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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 21, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonset . First Quarter nov. 34 Mars appears near the Moon tonight. Moving at a Speed of about 11 million Miles per minute. Light from the Moon reaches us in less than 2 seconds that from Mars in about 13 min utes tonight. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 234 King spot term., Friday nov. 21, 1952 10 pages five cents the weather possible Snow and colder tonight. Lowest about 25. Saturday fair somewhat warmer. Yesterday s High 53, last night s Low 33, noon Reading 33. Snow blankets area roads Slick Ike May fill six Cabinet posts before korean trip John Foster Dulles Dulles to form a super Council will grab offensive in global cold War Washington creation of a super Council in the Eisen Hower administration to master mind a cold War offensive against the Kremlin seemed assured today by the announce ment that John Foster Dulles will be the next Secretary of state. Dulles 1 i k Eisenhower who announced his selection for the Post has made Clear that his first major new goal in foreign policy will be to wrest the initiative in the global conflict from Russia. Dulles has declared that one Way to go about this is to set up a Cabinet Council including not Only some regular Cabinet Mem Bers but also ministers without portfolio charged Only with High level cold War planning. Word that the Veteran Diplo mat recently a Truman ambassador in the negotiation of the japanese peace treaty would get the number one cab inet Post next Jan. 20 was generally Well received by state department officials Here despite some bitterness toward him resulting from his attacks on tru Man foreign policies during the presidential Campaign. Unless he goes to Korea with see Dulles Page 10 Kentucky can swing Leaf quota election Lexington by. Tucky with an estimated two thirds of the eligible voters is in position to control the National referendum saturday on Burley tobacco marketing quotas. Growers will vote for their Choice of quotas for 1953 alone for quotas in 1953 through 1955 or for no controls at All. The quotas would be adopted if approved by two thirds of those who vote. R. O. Wilson chairman of Kentucky s production and marketing administration appealed to tobacco producers to vote whether they Are for or against controls. Wilson said that while farm ers Are Busy getting their 1952 crop ready for Market their decision would affect Burley production in a More Remote Way for Many years. Marketing quotas Are linked to the government s Prico support program. In four referendums since 1940, Kentucky producers have favored the three year quota plan heavily in each instance. Their support has been slightly above the Belt wide average on a voting percentage. Real Progress is made toward Jan. Changeover Taft men watching closely As Ike picks governmental aides from press dispatches Washington president elect Eisenhower and president Truman were getting somewhere today in their Trail blazing Effort to keep government functioning and the nation ready to defend itself during the change Over of administrations. The Vanguard of the Eisen Hower Cabinet is expected Here next week for indoctrination. The first Truman Eisenhower step to protect the nation against the hazards of the lag Between election Day and the inaugural was their meeting at the White House tuesday. The second was or. Truman s invitation to Eisenhower to name his Cabinet quickly so that the Aew men might become acquainted with their responsibilities before actually taking them Charles Erwin Wilson Wilson handed pm president to head huge defense program Washington Charles Erwin Wilson s comment about giving the defense Secretary Job on next Jan. 20. The darn est whirl it Ever had an Eisenhower spokesman can work both ways. Here said the president suggest the Job has Given four men a de during the White House meet whirl in the last four years. Ing that there was need to name Wilson was named yesterday the secretaries of state National As president elect Eisenhower s defense and Interior immediate-1 selection As the next Secretary of by if that were possible. The in infantrymen smash drive by reds on sniper artillery drives off red armoured vehicles Mercury at 10 above Seoul Allied infantry men smashed a fanatical Chi Nese assault today on sniper Ridge on the Central korean front and stopped lesser at tacks elsewhere on the Battle line. A u. Eighth army spokes Man told correspondents no ground was he said an estimated 750 Chi Nese stormed the Frozen forbid Ding slopes of sniper Ridge but were killed wounded or driven Back by stubborn South korean troops who have lost and re taken the height 16 times in 38 Days. Some of the fighting was hand to hand. A red battalion slammed against pinpoint Hill the first