popular vote in any state. If the Lodge Gossett amendment had been in effect the electoral vote on november 4 would have been 293 for Eisenhower and 237 for Stevenson. General Eisenhower s Victory was so re that if you learn sixty per cent of what the sounding and so unmistakably the mandate teacher tells you you re an educated Man. Of the people that the Lodge Rossett Amend what the student gets is not an education but ment May not be revived soon. The electoral a sort of . University College system will some Day be revised How chancelor Robert Hutchins. Ever. Donate blood to the red Cross i was refused because my temperature was 100.4, pulse 100, and when the blood pressure was taken it read what does this m. C. Means that you were not Well and you should have number of nervous conditions since the fluid can be examined other methods. Also the pressure of the fluid when the Needle is inserted is of value in the diag Nosis of some conditions. Electrolysis treatments for the removal of superfluous hair be harmful to a pregnant woman or to the child she is could expected to harm the child nor the of. I m on a diet too. But not till forge hat had it to How i of outgrown my of taken yourself off to the doctor As fast As possible to find out what was the matter. Some infection seems the Likely cause though the blood pressure was High also and this is not ordinarily related to infection alone. But a ganglion serious and should it be e. Ganglion is a kind of tumor hollow in the inside and often attached to a Tendon. It is non cancerous and therefore not serious in that respect but it can be annoying. A Sharp blow will usually collapse it but it fills up and enlarges again and the Only Way to of it permanently is to have it dissected out entirely by surgery. It it it it True that after an emotional injury or Shock one May sometimes have trouble with the thyroid does happen some times though it is Likely that the thyroid gland trouble was there before the Shock and merely be came Active afterwards. Does the doctor find out when he gives a person a spinal j. K. F. Is presumed that thu refers to inserting a Needle into the spinal canal and removing some of the fluid. This test is is excessively nervous. Have heard that Blacken ing the hair can be harmful to a person s vision. Is this d. D. Chemicals contained in some preparations used to Dye or Blacken the hair have caused difficulty and poisoning in a number of instances. If you Are having trouble with your vision however it is not Safe to jump to the conclusion that this is cause unless it can be proved. Ouf our Way wet like to get olm on them so the Man wont get allth1 snap off them am leave him the Tricky finishing Job on pm Tomor what Wool of do lift one in or. Wait on the the of the

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