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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 17, 1958, Kingsport, Tennessee Caff be hog prices broilers overflow mar Ket Atlanta Southern Call and hoc to Wicks last wok. With gain Lor calves u much a Hundred pounds., w a the agricultural Market leg service to the Georgia reports. Demand for broilers remained seasonally Slack however. Farm Bureau meet in Nash i roast Eunoa among drive Lor development it a wet Virginia 4-h club Center area was a1, Diyann Bureau federation s Silli Trade Jian a year Azo meeting of Mauce chairmen convention opened Here evening the Caroukas. Prices at tummies sunday to Coutue through Start Toj activities scheduled this Florida Alabama prices a cent a Pound in most Louthera states. Catt prices Rose to the highest level of the season at several Southern markets. Producers holding Back cattle calves for restocking especially of Large teed crops this year hog prices closed steady to 25 cents hip he Southern markets. But Peanut Belt areas in Georgia a and Alabama and in North Carolina prices ranged so cents to ii or More higher resulting from Nashville the Temi Esse the convention opened wih Trie j convention. Or. George and Lyional Vesper service Sundas director of research. American farm research association will the banquet speaker wednes year ago. Markets tween mj.25 a detailed of set wednesday. The belie f meeting a Over. Prices Friday ranged p weds at the Center Cli Kial delegates will have elected Wiyu signed up and 01 about which is located four Miles officers decided farm by me Mem in us morning was the Ferd and Ann i evening. Governor elect Buford fur Volunteer workers Ellington jul speak tool get. At least 10 new Ibe recent statewide feeder steers of All weights. Chicago marking its s9thjbrourht to 25 common steers year As the country s largest live brought j19 to 522. Common and medium Stocker cows ranged _ Standard heifers ranged us ibo put into operation. Included on tween j20 and Juhe. List of needs ate a recreation i is Harl. Mrs. Eai Harl represents at North Georgia auction Mark-1 building a dining Hall and Ann will t11 cts. Utility daughter cows sold Lour new Cabins a Central Bath other Sullivan count land mainly at to Cutter House Lor old Cabins water and include ult rate delegates brought to and Nurs to Utility com area am Mercoal bulls moved at to s23.60. Slocker Salet High medium Grade Florida Slocker lines Road and parking Stock show the International live Stock exposition and horse show will be held Here november 28 to december 6 in the International amphitheatre and a Large area of the adjoining Chicago Stock Yards. The volume of entries prior to the november 1 closing Date for listing exhibits was such that the management predicts a total entry of More than animals rep resenting 29 of the Breeds of farm animals and n wide variety of horses and ponies. At Hurtt show thirteen horse shows Are scheduled during the 8-Diiy run of the exposition. Arthur Godfrey of Tele vision radio Fame will be the ajar attraction of each horse show Riding his trained arabian Gold coming at the close of the Calendar year of livestock shows and fairs uie Chicago exposition is the Climax event of the year con sisting of a huge Assembly of ant Mals most of which have won blur ribbons and championships at state and county airs and regional to medium and Good mocker calves Over 250 pounds ranged to closing broiler prices Friday at farms were 15 cents a Pound in Southern states and Momiy d a swimming ready in tvo years the Board of directors envisions the Camp in operation by 1960. Purpose of the Center As out and agriculture Extension service ii cents in the county. During the year. Slate president Tom j. Hitch will deliver the president s address tuesday morning. An impressive list of visiting speak is has been lined up for the w. I. Boone president of the Kansas farm Bureau and a Mem Ber of the american farm Bureau Board of directors will address the Assembly tuesday afternoon. Marvin l. Mclalin. Assistant Secretary of agriculture appears next on the speaker s stand. His responsibilities include administration of us a farm programs ask soil Bank i eduction adjust ments and similar duties. Webster Pendergrass Dean of the University of Tennessee col lege of agriculture was to be the speaker Lor the Ferd and Ann breakfast this morning. Lined m the adopted policy of Oscr lation is to provide an educational facility to supplement and compliment educational pro Grams of the 4-h clubs. When the facility is no in use or needed by the 4-h clubs it May be used for educational purposes by other youth and adult mods. Pro i us will include expositions months. During the preceding two new Breeds of cattle will be admitted to the International com petitions this year the manage ment reports in the addition to the show s classification of pure bred polled Hereford and red foiled cattle. Total prize Money is in excess of All Breeds of beef cattle shop and Swine Are shown in inter Brucd contest