first real snowfall for Kingsport in about two years grew a flurry of snowmen but Jimmy Beck 5, was among the first to construct one this morning. Jimmy with the Aid of his Mother mrs. Robert f. Beck 724 Holston st., found enough Snow before noon to build Jimmy also had his sled ready for a ride Down Holston Hill. Photo by Gretchen Whisnant motorists Are May show drop some decline from Peak is expected see Eisenhower Page Mckay reflects Gen. Ike s views favors Power projects by private utilities Salem Ore. In the appointment of gov. Douglas Mckay of Oregon to the Cabinet will give president elect Elsen Hower a Man who appears to reflect Eisenhower s Domestic views almost exactly. In the past the next Secretary of the Interior has favored state ownership of Oil tidelands. Favored statehood for Alaska a left last night. The communists sup ported their assaults with a tremendous barrage of mortar and artillery. Within an hour one company of chinese pulled out and left two companies to push ahead defense. That the president by 10 . The drive was of icy roads in area by Neal o Steen times news writer Winter driving for the modern Motorist in t always As enjoy Able As the old fashioned Sleigh ride used to be. While the traveler of yesteryear could take Snow covered Hills transportation is Likely to slip slide spin and completely stall at the first sign of Drifting Snow. General motors faces a Tough reds Label Dulles a notorious spy mine pay ruling is delayed again Putnam May decide on raise by monday economic Putnam May assignment is shown by the fact the Allied spokesman said that four communist armoured be i the first Secretary resigned niches probably tanks rained 50 and broker by the immense Caliper machine gun fire on Rok Burden of his Job committed see War Page 19 suicide. The second one was fired. The third one a Soldier by profession dutifully served out his assignment for a year then resigned. The present one let it be known some months ago. Before he knew the election would bring Vienna Austria up a change in administration that Foster Dulles newly named Sec he intended to leave government. Rotary of state in american i the ruling until next monday or he now says he is More c t he had promised than Ever As he puts it. To was named As a earlier to do everything possible Back As rapidly As possible spy in the reach a decision this week what he Hopes will be moderate i against 14 top red czechs the Case came to Putnam on Washington Stabilizer Roger postpone until next week his decision on whether a daily pay raise for soft Coal miners is inflationary. Putnam was reported today to have about decided to put off by prosperous obscurity. Even the Gigantic general Mollt was revealed today. I used of espionage and Appeal from a wage Stabil tors corp. Which Wilson Heads ful1 indictment against and which at Eisenhower s re the former top ranking comm quest he is leaving to come part and government Washington is dwarfed by the members was received in Vienna proportions of the business he will manage As defense chief. And Hawaii. Opposed a Columbia Valley there is a noteworthy aspect authority but favored big Wilson s Job change a much eral Power projects provided the. Bigger Job produces a much communism s big Iza Tion Board decision holding that Only si.50 of the miners negotiated pay raise was a provable under the nation s wage controls. The Board held that the extra 40 cents if paid would be inflationary. There was no indication of How Putnam would Rule. If he state has a voice in operation of the projects. Once his appointment was an smaller pay Check. The general impression is that his 1951 Sal Ary and bonuses totalled about bouncer for Mckay refused to hell get from cuss these or any other policies the Federal no he said he would Confer first Bonus with Gen. Eisenhower. Of All the executive agencies there were a few cries of reactionary when the appoint of government the defense department is the largest the Cost ment was announced yesterday Liest the most Complex the most but generally among Public its responsibilities fice holders and newspapers of can be grave. Decisions made by the West comment appeared a a defense Secretary can be in Morable towards the 59-year-old Mckay. Among republicans of Oregon portent in How ,3. Battle is fought and How men die. The number of persons who he is generally considered a work under the defense depart his stand on pub Ament and its armed forces a Lic Power is cited As an example. Preaches the five million Mark he has made his position Clear of whom Are in the in repeated speeches Over the j armed forces the others civilian see Mckay Page 10 i see Wilson Page 10 Western nations seek changes in India plan United nations n. Y. Western allies moved closer to agreement today on changes they hoped would bring full sup that of the u. India s Compromise plan for ending the korean