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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 20, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies . Moon dec . First Quarter monday at . Tonight the brightest objects in the secy will be 1. The planet. Jupiter in the Southeast. 2. The Star Vega in the Northwest 3. The Star Capella in the Northeast. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 233 Kingsport tenn., thursday nov. 20, 1952 24 pages five cents the weaker partly Cloudy tonight Low est about 34. Of Toler Friday. Yesterday s High 65, last night s Low 45, noon Reading 45. Rain 1.02. Putnam expected to decide mine wage this week Only three mines in Southwest Virginia report men Idle today Norton a. Only they re going remembrance Day Canada s armistice Day. The 1st battalion the Princess Pat s left Korea . Their Way Home after being relieved by the. 3rd Bat Talion. The Multi faced signpost which has everything from the nearby korean battlefields to the Home towns the individuals takes a new meaning As the soldiers Board a truck to take them to the Railhead. Aba telephoto rockets planes Pound red lines Sabre jets Down five More red migs Over Korea Winter grips War front Seoul forces pounded chinese positions late today with the heaviest rocket barrage and warplane strike in the 37 Day old Battle for the vital Kumhwa ridges the Central korean in the air. U. S. Sabre jets destroyed five communist Mig-15s. The fifth air Force announced it brought to 502 the red Jet three mines in Southwest Vir Ginia reported today Coal miners had failed to report for shift duties Coal officials said Here. All operators Are expecting full operations to be resumed by Friday. Seven Virginia mines were out wednesday following an unexplained walkout tues Day in nine mining operations. The walkout was believed to caused by unsettled miners pay negotiations. In Washington today the United press reported that eco nomic Stabilizer Roger l. Put Nam expects to decide this week whether to give soft Coal miners the full s1.90-a-Day pay raise negotiated by United mine workers chief John l. Lewis. Putnam said wednesday Fol i lowing a meeting with Lewis and Coal Industry leaders that he Hopes to come up with a ruling by saturday at the latest. The Stabilizer had a Choice granting the full raise up holding the wage stabilization Board s decision to Cut it to si-50 Dulles Wilson Mckay get posts in general Eisenhower s Cabinet by Merriman Smith United press White House writer new York president elect Dwight d. Eisenhower announced today that he had picked three members his Foster Dulles new York Charles e. Wilson Detroit and gov. Douglas Mckay Oregon. I publican adviser International told a press conference that he relations had conferred discussed All aspects in Eisenhower announced that following his inauguration he would Send to the Senate the nominations Dulles As Secre tary state Wilson As Secre Eisenhower at his Commodore Ter National relations with the Washington in the defense department announced today there will be an official news Black out during president elect Dwight d. Eisenhower s visit to Korea. For Security reasons it said there will be no authorization for publication news while he is in Korea and no sched ule will be publicly announced. Tary defense and Mckay As j hotel Headquarters for two hours Secretary the Interior. I this morning and emerged Smil Dulles Long a principal but uncommunicative. He president elect. We covered the i he said. Wilson a is president the Gen eral motors corp. He conferred with Eisenhower yesterday but the conference was not made Public until today. The announcement was made by Eisenhower s press Secretary James c. Hagerty while the president elect was having lunch with British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. Also in the Eisenhower committee in the next at the moment were Sinclair see Eisenhower Page 19 weeks a Boston industrialist and financier who was finance chairman the Republican National committee during the Campaign and former gov. Har old e. Stassen Minnesota. Dulles had refused to say aether the Job had been offered Dulles visit came the heels the United nations near showdown korean peace u. S. Strengthened by Ike s opposition to forced repatriation nations n. Y. Up United nations moved a meeting wednesday Between Wiley a member states still u. S. Delegation to the United nations who is slated to become chairman the Senate foreign Capehart sure gop will keep some controls Woods lifts controls women hats and bottled soft drinks closer to a showdown korean plans today with the unit ing pressure Compromise Washington a re off virtually All items