Tor the grand Champion title of each specie and the three Star animals of the week Are he grand Champion steer the grand Champion Barrow and the grand Champion wether Lamb. Youths win often most celebrated an Lynnl of the week in terms of publicity is the International grand Champion steer which Many times in recent yearn has been exhibited by a boy or girl who raised the animal As a 4-h club project or by boys enrolled in vocational agriculture schools under the designation , standing Tor future farm ers of America. The grand Champion steer of last year s exposition was shown by an 18-year-old Indiana 4-h girl sue second no of West Terre haute her steer sold at auction Lor a Pound or a total Price of 050. Wool support Price is set at 62 cents a shorn Wool incentive Price of 63 cents per Pound of Wool has been announced by the u. A department of agriculture for the 1959 marketing year which begins avails Anu to. A. 6 cents in the Del mar a men. Organized lectures discussions demand was seasonally slow in most states and offerings by producers slightly excessive. Fresh Trail and Csc Unble ship Neils from the Southeast Werc about Normal Lor the Lime of year. Florida Citrus marketing increased with prices Drill Nunn. Around Birmingham Prynn Harvis Lilik neared us Prak. Good que Alliv pecans were Short however with others plentiful apples Nelll were in Liberal to heavy Supply at ally terminals. More snap Beans and other vege tables were omit to Market from South Florida. Turnips and greens were plentiful at Low prices. Turnip Greeni cheap on the Atlanta wholesale Market Friday Georgia grown Mustard and turnip greens brought Sellers 75 cents to a Bushel turnips sold at to a dozen Bunches and collards ranged to round Type cabbage from Eastern North Carolina moved at to a 50-Pound bag. Cabbage from Northern Stolcs brought to at Birmingham Friday Flold no Sweet potatoes with culls out brought mostly to a Bushel. Florida Polo Beans 191 variety sol int to a Bushel hamper. Yellow Squash ranged 13.50 to True our cd tobacco marketing ended last week in. The Eastern Belt of North Carolina season s Voss sales amounted to More than 101 million pounds Ullh the aver age Price at a Hundred f Middle Belt sales will end this coming week. Many old Bell markets in Virginia and North Carolina also will close Tor the season. Gross sales or the season through thursday in the Middle Belt were pounds at and in the old Belt pounds averaging keep snap Beans at Zero or less farm news demonstrations recreational leadership training seminars work groups and conf Romcea which arc carefully Jan cd and scheduled in Advance under the guidance of competent. the 15 counties in the Southwest District now have about 20.000 4-h club members and Boul 1.000 of them went to Mim mar Camp in West Virginia and to Neive last a car because nearer facilities were not available. Expert Lili lain offic Lyls estimate. Inn total num Ber will increase to within to not few yours even at the i resent figure however the Center would have an estimated 200 club members during each of the 10 camping weeks. Individual county quoins Scro set at the meeting. Based on Popula ton total income and taxable wealth in each county the quotas for the fund drive Are Bland 050 Buchanan Carroll ulc Konson Giles. Grayson Lee 369 poll ask Russell 653 Scott Smyth Tazewell. Washington 209 Wise and Wythe 361. Small trickle h harnessed males useful wafer Supply Blacksburg a. Head of cattle. A swampy area in ment of seeps or Springs May help might Supply enough water Concrete paved areas pay big farm dividends sheepish looks making sheep s eyes at each other. Butch Williams 11, and his 2-Momh-old Lamb get for a Tele a Kielc in Kan. The pet is Butch s responsibility in a 4-h club project but he can t help making it i the Walcer problem in Rural areas. If it remains Damp in dry weather in some counties farm water agricultural experts at Vii poll Supply developments Are approved Mil that drouth has caused severe practices under the water Mart Arr in parts of Var agricultural conservation pro run in in several recent years. Samf. A nines Honvo turned to the development of Springs or seeps and now have in nip Quatt water Supply where they formerly had n shortage. The specialists Sny if you have an area dint hns a trickle of in Lar is Small is 2 quarts per minute it can be Imron Issod stored and will Supply enough in scr for information and technical help on this Lype of water Supply is available from county agents or soil conservation service technicians. Also of help will be a circular developing seeps or ask your county agent or write the Vii agricultural Extension service Blacksburg for a free copy. Bruised Birds Cost grower processor and Knoxville gardeners and processors who packaged snap Beans for freezing the past sum Mer should take care to maintain them it n Low steady tempera Ture until they Are eaten. Recommended temperature is Zero de Grees fahrenheit or lower. Beans properly packaged kept near this temperature april 1, 1959. The 1959 