War prisoner deadlock. An eighteen nation group headed by the u. S., Britain and France planned to meet behind closed doors in the in this morn ing to work Over amendments a plan submitted wednesday by that it was ambiguous and would India s v. K. Krishna Menon. Other nations in the group Are Canada Australia Turkey Den Mark and Colombia. They have As a working basis changes suggested yesterday by British foreign Secretary an Thony Eden who said the Indian plan brings the u. N. Nearer to agreement on the one outstand ing Issue holding up an armistice in prisoner of War problem. Strong american objections to the original Indian not threatened a serious split among the 21 allies backing a u. korean Resolution which the soviet bloc in the u. N. Already has rejected. The americans reportedly in Sist that Menon s Resolution be clarified before they can accept it. The Resolution Calls for a four nation commission with an Umpire to Settle deadlocks to handle the repatriation of All War prisoners and take care of those who Don t want to return Sec in peace pare 10 Gest since the Moscow purges of the mid-1930 a was in its second Day in Prague s Pankrac court. See miners Page 10 with Kingsport s first heavy Snow today and the Weatherman predicting rough sledding for the Winter months ahead Pecau already Are be ing Takey tto protect the Motorist from the dangers of icy roads. Convenient piles of sawdust and other traction providing materials already have been de posited by the state Highway Washington of a new government report of living Cost due today is expected to show them close to record Levels but still slightly below their september Peak. A Bare downward change in the Index kept by the Bureau of labor statistics would be enough however to shave a Penny an hour off the wages of a million workers in the Auto Moble Industry. Hit widespread damage listed scattered accidents reported As ice is formed on highways skid chains careful driving and snowmen were the order of the Day Friday As East Tennes see and Southwest Virginia were covered under Snow ranging from five to three inches deep. The heavy snowfall first Here in about two years apparently caught the Weatherman unawares As Well As the general Public. Latest forecasts for the area about noon still spoke of Cloudy conditions and possible rain or Snow. Snow started falling in Kings port about a. M. And had blanketed the arest by noon to a depth of five inches in some sections clogging highways Knock ing out Telephone service from Kingsport to most parts of the country and cutting off Tele graph service and teletype communications to newspapers and radio stations the filter Plant in Kin sport recorded an exact five inches of Snow at noon Friday. It estimated that three fourths Inch of Snow was falling every hour. Paul Overbay manager of Sta Tion wept said the station s pm Antenna located atop the transmitter building on Johnson City Highway collapsed about 11 a. M. Due to the snowfall forc ing discontinuance of pm opera department on Steep grades a Strong indication that the where the snowbound Driver is Index based on mid october Apt to run into trouble. I prices May decline that much and in Kingsport the Public works department has a Supply of Calcium Chloride on hand for use on streets Likely to become troublesome when covered with ice or Snow. This material which acts As a melting agent is available for Sale to Home owners from the City for use on streets or Side walks. In spite of All the safeguards provided nowadays the Motorist s Safe passage through ice covered areas still depends largely on his driving skill. There must be a stricter Observance of All safety rules if the Motorist is to make an uneventful trip Over Snow clogged roads. One of the Basic rules of safety is found in the Kingsport City Law which states that the Dis Tance you maintain from the car ahead should depend upon the Speed you Are going the amount of traffic and whether or not the Road is Slippery. Do not drive so close that you could not Stop if the car in front suddenly stopped or had an among the hazards Peculiar to Snow and ice covered streets Are skidding getting stuck and the inability to get your car moving. Reams have been written on the Art of recovering from a skid and getting your Jalopy out of a mud Bank but people still get Hurt sliding off highways and tempers still Are destroyed by being hopelessly stuck in the mud. Books on safety Tell us that the Basic idea in recovering from a skid is to get the wheels see roads Page 10 was seen in the fact that re Tail food prices Between mid August and mid september declined three tenths of 1 per cent. This could be countered however by an increase in rents and other living Cost items. Rents were expected to show some increase because they were de controlled during october in some cities where Bureau collects statistics for its