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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 12, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeIt wednesday nov. 12, 1952 Kingsport times soviet army is preparing to meet All opposition by w. A. Ryser up staff correspondent London up the soviet army has been reorganized completely and is now commanded by an officer corps controlled by the communist party an Analy Sis of the reports of the 19th party Congress discloses. Western intelligence officers said the speeches made at the Congress by the soviet War chiefs marshal a. M. Vassilevsky min ister of War and vice Admiral n. G. Kuznetsov minister of the Navy disclosed details hitherto unknown about the political and organizational control of the army by the party leaders. The reorganization to which the soviet army has been subjected was aimed at preventing the army from developing into an Independent political Force. Youth organized marshal Vassilevsky said in his speech at the Congress that at present 86.4 per cent of the officers and generals of the has an outstanding role in the soviet army. There Are regi ments where More than 80 per cent of the non commissioned officers and soldiers belong to this importance stressed exceptional importance was attached in London to Kuznet Sov s statement. It is clearly aimed at stressing the Complete Loy Salty of the soviet army to the present regime. Whether the army is As Loyal to the communist party As Kuznetsov wants it to be is difficult to say. The idea seems to be to Tell the world that there will be no repetition of the events during the last War when general v. A Vlasov and some lesser red army commanders deserted to the germans and organized an army to fight against Stalin. Whatever the real degree of loyalty of the army to the re Gime there is no doubt that Sta Lin and the other party Bosses describing the soviet army s work in the Post War period Vassilevsky said the army was being kept in a state of continuous Battle important changes have been made in the organization of the soviet army and in arming it with technical arms and these , the communist youth organization. J according to Vassilevsky Meas ures were taken in Post War years to strengthen the Princi ple of one Man command Intro in juiced during the War. Vassilevsky was referring to decision of the soviet High command taken in 1942, to do away with the institution of political commissars in the army fighting _ qualities the political commissars responsible for the political Reli ability of the military command ers and the political education of the soldiers. During the War the commis sars often went into conflict the military commanders and hindered operations. Be cause of that the non military commissars were abolished and the military commanders of each unit were Given full authority. Control stronger scene of show Tang a Williams 70-year-old Kingsport Man was fatally injured tuesday afternoon during a gunfight in this two room House on High Point Lynn Garden. Occupants of the House Henry Mcdavid and his wife Edna Mcdavid were hospitalized for injuries received in the fight. Times news photo by Lyle Byland Mccloy observes German nazism still a danger Bonn Germany up John j. Asl g High commissioner germans get a new Chance to enter. U. S. Frankfurt Germany More than germans barred from emigrating to the United states because of their nazi past however As Vassilevsky get a new Chance next to Germany that Neo nazis and extreme nationalists might form a combination willing to set Germany off on another disastrous he added however 1hat the majority of germans had no de sire to see a revival of the totalitarian state and the West German political parties a democrats must dig from under vote Avalanche by Arthur Edson Washington democrats now must begin the tremendous Job of digging out from a landslide that turned into an Avalanche. Not since 1928, when Herbert Hoover licked Al Smith has their political picture looked so Aleak. Everywhere they turn they face the election results piled up by Gen. Dwight d. Eisenhower. What happens now that a the question gov. Adlai Kuznetsov now explain political control Over the army has not ceased but has been strength ened. The work of political dec. 24 contains no ban against commissars is now done by specially trained career officers who Are usually second in com Mand in All units. Admiral Kuznetsov said the party has done a colossal task in the Field of political Educa Tion of the army. He explained a comprehensive system of month. The new american immigration Law which goes into effect nazis fascists or fal ingists Only against communists. The old Law barred from the United states any person who joined voluntarily any of these in these elections swept several geared Able to control the threat. E. And National dem Malfera a the u. S. State department Cov ering his three year term in of fice. Mccloy retired last july but the report was not made Public until today. The former High commissioner s words were underlined by the results of sunday s local elections in three key West Ger Man states. A surge to the right totalitarian groups. U. S. Consulate records Here showed today that More than germans who applied for marxist Leninist education has j emigration visas to America had been created in the army. It in been rejected on these grounds eludes All officers. All officers now their applications will be from platoon commanders to the highest commanders Are study applications will be reconsidered. Officials estimated that perhaps two thirds of them a a Vikati Twu ing. The army has now 135 uni May be approved verities of it was also Likely that Many and a wide network of party germans who did not apply for and visas before because they knew they would not be accepted May the Komsomol organization now decide to apply. Schools political schools groups is also former nazi big wigs Back into office. A resurgence of nazism and nationalism Mccloy wrote is a possibility which cannot be ignored in the Light of the past. The All prevailing socialist re Gime has left Many former officials with a longing for a return to extremism however has less Chance in my judgment of recurring than at any Timo in re cent German Mccloy declared. Mitchell discussed in a week end meeting in Springfield 111. The indeed they had any answers were not made Public. But it s obvious that with Franklin d. Roosevelt dead and Harry s. Truman retiring the party needs a Leader. Stevenson stays on As head of the party with the Tough Job of trying to keep everyone pull ing together. It won t be easy. For one thing he has been beaten always a Cardinal sin in politics. For an other he soon Steps Back into private life and will have no official Post to help keep him and his party in the spotlight. By contrast the Republican picture is Rosy. In addition to the presidency the gop will control the Senate the House and have 30 of the 48 governors. Yet it takes no particularly acute observer to spot some Kingsport today wednesday Csc Aadla Perram wrestling in main auditorium. Came room open. Recreating Center game room activities free movie thursday Curle auditorium basketball practice id Mala auditorium game room open. De Clasi Center room activities basketball practice Friday Clile Zodl Torii football frolics in entire build inf de Flau Deere Audi Heater game room activities Box lne saturday civic Aalto ram Square dance in oame room. Private party in club rooms. Do Flau recreation Center game room activities sunday Clute Adel Coriam u. S. Marines Reserve meeting. Newspaper group appeals bogus Type court Rule new York Ameri can newspaper publishers Asso elation announced it had. Filed with the supreme court in Washington a Brief supporting its Appeal in the Case of print ers Union demands to be paid for setting bogus Type. Acting on the Ana Appeal from a ruling of the seventh circuit court of appeals in Cal the practice the supreme court on dec. 13 agree to Rule on the Case. The Briel was filed yesterday. Bogus Type usually is not used nor intended to be used the practice occurs when an advertiser submits his ads to a publisher in matrix form. The matrix bypasses the typesetters and goes directly to the stereo pc room where a plate is made to reproduce the and. Under the bogus practice the and also is set by printers who get daid for the work even though he Type is destroyed without eing used. In his argument Ellsha Han on association counsel said the decision of the court of appeals contrary to the express Pur Ose of the National labor re actions act because services Are of performed and Are not in ended to be performed for the a Ployer in the process of set no bogus Type. He contended that payments demanded by the International Union for the set ing of bogus Type Are in the nature of exaction for services of performed or to be per Ormed. Thorns among the roses. Many of those who voted for Eisenhower undoubtedly will expect him to perform at a time when problems press n on a president from All sides. If they should become soon disenchanted it could Lead to a democratic House in the 1954 off year election. At almost All times there s a tendency for the ins to lose ground to the outs in the years when no president is being elected. And the republicans with Only two More votes than the 218 needed to control the House have the Barest of margins now. 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