cloth ing except possibly children s and infants Wear by dec. 1. He announced his decision to in his first Post election comment the Republican presidential Victory . Truman issued this warning to the incoming Tor. Capt. topped me muted under and nothing else he de Tavvo Gangland slayings Wasj cleared at his news conference ill today because he dropped when a reporter asked whether Washington presi Dent Truman said today he still would describe the korean con i senators yesterday after he had Flint As a police action. Ordered the suspend Price it is a police action the controls women s Street and United nations to Stop and bottled 670.981 Miles per hour Mark set last sept. 15 by maj. Richard a in Johnson at Edwards fab. John m a Telephone would still use that de scrip son used an earlier Sabre Model. Though he was carry Rig a fat Juon. The f86a. Bankroll. At his top Speed capt. Nash s Leonard Calagoiro Moceri Mobile Ala. Up Seis plane nosed toward the danger is wanted by police in three Cit pm graphs Here and in new York Ous compressibility the sonic jes Anci the Federal recorded what was de Wall. The Speed sound in the captured by Telephone com scribed As a moderate Sharp 75-degree temperature the Pany investigators who caught earthquake in Central America. Lake Shore was about 775 Miles him trying to cheat with a 25 per hour at the time the test cent slug in a phone Booth. Runs in the Imperial Valley. Train hits Houston City bus 45 injured the 45-year-old prisoner was father Louis j. , seismologist at Spring Hill College Here said the tremor capable i called a trigger Man and an causing heavy damage prob j associate mobsters and the ably occurred some 1.350 Miles notorious mafia by los Angeles South Here probably the i police. Costa Rica Nicaragua Border he is under indictment for near Lake Nicaragua two gangster style murders i i Toledo o., and the Detroit Hom Icide squad reported it has a Houston. Tex. Up the r him Santa be Railroad s Streamliner Puj who Hei Pefu police grand Canyon limited smashed said be was Aiso into the Side a crowded for fam to t bus today and police reported Ati induction into least 45 the 75 passengers the bus were injured. The bus was dragged 50 feet before the train could Bei stopped. The bus remained up i right but several windows were shattered and the Glass was thrown about the Interior. Passengers standing in the aisle were bowled Over like ten pins. On the train. Twenty ambulances were sent to the scene and the police dispatchers reported some them made More than one trip be Albuquerque n. M. Evangelist Billy Graham said to Day he has made definite plans to go to Korea next month to Michigan vote inquiry started violations charged by democratic chief Washington up three Senate investigators today be Ligating what he termed a lop Gan digging into democratic sided Gap Between the widespread and Fla administration the people this country soft drinks. Woods told the state House defense production committee before which he appeared As a witness that he is determined to order a Rollback the retail Price beef if this is legally possible. But he said he has encountered thorny problems in invest see controls Page 19 Dunlap gets new Job hits Back at senator Dallas Tex. Up former internal Revenue commissioner John b. Dunlap started today conduct an evangelistic crusade a new Federal Job that carried a among United nations fighting pay Cut a year. But he was assured protect election Laws in the state s bit Terly fought senatorial Campaign. The Senate elections sub committee sent the investigators into Michigan after study ing a 13-Page complaint by state democratic chairman Neil continue to expect their govern ment to be concerned with their Well being. In the Field health As in other important aspects i economic and social life the peo ple will look to the government to meet those great responsibilities which government alone can handle. Anyone who interprets the election As a mandate to Stop the efforts we have been Mak ing for social and economic Progress is Blind to . Truman made the state ment in a speech before the association military surgeons in which he defended his administration s Public health programs. The president said notable army censor faces court martial for publishing uncensored Book no Cantunes were reported i Meade my. Voorhees said his Book pub Melvin b. Voorhees army censor wished armistice Day ran into a in Korea accused writing a Book that was t censored will be court Martiale Here. Second army Headquarters announced yesterday that it tween the wreck and Houston w5uld push charges against hospitals. Voorhees for his Book korean which in his own words took a slap at a