Index. The Index in july stood a 191.1, its record level. It is based on the average of 1935-39 living costs figured at 100. It sagged a bit in september to 1908. Billion Truman budget is predicted Washington up presi Dent Truman s budget for the next fiscal year has been pared within the last two weeks to a figure in the neighbourhood of reliable sources disclosed today. That is about less than the fiscal 1954 budget was expected to total on the basis of preliminary estimates earlier this month. Informants said the lower Fig ure reflects a slowdown in de sense spending. In. Truman will submit the budget to Congress next Janu Ary just a few Days before he surrenders his office to presi Dent elect Eisenhower. Eisen Hower will be free to revise the spending requests As he sees fit by spending supplemental Mes sages to Congress. Just catch Ems my advises nervous cops fast worker that to All the excitement next to him William h. Alexander i two years old tries to get acquainted with a Young lady Jackie Wright 15 months old at a Navy pier in Long Beach Calif. That s his daddy and Mommy it. And mrs. William h. Alexander jr., of Seal Beach getting re acquainted at the left while Jackie s parents it. And mrs. Reed m. Wright of Naples Are doing the same at right. The men Are officers on the minesweeper uss shoveler which had just returned after eight months in korean Waters. A War photo Chicago cops getting their first lessons on How to deliver babies in squad cars got the encouraging advice that All you have to do is catch pm. A firm but gentle grip and a Calm wheel Side manner Are the main requirements for squad car according to or. Gregory White Franklin Park health commissioner. Some of the 30 Cook county policemen in White s class yesterday seemed a bit dubious but perked up when he assured them that Only about one birth in a thousand has complications. White told of a wizened and practice midwife who was asked her method of delivery. Why i just Cotch she answered. And in Normal delivery that s exactly what you will White told the officers. You just Cotch the doctor put the Nix on the lawmen picking a baby up and slapping it soundly to Start it breathing and crying. He said a seven Pound baby versus a 200 Pound Man is not a fair match. I do not recommend slapping the baby soundly on the Back. Childbirth is largely a co operative Endeavor. Your main Tion. He said it was hoped to re establish pm broadcasting with in two Ore three Days. Overbay also said the station had temporarily lost Contact with regular networks and was substituting local programs for some regular schedules. See weather face it Appeal decision on Constitution Tenn. Supreme court to Rule on convention Sevierville Tenn. The state supreme court has been asked to re e on the Cocks Rita. Tonality of the 1951 legislative act setting up the limited state constitutional convention. The concern is to keep the to Maijai and yourself from getting pan the doctor said that policemen see Stork Ell Case is before the supreme court on Appeal from a decision handed Down Here yesterday by circuit judge George r. Shepherd. Judge Shepherd dismissed the suit brought by Thad d. Smith and others which contested the legality of the act. The two main questions brought up by the suit were 1. The act called for approval or rejection by the people of any amendment passed by the convention in violation of the Constitution. 2. The act did not specify the length of the terms of the elected delegates. Judge Shepherd who sat on the Case for Chancellor Ben Robertson ruled in the opinion. Of the court the people of Tennessee have reserved to themselves under article 11, Section 3 of the Constitution of Tennessee the Power and right to require the proposals which May be adopted by any constitutional convention which the people May Call to Gether to be submitted to the people for ratification or rejection in whole or in part As the people shall determine. Chapter 130 of the Public acts of 1951 plainly implies that the office of Delegate to the constitutional convention shall upon the adjournment of the constitutional convention sine die upon the completion of its work and that the provisions of said act creating the office of Delegate to the constitutional convention Are so lunar tables Eefie Dute of Al printed below Hai been enl Foft to Lunajr table your Dan 10 that you win be flail no to food territory or i uncut m food corer during Sheie Tinea. U Jou with to find the it wort that each Nae la Otter. The major period Are Adown u bold late Teie Belin at the Showa end Ait or an hour and a Naif at two hours thereafter the minor Porio a Akoub to re Pilar Type Are of mme hat better duration Dee bae Tere claw a Emker . . Dale mkt Majer a kor Friday 11 m imm Jena Plu Lake stages Watauga Lake Lew theosar feet Cherokee i. Rout a. Mw.1

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