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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 11, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeWeek s club events tuesday Lincoln Pat p. M., pre ceded by executive Board meet ing at in school Library. Dobyns Bennett Pat p. In school auditorium. Roy e. Kinnick principal will answer questions about do followed by open House in Library. Circles of women s Council of first Christian Church . As follows 4, . With mrs. Wesley Sluss. 1529 King Road 5. Mrs. Paul Storey 1252 Catawba St 6, mrs. Ryland Mauk 1201 Broad St. Business girls. Miss Barbara Peirson at Church at 7 . Circles wms first Baptist Church. . As follows Martha Frank with mrs. Ben Taylor. 446 West Sullivan St. Ruth Womack. Mrs. C. L. Cham Bers. 145 West Sevier Dorcas Fowler. Mis. Ralph King 810j Birch Street Elizabeth Clintwood Kiwan ians elect officers play to be Given by Oes Clintwood spa Clint Wood kiwanis club held its an Nual election monday night and a. A. Skeen jr., was elected As president for the coming year. He will take Over the duties of the office of the club s annual ladies night banquet which is held the first monday in 1953. Charles s. Perkins is the out going president. Fred Noel Fletcher was elected vice president and the Fol lowing seven members were selected for the Board of directors Howard Clark Elmer Poore Paul Skeen Calvin Jackson Elmer Smith Bonsall Sykes and Troy Stallard. The order of the Eastern Star is sponsoring a play flying tuesday and wednesday to be held in the Dickenson me mrs. W. T. Walker jr., 918 Myrtle Street. Wesler Fellowship group and mrs. R. L. Hiekman 7091 Fairview Avenue. . Or ran and vocal concert 8 . Broad Street methodist Church featuring the Rev. And mrs. David Giles and Don san Ford. Fort Robinson Pat . At school. Dana Swick will be guest speaker. Jackson Pat p. M., pre ceded by executive Board meet ing at 7 p. Nursery provided for younger children films for older ones. Dickson Pat. P. Open House will be held in observe. Tion of american education now thai fresh cranberries Are menus they re chock full of n pm cd j l. Week. In season Why not use them Good nutrition too to add a plus do Ulvig Oludu loud to Ltd or Ijac in Ort child study club of Sullivan often to add variety to your fall in Good meal planning. Fresh i inca i la Wal. Gardens . With mrs. C. 10 at Church cranberries car. Be used in a b. Cullop. Kingsport child study club will be guests. Or. S. A. Thursday Isaacs local dentist will be guest i Csc Vijai Iichi i Ruuti o . And Sci in v As a old fashioned Cranberry peculiarities of the French cranberries can Don Smith. Women s work by Vivian Sande United press staff correspondent new York women appreciate the advantages of modern food packaging As much As a slender dark haired girl who is Busy collecting food for an extraordinary two year trip. Dehydration is said Silvia von Hagen. It saves so much she estimated that a year s Supply of dried foods for eight who will make the trip would fit into 16 boxes each two feet Square. That la include dessert Kings poet times tuesday not. 11, 195z 5 Mary Haworth says coddling is not helpful for person unwilling to work dear Mary Haworth i need before you met her. However clarification on How much one her hostile Wastrel reaction to should do for a Friend. I met Joan several years ago and Al though she put up a Good front i perceived that she was lonely unhappy and distrustful of peo ple. I was not surprised when she confided in me for i love people and because of this i have developed a sympathetic understanding of their troubles. I like to make people happier if possible and was glad if by Dehy dated Apple pie to Tjoan added. If we could dehydrate in any Way j add that she water we really could travel never reciprocated my consideration. In fact when in one of her bad moods at work she used travelling Light is a must for expected of the