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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thursday november 20, 1952 k1ngsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p. Edwards or. Pub lion j w West general w. J editor Ellis Binkle executive editor 330-22 e Market Street Singapore term member of he associated Presa. South pm newspaper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday the associated frees is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All dispatches credited to u or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein entered at Post office in Kingsport. Tenn. As second class mall matter october 21 1944. Under the act of March a. 1879 National advertising representatives Shannon inc. With offices in new York Chicago. Delro t. Atlanta. Is. Louis. Kansas City los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought she Virdeth her loins with strength and strengthened her the times daily tonic Man s Best Possession is a sympathetic wife. Not in business if the United nations does not make a Sharp distinction Between conflicts be tween member nations and aggression against one nation by another which Are in its proper sphere of action and those internal problems of member nations which Are not within its sphere it can wreck itself completely. The in can die of atrophy by doing too Little. It can also die from trying to do too much. Many things go on in different coun tries which Are deplorable and which Are criticized by the people of other coun tries. We May feel for instance that the injustices of the Malan government in South Africa Are shameful and some thing should be done about the situation. We May feel that the people of Morocco and Tunis have a just complaint against the French government and sympathize with them. But these Are internal prob lems and the in must keep hands off. If these questions Are to be made the subject of action by the United nations or even a matter of discussion nothing but harm can come of it. The moment the in takes upon itself the right to de cide what a nation must do or even advise a nation what to do about an inter Nal problem it will frighten the people of every nation. We All know that the United nations has not sold itself completely to Many people. We know it is still necessary to argue the need and the value of such an organization. The big argument used against the in has been the interference with National sovereignty and the charge of a super government telling us what we must do. Mostly this argument has been used against the proposition that we might be forced to go to War when we had no concern with the quarrel. It is necessary to repeat Over and Over again that any War that starts becomes our concern whether we like it or not. However it has been understood that the United nations would have nothing to do with purely internal problems of any nation. Its sphere of action is in the Field of International affairs. If it under takes to Tell a nation what degree of self government a Colony should have then we will hear its foundation begin to crack. If it can Tell a Sovereign government what degree of Liberty it must Grant to minority groups then the Walls will be Gin to shake. Then the forces of opposition to the in Are going to say what did we Tell you let s get out before they Start Tell ing us what we must and they will make Many converts. Because Many peo ple who agree that the United nations organization is the world s Best Hope to prevent War fear the creation of a super state a super government which would encroach More and More into the affairs of the United states and destroy our Freedom. So whether we approve what Malan is doing or not we must accept this As the business of the South african people and not a thing we can interfere in. We May deplore the fact that France clings to old ideas of colonial government but we must not take the right or give anyone else the right to Tell France what she must do. Because it does not take very much imagination to foresee that the same reasons Why the United nations should discuss the North or South Afri can questions can be made to apply to certain matters which we regard As the very personal business of the United states. If the possibility of such a thing becomes real the pressure for quitting the in will become really Strong. The United nations has plenty to do in its proper Field. It should avoid the area of internal affairs of the nations and not try to Reform All the ills of the world. As Long As the communists Are Bent on con quest i see Little Hope of a major reduction in defense of the army Earl d. Johnson. I want to follow Christ s example and leave not twelve but toil Lions of disciples to spread my dictator Juan Peron. There is no genuine obstacle to Russia s overrunning Western Europe except the stub born geography of the pyrenees Mountain British . J. F. Fuller. Edson s column by Drew Pearson Washington general Eisenhower has received two invitations to visit latin America and is considering the possibility of making a Good neighbor