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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 18, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee Week s club events Nina mtg Dak Henry Willow were married october ceremony at Washington 0. A Church tuesday country Jor Lor 4-Puvux Clink we Timet Valley rho Kciuk mrs. Oae package 8 ounces prepare Dow twin roast chickens like these mean More of every thing for Holiday guests. More legs breasts More thanksgiving gusto. Two thanksgiving chickens Are better than one for More parts by Gaynor Maddox Aba food and Markeli editor there s twice the treat to thanksgiving dinner when two Young roast chickens Are served instead of one larger Bird. Why boons. Tommy Willauer served his Rother us Best Man. Ushers were Jerry Hudson Ichard Mohr and Jerry Kennedy 11 of Arlington a. For her daughter wedding irs. Peters wore a Blue and White Ross. She chose White find Black chess orcs. Mrs. Willauer wore a Illge dress and Brown accessories mrs. Dick Henry Willauer miss Nina Lee Peters Kecel Tion follows a reception followed the Cere Mony at the Church Hall. Mrs. Richard Gillespie and mrs. Joe Tripp jr., of Washington were n charge of decorations a six tiered wedding cake entered the Bride s table serving were miss Lora Nell Palmer miss Leora Palmer and miss june Mace All of parkers Burg w. A. For their wedding trip the Bride wore a Royal Blue and Black sul1 with Black accessories. The Orchid rom her bridal Buti Quet completed ice ensemble. Or. And mrs. Wll Lucr Are now iving at 513 Knollwood dr., Church a. Mrs. Willauer is Shoemaker High a graduate of school Gate City and Whitney school of Busi Ness. Her husband is a graduate of Harding High school Marlon Ohio and is now attending Ben Jamin Franklin University Washington d. C. They Are both employed at the Federal Bureau of investigation in Washington Well there Are twice As Many drumsticks and breasts to go around so everyone will be Happy. You can serve two kinds of stuff ing with nuts and pm sins the other with oysters. Chickens Between and 5 pounds Are so Juicy they nerd no Basting. The roasting time Lor two Small chickens is Only half that of one Large Foi the Cook. Twin roasting chickens two Young roasting chickens 1 Teaspoon Salt divided 3 table spoons softened butter shortening it lad Oil. Wash chickens under cold run no water Pat my it with paper Spry nil Aoh cavity with Teaspoon o Salt. Fill neck cavity with stuff ing. Hook Wing tip into Back to hold neck skin if skin is Short fasten with skewer. Fill body Cav Ity with stuffing lie legs together with string then tie legs and tall together. Rub entire body of each Hack in Wotli 1 Label spoon softened onion. 1 cup diced celery. I prayer in unison. In Saucepan or Skillet melt but 1 Eddie atm Tui sport and or called for in package directions of Makuc for crumbly Stuffy. Add s a will b. And celery Cook until onion is at the borne of mrs. Lender but not Brown. Add liquid called Lor in package directions. Bring to a boil. Add to stuffing. Divide stuffing in Hall. To half stuffing add v cup chopped nuts i and 4 cup Rallins. To remain uni halt add 6 medium oysters coarsely Cut. Use each half of the stuffing for one Chicken. Thanksgiving Dinnik Tomato Bouillon with chopped i watercress cheese straws twin roasting chickens duo Savory stuffing Raisin nut and Gibli t Gravy whole Cranberry sauce stunted baked potatoes Eatrice Fairfax says you Are foolish bother with this boy to you la do this you la find you l soon be just As Happy without Hon in fact a lot happier dear Beatrice Fairfax my husband has a Job that pay i Only a fair salary and la x Hart to make the Money cover Allou needs since we have two Youn children. So i have thought of try ing to earn some Money at Home dear Beatrice Fairfax there s trouble Between my boy blend and me. Sometimes he 2140 Montrose drive. Co hostess interested and other times 00fn j he just acts As though he went out on with me because he does t have anyone else to go with. I be heard that there Are o Ganz talons which pay people to mrs. George c. Clark. Virginia club luncheon 1 . Ridge Fields country club. Host issues mrs. William r. Jennings mrs. Charles Nelms mrs. Howe Dobyns. Lake Ridge Garden club with mrs. Lewis Shields Mahlon dr., colonial Heights. Mrs. C. R. Lee co hostess. Members to bring thanksgiving arrangements. It sewing club picks vew officers of november Meef ing the. Edgewood sewing club met thursday with mrs. Frank Jones Edgewood Village. Mrs. O. A Quillen was assistant hostess for he meeting., mrs. Rhonda feathers and mrs. 0. C. Taylor gave the devotionals mrs. Parnell Ellis reported on a recent visit to Mountain Home. Mrs. Jones reported on the club s welfare project. A thanksgiving Basket will be packed for a needy family. Members received dolls from the salvation army to be dressed for Christmas gifts. New officers mrs. C. H. Neuter president mrs Ellis vice president and mrs. T. J. Catron Secretary and treasurer. Mrs. Ellis won the door prize. The Christmas meeting will be held dec. 11. Was t typist in an of tie was married i though creamed Parsley. Diced buttered turnips onions with chopped crusty Rolls butter or Margarine relish tray celery Cucumber Sticks Carrot stick Ripe nud Green olives fresh Trull compote Coco nut layer cake Colucc Tea nuts and Alains and candles Ginger. Mom than my Mawk Rita Tisi Iii no surgery to Slop pain of swollen pile tissues while they Hall comb inn the Moil known of ii Len. Hun works 3 Wynn to top Luis Kunj discomfort of Woll Rii Pilbin in Nulfa thou Innaimo 1 . Not Only Tului but of ten it Oner promotes Honl Iii of mum without stir Pryll it Paragona that Juit to allx can t offer comply of symptoms to Tat my Comfort Ait you Thea morn Medl suon. In doctors hid thut i 11 tops Lialin itching in minutes1 shrinks toss to swell lib con Gwit Lou 3 i Tomoti Hon Long of Tow Ami get imn Dulatt new Comfort Whlon Nitura i own hit Lair Innuso rom to work Don t Flitter insert Rossly. San Lynli a pnr.0 or ointment it aet Relief without or Mnina Bickl Esso auction saturday pour big reasons Why Pord is outselling All other 59 cars we be been going together Lor typing envelopes at Home an about a month and a half and 1 since j in that time we be broken up twice before one time i had his class ring but i d try and get work of this Kin he told his brother to Tell me he can you give me some Nam did t need a girl and wanted his and addresses of such organic ring Back. Three Days later he told t. 8. Me he had changed his mind. I dear mrs t s. Don t want us to break up again it Woumn t be Worth your while so i try to please him every Way u0 try and do typing at i can but he cts so different now 0 companies who have than he used to in the beginning. Any such work to give out is Small then he was very interested in and the pay now and i m afraid me. That if you did manage to get work i d know if i m just Jeal of this kind you d find yourself Ous because he. Does t pay As very Little better off financially much attention to me or is it his than you Are now. Fault that we keep having trouble there Are a great Many things i d also like to know what i should an energetic and Alert Young Wom do to keep our Friendship or if we an can do to earn Money at Home should even try to go on being however and if you a like to Send a stamped self addressed envelope la be glad to mall you a list of books in which you would what s the idea of the numbers find m Hel fun for you that you Hope will influence this line together with True of what Many other my reply i wish you d let me i in have done successfully. You to should be Able to find the books in know. I m curious a Welt anyhow Here s the reply your local Library. You re extremely foolish to have anything to do with so unreliable a boy Friend. Naturally a girl can t help being a Little jealous if the boy she specially fancies at the i moment is so uninterested in her that he does t bother to give her Normal attention. But since this fellow s neglectful attitude toward you is the Basic cause of. The trouble Between you you re a silly girl to let him think you la take any kind of treatment from him rather than lose him. Why not show him that if he in t interested in