Morial High school auditorium. Ambitious archaeological proceeds will go to the geographic expeditions of nation s welfare fund. Modern times. Economical and homemakers can serve meat in the menu but keep the budget Down with an economical stuffing. Cranberries and spices Are hidden goodness stuffed into pork tart and spicy flavor is just what roast pork needs. Meat in the meal Means Good nutrition too and cranberries bring news in supplying vitamins a and c. Fresh cranberries add variety to menus peculiarities or As main dish or in making snack goodies presidents studied flying High is a three act comedy. It will open with a Salute to the armed forces presented by the 4-h members and a kiddie circus number will be one of the most appealing parts of the show. The county school skit includes a comedy song and dance by the school Belles television tryouts with the Parade of Lovely ladies and other forgotten world in co operation with the special numbers. Clintwood Brothers Dixie study club enjoyed a american geographical society Silvia s husband Victor von Hagen will direct an intensive two year study of a forgotten and almost incredible world founded on the 12th Century Highway of the ancient incas. Silvia will be the Only woman on the trip. Clintwood the von Hagen expedition plans to explore some Miles of the historic Highway from Quito Ecuador to Lake Titicaca in the bolivian Andes. Some of the territory is desert some Mountain and some beyond the spa of civilization. Main Cidh As in a stuffed pork i unique an Lively Ward d of or and to think she us spiced Cranberry a a Vernoon r j Ward of Sandstone my exploring so far has been Petite Garden club at 8 . With mrs. John Taggert 1822 circles of a pcs Mayfair meth Kenwood. Officers will be elected Toivi a dict Pup five 7-th n m of Fol to n Odist Church . As Fol a import Rebekah i Al lows 1, mrs. Jack Reed. 830 7-30 pm a Lodge Hall on main a h Walnut ave. 3. Mrs. W. L. Hart Street main. For the youngsters. These Bright a n out the h h a t f human Side of the k French of Clintwood va., were married at p. M., oct. The parsonage in those she used to take with her father in her native Brazil. Silvia s Only vaguely concerned about How she will take to travel by Llama when it s too rough cooking Depew s Chapel meth King sport Branch of Aal a Odist Church luncheon at Kings regular monthly meeting at port utilities. 11 . To 2 . J Kingsport utilities auditorium 8 Kingsport Book club at 3 . . With mrs. Eugene Hunter arcs Jaath. Kingsport utilities. 8 cent drive. Note change of meet p. Roy Kinnick. Speaker. Date. Circles of women s Council of Martha class first Baptist first Christian Church at 2 . Church dinner at the Church As follows 1, mrs. Albert . Nell 225 Compton Terrace Circle 4 of Ketron memorial mrs. Elbert Gray 2315 Church with mrs.1 Glo Blain Jones 300 May St. . I Litz Manor Pat . At and is employed in the office of ordnance department of the cooking a problem cooking will be a problem in Hool snack with milk hot Mec Ocre yet the stories powde7piant mountains. I ask their lives Are most interesting. Said. Some of them Are so w h the pres Aenus were discussed the Bride is also a graduate dough won t Rise. Well build our fit to i. N t a n j Nfn Vonc wms of Litz Manor Baptist Church 2 . At Church. School. Washington Chapel s a pcs 2 Edgewood sewing club 2 . . At Church. With mrs. James Orton for elec a pcs of Westview methodist Tion of officers. A pcs Circle 1 of Westview stuffed pork with spiced Cranberry sauce makes 6-8 Servings 4 cups fresh cranberries 1 cup fruit juice 2 cup sugar cup Honey 3 4 whole cloves 4 Teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup cubed apples cups soft bread crumbs 1 Teaspoon Salt 1 Small onion minced 4 cup hot water 1 4-5 Pound pork loin with pocket Combine cranberries fruit under topic of education. Con Tord College pm nags. Inaugurals activities the. Played in the