trip there before his inauguration Jan. 20. The two invitations Are from Mexico and Chile both among the few remaining democracies in the Western hemisphere. Though Chile is now under the presidency of general Ibanez he was elected in a free election and has shown no tendencies toward dictatorship though he staged an anti a. A. Campaign to get elected. The Eisenhower trip would help to melt Ibanez frigidity. If Eisenhower makes the pilgrimage he would follow in the footsteps of Herbert Hoo ver who made a Good will tour of latin Amer Ica Between the period of his election and inauguration. Some of Ike s advisers urge that since latin americans generally hoped Stevenson would be elected he should go thus dispelling latin american predictions of a return to isolationist imperialism under the republicans. Friction among democrats sen. Lyndon Johnson of Texas will be the new Leader of Senate democrats All right Bui some democratic senators Aren t at All Happy about it. They figure that As lie is nicknamed will follow a pro Republican line and there won t be much democratic opposition to gop policies. What senator Johnson did to ensure his selection was to Start a Telephone barrage the Day after election to line up votes for himself. When freshmen senators such As scoop Jackson of Washington and Mike Mansfield of Montana were pressured by Lyndon there was t much they could say except that they would support him. Later Mansfield was asked by an older Southern senator Why he had been stampeded into endorsing Johnson. The new senator from Montana did t have much of an answer. Don t you think it s healthy to have texans leading the party in both houses of Congress Rayburn in the House and Johnson in the Mansfield was asked. I thought Lyndon was Sam Rayburn s Mansfield replied. And if there s anything i can Ever do to repay Rayburn for the favors he s done me i d like to do senators Paul Douglas of Illinois Hubert Humphery of Minnesota and Guy Gillette of Iowa tried to organize opposition to Johnson with Gillette urging senator Lister Hill of Alabama to become minority Leader. Senator Pastore of Rhode Island also urged senator Clements of Kentucky to serve. When senator Fulbright of Arkansas sounded out Lister Hill however the Alabama Solon replied no sir. I had enough of being Senate Leader. If Lyndon wants that Job let him have it. I Don t know but what he s making an awful mistake philosophize Hill. He s up for re election two years from now and look what s happened to Mcfarland in Arizona and what happened to Scott Lucas in Illinois. Every democratic Leader of the Senate of late has been Defeated. And it s bound to Hap pen again. For the Man who s Senate Leader just has t got the time to give to his own state. So folks Back Home turn him out when his term is up. No concluded Hill. If Lyndon wants tha Job let him have Truman and Adlai it in t supposed to be known but governor Stevenson will come to Washington on or about dec. 1 to spend an evening with presi Dent Truman and Chart the future course of the democratic party. Truman will pretty much turn Over the party to Stevenson at that time. One thing they will discuss is the chairman ship of the democratic National committee now in the hands of Stevenson s former associate Stephen Mitchell. There Are a lot of divergent views among democrats As to what lost them the election but one thing they nil agree on is that Mitchell did t help. Mitchell did not Call one meeting of the democratic National committee during the Campaign though urged to do so repeatedly. He would not even Call regional meetings. He antagonized so Many local leaders that Many refused even to Call him on the phone. Stevenson May insist on keeping Mitchell but Truman and everyone around him will urge that he be eased out. Gop patronage Row by Peter Edson the More you look at All the million questions facing the new president the More you feel sorry for him. It in t fair to Burden any one Man with All these weighty .1 problems. The candidate who really won in this election was the Man who lost. Included in the Homework which the new president will have to do while resting up from the Rigours o f the Campaign Are a vast number of legislative cats and dogs miscellaneous issues. Most of the matters reviewed in previous articles of this series have been grouped by depart ments of government or by re lated activities. Here Are some of the More varied matters that the new Man in the White House must make up his mind on the International wheat agreement expires july 31, 1953. There have been two preliminary meetings of the International wheat Council in London to con Sider renewals. Another meeting is being scheduled for washing ton in january. Under the first wheat agree ment negotiated in 1949 after 18 years of futile trying 42 wheat importing nations and the four major the to. S., Australia Canada and France did get together. The importing countries were to be assured stable supplies at fair prices. The korean War raised world wheat prices however and the result is that this year the u. Has