Large part the correspondents corps which i Felt was violating Security and endangering Voorhees is charged with fail ing to submit a manuscript his Book to the department army for review and disregard ing the order his command ing officer to withdraw the Book from publication. The charges were filed by Gen. Joseph swing commander the sixth army the West coast but the investigation was switched Here so Gen. Swing would not have to act As both prosecutor and judge. Gop will trim spending abroad review cutback in foreign Aid Likely Washington up foreign affairs experts predicted today the new Republican controlled Congress will trim u. S. Spending abroad with emphasis Mili tary and economic Aid shifting from Europe to Asia. Foreign Aid Likely will kick off the first big debate in 83rd Congress convening Jan. 3. Ex-1 tension the Mutual assistance program is one . The first things 1 its Agenda. With Republican leaders just about agreed a top budget figure 70 billion dollars in Fis Cal 1953-54, the foreign spending program faces possibly hefty reductions for the year beginning july 1. The authorization for this year ending next june is 730.750. Any controversy is certain to Center around american outlay to endorse India s proposal. Washington Dent Truman said today he is very Happy that president elect Eisenhower expressed approval the administration s stand against forcible repatriation communist prisoners in Korea. The u. S. Position in the in was strengthened by the announcement sen. Alexander Wiley a wis that president elect Dwight d. Eisenhower emphatically opposes forcible repatriation Corr unit prisoners in Korea. The prisoners resisting repatriation still lacked clarity in american opinion despite an hour and a half explanation the Indian Compromise proposal before the general Assembly s main political to Ommittee by v. K. Krishna Menon India. But Menon did Tell the As Sembly that the Indian Resolution did not m-5an that recalcitrant prisoners would be kept prisoner indefinitely As the u. S. Feared. There must be an under Menon said that you can t keep human beings in Captivity All their lives for an indefinite i the Indian Resolution already contains a provision that Force cannot be used either to repatriate retain prisoners. Menon s clarification appeared to boil Down to this 1. There would be an immedi ate cease fire if sides accepted the Indian Compromise proposal. 2. All prisoners would be freed in demilitarized zones under a in commission and those re fusing to go Home would be Given food and shelter there. 3. The Fate those who still had not chosen to be repatriated after 90 Days would be decided by a High level far Eastern political conference provided for in the tentative Panmunjom truce terms. The u. S. Has maintained that there can be no cease fire until the prisoners Fate is decided and that the Indian proposal fers recalcitrant Only a exit Home rot in prison Camps. The soviet position still had not been made Clear. Menon asked priority for his proposal in the committee s considerations. New red purge seen in trial 14 czechs Vienna Austria Iner foreign minister Vladimir Dementis and Rudolf Slansky once the Kremlin s top men in communist Czechoslovakia went trial today in Prague with Progress has been made in during the Post health Field during his admin-1 War years since 1945 and Gross is ration through Tho co opera foreign spending some 87 Bil tic efforts government dollars since 1940. Professional groups with the re sult that the nation now enjoys Tion. From the turnover Republican administration. Dunlap took Over As commissioner the Texas Oklahoma internal Revenue District a newly created Post in a newly reorganized District. Dunlap hit out at sen. John j. Williams a Deu who called complaints the Senate race in Dunlap s appointment to the which sen Blair mood civil service Post min apparently was unseated utterly the tax official said Williams charges were a dirty and Lousy one general Barrier in the person Brig. Gen. Frank Dorn Deputy information officer at the Pentagon in Washington. Voorhees contends Dorn opposed the Book because he said i had no right to write a Story which reflected against Gen. Gen. Dorn denied this. He and his staff spent three Days going Over the Book with Voorhees and ordering changes in cer Tain parts that were not suit Dorn said. No Date has been set for the court martial but it will be held in the near Voorhees is a former editor the Tacoma wash., times and has served with the army 10 years As a Reserve officer. Dur ing the period covered by his Book he was chief censor for the land civilian service his coun by rep. Charles e. Potter r he asserted he was not a politician