personnel office own Silvia a student of textile de sign met Victor von Hagen while he was giving a series of your kind hearted sharing suggests that her bad Luck largely self engendered a of self rejecting self destructive tendencies. Joan poses a problem for a specialist s handling. Her suffer ing is too Complex for you to re Lieve. But your emotional involvement in her disorders is another problem and raises the question of Why you feel impelled to play lady Bountiful in the Exchange. Why the emphasis on love of people and sympathetic understanding interest in their problems Why do you Tol to say very unkind things to me Erate insults Swallow anger and much to the amazement of our Ilet yourself be trampled by Joan associates. I used to feel Verias part of the Price of trying to angry but never retaliated for her thought if you Are a Friend Youj you speak of Mutual take the Good with the bad you probably mean work if you Don t want to take it you drop the relationship. been out of work for some time and she Calls several times daily just to report her experiences. I helped her obtain one Job which she promptly quit As she said she had t the physical requirements for it. She has tried several jobs since none of which suited her. She is in debt without credit and has a place to live Only because of her Landlady s kindness. husband suggested we take her in but i did t offer it fearing trouble As he does not know her real Char Acter. We Aren t Rich but i have been giving Joan Money to eat Day acquaintances of yours and Joan a for i gather you Are a lonely person in the Field of women wanting a really close Friend and were drawn to Joan when you sensed that she was a Lone Wolf too. Perhaps you hoped to win her with kindness into being your affectionate crony 2nd since she betrayed that Hope you hardly know How to react. If Joan is an Able bodied drifter who quits jobs for temperamental reasons and expects Thrifty Folk to feed and House her she ought to be checked off your Charity list. If she asks for eating Money Tell her you la give her snacks instead and will help find a Job but no More Cash does she get on and i know she throws it away on drinking and carousing. From you re Wise to leave she has fallen on bad ways and her on her own it would Foolhardy to take her in. H. The White h6use. Finance and Rotthe in Rad retirement. She continued. Ford mrs. Bryan revealed Many in i the Coupie left immediately i lectures on peruvian culture at Ler Esting peculiarities of the ceremony for a trip mater. Skidmore col dents from George Washington the smokes. They will make lege. To Franklin Roosevelt which ran i their Home in Radford. They have been married one the Gamut from the ridiculous i miss Heariette Sharp Daugh year almost to the Sublime. Ter of or. And mrs. Arnold d the von Hagens have set dec. A contest on know your pres a Sharp of Speedwell Tenn and As departure Date. They will was Given by mrs. C. David French son of or. And spend the Christmas holidays in Leonard. Mrs g Mark French of Clint l a with Silvia s family and mrs. B. W. Hutchins and mrs. Wood va., were married at up their expedition head e. E. Wiley jr., were hostesses p. A. Oct. 12, at the Home of quarters. Of f St t main in Nice diets f0r stuffing new Altiva s the a graduate of the full two years except for methodist Church . As St. Lydia s group of St. Paul s f Mutt mall foil memorial University i Brief returns to Lima to get follows 1, mrs. Claude c. Stone episcopal Church 8 . the Tok to David Cole son of or and and is employed As a government and equipment in order. 229 s Morgan St. 2. Mrs. W. T. Parish House. Nocket in Dork loan mrs Roy e Cole 1797 Valley inspector at the Hercules powder her husband will write a Brook Bond. 129 w. Sevier St 3. Mrs. Marjory fallen Circle High io1 at Valley com Plant at Radford. A. The Bride findings on the expedit Hagan c. Bright 825 Fairmont land Park a pcs with mrs. Unity Hospital nov. 7, a graduate of East Silva said she planned to ave. 4, mrs. Neal g. Dale 1628 Virginia 35 Cor Munro ing 6 pounds 9 ounces state Johnson her research into textile de 1522 Linville St 5, mrs. Ray d. . Hal him Hupf nip m Stet Huff son of Tenn. Signs. Martin. 