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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 7, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeTenn. Topics by shaky Sweetwater Tenn. _ the fourth annual tobacco festival marking the opening of i the Burley tobacco sales season in this Region began today. Louisville by. Ken i Tucky s ten presidential electoral a variety of contests unofficially belonged to prizes of move than s200 in cash1 Democrat Adlai Stevenson today state election in 1935 when a. B Happy Chandler was elected governor Over King Swope of Lexington. And merchandise awards will a shaky margin of votes. The election also disclosed held today. The night program his claim on them is Good at number noting quirks under features the selection and Crown last until about nov. 15 for instance was Defeated ing of the 19b2 Burley tobacco the official tabulation begins. Easily by Cooper but carried festival usual Lvi the answer to whether counties 66 to 54. A a cedes by Only a few Days the Venson keeps them after that or Cooper s strength however opening of the marketing sea whether Thev to Republican came from the huge vote in the son weather conditions depends a larger As Jefferson lot upon Absentee ballots. Fayette and Campbell. Year have forced a postpone ment of the opening sales until december warehouse of unofficial count and their weight172 counties while Ricia is said. Could give Eisenhower the in 48. Many were not included in the As for Stevenson he scored in Eisenhower push needed to make him the first Republican since Herbert the Only District to split its total vote was the fourth where tobacco loan rates near level of 1951 11 i i w to uni vv11clc Dresden Tenn. High Hoover to carry this traditional Stevenson and Cooper came out school Honor student was being by democratic state. On top held under Bond today besides Hoover who did it in charged with setting a series of 1928, the Only Republican to win six fires on a farm near Here. A plurality in Kentucky were sheriff Wiley Sims said 18 Mckinley in 1897 and Coolidge year old Jimmy Scott admitted in 1924. Starting the on the Ralph the final unofficial totals from Mccumber farm at intervals Kentucky s precincts in since Las March 13. Tuesday s election read one of the blazes destroyed. Stevenson Eisenhower. Lexington by Iff the the tenant House where Scott i government s loan rates on the and his parents live on the me in the contest for the u. Burley tobacco crop Range Cumber farm. Another badly j Senate. Republican John Sher a from 16 to 70 cents a Pound and damaged the Mccumber Home. Iman Cooper had. An Edge of show a Strong resemblance to Vyvy 801 votes Over Thomas r. Can those a year ago. A the completed tally in six of the 108 classifications show gains and five losses but Chattanooga rented verdict of innocent has been handed Down in the Case of James Akins and Isadore Kaset who were accused of con that race showed Cooper violate the piracy to liquor Laws. Judge Raulston ruled in favor of Akins of Knox Ville and Kaset a retail dealer Here after he heard All of the state s evidence yesterday. Kaset was accused by he state of Selling 26 cases of Whis Underwood none Are More than one cent a Pound. The lowest rate is for a the Abs Elltee ballots were nondescript offering the highest Tate petted to of and in for Choice Buff lugs. Fluence on the other races con lineup the average fixed by the do of agriculture to to Fleet 90 Hundred. In 1951 the rate was James Hill says he styles crimes after Robin Hood Chattanooga Tenn. Messages urge Adlai to stay in politics Springfield 111. Adlai e. Stevenson s Campaign Headquarters Here was deluged today with almost As Many Tele and letters As he might Enn. James Francis Hill who says he have received had he won the Roba the Rich and gives to the poor was committed to Hamil highest office in the land. Miss Carole Evans chief Secre ton county jail Here yesterday itary supervising four girls open on Federal kidnapping and stolen ing mail said the messages were car charges. The slender 31-Ytar-old gun Man transferred Here from Tampa Fla., described himself to reporters As a gentleman Bandit and said i never robbed a working Man in my style my robberies after Robin Hood and give some of the Money to poor persons. They say i look like a school i do. I make people hold their hands up sometimes you after he was arraigned and placed under Bond offi cers searched Hill and found three Hacksaw Blades and two files in his suitcase. He said he got them in Florida and added it s a Good thing you found those Blades. If you had to i would have Given Chattanooga she said most of them urged him to stay in National politics and that Many praised the Illi Nois governor for campaigning the Way he thought he and the Defeated democratic presidential candidate seemed to be sticking by a passage he once wrote into a television fireside Chat and if it should cause you to cast me Down and revile me and with me the democratic party i would still talk the same Rosemary in court los Angeles actress Rosemary Lane was in court yesterday asking for a month support for herself and daughter Susan Bridget. She de flush toilet parts rushed to Korea Gas Inchon Korea group of i s recently salvaged a king9port times Fruy nov. 7, f local wins prize for cartoon Clark Whaley Kingsport awarded second one of the damnedest thrills it i dared her husband makeup a Fiji Tanh n it Art a tors 6vgr x x x Hill headed a Trio that list Bud Westmore needs Only a month. Number of ballots to Wade six classifications have been Tkv to Akins for rep Iii Pori through this year. The total added to cover mix stripped or in 987.171 compared with the pre co a ogled tobacco. These Are of reselling Tail. The liquor re Vious High of for a pres Tennessee in october. They split up in Atlanta and Hill later freed four convicts from a Florida Chain gang continuing his spree with them be fore being captured near Yulee Fla., last Friday. Of _ previously be May had sur i about 20 per cent lower than for i rendered in Nashville and hop was captured in Jackson Fla. Both face the same As Hill. May and Hopkins said Hill them to accompany eluded Virgil be May 15, and Westmore