and i have never been Williams had said i have Al ways been a staunch promoter the civil service system but i denounce any attempt to use it As a Haven Refuge for repudiated Secretary the Treasury John Snyder spoke wednesday in swearing in ceremonies for Dun Lap. I want to publicly commend commissioner Dunlap for the service which he has rendered to the Bureau internal Revenue and the Treasury the Secretary declared. His rapid steady Rise in the military eighth army in Korea. Try has been Moody has never conceded see Michigan Page 19 five children killed As fire sweeps Home West Memphis Ark. Five negro children the oldest four died when fire swept an apartment House Here last night. Thirteen other occupants the eight room building escaped. Fire chief Whit Murphy said the dead were Linda Diane Washington 2 Gladys Robinson 4 r. D. Jones jr., 3 Betty june Jones 2 and Stella Louise Jones nine months. The children had been left alone in the apartment and one them threw kerosene a fire in an Effort to rekindle it Murphy said. Can medical association he said the Progress would have see Truman Page 19 been Staebler. Chairman Thomas Catho highest Standard health hemlines . Do said the in its history. Three Man subcommittee voted put in a slap at the Ameri unanimously to investigate the charges. In asking the investigation Staebler cited a Long series complaints including reports that voters at some Detroit precincts were each to vote for gop presidential Nom Inee Dwight d. Eisenhower. However the Senate group has authority Only to investigate much the Money authorized and appropriated is As yet in spent. As last june the Mutual Security program showed a five billion Dollar balance ear marked for guns tanks aircraft and the like. Funds not obligated see foreign Aid Page 19 reds asked to deliver Christmas packages to Allied War prisoners Panmunjom Korea up the United nations asked the communists today to undertake Tho deliveries Christmas pack Ages for Allied prisoners held by Tho reds. It was the third time the . Has asked the reds to accept parcels for Allied prisoners. So far the reds have agreed Only to Exchange mail. Today s request was made in which Many the captured personnel both sides customarily observe As a period special spiritual and familiar significance makes it especially appropriate that these deliveries should be undertaken with mini mum Harrison first proposed a Par cel Exchange plan aug. 5. Shortly after that time the reds said they had taken the project a letter from it. Gen. William under Harrison chief . Truce Dele when nothing happened overthrow attempting to czech red re Gime. Clements Slansky the former czech communist Secre tary general and 12 co defend ants appeared before a Peoples court charged with forming an anti state titlist zionist Bourgeois nationalist group for the overthrow the red government. Observers in Vienna believed the current trial May be the Start the biggest series purge trials since the mass so Viet trials in Moscow in the i930 s. More than 100 czechs who once held top positions in either the party the government have been arrested simply disappeared since the present regime began a cleanup three years ago. The trial was held in Prague s grim Pankrac prison where american associated press Cor respondent William n. Otis was tried espionage charges and sentenced in july 1951, to 10 years in prison. So lunar tables Sotu oar Pengi m printed below Bas Deen from John Gate to North korean Gen. Nam ii. The letter was Given the communists at a Brief Liaison offi cers meeting. Risen proposed it again oct. 6. The reds never answered the second letter. At a Short meeting wednesday the approach Winter and the . Apologized to the reds Tho hardships imposed by cold for the inadvertent flight an weather make it particularly de air plane Over the Neutral pan sizable to take All possible Steps Emu Nom zone while identifying at this time to enable the Cap barrage balloons were hauled tured personnel both sides to Down because High winds. Receive Relief Harrison the reds protested the death a prisoner nov. 16 in a said. Further the nearness the Holiday and new year season . Camp Kobe Island claim ing he was persecuted to Good territory Tuia Ting in Rood Cotta during these Umeju. U 7011 wish to find Best sport that each Daj Naa to offer. Major periods Iowa in Type. These begin at the times shown and tast for an hour and a Balf two hours thereafter. Minor periods shown what regular Type. Of a Ortar Bahaura in Ember . Date Day 20 thursday 21 Friday 23 saturday 23 sunday 11 h Lake stages Watauga Lake level thursday. 1.m7.j feet Cherokee s. Houton

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