801 Watauga St. Mrs Circle 2 a pcs Mayfair meth nah soul cat or. And mrs. Andrew j. Zane Miller co hostess 6. Mrs. Odist Church . With mrs. It c1011c Oisin grease from pan. Route 4 Al Hych or Anri Vire Ria inn Arthur Byrd. 1124 Lomax St. Howard Duncan 1317 Magnolia 6 9 Sotl Judy chapter of by. Ounces. 5 pounds. 8 ounces. Apparently in t trying to help herself. Should i go on trying to help her Mutual friends say Stop but it has been surely he who is worthy to re-1 chive his Days and nights is worthy to receive All else from so i am in a quandary. I want to do right want to help Joan if i can but am i doing More harm than Good advise me Mirror an older Lookia d. A worn out Bertou. Free tout k. B. Who Jet my my Job dear k. A apparently you of cramps monthly look confuse coddling with two manifestations of concern that have Little in common. Actually they Are As different As weakness is from strength. The moral aphorism for Joan s Case lord helps those who help and disastrously for Joan she is waiting for somebody else to do her share. She needs to learn that the Laws of creation Don t work that Way. Her Good Fortune if any must be primed by her be ginning now if perchance she got a poor Start in life. In your Long letter Here con a denied. You say Joan has Given up trying to help herself. Impute her leeching perform-1 Ance to an unhappy history that had shattered her Confidence Cardui each a Boiu and of Wobma to. It it kelp baud it ranch and Nutant m 7011 hat ice and less miser Tach month in through period without Fca Linc _ look feel act non Normal All month. Aik or car Tui. Cardui Trun Harkleroad s Kin sport i oldest Larf Cit u4 most Complete store. Nut Rena staf-0-life feeds Lawn and farm seeds Grain and fertilizers free delivery Corner Market and streets phone 2400 St. Helen t Paul s episcopal auxiliary. 10, Oes at 10 . With mrs. Edna . With mrs. Henry genres 1022 Catawba St., to sew Cliffside. For red Cross. Circles of a pcs of Broad Street methodist Church at Usi . As follows 1, mrs. L. A hoc 11.30 . For Bunn 11 e. Sevier 2, mrs. John Harvest luncheon with mrs. A. Tanner 1509 Kings Road Pierce or Bank Road at 1 ., mrs. S. L. Eversole a a sport Delphian club 2 p. And mrs. Julian King 4 mrs m at Ridge Fields country club. W. H. Jordan 1601 Woodside mrs j Fred Johnson will speak ave. 5, at 1 ., mrs. J. K. On Gerald Johnson s this Wade 1528 Watauga St. 6, mrs. American discussion continue roasting a or three times. Cranberry mincemeat bars makes about 40 inches 2 cup water 1 to up fresh cranberries 1 9-oz. Package condenser mincemeat 2 cups ail purpose flour lifted 34 Teaspoon baking soda .2 Teaspoon cinnamon o v c t new York Ruby Karen Saturn. Daughter Donald Wayne Fleenor. Son of award actress Judy Holliday to 1 or and mrs Bruce 976 gave birth to a son yesterday at -112 Bluff St. At Hych nov. 6. Gate City Highway at Hych doctor s Hospital. Her husband weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. Nov. 5, weighing 8 pounds 14 is David Oppenheim new York Betty sue Mann daughter of ounces. Musician. 2 Teaspoon Nutmeg w. W. Mccollum and mrs. A. L. Leaders will be mrs. 2 Teaspoon Salt Malcolm j 34 cup shortening Coleman 1637 Pineola ave 7 Morison and mrs. Karl Goerdel i cups Brown sugar Church Library with mrs Ray Rock Pat fall Festi i 3 eggs Well beaten mond Barnes and mrs Russell Ival 7 pm Combine water and Crane or Trimble 8, at 1 ., mrs. W l Sullivan Pat 2 . Pre Ries in Saucepan. Boil until Cran 1429 Linville St. 9, mrs deeded by executive meeting at berries five minutes. R. T. Anderson and mrs a f in the teachers lounge break mincemeat into Small owe i 806 Yadkin St. 10, mrs a pcs of Mayfair add to cranberries. Cook e k Ellis 1106 w Sullivan St 1cnurch sponsors a bake Sale water has been absorbed. 