prices Are the same As for tie first four years of the program running from the 1955 through the 1958 marketing years. The Wool incentive program originally authorized by the National Wool act in 1954 to run for Lour years through March 31, 1959, was extended this past sum Mer by the agriculture act of 1958 for three More years beginning with the 1959 marketing year and through the 1961 marketing year which ends March 31, 1962. His daughters average High that Guernsey Bull at right is Lush acres Boswell s tycoon g-28, owned by the East Tennessee artificial breeders association. His first nine daughters to com plete records averaged pounds of milk and 567 pounds of butterfat in 305 Days. They made an increase Over their dams of 3.837 pounds of milk and 148 pounds of butterfat. Sullivan county agent j. W. Mcclaln reports. Lush acres was sired by horse shoe Conrad s Boswell who has 40 daughters that averaged 9.296 pounds of milk and 476 pounds of butterfat in 305 Days. His dam. Aldrich farm balls has a record of 16.358 pounds of milk and 852 pounds of butterfat As a seven year old. This is one of the bulls available for service to Dairy herds the rout the Sullivan county Artificia breeders association Mcclain said. And will keep up to 18 says g. A. Shuey general research chemist of the it food technology department. Snap Beans must be packaged so members of an information com Mittee Ulsa worn appointed. To keep member counties informed in Progress of the fund drive and to publish a regular newsletter Mem Bers arc miss Edith Vaughan District Home demonstration agent ii. D. Michael agricultural editor Vii Shirley Patton Homo agent Tazewell and c. M. Mob rdc us so Slang county agent Pulaski. Turkey Breeds result wanted Blacksburg Breed of Turkey May be. Better than an other when it comes to eviscerated yields and still another Breed May be tops from the standpoint of cooked yields. Or. E. 0. Essary poultry re searcher at Virginia agricultural Experiment station hns been con ducting tests on Tho yield per cent age of certain popular Breeds of turkeys. He explains that poultry processors Are interested in the eviscerated yield of turkeys since it is in important Factor in marketing costs. Food processors who use raw or cooked boned Turkey meat Blacksburg on broilers can Cost Money All the Way Down the line from pro Ducer to processor to consumer. Harold w. Walker poultry marketing specialist it Vii Points out hint bruised Birds must be downgraded before retailing and everyone concerned would profit by preventing bruises is far As possible one study in Maine involving Birds from Lour lots of Broil ers showed that nearly 80 per cent of Tho Birds that were Grade b or below were downgraded to. Cause of Llesh bruises. A Cornell University study reported that 4 per cent of the broilers received by 32 slaughterhouses in new York City were bruised elusive flocks in pens haying Coder placement mixed so that ome Are parallel and other per ind ocular to the length of pens i la probably have less bruises Han where feeders Are All parallel perpendicular to the length of the roads on which he pens. Some of Iro leis Nie hauled Are rough and t was believed possible that broiler flocks hot Ileal Long distances night have More bruises than Hose hauled Short distances. Broiler flocks in the study were hauled a distance ranging from one to 12 Miles with an average of 19.5 Ulles. But in this study distance to processing Plant had no appreciable influence on the per cent of that there is n minimum of Chemi Cal Enz Ync and moisture changes during storage less show. This menus Little or no Contact Ullh outside Nir which quickly destroys nutrient values. Packaging in materials that permit the snap Benns to lose moisture results in severe Freezer Burn of the Beans during prolonged storage. Rookie Willie Kirkland of the san Francisco giants hit Home runs late in three games to decide As in prepared food products Are interested in the Row and cooked yields of turkeys. In his to cols or. Essary used eight males and eight Fern los each of a Ned Brens cd Bronze and Standard Bronze turkeys 26 weeks of age the usual Market nge i and the same number of Bells Volle White turkeys 17 weeks of age not yet fully matured to determine eviscerated and cooked yields of the oven Randy Turkey without giblets. He slaughtered the turkeys in uie usual manner a Delaware study led to some conclusions which should be of interest to Virginia producers and processors Wix kor said in the study neither the Width nor length of pens appeared to affect the per cent of broilers in a flock that Aro bruised. Nor was there much relationship Between floor space and the per cent of bruises. There seemed to be a tendency for the per cent of bruises to decrease As floor space was increased. The different placement of feed cars in pens did not significantly inflect the per cent of bruises be flock. Flocks of broilers grown in houses which have feeders porn Lac to the length of pens tended to have the most broilers hauled in batteries