had to subsidize the Export of some 253 million bushels of wheat at 65 cents a Bushel for total of million. The imme Diate question for the new presi Dent is whether he will recommend continuing this subsidy or work out a new arrangement. Consider new sugar agreement of a similar nature a new International sugar agreement is being considered. The United nations is now polling All coun tries to see if they wish to hold a sugar conference next Spring. Winner take All Washington calling make Good France the Philippines and Ress in nato have shaken their the original 1937 sugar agree on All the promises that were in other countries now serving with Confidence in this cat and to regulate production sex his Campaign speeches presi port and stocks was suspended Dent elect Eisenhower would in world War ii. It has been in Nave to be Superman in a tear operative Ever since except As a ins hurry. The pressure to de statistical Exchange Agency. Its liver on the More spectacular members have been 17 exporting and immediate of these promises countries and the two major importers u. And u. K. The pres ent plan is that the new inter u. Divisions. All this to be done within a year or two years thereby Mak ing it possible to pull half the american troops out of Korea taking them Back to Japan or is one of the heavy burdens the sending them to other trouble incoming president will carry into office with him. It will ride mouse waiting game. Steady co operation and Progress can shake it even the patient persistent approach to Korea is the one that Bradley convince Mac s window by w. I. Mcauliffe a great reformer died and of course he went to heaven. But he was frustrated in heaven because there Noth ing there that he could exercise his talents upon. So he asked for a Transfer to someplace that needed a Little improvement. So he got transferred to where the bad people were which made him much happier and he made things More disagreeable for the people who were there which added to their punishment for their sins so it worked out Well All around. It really does not make a bit of difference whether somebody gets the Best of you or just gets the better of you. Big foundations to get subversive now there s bad news for fat women. Of course a big foundation or any foundation has to do its work under cover and As unobtrusively As possible. They can t be worn on the outside. The responsibility of an heir gives a new father an air of responsibility. President Truman is thinking about making a Farewell address to Congress. Most people would say just consider it said Harry. They said Farewell to Harry on the fourth of this month. Plan to end War starts now in t that a Beautiful headline it in t even Safe to talk about peace nowadays. The death of Philip Murray leaves the . Where the death of Stalin would leave Russia with a Nice Battle Between a couple of would be successors neither of whom Are a Patch on the old Man s britches. It would look like the in had More than enough to do looking after International troubles without sticking its nose into Intra National rows. Centers. The. Telephone which Only believes will finally used to ring when you were the communists that the Bathtub now rings just tic new Iii jag Juau aggression does not pay. This when you Are in the Middle of it is pm timing that the great flew is shared by Secretary of your favorite television pro _ it of a timing Livau Hie a Lull j your National agreement would not est disagreement had developed. Defense Robert a. Lovett who interfere in any Way with the u. The Van Fleet believes the korean will shortly step out. Gram s. Sugar act. War in Korea at firsthand. Divisions can be trained in a those who take this line see Margaret Truman says they will never get papa Truman to and a ppr Ninov it was nor Tan us cum eur m a Wuu Laite u11s line see farm policy in general will be year if can be found the holding operation in Korea will never get papa Trum a major subject for the new and mullions 01 americans the Pentagon believes that be As a part o the general of to inde Den to Ana ministration. Farm Price sup speech in the last cause the great pressure for order keeping that has fallen it s even a better bet they will ports at 90 per cent of parity t of a to arms from All quarters the like and sol. Conservation payments that two years would Are now to the nagging conflict with its continuing Drain of men and Money. But Eisenhower May decide that the Cost in casualties of an All out Effort to end the War together with the risk of spread be required to put two or three new Rok divisions in the Field. More than 55 per cent of the line is now manned by South koreans. To americans lot because of the vacuum of Power left after world War ii. They Point out that during the thre or four never get Margaret to go Back either. There was a Rumor that mar months of almost Complete Garet was to be starred in a stalemate american casualties movie. But that was before the averaged Only men for each election. _ guaranteed through visit he might help to 1954, however so there is More