you you Aren t interested in him either and look around for another boy Friend it wednesday special close out group Loafer and suede oxfords Black Loafer Brown Loafer White Loafer Grey Oxford red Oxford Black Oxford Only 129 pairs in broken sizes Reg. 4.95 everybody needs Money sometime when you do. Visit Community if you need up to phone Circle 5-3137 before noon to arrange for Money the same Day at the mussels world s fair the 69 Fords were awarded the Gold medal by the comlte1 Francais de 1 ele Ganea for the most Beautiful proportion and Ityline elegance in every Graceful line. Anyone can it in a Fordt our can ire built for people a top who want apace to pit iut de easily and stretch out. And Alt Paw engers ride in Comfort every Happy mile 2 Nettie Lee shoe dept. Second floor month payment 8.00 you Llie thankful Ivey thankful if you buy the new Ford for you a save up to a Dollar a thankful with Ford s new Standard v-8 and new superbly on regular gasoline. Kingsport Community finance i theft corporation of Kings fort 218 East Market Street phone Circle 5-3137 Ollic Houis mon., tues., thurs. In Fri. Community investment certificates pay 3% Fly aim the famous Ford Low prices have already made a hit because Only in Fords will you find value and Beauty coming together at Down Tel Larth prices Check the prices and you la fee or yourself the world s Best Billing oar ii the car with elegance in the treat styling Declinton of the year tin american Public he shown a prefer ence Tor the new Fords. Ford Are Way ahead of All Competition. What makes the 50 Ford such an immediate Success one prime reason Hoard in showrooms from coast to coast is Good there is the classic simplicity of thunderbird his ired Tho Clear Cut clean lines that Are pure Ait Lomond. There is a kind of Beautiful Good sense too in the deafen of the new Ford that goes far beyond Juat Good looks. Ford cars Are built for sit in to drive to ride in with Comfort. Result a fresh elegant new kind of car. Ithe Obj in hottest demand land has greater Roomi Nebi and Comfort thousands on thousands of customer have Al ready bought the now Ford Over All compete Tilott for another compelling a True passenger car. The Only car recommend is Tho Thunder Laird All six Pri Stengeri in a 59 Ford get plenty of every kind of from leg and head to Elbow and hip. Rear scat passengers Don t feel they re Riding with their feet in a bucket. And the Man in the Middle has the same deep soft cushioning As the other passengers. Cam Are supposed to be made to get in and out of. Well Ford makes it real easy. Compare for yourself. Just get in and out of a Ford with its bigger wider opening doors the car in sales saves Money of Gaa on Oil on maintenance Bills a new Ford will save you up to 5 a gallon on Gas a Dollar on every thankful because Ford l Standard six and thunderbird v-8 engine Are engineered to give you powerhouse performance on Good old Low Cost regular Gas. But that s not saves you hard Cash on Oil too. Every 59 Ford has a full flow Oil filter As Standard equipment. Result you can drive a full 4000 Miles without an Oil change. And Ford has ended the old problem of waxing your car. The new Miracle is called Diamond Lustre finish an amazing paint that will stay gleaming Bright without this is another Ford first of the kind your Bank account likes. The most popular american car is priced As much As lower Ford costs you less right Down the line than the Competition. This is a simple fact if you la take the time and trouble to shop and compare. All you have to do is look for yourself and you la see that the manufacturer s suggested retail Price of a Ford equipped with radio Heater and automatic transmission is As much As less than the major competitions and if you want an air conditioned car you can save up to All this Means that if you want a car with thunderbird inspired styling and that famous thunderbird v-8 performance or the most mod Ern six in the this with hard Cash Economy then the car to buy is the 59 Ford. Stowers Ford sales inc. 112 l Sullivan St. Cd 7-71m

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