testified he has Charles Hopkins 21, in a series i turned Over his paychecks to his of armed robberies car thefts i wife for the last 10 years and and kidnappings in Georgia and Ide ritual year unmixed offerings corded in 1932 when Franklin mixed stripping has been frequent a b Obom Cna Nashville s. Sen. Roosevelt Defeated Herbert Hoo Ici Zed frequently by Estes Kefauver says Gen. Dwight ver. J grades of moderate mixed to Elsec Hower s landslide Victory the largest total was in a i Bacco have been modified in the of tuesday makes the president elect an Independent rather than a Republican. The Tennessee senator who led through two ballots for the democratic presidential Nomi Fodroc nation said also lie does not be i i we v c7 i Xcvi i vji.c7o Lieve the election results a bowl from a bombed out build ing Here. Learning that the bowl had been manufactured in the United states the soldiers wrote the company asking for a tank and other material necessary for a Complete unit. The american Radiator and Standard sanitary corporation said they were Rushing an entire new unit to the soldiers so they can realize their ambition to have the first flush toilet in Inchon operating by thanksgiving. Favorite Kingsport theatres strand Linda Darnell Gary Turkily in night without sleep cartoon news that she gave him an allowance. Last year it was a he said. His lawyer told the court West More earns Only month.1 Superior judge Mildred Lille continued the Case until dec. 4 and advised the couple to try to reach an agreement with the Aid of a marriage Counselor. Center now Kentucky is expected to mar-1 this yesterday say they Are lying. They both mandate for any View on either Detroit of Domestic or foreign the Wayne Oakland Bank were before the Southern science association. Senator Kefauver arrived here1 red faced today after learning yesterday for a speech today the Teller they fired for embed political element was an sex convict when i they hired him. Bank officials said they had checked Billy Ray Blandford s t school record at rapid City s. T accepted d and in a discharge but not until after he was arrested did they learn he had served 20 months for obtaining Money in a Der false pretences. I Blandford 25, was hired april 28 and fired june 4 when he was caught pocketing to pay off gambling debts. Building dry Dock co. For three Hydraulic turbines for the Power Plant of Cheatham dam. The Virginia company s bid was s2.448.260. The contract Calls for delivery of the Turbine in 780 Days the second in. 870 Days and the third in 960 Days. Each will deliver horse Power and turn a Generator rated at 12.000 kilowatts. Ket upward of 413 million pounds i had loaded guns and i gave of Burley or about two thirds their share of the Money the Beltide total. J we took there were Many Secretary of agriculture bran Nan has announced a 10 per cent slash in acreage next year. Either of them could have shot me because i had my Back turned on them. Ask some of those Kentucky had acres this we kidnapped and robbed about year. Drive in Friday and saturday double feature no. 1 Wagon master Ben Johnson Joanne Dru no. 2 Superman and Mol Man Keevie t a i i y l o r Gate City a. F no. 1 Nashville s h e 1 v y White a 35-year-Oid Kentucky negro told his Driver to wait and vaulted Over a Stone Wall. Waiting for him a police mar., who hauled White off to the county jail on charges of stealing two and a half cases of cigarettes which were stacked on the Lawn beside the police Man. White still does t know when he will get Back to the wailing he s still waiting. White listed his address As 814 Center st., Bowling Green by. Scott theater starting saturday Hope paleface Gate City a. Tony Cihir the texan meets calamity Jane assorted comedy cartoon and sports Gate City Highway Gate City theatre fri., sat., nov. 14-15 that gang of mine East Side kids outlaw country lash la Rue fuzzy Jones also Roar of the Iron horse King of the seven Liis urn with Patricia Medina John Sutton no. 2 Charles Starrett the rough Tough West the greatest show Gal is Back starting sunday in a song packed Eye filling musical if up Dadt drive a Kiru Ruki theates Greene Vule Hwy. Of. Area 18 big tunes i a Donar find thirty i Why i Low the Tot fun loves me Alling Jorng Sedini Crof Whon Meker. Robert Keith Weije fms Stolte no.1 Fox today saturday double feature starring John Wayne Maureen o Hara directed a John Ford Republic picture Tony Curtis Piper Laurie in Sonora Baba Short and news Stolte of action packed Story of big time Gangland today the turning Point William Edmond Holden o Brien Alexis Smith features at in color cartoon song dreams world Newe sorted by a trailer publication Arizona trailer folks and the Walker trailer sales of Phoenix and Tucson Ariz. Whaley received a award for his contribution. Thrift Wash and plummy la. To shirts nishid Nek do service Call 4v 136 Sai Ufary Lanry a blk 5m compare Winkler Oil floor furnaces with any other Furnace on us before my. Oar customers Are reporting Belr fuel mils new inn it per heat lbs season. b. T. O. Winkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Cir Blattau Faa 2. Forced draft a 3. Safety switch 4. S. Oil tank installed Only f us per me fit no Down months to a i Southern Sheet Metal works 134 e. Sallie st. Al few retail 19 2 big action pictures 2 today and sat. Feature no. 1 feature no. 2 Perit i wars idiot Taser Kim Lmke she changes ubi into saints into Dawb. Into men Spring cartoon dumbfounded cat a Monogram release now showing serial no. 10 radar men from the Moon huty Zamarr Sanders Hayward 2 shows nightly starts at dusk it you la Whin this ail american Riol squad goes they run wild on the Wilder with the co eds starts sunday for 4 thrilling Days at last Ivanhoe on the screen Short hits Chimp raises Cain Novelly news one big Day Kin sports finest thematic All its spectacular Beauty glorified by technicolor. From the company that made quo and every Way As big. For it captures All the passions and pageantry of the age of Romance which Beauty did the by Jefe Kniatt a boost from my a Joan technicolor _ Elizabeth Jan Taylor Taylor Fontaine George Emlyn Sanders Williams starts at sunday your

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