11, mrs. W. L. Faulkner ills pm in the building aside to Cool. In the mean Watauga St 32 ladies parlor Merly occupied by the chamber time sift flour baking soda with mrs a t Vermillion i of Commerce. Spices and Salt. Cream shorten Circle i of Church Hill meth regular meeting of Kingsport line Anci sugar add eggs mix Odist a pcs 2 pm with mrs chapter of the United thoroughly. Gradually add Gladys Wolfe federalists. St. Pauls Parish dry ingredients. Stir in St. Margaret s chapter of House. . Berry mincemeat mixture mix women s auxiliary of St. Paul a saturday Wel. Spread Batter Over groaned episcopal Church 10 Witler bake Sale at Parks Belk de cookie Sheet inches. Mrs a r Brashear 1512 fair apartment store sponsored by bake in moderately hot oven Illge drive Pilot club of Kingsport begin 375 degrees f. About 20 minutes St. Monica s Guild of St. Paul s Ning at 9 . Done. Allow to Cool on episcopal Church. P. Hot and pie supper Sheet with mrs. Russell Hubbard. Cloud s Bend elementary school. Women s missionary society ., sponsored by the first Baptist Church. . Cloud s Bend methodist Church a Hippopotamus May be 14 executive Board. A. Circle. Feet Long and weigh 3 torn. Circles of a pcs Mayfair meth Odist Church . As Fol a lows 5. Mrs. Eugene -1442 Valley St. 6 at Church mrs. Robert eagans and mrs. C. K. Widener co hostesses. Women of first presbyterian Church at ., preceded by executive Board meeting at . Circle 7 will be lunch Eon hostess. General meeting will follow luncheon. Wms. Of Glenwood Baptist taxi cock tows Sulci phone 970 Gilliam cabs h. G. Gillian. Owner Day and night service sate and courteous phone 970 East Suhran Back of Dziob bus term Imal now you can get Arthur Murray dance lessons in Kingsport studio now open 1 .--10 . Daily 133 Broad Street 3898 wednesday specials water repellent jackets for boys Beaver Collar fabric quilted lining siiei3-18 wednesday 8 39 boys Slack trousers regular regular Snow suits All blouses All slips 2 for 2 for ladies skirts pleated accordion style. Orion fabric. Wain it j-j2-fi Only 99 just received 500 pieces ladies Winter skirts just what you be waited for shops next to Mccrory s Wool pastel fleece toppers n just received Beautiful colors wide Range of sizes. For be Columbia bicycles 2 bicycles Given away one to a boy under 12 years one to a girl under 12 years any boy or girl under 12 years eligible 2 More weeks to go come in today for Complete details. No leading now boys Bui Rood 97 Funk Cloud apis. Jimmy Price red i Ford town Larry Collins 1022 Robertson Mike Greer red 3, Kingsport Hal Nilton 1672 Newbern Road Bill Worrell 2117 Bluff St. Dale Hiekman 1524 Orlf her line Bonny Bellamy red 3, Gate City Kenneth Williams 111 division St. Wally Williams care of Tutch Wallen Gary Wilhoit 613 Fairview Tom Mcdonald 16m Carolina Larry Stallard Box 725, Kint Spori Hughle Rowlett red 3, Church Hill Jackson Hackney red 3, Jonesboro Anthony Viarnes 333 May St. Danny Olluf erred 9, Ken report Phil Bishop Clinchport a. Tim Martin 1045 watered St. Junior Struckler red 3, Ken report girls Jenny Lynn Chaney Patton St. Linda Brock 698 Jackson Heights Linda Brooks 1701 Ridge Way drive Jackie sue Brandon Indian Springs Sharon Hovis red 4, Kingsport Pat Whitlock fall Branch Ginny Thomas 1620 Pineola ave. Barbara Edwards 609 Clinch flew Glenna Fay heard 209 gravely St. Carolyn boat get 712 Fairview Rose Nell Solomon 937 Bristol Highway Darlene Bledsoc 1019 Howard Betty Barnes red 4, Church Hill Charlotte Cutshall red 1, fall Branch Brenda Price 1017 Konsler Are. Carol Creasm v 113 Tenn. St. Margaret Jennings Charles St. Cathy Crawford red 4, Kingsport Jane Ellen Farris Sycamore St. Jeanne Park Spruce court Annex Freels Broad Center store Al Wemm

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