and a Way to end the War there time in which to take up new a deep longing for a Quick end err it Tutti i i r policies. If the War emergency were to end suddenly however and farm prices began to slip hearings would almost certainly begin on the very controversial support of non perishable crops. Expansion of crop insurance now on a limited experimental scale and increase of farm credit Are two other Likely subjects for it ult Lule Early consideration. Farm credit general James Van order make Nim a Good Soldier that is How it from the . Agencies Are now turning away Nis commanding officer general you cannot overnight teach perspective of those who argue read should guarantee that it 4-v, 14 a i i v. N f if 4-l-in 1 _1 Fli i__j______111 1__ 1 1 i this is not sensational. It is american division at the front not a Quick answer to the to in Korea. During the Century or a kid who complains of a pain Rean Riddle. Nor does it Conte More when the British main on the first Day of vacation is plate the withdrawal of Ali trained a Pax Britannica much More Likely to be taken ing the fighting Are too Prev he troops. Officers direct throughout much of the world seriously than the kid who Corn will be told of a plan for Gra dump modern artillery fire must the Cost in casualties of guarding Plains of a pain on the first Day ally eliminating american troops know higher mathematics. You the khyber pass and India s of school. Inn tqv.0 q Northwest Frontier was certain the Rumor that Tallulah Bankhead s Book is not fit to be was c6rtain the front line. As evolved by Ano Iii act or Niciu i a customers because they Don t Mark Clark and the top policy trigonometry. To i a i tin in Irton til a i _ f f w j that if the United states does will be read by millions. Have Money to loan to meet the makers in the Pentagon the Olan patience is a commodity As not accept this responsibility r3n-n- imn Ettta n f a c 1 Hof n Elf Iowa demand. Veterans affairs will present the new president with some King sized worries. The principal one is what to do about non service connected disability cases. These Are now nearly 20 million veterans and three Mil lion More coming from the korean War and duty in Europe. If this keeps up the u. Will soon be a nation of veterans. Caring is in essence As follows the training and equipping of two and perhaps three additional South korean divisions. The addition of another non important As general then by default Large chunks of no Book published in recent Omar n. Bradley chairman of strategic real estate fall into years has caused so much bitter the joint chiefs of staff said in the communist abyss. That pro a speech the other Day. This Cess can go just so far before is one Losson we might Well learn America s vital interests Are feeling and wrangling As the new version of the Bible. That s one for the Book. American u. N. Division in Addi from. Russians and the com threatened in a Way so glaring Tion that is to the British chinese. Time they be As to be inescapable. Supply Christmas comes but once a year Commonwealth division and the working on their Side Imes for obtaining uranium and and that s enough it would units from Turkey Greece they have openly predicted our other essential commodities Are appear. Economic collapse and they Are threatened. This last Inci but some folks think it would patiently counting on the pres dentally is the theme of a Lee be Nice if each year Christmas came around twice number of important decisions and Dis sension among the West Headquarters. At the Point of these two Are children at times the president Over International sure of a Lons period of. Tension Ture that Eisenhower Al for their health becomes an in civil aviation he will have a about political discord most every visitor to his shape creasing problem. On the social Security pro Taf tites Aren t at All Happy Over the appointment of Herbert Brownell former Campaign manager for governor Dewey As chief patronage adviser for general Eisenhower. In their opinion this Means that jobs for which the gop has been waiting 20 Long lean years will now go to the Dewey Wing of the Republican party. Brownell is under instructions to Clear appointments with gop National chairman Arth or Summerfield who is a Taft Man and to work with the Republican National commit tee furthermore he is Only to handle jobs below Cabinet rank. Nevertheless leaders of the Taft Wing Are not at All Happy. They foresaw something like this immediately after the Chicago convention at which Dewey and Brownell were largely responsible for nominating Eisenhower. And it was fear that the Dewey ites might take Over patronage that caused Taft to write a special patronage provision into the declaration of Morningside Heights after his breakfast with Eisenhower. Brownell went Down to Augusta quite obtrusive by and the first thing the Taft peo ple knew he had come Back to new York with the Job screening arrangements in his hands. He is to set up charts on Job vacancies Check on loyalty ability etc., of candidates. And while he is instructed to Check with summer