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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee10 thursday nov. 20, 1952 Kingsport times a bomb interpretive Nan has tapped atomic Energy in about same manner of Sun stars a bomb. But would the a bomb be Worth its Cost in a bombs some experts said no. Others said yes. On Jan. 31, 1950, presi Dent Truman ruled for the h bomb. He the dec to go ahead and develop it. Twenty one months later the version of the super Hydrogen axe of the a Lomec Era was kicked off nov. 1 by a tremendous and unexpected explosion at the atomic Eneriz commission s eniwetok proving Kronid in the Pacific. The following Dis Patch is the first of three on the a bomb. By Joseph l. Myler up staff correspondent Washington a gust 1945, after the bombing of Hiroshima president Truman bomb was detonated at eni proclaimed that Man half tapped we Tojo the forces that energize the Suni and scars. He was right. The bomb that destroyed Hiroshima got its Vio Lence from the atomic nuclear same forces that keep the stars blazing and the galaxies shining. But these forces Are freed in a variety of ways and not until this fall did Man manage to Loose them in a manner roughly similar to the method employed by the Sun and stars. In test explosions at its eniwetok proving ground in the Pacific the atomic Energy com-1 affirmed wednesday by the Mission extracted devastating state court of appeals in Knox Energy from the heart of special Ville the associated press re court of appeals affirms ruling in damage suit a s10.000 judgment awarded Kenneth Burchett of Kingsport against the Clinchfield Railroad co. And the yellow cab co. Was Hydrogen atoms. In Brief it exploded experimental models of the world s first a bomb. Ported. Burchett was awarded the damages for injuries suffered in seven years and three and a a collision of a taxicab and a half months before men engine on main exploded the first atomic bomb j Street while Burchett was Riding in the Early Dawn of july a fare in the cab. 1945, on a treeless stretch of Des i in another traffic Accident Ert near Alamogordo. N. Case the court of appeals ruled half unbelieving scientists and the Driver of an automobile weapon ears saw the dark Shat cannot be held liable for injuries tired by a blast of Light As of a to a passenger resulting from a Hundred suns and. The wreck caused by a mechanical Moshere rent by a of which the Driver had blast unparalleled in history. Jno knowledge. The subsequent destruction of the court s opinion written by Hiroshima and the Luke Mcamis affirmed a of Nagasaki disclosed to the Hamilton county Case in which world that a Force of new Dimen Mary Helen Lively was denied Sions was abroad with which it damages for injuries suffered in would have to learn to live if it an Accident while Riding in a car hoped to survive. J driven by Chester Atchley. But that was just the begin other opinions by the court of Mankind s efforts master the atom. J j. Alvin roller against Isaac the first a bomb was Shelby Kingsport equity possible by an Accident of nature existence of a heavy atom so unstable in its makeup that a reversed and dismissed. Pauline Defriece against Frank Defriece jr., Sullivan county stray Neutron could break it dismissed. Hwo and in the process release Ina j. Massengill against a part of the vast store of Energy Annie Massengill Sullivan dammed up in the atom s equity writ denied nucleus. American Security insurance this atom is uranium of co. Against John c. Blevins Weighi 235. It exists in nature Carter Law reversed and re mixed one part in 140 with Ajman ded. More stable kind of uranium of w. A. Owen against Marion weigh 238. To produce an sex machine co., Carter Law of Plosive of hitherto unimagined firmed. Violence Man had either to sep trixie Brown Hardin against Arate u-235 from u-238 or trans Nellie Brown Chapman and oth form u-238 into another or. Ers Greene equity reversed stable element which could be Alf and Alice Mclaughlin split by neutrons. Gains m. J. And qual Broyles. He did both at a Cost of Washington Law reversed and in world ii. With remanded. Results now familiar to the Standard life insurance co. World. Against Ida Lee the Neutron a sub nuclear Unicoi equity affirmed. Particle present in All atoms heavier than Hydrogen was the the a bomb. It also the hero or villain of the a bomb. 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This thermonuclear reaction Rete were indicati0n.s, however i but permitted my Only a split that the democrats would ask of a second a which him to stay on As director of to exploit it. Their Rul a nut 666 stay on policy committee or slow reacting some other Post. Hydro to. The lightest of the ele i meals. Mar. Experimented in i til he Ferine a special Hydrogen a Hrc i times heavier kind called trivium. Which would react in the fraction of a microsecond before the a bomb s heat fell too in set it off. J tritium was just the tinder needed to ignite an a bomb i it however exist in nature. Man had to create by bombarding other Light merits in an atomic reactor with neutrons. The source of neutrons available in Quantity to Man kind is fissionable uranium. So to the primer of h . Man had to use up the Siu f of a bombs. 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