and iced in Tho feeding station from one to three Days had significantly More bruises than those hauled in coops and killed within four to six hours after reaching the processing Plant. Broiler flocks with a High percentage of poorly fleshed Birds tended to have fewer bruises than flocks with a higher proportion of broilers with Good fleshing the. Results of the study indicate some Breeds tend to Bruise More easily than others for instance n Cross which is White with a few red or Reddish Brown feathers had significantly More bruises than the Silver crosses. Tennessee for by the associated press Chi ilk up another one for Sci ence now experts can Corner laughter with actual measurements of the dressed carcasses show a High degree of accuracy. Many contests against the eviscerated them and chilled them in ice slush for four hours. Steaks on the Hoof. That s right. They can Lell the size of to Bones on a live steer. Fantastic not it an agricultural application of n de vice the Navy has been using for a Long sonar is an electronic sound de vice that a Nobles ships to select underwater objects and measure the distance to the Bottom of the sea by Means of bouncing sound Waves. Ultra sound Waves Are sent out and eventually Are reflected to their poll of origin. The time interval is measured and thus the distance they travelled is deter mined. Now these Waves Are travelling through livestock in experiments being conducted by u. S. Depart ment of agriculture scientists to measure ment potentials of cattle and hogs before Slaughter. The wave can go through tissue without harm to the animals. The time needed for them to a j through and Bounce Back from Tiv i borderlines Between int. Lent ests it will be extremely helpful n selecting and grading hogs and beef cattle before fattening and slaughtering. Surpluses have Conli Sously been big farm problem but a new project by the government May eventually help Supply an answer. The development of a chemical process to break Down farm sur pluses into materials for Industrial products is in the offing Hep. E. C. Gaining dark said. Gathings recently told the Mem Phis agricultural club a commit tee on Industrial uses Lor Agri cultural products is now doing re search on such a project. He said such crops As wheat Corn and Cotton could be synthesized into Industrial plastics or a comparable material. This would open up vast new markets for farm surpluses. More motor vehicles Are used in Blacksburg a. Concrete paved surfaces can pay dividends when used in feeding to curly where there is trouble with excessive mud g. D. Kite agricultural Engineer at Vii advises. Kite said a report from the Ken Tucky agricultural Experiment station shows hint steers fed on Concrete increased daily gains 35 or cent and feed efficiency by 25 or cent Over those hint stood in the mud. A feed lot for steers should have at least 70 Square feet per head Ullh Holt the orca under roof the Engineer sold. The covered area if Well bedded need not have n Concrete floor but Hie feeding area should be in Concrete. Faster gains and better feed efficiency also Are reported from tests Ullh hog feeding on con Crete. Many hog feeders Are pro Viding a so called pig or Market hog feeding which included the Concrete feed ing floor and shelter to provide 15 to 18 Square feet per hog Holt the area is under Root for Protection in the Winter weather and Shundo in the summer the covered area is usually enclosed on the North and West sides and ends Ullh the South Side open the uncovered Concrete area should be on the South Side. Where permanent outside Hay Grain or silage feeders Are Situ favourable the area next to the feeders Harvest should be of Concrete or some hard durable material the Trench or Bunker silo used for self feeding should cer Lauly have a Concrete floor Kite says because Muddy conditions can become very serious. Horizontal silos Ullh Concrete floors that Are wide enough for about one fifth of the animals to eat at one time Are proving successful for Dairy and beef cattle. For Dairy cows uie self feeding silo should be reasonably close to the barn so it can be connected with a Concrete Lane. In. A Loose housing system for Dahy cows a 10 to 12 feet wide Concrete area adjacent to the Hay rack or silage feeding trough will save bedding and labor. A thick Ness of 4 inches is suitable for most livestock feeding floors. Where heavy equipment is used the floors should be 5 to 6 inches thick. Concrete May be bought ready mixed and delivered to the farm for 20c to 25c per Square foot 4 Inch farm labor can be used for leveling and finishing. Materials for mixing on the Job can be bought for 12c to 15c Pel Square foot of Concrete. Kite advises using Only the Best materials. All surfaces for use by livestock should be finished rough to prevent slipping but not so rough that cleaning is difficult. Publications on making Concrete pouring Concrete floors. And build ing with masonry blocks Are available through county agents. Sees big Rise in pork sales for year South West Virginia