of Field the Power to is All be largely his. Of Dewey s unpopularity inside his own party he has picked some top men to run his administration in new York state. This egyptian coup is communism in the newest disguise of under a Corner of a religious fanatic egyptian King Farouk. The Range of the boat the atomic sub Marine will be limited Only by the physical endurance of the expert Karl Van Tassel. I be observed that doodling while on the Telephone appears to be a singularly frequent practice among married women and single expert e. V. Fairview. The lessons of history have not been Learned by All. American imperialists Are again push ing the people into the abyss of a world War. War minister marshal a. M. Vassilevsky. George Sanders does not Trust rather he s jealous. This is the Way husbands should actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. Called urchins and older people merchants known As to make in this Field. Hearings on Ern allies. But i firmly be imminent danger the United Gram the present Power Given the International air freight Case Lleve that our United efforts in states almost alone fights a War to the states to determine what will reopen in january and reach Korea and our steadfast Prog at the greatest disadvantage. Constitutes disability for the the president about july 1. Sex receipt of benefits expires next tension of operating certificates year. It must be renewed or for u. Airlines serving the far Power Given to the Federal gov East must be considered. A num Ern ment to set standards of Ber of foreign air carriers Are eligibility for the receipt of Dis applying for rights to Fly Over u. When i was a Small boy i was of Peculiar symptoms in Chil sent to dancing school like Dren the Storvis Tel i ref a Niv presidential Powers to extend has a bothersome problem com Many others were. Evidently year old girls in1 apparently Good someone else but practically enlistments in the armed serv ing up in whether to renew the the first experience did not a health who vomited every morn always in nervous or unstable ices for 12 months and to order tax exemption now granted on peal to me because the second ing All attempts to find the children. They should be per the reserves to Active service for Reserve funds for new ship con and third time the Date rolled cause failed until is was disco a netted to continue since they 24 months Are expiring on july Striction. These funds Are now around i developed a headache ered that the Mother was preg become increasingly difficult to held on Deposit by u. Shipping and was unable to go. Needless Nant and had been vomiting in but scolding and punish doctor says ability payments. Armed service Powers expire s. Territory. U. Maritime administration by Edwin p. Jordan . They often begin in imitation 1. Because of final Powers Given companies. To say it did not take my Par the mornings. Side glances t. K. 6. Pit. Off. Car. 1mi in main. Ends Long to catch on. It is almost certain that nearly every Parent will at one time or another be faced with the problem of trying to decide other imitative reactions also in the category of imitative reactions in children Are the tics or habit spasms. These Are involuntary movements whether some symptom shown usually around the neck and by their Young or face and include such things As ment is More Likely to make things worse than better in such cases adequate rest a Good diet and removal from irritating persons or surroundings these Nerau Ous disorders of Chil Dren which Are not the result of a recognizable disease process the result of real ill blinking the eyelids twitching Are among the most difficult will you Stop at the Delicatessen on your Way Home and bag some wieners and baked Ness is just put on or is caused by an emotional disturbance rather than any physical reason. Takes a Good Deal of ingenuity and patience not Only to find out what is really causing the complaint of1 the youngster but also to decide what to do about it. Any number of children will feel a cold coming on complain of a stomachache or develop some other symptom when faced with something they do not want to do. But parents should be careful under such Circum stances not to Overlook the possibility that the youngster does really have a cold appendicitis or some physical disorder which happens to develop at the same time. The complaint May be real enough too even though it is the result of some emotional disturbance rather than a bodily disease. For example it is by no Means unusual for a child to vomit on school Days and be perfectly Well on saturdays and sundays. Here there is a Clear Case of dread of something at school and the problem is to find out what and to try to remedy the situation. Imitation is often the cause the Mouth or jerking the head problems with which parents or shoulders. Have to Deal. Out our Way Awp--th1 Pun he has with a i Finger wiper. A Strainer. Sideboards. It stops Ripples. Better leave the table or x hell spiced a Sci re not who kit of r 6orm thirty too soot

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