you is take Forest course Abingdon a. More than High school boys in South West Virginia participated in the annual keep Virginia Green forestry training program completed last month the Virginia division of forestry reports. Hie movement Hud us beginning during the War years when it was difficult to find enough men to suppress Forest fires. The interest displayed promoted Virginia state forester up orge w. Dean to expand the Effort. In 1945 he gave it the name avg which it still carries. As Ninny of the boys were going to be future landowners in a state where six out of 10 acres Are in Forest cover a broader and intensive program was initiated. Tie program now is Sel up on a Ihrcke year basis to avoid Repitz ton and boy instruction in the several phases encompassed by the Field of forestry. Courses taught this year fire prevention detection and control safety in the Woods and on the fire line identification facts about wildlife and Tkv a policy. Refore Stallon tres How Trees grow Light Rains in area beef if crops seeded during fall Light to moderate Rains benefited fall seeded crops and land preparation in the first two weeks of november. They caused Little delay in farm work. The weekly weather and crop report for the week ending november 7 reported soil moisture ranged from Short to adequate in Tennessee. Temperatures were favourable. Widespread frosts aided Light Rains continued several Days last week also with tempera Tures gent rally not quite so Low As the week before. At the time of the report a Small amount Burley tobacco had moved to auction floors in East Tennessee. Stripping continued. Harvest was 60 per cent Complete for com 65 per cent for soybeans state Cotton crop exceeds last year s Nashville Tennessee s 1958 Cotton crop was forecast at 430, to Bales As of november 1, the Federal state crop reporting service says. That compares to Bale last year and a 10-year average of the indicated yield o 503 pounds of lint per acre com pares with 427 in 1957 and a 10 year average of 383. Pounds. Thall time High 523 pounds was be in 1955. For the nation is n whole a crop of Bales is forecast a from a month ago. And 85 per cent for Cotton. Pastures were in fair to Good condition except in East Tennes see where they ranged from fair to poor. Fall seeding continued Voth about 95 per cent of the Oats and 75 per cent of the wheat sown. Remarks for individual count Lei included showers have helped bring up Small Grain and pastures and aided in getting tobacco worked off. Rain Over week end. Much needed typical fall Veather. Frosty mornings. Tobac co crops look right Good. There appears to be some Piebald in some crops. Rains. Grain seeding being completed. Tobacco grading under Way. Good Quality crop. Stripping just starting. We will have a Good crop if it Ever gets dry enough to hand off. The big Apple crop is All picked and prices Are fair. Liquid or tablets miseries it my mom you can rely on 666 did you know ment and Bone varies with is ithe distribution of milk than any Tance and depth and can be Meas jollies commodity. Around 190.000 Rcd. So fur. The. Tests Are proving sue trucks Are used in delivering milk and Dairy products from farms to Cess Ful. Comparisons of measure-1 plants and from plants to consume ments made by sonar before i ers. Lafayette University s Dean of agriculture a 51 Par cent increase in effective demand for pork and pork products in the next .20 years is not beyond the realm of reasonable sex Earl i Butz. Speaking at a luncheon of the National Swine Industry conference at Purdue attributed the projected higher de Mand to these positive factors growing population. Rising per capita real income. Lower Selling Price resulting from increased production efficiency. Producing a Superior product and merchandising it wisely. T Butz made it Clear that the projection does not necessarily mean that pork will displace beef and other meats. All of them will have broader markets and their production will expand during the next two decades he asserted. For free inspection Call David re sport Lumi Eft co. I s41si socks 4 pairs it Quality men s sport socks or 5 pairs men s. Sport socks 97c i featuring Btl for shut set Tarj we Slover and for Riihl walk easy sir tent bargains in new and rebuilt Shors gun and Hal Star sets con Liny Bonla e. Tennessee s Insl modern and up to Dale shoe shop five Points shoe shop 313 e. Sullivan St. Sir. Hyatt cd 5-4112 moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Held seeds Forke Deer Oats Barley it Rye. All kinds of clovers and grass seed feel lazers. Ward s hatchery feed store pm. I 244 e. Main modern lp-6as tractors use vaporized sludge1, Mica Ron. Engines last twice As Long. More1 Farmers every yeast convert to 1451 e. Cd 6-6158 looking for Money just Check the Chart. Then see us borrow much monthly at much monthly of Hunt cd 5-31h for 1 Ayrc Elj Loans up to or moral interstate finance 337 e. Center St. Phone i 5-3195 Mac it Donald Mir. Ralph Trie loan Mit

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